OWEN  CHAMBERLAIN  8 pm—8–25 pm

Singer/ Songwriter/ Acoustic  Owen Vocals/ Acoustic 1. Windfall ex. First Part Of A Two Part Long Song With Amazing Landscapes And Shades In The Music Score ( You Walk Through The Crowds)( Paper Chains Caught In The Breeze) Amazing Lyric Writing ( Through The City So Load) Part Two ( On Foreign Pa tens And Human Zoo) A Long Song In Two Sections ( Sit Me Down By The Tower 2 Benches vg. ( I Sat On A Park Bench In The Winter Sun)( People Pass My Bench Taking There Ways)( When Time Elapses) 3. Mile Stones good New E/P ( Mile Stones On The Road To) 4. Paper Planes v g.    ( Why Do I Cast Paper Planes) His Guitar Work Is Pure Magic ( It’s Something To Hold On 5. Lonely Ice Cream Man vg. E/P 2009 ( Where Have All The Children Gone)( Far Away From The Raging Sea) 6.Eva Song ex. ( Some Broken Dream)( Do You Remember All)( All Forgotten) 7. Spiders ex. A Storey About A Old Lady Who Tried To Kill A Spider With Her Shoe Anf Feel And Died ( Spiders But A Web On Her Grave Where She Died. Brilliant Songwriting And Overall Sounds Will See Again Soon ex. Set ex. Solo vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

HEDARA  8–35 pm—9 pm

Singer/ Songwriter/ Piano L/T For Add On’s 1. We Are More The Same vg. ( We Have One)( Days Are Filled With Sadness)( Take Us Back To A Better Place)( Can We Work Out Our Issues)( Find Our Way Home) Amazing Vocal And Piano Work 2. Frozen ex. Day View L/P First Time In Manchester Song About Having Your Heart Broken.( Sitting On The Floor)( Does She Taste Like Honey Like Me)( I Can Count The Times We’ve Broken Up)( I Can Count The Ways We’ve Fucked Up) 3 Say It Again ex. This Is One Of The Best New Artist I’ve Seen This Year. Reminds Me Of Ray Morris 2 Years In When I Saw Her Young At The Empress Ballroom Blackpool ( We Are Built To Last)( I Could Be A Miracle Very Powerful Vocals And Brilliant Piano Work Pure Magic Overall Sounds ( I’m Lost In You) 4. Skin Deep vg.( I Like You Being Close)( What You Give To Me)( Show Me What You Got Boy) She Just Shines With Stage Presence A Star In The Making ( Don’t Tell Me What I’m Looking For)5. First Song She Wrote While In Hospital Finding Out She Had Diabetes Swallow Me Whole ex. ( Why Don’t You Swallow Me Whole)( I Don’t Be Long Here)( Every Words A Whisper)( What Have You Given To Me) Diabetes Has Really  Changed Her Life Amazing Powerful Lyrics 6. Slow Day ex. ( The Only Voice I’ve Have None) This Has Been A Real Find Tonight. One Of The  Best New Artist For A Long Time. ( The Sweetest Touch)( Sometimes I See Things I Don’t Know) Love It Amazing Set Fantastic Solo Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing Can,t Wait To See Her Again.


Lydia Bass/ Vocals ex.ex. Tom Vocals/ Acoustic ex.ex. Lead B/V ex.ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano B/V ex.ex. Drums B/V ex.ex. 1. Waiting ex. ( Take My Hand)( Take Me Higher So I Can See The Stars)( I Been Waiting For You) 2. You Are Here ex. Didn’t Get A Set List So Some Of The Tittles Could Be Wrong Wrote As I Hear Them ( Give Up The Ghost)( I Want To Be Where Ever You Are)( Your The Only Miracle) 3. Falling ex. ( I See You Lighting Up The Dawn) Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting 4. Into The Night ex. ( Lights Flashing)( She Gone)( I’ve Got News For You)( I Won’t Let You Go)( Waiting At The Road Side) 5. It’s You ex. ( Trying To Put My Self Away)( I Want You)( What Are These Dreams About) 6. The Whole Thing ex. ( Because I Want You) Lydia/ Shaker ( It Been Like A Old Friend. 7. Heart Shaker ex. ( There You Go)( The World At Your Feet) Lydia/ Bass Pure Magic Vocals And Harmonies Brilliant Musicians And Songwriters Lydia Is A Artist In Her Own Right Did Support For U 2. Lead/ Keys/ Drums B/V 8. Co-lade Tittle Track L/P ( I Belong To You)( With Me To The End Of The Stars) 9. Joey ex. ( She Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve)( She Lives Her Days Listening To Music And A Glass Of Wine ( No Worries In My Heart)( You And Me This Is Only The Start) 10. I Can Feel It I n The Air Tonight ex ( Phil Collins Cover)( I’ve Been Waiting For This Moment All My Life) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Brilliant Musicians Love It 11. Alice ex. ( Wrote While In Hospital Last Year. ( I’ve Got A Heart Keeping Me Up Late)( Oh Alice) Outstanding Lead/ Keys/ Acoustic / Bass And Drums Brilliant Vocals And Harmonies 12. Ever Little Song ex. ( Everybody Says To Me)( Little Love)**ex.( Everything Is Wasted On Us)( Nobody Ever Whats To Die) Lydia/ Bass 13. Evermore ex. ( There A Place For You In My Mind) Pure Magic Songwriting With So Much Feeling 14. I Need A Reason ex. ( Your The One I Need The Most) 15. Standing Now ex. (( Waiting For The Best)( Don’t Run Away From Me)( Starting Out)( I Need You Now) Very C/W Rock Oh What A Night At Night An d Day Love It 16. When The Love Has Gone ex. ( When The Day Is Ours) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex Lights ex. Mixing This Has Been A Fantastic Gig Tonight Highly Recommend You See This Artist.



DAVE   C  RUBE-RT  8 pm–8–30 pm

Singer/ Songwriter/ Acoustic Dave Vocals/ Acoustic 1. Oh Come Around ex.( Like Shadows Never Moved Before)( Shadows Change So Slow From This Place) Outstanding Vocals And Storey Telling 2. 17 ex. ( So Clear Your Mind)( Capella)( Oh Don’t Be Afraid)( She Won’t Go Away) 3. Say A Little Pray ( Cover) vg. 4. Can You Make Your Own Way Back ex. Song Tittles Could Be Wrong No Set List ( It Isn’t Real Love) So Much Depth And Feeling In The Songwriting. 5. There Must Be Another ex. Dreamy Lullaby ( I’ve Got Everything Right Here)( Here I Can Sleep) ex. Set ex. Solo vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing

MAISIE  PETERS  9 pm—10 pm

Maisie Vocals/ Acoustic/ Rhythm ex.ex. Tina Keys/ Sythi/ Piano/ Violin And Sythi Drum Pad B/V ex.ex. Joel Folk Guitar/ Electric ex.ex. Lead/ Bass B/V Outstanding Musicians And Brilliant New Artist From Brighton 1. In My Head ex. ( Every Saturday Night)( In My Head I’m Yours) 2. Maisie/ Acoustic Place We Were Made ex. ( Saturday Night Living The Dream)( You Talk About This Feeling)( All I Know It’s Far Away) 3. Best I’ll Ever Sing ex. ( Maybe I’m Better Off Now Were Not Together) Keys/ Piano Just Brilliant Tina A Very Talented Musician ( We Brought The Worse Out In Each Other 4. You To You ( You Broke My Heart)( I Was Different Then)( I’ve Lost My Friends) 5. Details ex. ( I Don’t What Your Dreams) Amazing Overall Sounds 6. This Is On You ex. Brilliant Songwriting Just Love This Artist See Big Things For Her 7. Birthday ex. A Mash Up Of A Old Song Vocals And Harmonies Just Pure Magic 8. Feels Like This ex. ( I’m Falling In Love With You)( I Think I’ll Never Know It)( At My Finger Tips) 9. Favourite ex. ( Here We Go Walking On The Shores) Add On Violin Brilliant Piano Work From Tina ( You Want My Gold Wish) 10. Architecture ex. ( You Go)( And You Break My Heart) A Lot Of Teenage Songs About Young Love And Having Your Heart Broken Very Hard Being A Teenager And Growing Up Very Different in THE 60% When I Was A Teenager ( The Gold I Was Worth Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Songwriting 11. Stay Young ex. ( I Want To Stay) Maisie/ Electric Rhythm Guy Bass Tina Sythi Drum Pad And Keys 12. Encore Worst Of You ex.( All I See Is You)( Give Me A Reason Why You Should Stay)( I Don’t What You Anyway) Amazing Musicians With Her Love It Amazing Set Fantastic Solo Artist And Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex Mixing Another Great Night At The Deaf Institute Love This Venue Along With Gorilla And Albert Hall.


THE CALLS  8–15 pm 9–10 pm

Did Two Sets Owing To Second Band Bleeding Violets Didn’t Turn Up I Was Looking Forward To Seeing Them Back To The Calls Been Going 3 Years Present Line Up With New Drummer 1 Year Band From Leeds First Gig In Manchester Did A Festival In Germany Last Summer I See So Much Perpetual There Need To Write A Little More Commercial Rock Outstanding Musicians And Songwriters Need To Be Discovered By A Major Record Label Bass B/V ex Tom Vocal/ Rhythm ex. Lead/ Key/ Sythi ex. Drums ex. 1. A Chance Is Going To Come Around Here ex. ( What Are We Going To Do)( I’m Telling You)( Your The Only One) Great Vocal And Storey Telling ( Change Your Colour)( Let Your Spirit Grow) 2. Fall Inside ex.( Time To Act) 3. I Just Thought I Say vg. ( Tell It To A Thousand People)( Take Your Time) Song Not As Good As First Two Songs Need To Work On Slower Songs There Rock Songs Are Brilliant There Ability On Slow Songs Will Come In Time 4. It’s All Good ex. Goes Into A Jam Instrumental ( When I Look Into Your Eyes)( Whistling Out A Tune Lead Onto Key/ Sythi Then Jam Amazing Instrumental Some Great Bass Riffs And Great Lead From Rhythm Amazing Key/ Sythi Work With Great Church Organ Sound And Wicked Drumming 5. May Day ex. ( It Just The Beginning)( Your The Only One)( The Deed Is Done) 6. What Can You Do ex. Lead Tambourine ( As She Walks On By) This Song Has A More Commercial Beat ( What Do You Think) 7. I Am Gone ex. With A Long Instrumental Jam ( What’s Wrong You Come To Long) 8. Lost Art Of Romance ex. ( I Have The Revolution)( Tell Me What You Want)( Just Like Me)( Don’t Shoot Me Down)( Ain’t No Revolution)( Together Were Strong) Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting Outstanding Musicians ex. Set ex. Band ex. Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing. Watch Out For This Band.

JAMES  DW LEES 9–30 pm–10 pm

Singer/ Songwriter/ Acoustic ex. 1. Vulnerable ex. ( Starting Inside) Amazing Vocals With Interesting Guitar Work.( Feel Like Stars To Grow)( Soon I Go Bury Me Down)( Let The Glory Go)( Let The Trees Root)( Something Beautiful) 2 Your Mind vg. ( Take Your Memories)( We Need To Say)( Hope The Distance Read Your Mind) Guitar Work Getting Better With Great Finger Picking ( Let Me Read Your Mind) First Gig In Manchester Been In Manchester Union 3 Years 3. Need It vg.( Sometimes I Say)( You Know What’s It Like)( You’ll Crush Me And Pick Me Up)( Left To Your Own Devices) 4. Asking Ada vg. ( It Re-mines Me ( I Can Be Easy) Some Heavenly Vocals Sounds ( Inside Me I Have Nothing) 5. I Want You vg. Some Of The Tittles Could Be Wrong No Set List.( A Paved Payment)( Would You Like It) 6. Last Song Hear Comes The Storm ex.( It’s Coming Quiet)( The Sun Goes)( Here Flashes Through The Sky)( And Voices Come As The Thunder Has It’s Way) Encore You Were Shinning When You Walked In vg. ( My Expectations Were Not Enough) ex. Set ex. Solo vg./ ex Songs ex. Mixing

ESPEDAIRS 10–25 pm–11 pm

Caught 3 Songs Before I Had To Leave. Lead/ Vocals ex. Bass ex. Drums ex. 1 I Think I Love You vg. Indie/ Rock ( I Like You) 2. Friday Man vg. ( Tell Me What To Do)( Shout Your Love To Everyone)( Your Never Satisfied) Great Guitar And Drums 3. To Do My Best vg. Songs Tittles Could Be Wrong No Set List It’s A Must To See A Night And Day Showcase With There Friendly Staff And Management ex. Set ex. Band vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing


ASH MOUNTAIN  7–45 pm–8–15 pm

Vocals ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Black Gold vg. ( And Take Her Hand)( Had To Stop)( Raindrops Flashing) 2. Boom vg. ( She Told Me I Don,t Deserve Her)( This Time She Going Back) 3. Music Died ( I’ll Never Get Over You) Vocal/ Folk Guitar Magical Overall Sounds    ( A Thousand Miles Away We Go) 4. Walking Shoes vg. ( I Sold My Soul)( I’ll Take For Another) Brilliant Overall Sounds And Songwriting Outstanding Lead/ Acoustic/ Bass And Drums 5. Copping Out vg. ( Your Future Is Not Here Anymore)( Coming On Out Of A One Horse Town)( Take A Look Were Never Coming Back)( Someones Looking Over Your Shoulder)( I’m On The Run)( Spread Your Wings And Fly) 6. Enemy vg. ( We Will Get You)( Just To Get a World Away From You) 7. 8 Ball ex. ( Now It’s So Cold And No One To Hold) 8. Long Hair vg, ( Woke Up In  My Suit) Very Rock And Roll ( I Need Your Lips)( Baby Won’t You Pull My Long Hair Down) ex. Set ex. Band vg,/ ex. Songs ex.Lights  ex. Mixing A Great Local Band Check Them Out Been Going About Ten Years On There 5 Singer This Band Deserves A Break Love Them

WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR 8–45 pm–10–15 pm

Aside Project From Ruarri Joseph Born 3 January 1982 In Edinburgh He’s Now Married With 3 Children And Resides In Cornwall His Solo Albums 1st Tales Of Grim And Grit 2nd Album Both Sides Of The Coin 3rd Album Shoulders To The Wheel 4th Album Brothers William The Conqueror Albums 1st Debut Proud Disturbers Of Peace 2nd Album Bleeding On The Soundtrack. Ruarri Joseph Vocals Lead/ Rhythm ex.ex. Naomi Holmes Bass/ B/V ex.ex. Harry Harding Drums ex.ex. 1. Path ex. Song Tittles In Abbreviation ( I’m So Glad You Came) Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting. 2. Madness ex. ( You Caught Me By Surprise)( You The One To Relay On)( And Reasons To Live)( You Found The Reason Why) 3. Be So Kind ex. ( I Listen To The)( I Left You Behind)( I’m Missing My Way)( Sweet Kisses) 4. Many Faces ex. ( In The Darkest Days)( Lights Go Out On The Whole Town) 5. Sunny ex. Vocal/ Guitar And Harmonies Just Magic ( Shut Out The Light)( Your Voice Is Sad)( When I Have Found You) So Much Feeling In This Song Just Heavenly Love It. ( What You Get)( I Can’t Live With Out You)( Sing Your Sad Songs If That’s What Your Feeling) Love This Song Brilliant Songwriting 6. Curse ex. ( We Saw No Reason To Disturb)( If You Want Some Forgiveness) 7. Did You ex. ( Did You Wrong) Bass B/V ( That Ties Me To You) 8. Tend vg. ( Don’t Waste Your Time)( Give Me A Sign)( My Special Ways)( I Want You For My Self)( I Love You So) 9. Ontario ex. ( I Was All Tied Up In Life)( So They Say)( All That Time You Wait) 10. Pedestals ( Need A Answer)( Don’t Build Me Up)( If Your Going To Knock Me Down) Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting ( I Got To Stop Getting Lost) 11. Tittle Track New L/P Bleeding On The Soundtrack ex. ( I Know See You Wasting With Your History)( Li-sen On The Soundtrack) 12. Cure ex Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Songwriting 13. Thank ex. ( When I Broke Your Heart)( You Can Thank Me Now Or Latter) 14. Sensitive ex. ( That You Love) Amazing Overall Sound From Band 15. Proud ex. Amazing Vocals And Harmonies Just Love This Band Encore 16. Manatoo ex. ( Get Me To The Other Side And Call Me By A Different Name)( There No Hiding In Manatoo Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights/ Mixing


GOOD FUTURE  7–30 PM–8 pm Code vg.=Very Good ex.= Excellent

Lead/ Keys/ Sythi ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Rhythm ex.ex. Vocal/ Piano ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. See This Band Being AS Big As The Blossoms Love Them Intro The Internet B/T 1. Not In Love ex. Brilliant Overall Sound And Front Man ( I’m Going To Waste  My Time)( My State Of Mine) Band From Stock-port Modern Romance ex. Lead/ Keys ( It’s Funny)( Every Witch Way To See Your Face)( I’m Giving It Up)( Out Of Sight)( A Message In It Self) Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting Love It 3. God Knows ex. Vocals/ Keys ( Sex And Drug) Love The Commercial Sound  ( I Believe) 4. Jam vg. Very Rocky 5. Loved You A Little Too Soon ex. ( You Were To Busy And I Was To Busy 6. Call It Off ex Will Be Next Single ( It Hard To Say)( I’ve Got Something To Prove) Vocals Key/ Piano ex. Set ex. Band ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing See Great Things For This Band.

RED FACES 8–15 pm—8–45 pm

Vocal Lead/ Rhythm vg. Bass B/V vg. Key/ Sythi/ Piano ex. Drums vg. Intro B/T vg. We Will Be Late vg. ( So Long)( I’m Wasted)( Getting Away With It) 2. Wise Up vg. Band From Sheffield ( She Likes What You Do)( She’s Trying To Put You Down)( It’s Great To See)( Trying To Get Close To You) 3 Hard To Say No vg. ( Lets Get Blown Away)( You What The Best Of Me) 4 Way Down vg. ( Tell Me The Truth Now)( You Were Always Into Me) 5. Make It vg. Great Lead/ Bass/ Keys And Drums ( I Want To Take You Out)( I Want To See You Naked)( I Want To Loose Control) Song Tittles Could Be Wrong No Set List 6. This Song Is About Being Sad Stuck To The Eyes vg. This Band Needs More Gigs Behind Them. 7. Waiting vg. Great Key Intro And Bass Riffs ( I’m Going To Stay The Night)( When I See You)( It’s Not To Late) 8. I Want To Be Lonely vg. ( Everybody Got The Same Feeling) 9. Take It Or Leave It vg. Keys/ Guitar ( No One Is Perfect) vg. Set vg.Band vg. Songs ex. Lights ex Mixing

ANTEROS  9–15 pm–10–15 pm

Last Gig In Manchester Soup Kitchen Laura Hayden Vocals Grew Up In Spain ex.ex.ex. Band Now Based In London Joshua Rumble Bass Jackson Cozens Lead Harry Balazs Drums Very Dream Pop Amazing Commercial Sounds 1. Wrong Side ex. ( Right Time At The Wrong Time ( How It Goes) 2. Drive On ex. ( I’m On The Wayside)( You Carry On To The Wasteland ( It Feels Like Heaven And Feels Like Hell) 3. On The Moon ex. ( It’s Burning)( Might As Well Be Living On)( Anymore) 4 Honey ex. ( You’ll Bring Me Down)( And Knock Me Of My Feet)( Every Time I Think I’m Free)( I’m A Fool) 5. Ring Ring ex. Keys B/T ( I Will Hold My Breath)( All I Want It) 6. Drunk ex. Add On Line From Another Song ( These Boots Are Made For Walking)( Cover)( Say What You Want)( I’m So In Love With You) Very Commercial Overall Sounds From Band Her Vocals Are Out Of This World. 7. Ordinary Girl ex. ( Don’t What To Talk About Secrets)( It’s Not A Normal World And Your Not A Normal Girl) Next Talking To Crowd Everybody Being Told How To Look)( Always Except The Way You Are) Bonnie ex. ( Dancing In The Middle)( I Want To See Your House) 9. Full Moon ex. ( When The Rain Comes)( Rain On Me Too)( Everything We Do)( Buzzing In My Head)( Blame It On You) 10. Let It Out ex. ( My Fantasies And My Troubles)( My Troubles Go Away)( Shadows Gather From The Light) Outstanding Vocals And Storey Telling Pure Magic Sounds Filling The Room One Hell Of A Front Women With Brilliant Stage Presence 11. Afterglow ex. ( Here We Are)( There Smoke In The Air)( We Are Going To Be The After-burn 12. Breakfast ex. ( Big Girl)( Don’t Question Me) 13. Call Your Mother ex. Outstanding Vocals And Musicians From The Band 14. Anteros ex. ( I Never Loved)( Turn The Lights Out)( Every Day Every Hour)( See The First Star And The Last Star) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.


TREVOR  RAVEN  8 pm–8–35 pm Code vg.=Very Good ex.= Excellent

North Pier Organist From Blackpool Just Fabulous Trevor Organ/ Keys/ Sythi/ Drum Beat And L/T  1. Just Amazing Overall Organ Work At The Highest 2. Nothing Like Show Business ex. 3. Day Of My Friends vg. 4. Linic ex. Very Russian Music Score And Eastern Europe Brilliant Landscapes And Shades In This Piece 5. Nights In White Saturn ex. ( Moody Blues Cover) 6. Spring Spring Spring ex. 7 Song Song Blue ex. ( Neil Diamond Cover) 8 Time To Say Good-by ex. 9. Bohemian Rhapsody ex.ex. ( Queen Cover) Brought A Standing Ovation Love It ex.Set ex. Solo ex. Music Scores ex Lights/Mixing


First Half Merrier Land Full L/P Live This Is A Project Of Damien Al-burn Of Blur And Gorillas With Band Members Paul Simon ( Clash) Simon Tong ( Verve) Tony Alan Fralia Kuty Damien Vocals/ Acoustic/ Piano/ Keys And Meladron  ex.ex.ex. Lead B/V ex.ex.ex. Bass ex.ex.ex. Organ/ Keys/ Sythi/ Piano B/V ex.ex.ex. Drums ex.ex.ex. Percussion ex.ex.ex. Just Amazing Musicians At There Very Best. 1. Intro ex. B/T 2. Merrier Land ex. ( I Wave You Good-by)( Nothing I Can Do Anyway)( Waiting For You)( You Can Fly To The Moon)( One Day) 3. Gun To My Head ex. Damien Vocal/ Piano Then Just Vocals 4. Nineteen Seventeen ex. ( I’ve Seen My Self) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Now They Done More Shows They Are On Fire Tonight Leaps And Bounds Since Blackpool Before Christmas Just Fabulous Tonight 5. The Great Fire ex. ( Back To The Seaside For A Drink) Back Cloth Looks Like North Pier Quiet A Dark Sean A Brilliant Stage Setting Tonight With Film Studio Lighting Looks Fab.( The Dark Forces Gather) Amazing Front Man/ Storey Teller/ Actor Damian Is So Special And A Genius Lead/ Bass/ And Organ B/V 6. Lady Boston ex. Damian/ Piano On Balcony String Section 3 Violins And One Cello  Amazing Musicians And Sounds 7. Drifters And Trawlers Joined By Trevor Raven Balcony On Organ Brilliant Overall Sounds From Band ( I’m Not In Love Today) 8. The Truce Of Twilight ex. ( You Only Raise Your Eye)( It Looks Like) Damien Puppet In His Hand. 9. Ribbons ex. The Blackpool Show Was A Warm Up Show Now We See The Finished Article Which Is Just Perfect Magic This Could Be One Of The Best Shows For 2019( I Wear My Ribbons) Love This Song Filling The Air With Magic Sounds. Musicians At There Very Best ( I’m The Arrow)( You Don’t What Me Any More) 10. The Last Man To Leave ex. ( On The Other Side Of The Pavement) Damian Acting And Storey Telling Is Pure Magic Genius ( Don’t Leave Me Now) Very Dark Songwriting 11. The Poison Tree ex. ( It’s Suicide) End Of First Half Short Break 2nd Half The Good The Bad And The Queen. 12. History Song ex. Still On The Amazing String Section On Balcony ( Come The Day You See The Sun) Brilliant Lead Intro And Magic From Rest Of Band ( If You Don’t Know How) 13. 80 % Life ex. ( When I See Your Love) B/V Organ/ Lead/ Bass And Drums Brilliant Harmonies Damien Vocals Just Heavenly Like A Magician Weaving His Magic 14 Kingdom Of Doom ex. ( Far Away There A Kingdom)( The Sunset Draws Turning The Sky Into Light) 15. Herculean ex. ( It’s Not To Late) Wonderful Overall Sounds 16 Nature Springs ex. ( The Days Of Survival) Brilliant Songwriting 17. A Soldiers Tale ex.( Wake Up Feeling Drowsy) Damian/ Acoustic This Is A Fabulous Evening At The Albert Hall 18 Three Changes ex. (This To The Main Sail) Amazing Song Love It. ( No One To Listen) 19. Green Fields ex. ( I Wrote This Song Long Ago)( The Darkest Hour)( I Was Looking Back) 20. The Good The Bad And The Queen ex. Tittle Track 1st L/P This Has Been A  Magical Night. Damien/ Piano This Guy Is Pure Magic Genius Can’t Get Any Better Than This. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores Stage Set Up Fabulous Outstanding Lighting And Brilliant Mixing This Was A Special Night.


GOLD TEETH 8 pm—8–30 pm Code vg.=Very Good ex.= Excellent

Girl Vocals ex.ex. Rhythm vg. Lead vg. Bass vg.  Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex. 1. Line Checker vg. Instrumental 2. The Thunder vg. ( I Know Your Going To Do It)( You Take Away The Problem)( I’m No Good) A Great Gutsy Rock Number. 3. Start Again vg. ( Every Time You Need Me)( I’m Never Going To Break That Heart)( I’m Right In Front Of You) Amazing Front Women Vocalist Band Could Be More Technical In There Music Scores Especially The Guitarists 4.Hand Of God vg. ( Finding The Words So Hard To Say)( Walking Out Of Shadows) 5. Crucify vg. ( There A Fire In My)( I’m Going Away)( I’ll Run Away) Some Nice Sythi Work From Keys 6. Doing Better vg. ( I See You Gone) Last 2 Songs Great Songwriting And Better Music Scores I Fee 10.l This Band Has Perpetual Amazing Intro From  Key/ Organ/ Sythi ( I Wish The Same)( I Want You To Stay) Brilliant Rock Vocals vg. Set vg. Band vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing This Band Can Only Get Better Will See Again.

GOOD COP BAD COP  9 pm –9–50 pm

ex.Side Project From Guy Out Of Arctic Monkeys Intro Key/ Sythi  Sounds And Drums B/T 1. When Your Not Winning ex.( Sail Across The Sea)( Your Not Winning)( Your Hands Are Tied Behind Your Back)( Like Last Time)( Your At The Water Edge) 2. Silk And Leather ex.( We Go Together Now)( I’m Free I’m Leaving)( Devil On His Way)( When I See You)( Did You Get What You Want)( I Sold My Soul) 3. Sharp Shooter ex. ( Stand Aside There No Doubt Your A Sharp Shooter) Some Choral Vocals At End 4. Times New Roman ex. ( Morning Sun)( And The Times Keep Rolling)( Put On Your Red Dress)( It’s Not Easy)( We Belong To The Night 5. End Of Level Boss Pt One ex. ( Only What To Survive)( This The Last Time) Some Amazing Organ And Key Work 6. Quarter Past June ex. ( The Rain Has Come Falling)( I Don’t Know What To Think)( I See Your Image Tonight) 7. Three Things ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Songwriting Just Vocal/ Guitar And Keys Only Rest Of Band Off ( You Can Wear Another Jacket) 8. Psycho Killer ex. ( I’m Not Your Friend Or Enemy)( You Will Face The Danger) 9. Taste The Danger ex.( My Mind)( That Stranger In  The Echo Chamber) 10. Landline ex. Very Rocky ( I Want To Realise) 11.End Of Level Boss Pt Two   12 Brilliant Sounds From  Band 12. Time Crisis ex. Song About What I’m Doing With my Life Since I Reach 25 Years Old ( Time Passing)( Where The Hell Am I Going)( I Don,t Know How You Survive)( I Fell On This B Side) 13. End Of The Beginning ex. ( As The Sky Falls Down)( All I Could Do To Protect You From The Storm)( Before It Gets To Late)( We Should Have Control) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Score ex. Lights ex. Mixing If You Haven’t Been To Yes This Is A Great Friendly Venue Check It Out. This Has Been A Great Side Project.






Full Orchestra String Section ex.ex.ex. Brass Section ex.ex.ex Woodwind Section Percussion Including  Xylophone A Very Big Percussion ex.ex.ex. ABC Band Front Man Vocals ex.ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Girl B/V ex.ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex. Full Concert Piano ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Percussion ex.ex. Orchestra And Band Just Fabulous 1. Overture From Orchestra Brilliant Music Arrangement I Can See This Going To Be A Magical Night Of Music Next Band And Front Man And B/V On 2. When Smokey Sings ex ( I’m On The Top Of The World Tonight) Pure Magic Sounds And Songwriting 3 Viva Love ex. Amazing Orchestra Arrangement With ABC Band Just Fabulous ( I Will Always Love You) 4. The Flames Of Desire ex.( Like Shifting Sands)( We Are Having A Great Time)( I Give My Heart To You)( This Is The Passion And Desire)( You Came And Saw) 5. ( How To Be A) Millionaire ex. ( I See The Future)( I Can Hold On) 6. The Love Inside ex. Pure Magic Music Arrangement. 7. Be Near Me ex. ( All My Dreams)( It’s Easy)( What’s Your Distraction) 8. Ten Below Zero ex. Amazing Intro From Strings ( It’s Summer Outside) Pure Magic Overall Sounds 9. One Better World ex. A Very Rousing Music Arrangement Just Pure Genius ( Somewhere Some How)( Oh Get Up) Outstanding Key And Piano Work 10. Ocean Blue ex. ( I Try To Find) Brilliant Songwriting 11. The Night You Murdered Love ex. ( It’s Cold Outside)( From A Early Age I Was Taught To Respect)( Close Your Eyes And See)( I Just Want To Walk Away) End Of Part One 20 min Interval.

SECOND  HALF  9–10 pm–10–10 pm

Intro From Orchestra Magic 12. Show Me ex. ( Something Wrong) Amazing Lead/ Bass/ Keys/ Piano/Drum And Percussion From Band And Magical Sounds From Orchestra 13. 1982 Poison Arrow ex. Big Hit For Them Sax To Front Of Stage Pure Magic ( Shoot The Poison Arrow Into My Heart) 14. Many Happy Returns ex. (When I Excepted This Job)( She Will Return) Sax To Front Of Stage Again. Pure Magic Sounds Filling The Air. 15. Tears Are Not Enough ex. ( I’m Looking For Real Love) 16. Valentine’s Day ex. ( Don’t Ask Me How It’s Gone)( Catch Your Eye Writing Verses)( Down To The Sea)( I Hope You’ve Learned Your Lesson) 17. The Look Of Love Part One ex. Big Hit For Them ( Your Falling Apart At The Seams) 18. Date Stamp ex. ( It All Seems The Same) Sax At Front Again Love It 19. 4. Ever 2 Together ex. Outstanding Music Arrangement From Orchestra Just Love It ( Gone No Where)( You Can Tell Me) So Much Magic Sounds Filling The Bridge Water Hall 20. All Of My Heart ex. Just Magic Songwriting ( Once Upon A Time I Gave You My Heart)( We Were Friends)( Wishing uPON a Star)( I Hope And Pray You’ll Walk Into The Room) 21. Look Of Love Part 4 Instrumental From Orchestra ex.ex. Love It Band And Front Man Back On Encore Repeating Look Of Love Part One ( The World Is Full Of Strangers)( Look In Your Eyes)( For Salvation) Outstanding Lead Work What A Brilliant Show Tonight Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores Outstanding Lighting And Brilliant Mixing Just Love Tonight. At The Bridge Water Hall.


HELADO  NEGRO 8 pm—8–30 pm

Vocal/ Rhythm/ Lead And Sythi Machine For Add Ons And Drum Mix ex Girl Keys/ Sythi/ Piano/ Sax ex. Guy Sax / Percussion/ Key/ Sythi Didn’t Announce Songs Well So Tittles Could Be Wrong Very European Influence In There Music 1.You Got Something To Say vg.( When Will It Be Me) 2. Keys/ Violin Victory Will be Gone Tomorrow vg. ( I’m Waiting For The) Vocals Hand Held Sythi Gadget With Buttons Then Violin/ Sax Now Two Sax On This Song Love It 3. Don’t Go To Far vg. ( That’s My Life) 4 Oh My Sky vg. ( My Heart Having Lost My Mind)( Thinking About You)( We Take Our Time) Bands First Time In Manchester Sax Guy Keys Sax Girl Keys 5. Chasing Choice vg. ( I’ve Seen You In My Dreams Great Lyrics To This Song ( It Makes You)( I Feel You In My Mind)( You Get Me Running Just Like You) Girl/ Piano Beautiful Melody 6.You Be Here vg. ( I’ve Got No Shoes On)( I See You)( Friends From Side To Side)( I Don’t Know What To Say) 7. All The Times You Make vg. Pre Set Key Melody ( It’s All About You)( Told Me About You) Band Lives In N/Y 8. Hold Your Self vg. Great Interaction From Sax Players Love It. vg. Set ex. Band vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing Will See Again

BEIRUT  9 pm—10–35  pm

American Band Originally Solo Music Project Of Santa Fe Native Zach Condon Folk/ Rock And World Music 1st Album Gulag Orkestar May 9th 2006 2nd Album The Flying Club Oct 9th 2007 3rd Album The Rip Tide Aug 30th 2011 4th Album No No No Sep 11th 2015 5. Album Gallipoli Feb 1st 2o19 Zach Condon Vocals/ Ukulele/ Trumpet/ Key/ Sythi Nick Petree Drums/ Percussion Melodica Paul Collins Bass/ Acoustic Kyle Resnick Trumpet/ B/V Ben Lanz Trombone Aaron Arntz Piano/ Keyboards/ Organ/ Accordion When I Die ex.( I’m Looking Back) 2. Varieties Of Exile ex. Amazing Overall Sounds And Brilliant Songwriting 3. No No No ex. ( Who Are You) Outstanding Keyboard Work ( Don’t Know Anything) 4. Family Curse ex. Amazing  Music Arrangement Brilliant Brass/ Keys/ Bass And Drums. Pure Magic Front Man Weaving His Magic 5. Santa Fe ex. Brilliant Songwriting ( See You Fall)( Stand Up Santa Fe) Pure Magic Song Love It 6. Fender ex. ( Sit Up Close)( I Had To Go)( Where Did You Go) Vocal/ Key/ Sythi Amazing Sythi Work 7. Postcards ex. Vocals/ Ukulele ( You Told Me So) Wondrous Magic Music Arrangements At The Very Best. This Band Is On Fire Tonight ( Someday We Will See That Day) 8. The Shrew ex. Keys/ Accordion Brilliant Songwriting 9. Peacock ex. ( He The Only One Who Knows) 10. Gallipoli ex. Extra Stage Lighting Just Fabulous 11. Riptide ex. Vocals/ Keys/ Sythi ( This Is How It Goes) Brass B/V ( I Feel Lonely) 12. Landslide ex. ( It A Long Time I Recall)( It A Long Time I’ve Been Told) Vocal Also Key/ Sythi 13. Corfu ex. Music Score Very Eastern Europe 14. Scenic World ex. ( Looking Around) Heavenly Magical Songwriting Very Interesting Melodies Quite Calypso ( Why Did You Tell Me) Brilliant Vocals And Harmonies From Brass Pure Magic Vocal Front Man/ Storey Teller Band Just Amazing 15 Light In The Atoll ex. ( When I Was Young)( Now The Seasons Begin)( All Alone Are We) 16. Elephant Gun ex. Pure Magic Sounds Filling The Air Of The Hall With Heavenly Music And Vocal Sounds. The Acoustics At The Albert Hall Are Magical 17. Gauze Fur Zah 18. C0cek ex. Brilliant Songwriting 19. In The Maus ex. ( It’s Been A Long Time)( Since I’ve Seen You) 20 Nantes ex. Just Vocal And Piano ( Summer Time)( In The Shallow Waters)( I’m Learning To Swim) Encore 21. Pour La Route ex. Heavenly Vocals And Harmonies And Outstanding Overall Sounds. 22. We Never Lived Here ex. Just Heavenly Overall Sounds. This Has Been Such A Magical Experience ( They Called Him Mine) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores Some Amazing Lighting Tonight And Brilliant Mixing At The Very Best.




Born 21 December 1966 Been In Films 35 Years Started In Films 1983 Started Acting At 17 Years Old Canadian/ British Actor/ Producer/ Director/ Singer/ Songwriter/ Guitarist 1st Album Down A Hole Released 19 Aug. 2016  2nd Album Reckless And Me Released Date 26th April 2019 Kiefer Vocals/ Acoustic ex.ex.ex. Lead/ Acoustic/ Harmonica/ Vocals ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Keys/ Organ/ Piano/ Accordion/ Mandolin/ B/V ex.ex. Bass/ Guitar/ B/V ex.ex. Kiefer Has A Fabulous Band Of Brilliant Musicians 1. Calling Out Your Name ex. Just Kiefer On This Song Vocals/ Acoustic Just Magic Sounds 2. Open Road ex. Lead/ Harmonica Kiefer And Band Just Get Better Every Time I See Them. 2nd Time I’ve Seen Them At The Gorilla And Once At Albert Hall Last Year Just Love This Artist. 3. Shirley Jean ex.  Just Heavenly Vocals And Harmonies Filling The Air Of The Hall Kiefer Just Amazing Vocalist/ Acoustic Guitarist/ Storey Teller And Actor His Stage Presence Is Just Like A Magic Star Shinning Magic Everywhere. 4 Song For A Daughter ex. ( My Baby Daughter Girl)( Saw You Come Into This World)( Little Girl) Joined On Stage By Drums And Acoustic 5. Can’t Stay Away ex. Mandolin/ Accordion Lead/ Electric Brilliant Songwriting 6. Something You Love ex. ( Live My Life) Kiefer Lyric Writing Is So Beautiful With So Much Feeling His Writing Is Coming On In Leaps And Bounds This Guy Is A Genius. The New Songs Are Outstanding 7. Reckless And Me ex. Tittle Track New Album Great Organ Intro ( See The Light Upon My Face) Keith Used To Do Rodeo Shows Seeing The Lights On The Town Where The Show Was. In Some Ways Kiefer Was Quite A Cowboy. Kiefer Vocals Just Magic And Heavenly Harmonies From Band. 8. Faded Pair Of Blue Jeans ex. ( What About Our First Kiss) Brilliant Overall Sounds And Songwriting. 9. Blank It On Your Heart ex. ( All I Wanted Is To Be Your Only One) 10. Truth In Your Eyes ex. ( Since You’ve Been Gone) Song About Loosing Someone. Don’t Bottle It Up But Talk To Family And Friends Beautiful Lyric Writing At It’s Very Best. 11. Not Enough Whiskey ex Organ/ Accordion ( It’s Time To Say Goodnight)( Not Enough Whiskey In The Glass)( Not Enough Whiskey In The World Tonight) 12. Saskatchewan ex. ( Going Back To Saskatchewan) Heavenly Overall Sounds 13. I’ll Do Anything ex. Pure Magic Songwriting ( All This Time)( Just The Way You Are)( I Won’t Change A Thing) Lead/ Acoustic/ Harmonica 14. This Is How It’s Done ex. ( Kick Ass For Fun) Amazing Musicians Love This Band Kiefer Just A Fabulous Showman. 15. Honey Bee ex.( Tom Petty Cover)( She Likes To Buzz Around A Tree)( Peace In The Valley With My Honey Bee) 16. All She Wrote ex. ( Let Me Tell You A Storey)( Let Me Give You A Reason)( I’ve Been Down That Road) Acoustic/ Bass 17. Down In A Hole ex. ( I Hear The Sound Of The Wind) 18. Agave ex. ( She Got A Face Of A Angel)( Down In Mexico) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Kiefer And Band Have Been Outstanding Tonight 19. Rebel Wind ex. ( It Changes Colours) When Dad Got Divorced When I Was 3 years Old Kiefer Talking To Crowd We Ran Riot 20. Knocking On Heavens Door ex ( Bob Dylan Cover)( Long Black Cloud Coming  On Down) Just A Wonderful Night At The Friendly Gorilla Just .Love This Place Along With The Albert Hall And The Deaf Institute If You Never Been You Must Come. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Kiefer  Just Magic Genius Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights And Stage Setting ex Mixing.