THE  CROWS  8 pm–8–30 pm

Lead/ B/V ex. Bass/ B/V ex. Vocals ex. Drums ex. 1.  I Say My Name vg. ( Shadows All Over)   Very Indie Rock ( I Was) Great Tight Rock Sounds  With Thunderous Drums Brilliant Front Man using Two Mikes One For Mixing ( Were Gone) 2. Your Covering Your Face vg.( I Listen To You)( All The Shadows Are Bright)( I’m There Tonight For The Devil To Let Me In)( Just Blame Me For All The Misery) 3. The Period vg. ( Give It To Us)( I Feel Your Voice) Bass B/V 4. I Can’t Find This vg. ( This Disco Land)( There Must Be Away)( As Distance Slides) 5. Get Out Of My Soul vg. Outstanding Front Man Vocalist and Storey Telling ( All I Wanted) 6. Changing ex. ( Before Our Friends) Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting See Lots Of Perpetual There ex Set ex Band vg,/ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex.Mixing.

IDLES  9 pm.—-10 –25 pm

Formed In Bristol 2009 Debut Album Brutal-ism Released in 2017 2nd Album Joy As A cit Of Resistance In 2018 Intro ex. B/T 1. Colossus ex. ( We Start On The Weekend)( For Give Me Father I Have Sin) 2. Mother ex. ( I Got To Work 16 Hours A Week) Pure Magic Rock Sounds Crowd Going Wild 3. Faith In The City ex. One Song Into Another Amazing Musicians And Fabulous Front Man Vocalist/ Storey Teller Some Magical Guitar And Drum Work. 4. I’m Scum ex. Quite Political Songwriting ( I See The Faceless)( I’m Trying My Best) Lots Of Crowd Surfing And Moving From A Wild Crowd The Albert Hall Is Buzzing Tonight. 5. Great ex. ( We Are England) Pure Magic Sounds 6. Divide And Conquer ex. Pure Magic Dream Song ( You Got It) Brilliant Songwriting 7. Danny Nedelko ( We’ve Got A Easter Bonnet)( And You And You) 8. 1049 Goth o ex. ( This Is What He Said)( I Burning) 9. Heal/ Heal ex. Amazing Guitar And Drum Work Guitarist Going Into Crowd Short Song While He Gets Back 10. Love Song ex. ( I’ll Carry On)( I Want To Be Yours)( Your Very Sexy)( Just Want Love)( I Really Love You) 11. Well Done ex. ( Why Can’t You) This Band Is Just Brilliant Live 12. Dare Night ex. ( Don’t Have A Heart Attack) Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting. 13. Samaritans ex. We Want A Better World Speaking To Crowd ( I Love Myself)( This Is Why) 14.Television ex. ( What Do You Know) Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Brilliant Songwriting ( We Talk About It) 15. Exeter ex. ( Memories) Both Guitarist Out In Crowd Rhythm Lead Climbs Upstairs What Amazing Show Tonight 16.      NFAMWAP ex. ( Never Fight With A Man With A Gun)( You Want It) Amazing Drum And Bass Work ( Can’t You Surrender)( Sort Me Out) 17. Rottweiler ex. Amazing Instrumental Ending Just Love This Band Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.


HEIN COOPER  7 pm–7–30 pm

Singer/ Songwriter/ Acoustic From Australia Hein Vocals/ Acoustic/ Loop-machine Sythi And Pre Sets/ A Drum Beat Pedal And L/T 1. Lost In The World ex. ( If You Can Hear My Voice) Outstanding Vocals ( Sometimes When Your Broken) Pure Magic ( Hallelujah)( I Saw My Self) 2 In The Maisie Of Wonder vg. ( I Never Realised)( I’m Feeling Invincible)( Staring At The Ocean) 3. Don’t Let You Down vg. ( From The Darkness Show Me How)( I Know Your Going To Hijack Me From The Darkness) A Lot Better Acoustic Work. Quite Heavy Strumming Also Using A Loop-machine ( I Know Your Going To Hide) Very Well Mixed Song Great Overall Sounds 4. Rusty ex. Older Song ( Stars Looking Down)( I’m Reaching Out To You)( I’ve Been Twisting Out)( I’ve Been A Little) Amazing Beat And Melody In The Song. 5. Over Again vg. Using A Pump Beat Medal ( It’s Emotional And My Heart Is Frozen)( It’s In Your Eyes)( Over And Over Again)( I Can’t Let You Go) 6. Like That ex. ( Something Like That)( Talk To You About Your Ghost)( Tell Me Something Like That)( Tell Me It Real) 7. Your My Lady vg. ( Push Me Into The Ocean And Follow Me) Some Nice Acoustic Finger Picking ( I’ll Give You One More Time) Really Like This Artist Will See Again Soon.  ex. Set ex. Solo ex. Electronic Mixing vg. Guitar vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing

LUCAS  GRAHAM  8 pm— 9–15 pm

Saw This Artist A Few Years Ago When He Had His First Number One Single In The UK. 7 Years Old He Has Come On In Leaps And Bounds Now He Has A Fantastic Stage Presence And Outstanding Vocals His Band Are Just Fabulous With Brilliant Musicians Since Seeing Him He Has Got Married And Has A Two Year Old Daughter Who Travel With Him On The Tour Bus 1st Album Lucas Graham 2nd Album Lucas Graham Blue 3rd Album  The Purple 2012 Danish Music Awards Won New Artist Of The Year MTV Europe Music Awards 2015  Best Danish Act 2015 Lucas Forchhammer Vocal ex.ex. Magnus Larsson Bass B/V ex.ex. Mark Faigren Drums/ Percussion ex.ex. The Rusty Trombones Lars Vissing Trumpet ex.ex. Nikolai Bogelund Trombone ex.ex. Thomas Rpinger Saxophone ex.ex. Will Herrington Piano/ Keyboards B/V  Jon Sosin Guitar ex.ex. Intro ex. 1. Not A Damned Thing Change ex. ( And The Boys Have Grown Up)( A Shot From Me)( Just The Same Way) Extra Stage Lighting ex. 2. Take The World By Storm ex. ( I Want To See What I See)( I Don’t Know Where I’m Going) Amazing Overall Sounds And Brilliant Songwriting ( Take The World By Storm) 3. Strip No More ex. ( When She See’s What Love Can Do)( Why Don’t You Strip Too)( I’m So Glad You Made It Through)( She Took Me By The Hand And Turn A Boy Into A Man) 4. Mama Said ex. A Dutch Soccer Player In Crowd ( I Said I Was OK) Brilliant Sounds From Band. Lucas Just Amazing Front Man/ Vocalist And Storey Teller 5. You’re Not There vg.( Your Not There To Share My Existence) 6. Stick Around ex. Brilliant Songwriting ( I,ll Stick Around For Now) Lead B/V 7. Lullaby ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds Lead/ Bass B/V Brilliant Lead/ Bass/ Keys/ Brass And Drums 8 Love Someone ex. Song About His Daughters Heart Beat On Scan At Hospital Amazing Love Song With So Much Feeling ( When You Love Someone) Just Love This Song 9. Promise ex. ( I’ll Promise I’ll Get To You)( I’ll Give It All To You)( You Know Hearts Can Believe) 10 Drunk In The Morning ex. ( Do You Still Love Me)( When I’m Drunk In The Morning) Amazing Overall Sounds 11. Don’t You Worry ex ( When I’m Thinking)( There Trouble In You)( A Lot Of People Told Me)( Some Times You Let Me Down) Sax To Front Just Fabulous 12. Off To See The World ex. ( We Don’t Understand)( The Journey Has Just Begun) 13. Redemption Song ex.( Your Not The Only One)( The Darkness Makes It Hard To See The Light)( I’m Not The One Going) Pure Magic Piano. 14. Say Yes ex. ( Church Ballad)( Going Back To Church Again)( I’ll Make You Believe) Pure Magic Lead 15. Happy Home ex. Brilliant Piano Intro ( We Got A Lot Of Love And A Happy Home)( I Missed The Times) Pure Heavenly Lyrics With So Much Feeling Pulling At Your Heart Strings ( I Used To Be) Pure Magic Tonight. Encore 16. 7 Years First Big Hit Went To Number One In The U/K  Just Love This Song ( When I Was 7 Years Old) When I Was 20 Years Old Soon I’ll Be 30 Years Old And Travel The World)( Soon I Be 60 Years Old)(  Once I Was 7 Years Old) 17. Funeral ex. ( When My Time Has Come)( When They Come To My Funeral)( All My Friends Will Be In The Room)( Pouring Out The Whiskey For Me)( I See Love I Love You) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex Mixing This Guy Just Shines With Stage Presence


SUNNY   8 pm—8–30 pm

Singer/ Songwriter/ Acoustic Sunny Vocals/ Acoustic 1. Princess vg.( Princess In A Castle Your The Keeper)( I’m Stuck In The Middle)( This Is Crocodile Tears)( Everybody Says I Should Leave You) 2. Wages Of War vg. ( What The Matter With You Baby)( Why Are You So Angry)( I’m  By Your Side Let Me Love You) Brilliant Vocals Need To Be More Technical On Guitar But I Must Say His Guitar Work Got Better Through The Set. ( Come Back Baby) 3. Bobby vg. ( Don’t Make A Sound)( Bobby Minds) Great Overall Sounds And Songwriting 4. Sweet Dreams ex.** ( I Saw You In My Dream Last Night)( Sweet Dreams Of You) 5. It’s Begin-g vg. ( It’s Begin So Long)( I Never Said Good By)( I’m Lost In Spain)( I,m A Hopeless Case) 6. Let Love ex. ( My Mother Said To Me) Great Songwriting And Overall Sounds Love His Vocals ( Let Love Come To You) 7. My Destination ex. ( I Cry Sometimes When I Lie In Bed)( What’s Long On) **( A Revolution) Amazing Singing From Crowd See Lots Of Perpetual There. ex. Set ex. Solo vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing The Energy From Crowd Is Pure Magic Tonight.

JAMES  MORRISON   9 pm—10–20 pm

James Gets Better And Better Every Time I See Him And His Stage Presence Pure Magic With Outstanding Band Of Musicians And Brilliant B/V Heavenly Girls And Lead 2nd Time Of Seeing James At The Albert Hall James Singer/ Songwriter/Guitarist/ Piano/ Vocals From Rugby Born 13 August 1984 His Depute Album Undiscovered Top Of The UK Charts 2007 2nd Album Songs For Truths For Me In 2008 Which Entered Top 5 UK Charts Had A Massive Single Hit With Broken Strings With Nelly Furtado Soul/ Pop/ Rock 3rd Album 2010 The Awakening His Fourth Album Higher Than Here 5th Album You’re Stronger Than You Know 2019 Intro Give Me Some Loving B/T James Vocals/ Acoustic ex.ex.ex. 2 Girl B/V ex.ex./ Lead B/V ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Key/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. 1. Under The Influence ex. ( Every Time I Do)( It’s Going Down) 2. Nothing Ever Hurts Like You ex. Very Soul James Is Such Amazing Soul Singer With His Two Girl B/V I’s Just Heavenly Magic ( I Want You) 3. Feels Like The First Time ex. Amazing Songwriting ( You Got Me On My Knees)( Each Time The Last Time)( And The First Time) 4. Undiscovered ex. Older Song ( You Don,t Know Where I’m Coming From)( All This Time To Discover)( I Just What You To Find Me)( I’m In Trouble)( See The Look Upon My Face) 5. Power ex. ( I Feel The Sunshine I Feel Good)( Don’t Intimidate Your Power) James Vocals Lead B/V And Girls 6. I Won’t Let Go ex.( It’s Falling Down)( This Love Your Feeling)( If Your Free) 7. I Still Need You ex. Very Soul Outstanding Lead ( Oh My Soul Is Broken Baby)( I’ve Been Through The Heartaches)( I’ll Still Be There)( I See The Tables Turn Back) Pure Magical Vocals And Harmonies And Overall Sounds 8.Cross The Line ex. Lead/ Acoustic ( Because I’m Bad)( I Should Learn From Miss Stakes)( That The Kind Of Love You Won’t Share)( Can’t Do Anything About It) 9. Broken Strings ex. Duet With One Of The Girl B/V ( It Tears Me Up) Pure Magic Song Writing And Heavenly Overall Sounds ( There Nothing To Say)( Trying To Go On) 10. So Beautiful ex. ( I’m Looking For Love)( I Was Thinking About My Self)( Your So Beautiful To Me) Outstanding Soul Vocals At The Very Best. 11. If You Don,t Want To Love Me ex. ( It Was The Last Place To Be)( I Want To Stay)( This Feeling Keeps Bringing Me Back To You)( You Can’t Push Me To Far)( There A Space In My Heart) 12. My Love Goes On ex. ( I Told You A Thousand Times) Pure Magic Keys/ Drums/ Bass/ Lead James Vocals On Another Planet And Brilliant Harmonies From The Girls And Lead ( I Told You The Truth)( Love Goes On)( My Life Goes On)( Everything Has Changed) James/ Acoustic 13. Glorious ex. ( It Helps Me Through The Dark) Brilliant Vocals From Crowd ( Oh Oh Oh Yes) 14. You Give Me Something ex. Drum And Bass Intro ( Now I’ve Got In To Deep)( I Can’t Work Out What They Need) James Acoustic Outstanding Keys/ Lead /Bass And Drums. Encore 15. You Make It Real ( Sometimes It Hurts To Breath)( I’m Going To Treat You Badly)( When My Head Is Gone And My Heart Is Sunk)( Your The Only One To Save Me) 16. Slowly ex. ( Save Your Self)( Find Someone)( Disappointment And Sadness Every Day)( It Takes So Long) Great Sustain On Lead. 17. Wonderful World ex. ( Hear It Comes Again)( It’s A Wonderful World Right Now) One Of The Special Concerts For 2019 Amazing Set Fantastic Band Fabulous Vocals From James And Harmonies From Girls And Lead. Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores And Arrangement’s ex. Lights ex. Mixing We Are Getting Such Amazing Artists At The Albert Hall Just Love This Venue Along With The Deaf Institute And Gorilla Do Check Them Out.



GORDON  FILTER  8 pm—8–30  pm

Gordon Key/ Sythi Button Mixing And Electronic Gadgets ex. Lots Of Pre Set Melodies/ L/T Vocals 1. On Dia vg.( One Circle) Great Mixing 2. Silence vg. Great Sounds 3. For Me vg. ( Why Do You)( Can’t See Them Is There More To See)( Listen Baby A Little Longer)( Hold Me Close And Stay A While)( Answer Me) 4. Dinging The Dirt ex. Some Pet Shop Influence ( You Don’t Have To Put Up With Me Anymore) 5. Get In The Shadows vg. ( Stay Alone)( Don’t Let Me Go) 6. Don’t Let Me Down vg.( Walk The Other Side)  Next 7. I Don’t  Know What I Want vg.( Show Me)( Won’t You Show Me The Way)( Blinded By The Light) Amazing Magic Key And Fantastic Sythi Mixing Just Love It 8. Show Me The Colour ex. ( Give Me One Last Chance)( Make It Gold Gold) 9. Were Going Down vg. ( 9 Till One)( Looking Into Space) Outstanding Overall Sounds And Brilliant Songwriting And Amazing Vocals Quite Dark And Magical Gordon From Australia Song Tittles Could Be Wrong No Set List See Perpetual There. ex. Set ex. Solo And Mixes ex. Songs ex Lights ex. Mixes.

SHARON VAN ETTAN  9 pm—10–30 pm

Sharon Vocals/ Guitar/ Piano/ Percussion ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Key/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex. Girl Key/ Sythi/ Piano/ B/V ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. 1 Jupiter ex. ( It Takes A Long Time To See You)( Touching Your Face)( Turning The Hairs On My Skin) Amazing Sythi/ Keys ( Baby Baby)( I’ve Been Valentine For Love) 2. Come Back Kid ex. ( Come Back Soon) Brilliant Overall Sounds 3. No Ones Easy To Love ex. ( I’ll Miss You When Your Gone) 2 Key Guy/ Lead ( Don’t Look Down) 4. One Day ex. ( It Doesn’t Matter)( You And I)( Don’t Look Bad) Key Guy Lead/ Rhythm Girl Keys/ Tambourine Sharon/ Guitar Both Keys B/V ( I Don’t Want To See You Sad) 5. Tariff ex. ( Looking Out For)( I Can’t Remember)( Tell Me When) 6 Memorial Day ex.( Crying Time You Look Back It Hurts) Some Amazing Vocal Sounds From Sharon.Quite Dark And Gothic 7. You Shadow ex. Follow Don’t Know Where You Are) Sharon Vocals ( Listen Up To You) 8. Malibu ex. Sharon On Piano 3 Keys On This Song Just Love It. Pure Magic Genius Guy Keys And Guitar With Pre Sets Amazing Music Arrangement 9. Hands ex.( I Missed You) Quite Heavy Rocky Sharon/ Guitar ( We Feel When We Make Love) Amazing Piano Work ( Touch Your Hands) 10. Black Boys On Mopeds( Sinead O’ Conor Cover) Pure Magic  Vocal Sounds And Brilliant Music Score Love It 11. Seventeen ex. ( Town Town I Spy)( I Used To Be Free)( I Loved To Be Seventeen) Love The Song Sharon Has So Much Passion  In Her Vocals Brilliant Sounds From Band 2 Keys/ Sythi/ Bass And Drums 12. Every Time The Sun Comes Up ex.( Ever Time You Smile I’m Following You)( Every Time The Sun Comes Up I’m Trouble)( Taker Your Time) Just Pure Magic Songwriting 13. Stay ex. Sharon Vocals Only ( In My Life Time)( Don’t What To Rush You Away From Myself)( Don’t Let It Get To Your Head) Encore 14. I Told You Everything ex. Sharon Piano Just Heavenly ( You Almost Died) Pure Magic Slow Song With Lots Of Shades. Guy Key/ Guitar ( I Took All Your Shit) 15. Serpents ex. ( Serpents In Your Head) Amazing Music Score And Lyrics Brilliant Overall Sounds From Band.16.Love More ex.Sharon Talking To Crowd  About All  The Shit Going On In  The World We Need More Love For One Another Brilliant Songwriting This Has Been Another Magical Night At The Fantastic Albert Hall Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Vocals From Sharon Fabulous Song/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing