Tom Vocal/ Acoustic Lillian! Bass/ Keys/ Vocals/ B/V 1. Travel The World vg. ( Come On)( Stand By By And Let The Future Begin)( Open Your Heart And Give It Away)( W oh W oh O)( What Are You Waiting For)( Come Take My Hand And I Take) 2. Little Love ex. About Getting Your Heart Broken ( Every Little Storey I Write)( There Plenty More Fish In The Sea) I Always Tell My Self When It Comes To Meeting A Women. Some Great Bass Riffs And B/V ( Every Bit Of Love Is Wasted On Us)( Nobody Wants To Cry) Love His Songwriting Very Commercial Lillian Speaking To Crowd Just Back From Brazil Went Down Well There 3. Falling ( Like A Candle In The Dark)( I Only Need A Chance To Give You All I Have) Lillian Shakers ( I’ve Been Dreaming) Girl Vocals Then Tom Vocals ( Falling Hard)( Falling In Love) 4. Tom/ Folk Guitar Lillian/ Bass Collide ( We Felt A Certain)( I Be Long To You)( We Arrived For The First Time)( When Gravity Falls On You) 5. Heart Shape ex. Played This On     BBC Yesterday ( Watching You)( Won’t You Be My Heart Shape) Love The Song 6. A Circle Journey ex. ( Girl Jodie Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve)( She Stole Lines From Me)( No Worry In My Heart)( In My Heart)( Touch Me Jodie This Is Only The Start) 7. Wither Tree ex. ( Hold Me Close Like The Roots Of The Tree Entwined)( Your The One I Love The Most)( Your The Only One I Want To Hold Me Close)( Your The One I Need) Brilliant Songwriting And Overall Sounds 8. Stroveers Now ex.         ( Hold Me I Need You Now)( Every Time There A Sudden Change)( Won’t You Smile At Me Like You Used Too)( Are We Strangers Now)( Hold Out Your Hand If You Need Me Now)( Won’t You Talk To Me I’ve Been Holding On) Love This Duo           ex. Set ex. Duo ex. Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing His Full Band Is Coming To Manchester)

CLEAN  CUT  KID  9 pm—10 pm

Mike Halls Lead/ Vocals ex.ex.ex. Evelyn Halls B/V Key/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex.ex. Husband And Wife Meet At A Gig Ross Higginson Drums ex.ex.ex. Gary Bullock Bass ex.ex.ex. 1. Good By ex. ( The Sun In The Sky Above)( I Get Under Your Skin) Outstanding Lead/ Bass/ Keys And Drums Brilliant Front Man 2. I Don’t Like You I Love You)( You Start To Move)( You Treat Me Like Shit) Pure Magic Vocals 3. We Used To Be In Love ex. ( Is This The First Time)( To Find Away Amazing Commercial Song Writing ( I Can’t Break Loose) 4. Slow Progress ex. Keys Using A Kazoo ( I’ve Got To Let You Know)( All  You Ever Do Is Slow Me Down Amazing Indie/ Pop/ Rock Outstanding Songwriting And Overall Sounds 5. Jean ex. ( I See Love And Listen To My Heart)( Your Not Hear Anymore) Pure Magic Lyric Writing So Much Feeling In The Song They Are Incredible Songwriters At The Very Best. 6. Brother Of Mine ex. ( I’ve Lost The Will)( Rebel In Mine)( I Need You Know)( Those Feeling Disappear) Fabulous Lead Work 7. Red/ Green/ Black ex. ( A Line On Your Face)( Guess My Mind Was In The Clouds)( I’m Never Coming Back) 8. Jason ex. ( You Face The World Every Day)( I Stood For Nothing) Amazing Raunchy Vocals And His Wife B/V Just Like Angel So Much Passion In The Lyrics And Vocals Amazing Lead/ Bass/ Keys And Drums The Band Is On There Third Bass Player Just Like My Band 9. Deafening ex. They Are Really Rocking The Place Tonight. Even The Courteeners Came To Watch Them Amazing Who You See At A Gig. I Like To Thank Clean Cut Kid Tour Manager For All His Help. Amazing Staff And Security At The Gorilla ( I See You) Bass/ B/V Bass Riffs Have Been Outstanding ( The Things You Done And Believe In)( I Hear Your Voice) 10. Felt ex. Off First L/P ( I Swallowed It Up)( I Felt For You) 11. Wake Me Up ex. ( You Got A Brave Heart) Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Brilliant Lead/ Keys/ Bass And Drums 12. Vitamin C ex. This Song Goes Out To Bill ( I’ll Never Get Close To You)( If You Get Lonely Turn To Me)( I’ll Risk My Heart To You)( I Come To Be Your Valentine) 13. Emily ex. ( I’ve Tried To Look You In The Eyes When Your  Talking)( Emily There A Whole In Your Heart)( I Tried To Get You On The Phone)( Try Not To Cry)( If Your Lost And Lonely) Amazing Lead Work And Brilliant Key/ Bass/ And Drums Love It. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing This Band Should Be Getting Bigger Crowds.






Canadian Singer/ Songwriter/ Musician Lorena Vocals/ Piano/ Harp/ Accordion ex.ex.ex. Brian Hughes/ Lead/ Acoustic/ Bouzouki/ Mandolin ex.ex.ex. Caroline Lavelle/ Cello/ Recorder/ Accordion ex.ex.ex. Hugh Marsh Violin ex.ex.ex. Dudley Philips Double Bass/ Electric Bass/ Recorder ex.ex.ex. Robert Brian Drums ex.ex.ex. This Is A Magical Evening Of Celtic Folk Music And Jigs 1st L/P Elemental 1985. 2nd L/P Parallel Dream 1989 3rd L/P The Visit 1991 4th L/P The Mask And Mirror 1994 5th L/P The Book Of Secrets 1997 6th L/P An Ancient Muse 2006 7th L/P The Wind Shakes The Barley 2010 8th Troubadours On The Rhine 2011 9th The Journey So Far 2014 Latest L/P Lost Souls 1. Bonny Port More ex.( If I Had) Her Voice Is Like A Angel Music Scores With Amazing  Landscapes And Shades Outstanding Songwriting Just Love It 2. All Souls Night ex. She Got Some Amazing Musicians In Her Band Lorena/ Piano Pure Magic Sounds ( Rowling Hills And Figures Dancing)( Let The Sunrise) D/ Bass/ Bass Lead/ Bouzouki Then Clarinet Cell/ Recorder 3. Hundred Wishes ex. ( If I Had Come To Wish) Lead/ Acoustic Magical Folk Music Fills The Air. Lorena Vocals Are Heavenly ( Do You Remember The Summer Time 4. Age Past, Ages Hence ex. ( Summer By The Sea)( Into The Shadows Of The Night)( I Was Torn To My Self) Pure Magic Shades And Landscapes In The Music Score. Lorena Vocals Are Just Memorising Cello And Recorder At End Of Song. 5. The Ballad Of The Fox-hunters Harp/ Vocals Cello/ Accordion ( The Moments Pass) Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Songwriting Vocals/ Accordion Lead/ Bouzouki Very Moroccan ( La La La) 6. Marco Polo ex. ( Flows To See Our Dreams) 7. Spanish Guitars And Night Paazas ex. ( You Teach Me To Dance And How To Love Musical Arrangements Are So Magical Weaving A Web Of Heavenly Mysteries 8. The Star Of The County Down Very Irish/ Celtic Vocals/ Accordion Cello/ B/V And Recorder Bass/ D Bass ( He Smile At Me Your A Rose Of The County Down)( To Dublin Town) 9. The Two Trees ex. You Can Tell Her Love For Trees In Her Songwriting And The Change Of Colours In The Seasons Pure Magic Lyrics And Music Scores Lorena Introducing Her Band Amazing Musicians 10. The Bonny Swans ex. (I’n The North Country) Outstanding Lead And Double Bass ( Alone Sits My Mum A Beautiful Instrumental To Finish A Wonderful Magical First Half  20 min


Lead/ Bouzouki Vocals Key/ Sythi 11. The Mystic Dream ex. ( For The Love Of You)( A Painting Hangs On A Wall)( The Still Of The Night)( A Face Is So) 12. Santiago Vocals/ Accordion ( La La La) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Vocals Just Heavenly And Fabulous Musical Arrangements 13. Lead/ Acoustic As I Roved Out ex. ( I Come To My Mothers House)( She Took Me By The Willy White Hands) 14. Manx Ayre ex. Instrumental With Amazing Sounds Brilliant Drumming Pure Heavenly Harp Work From Lorena Love It 15. The Lady Of Shallot ( Through The Fields We Go)( In The Stormy Fast Winds) 16. Vocals/ Accordion Lead/ Bouzouki The Mummer,s Dance ex. ( In The Spring)( When The Trees Come To Live)( We Go Down To The Shady Grove)( So A Child Had A Dance)( In The Shades Of The Night) 17. The Old Ways ex. Bouzouki/Lead Bass/ D Bass ( The Darkness Of The Night I Follow Your Voice)( As The Dance Went On And On Down To The Sea)( A Vision Came Over Me)( Spread Your Wings And Fly)( The Bounty Full Sea Is Calling Me Home) The Music Arrangement Is On Another Planet Just Heavenly Genius 18. Lost Souls ex. Tittle Track New L/P Another Beautiful Music Arrangement ( It’s All Over)( I’m Coming Home) Outstanding Piano Work So Much Feeling In The Song 19. Tango To Evora ex. Lead/ Mandolin Bass/ D/Bass Outstanding Pure Magic Overall Sounds. 20 Dantz Prayer ex. Lorena Vocals Heavenly Brilliant Cello ( My Eyes Are On The Ocean)( And The Dark Nights)( There Were Shadows) Pure Magic Evening At The Bridge Water Hall Just Love It Amazing Set Fantastic Band Lorena Just Fabulous Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing ex. Stage Set Up


MAN  AND THE ECHO 8 pm–8–30 pm

Lead/ Rhythm Vocals ex. Bass ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex. Drums ex. 1. Life On An Island vg. ( I Wake Up Feeling)( I Feel Like Running Out)( One More Time) 2. On Safari vg ( I’ve Got A Ticket For The Station)( Your Occupation)( I Want a Party) Great Overall Sounds And Songwriting. 3. Operation Margarine vg. ( All Burn) Great Musicians 4. Filthy Jack Pye vg. ( I Just Believe In You)( I’ll Try And Find Away) 5. A Capable Man vg.( I Surrender My Heart Before)( I’m The King Of The Mount)( You Just Have To Be) Great Vocals And Harmonies 6. PR Masterpiece ex. ( Where On My Mind)( I’ll Give You A Taste Of Mine)( I Can’t Believe It) 7. I Don’t Give A Fuck What You Reckon ex. Brilliant Songwriting And Overall Sounds From Band Great Vocals.          ex. Set ex Band vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex Mixing. See Lots Of Perpetual There Keep Gigging

SHE  DREW  THE  GUN 9 pm—10–30 pm

Rhythm/ Lead Guy ex.ex. Bass Guy ex.ex. Louisa Roach Lead/ Vocals ex.ex.ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano/ Vocals ex.ex. Girl Drums ex.ex. Resister ex. Amazing Overall Sounds 2. Something For The Pain ex. ( Something Got To Give)( A Feeling Like This) 3. Arm Yourself ex. ( All We See With Our Eyes)( We Can Understand)( You Take My Body For Your Own Devices) Rhythm Doing Some Lead 4. Wolf And Bird vg. ( Fast Over There)( So Try To Talk To Me)( Times No Limit)( Where Love Is One) Spoken Poetry ( To Live The Dream) 5. Since You Where Not Mine ex. ( The Sun Don’t Shine)( Tell Me How You Treat Me)( You Wake Me Up)( My Heart Resists To Leave)( Tell Me How You Sleep When You Wake Me Up) 6. Between The Stars ex. ( Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down) Vocals Only This Song ( You Can See The Stars) Psychedelic Number Love It Pure Magic Genius 7. If You Could See ex. ( Look Down That Road)( How Does It Feel To Be Free)( You Send Me Broken) 8. Paradise ex. ( In A Perfect Dream)( Give Your Desire To Me)( There Nothing To Believe) 9. Trouble Every Day ex. ( Man Trouble Coming Every Day) Vocal Only Keys/ Rhythm ( I’m Hoping For The Best)( I’m Going To The Left) Very Political Song. (Your Going Straight To Hell) 10. Revolution Of Mind ex. ( Time To Rise Against) Spoken Words ( Revolution)( Rich Mans Gains) Pure Magic Overall Sounds From Band And One Hell Of A Front Women. 11. Pit Pony ex. ( We Go Down By The Sea) Some Great White Noise From Sythi/ Keys 12. Resister Reprise ex. ( Shining In Utopia)( Falling In Love) 13 Poem ( Spoken Words) Just Outstanding Words Of Pure Brilliance 14 Extra Song Open Up Your Eyes ex. ( Fucking A Union Jack Key Ring) Very Political. 15. Encore Sweet Harmony ex. ( Lets Get Together Right Now)( We Are Sisters Of Time) Great Use Of Spoken Words In There Songs. 15. No Hole In My Head ex. ( Revolution)( They Are Trying To Listen To Me)( To Late) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Another Amazing Night At The Deaf Institute Just Love The Band. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.



Looking Back Over My Shoulder Tour 2019 Andrew Roachford Vocals/ Piano/ Keys ex.ex.ex. Tim Howard Vocals ex.ex.ex. Anthony Drennar Guitar/ Bass B/V ex.ex.ex. Luke Juby Keyboards/ Bass/ Saxophone/ Whistler And B/V ex.ex.ex. Gary Wallis Drums ex.ex.ex. Mike Rutherford Lead/ Acoustic/ Bass/ Vocals ex.ex.ex. 1. The Best Is Yet To Come ex. ( I’m Holding Your Head)( Give Me One More Chance) 2. Another Cup Of Coffee ex. ( This Is Your House Your Home) Mike/ Acoustic ( Everybody )( Don’t Look Back Or Give Up)( Pour Another Cup) 3. A Beggar On A Beach Of Gold ex. ( Sitting On A Beach Of Gold)( I Saw The Brightest Light) 4. One Way ex ( There A Place)( Take All This Time)( A Long Way To Love)( I’m In Love With You)( I Can Hold The World At My Finger Tips)( One Way Two Heads)( I See Your Face When I Think Of You) Amazing Lead From Mike 5. Try To Save Me ex. ( They Won’t Take Me Back Again)( Try Hard To Save It)( Oh I Know My Baby)( When Your Here Scared And Falling Down) Keys/ Sythi B/V 6 Let Me Fly ex.( I Don’t Want To Live It Up)( Living A Lie)( Let Me Fly) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Mike/ Bass Bass/ Lead 7. Land Of Confusion ex. ( Burning Into The Night)( This Is The World We Live In)( These Are The Hands We Are Given)( The Sun Is Shinning) Mike Lead Bass/ Lead/ Bass 8. Cuddly Toy ( Andrew Roachford Cover) Andrew/ Vocals ( I’ve Got A Different Girl In Every Town)( There A Girl Waiting For Me)( You Got To Feel For Me Baby)( Give Me Some Love)( I Want A Girl Like You) Mike Bass Bass/ Lead Vocal Working With Lead ( Early In The Morning And Late At Night)( You Got To Treat Me) 9. Out Of The Blue ex. Tim Vocals Some Amazing Key/ Sythi Work ( I’ll Be Lovely Tonight)( Just Waiting For You) Pure Magic Lyrics And Music Score And Heavenly Overall Sounds ( Out Of The Blue) Love This Song Music At It’s Very Best  20 min  Interval. Pure Magic First Half.

PART  2.

10. Follow You Follow Me ex. ( Genesis Cover) Key/ Sythi/ Bass ( Stay With Me) Drums/ Percussion 11. Don’t Know What Came Over Me ex.( Many A Promise To My Self)( I’m Such A Mess)( And These Days Of Sadness)( A Time To My Self Bass/ Keys Acoustic/ Bass 12. What Would You Do ex. Bass/ Acoustic ( When The World Turns It Back On You)( Praise God) 13. Everybody Get A Second Chance ex. Key/ Sythi/ Sax ex. ( I’m Sorry Too) Amazing Overall Sounds Just Magic. 14. Silent Running ex. ( Take It To Them)( Can You Hear Me Calling You) 15. Get Up ex. Mike/ Bass Bass/ Lead ( I Don’t Really Say)( Get Up)( Do Something)( The Whole World Is Turning) 16. The Living Years ex. ( I Know Your A Romancer)( In The Living Years)    ( Say It Loud)( Say It Clear)( You’ve Got To Listen When You Hear)( It’s To Late When We Die)( We Only Sacrifice The Future) Mike Lead/ Bass/ Guitar 17. I Can’t Dance ex. ( Genesis Cover)( Hot Sun Beating Down)( She’s Out Of Reach) Amazing Cover And Overall Sounds) 18. All I Need Is A Miracle ex.( All I Need Is You)( I’m Going To Love You The Rest Of My Life) Then Into A Sing Along With Audience ( All I Want)( All I Need)( Give It Me Baby)( Right Now)( All I Need Is A Miracle) 19. Over My Shoulder ex. ( I Never Mend’t To Let You Go)( I Never Wanted To Say Good By) Keys/ Bass Mike/ Acoustic Bass/ Acoustic ( Looking Back Over My Shoulder) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Encore Word Of Mouth ex.( Come Back To You)( There A Hunger Around The Common)( Look Out) Mike/ Lead Bass/ Guitar Then Introducing Band And A Solo From Each Member Just Brilliant ( If You Believe Them) This Has Been A Wonderful Night At The Bridge Water Hall Pure Magical Evening. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex.Mixing.


JAMIE ISAAC  8 pm–8–30 pm

Jamie Keys/ Piano vg./ Vocals Good. Lead B/V vg. Bass B/V vg. Drums vg. 1. Don,t Stop Me vg Vocal Mix Not Right His Key Work Is Better Than His Vocals Not Enough Variation. ( Now I’m Gone) Drums Using A Drum Sythi Pad With Vocals Sounds 2. Tell me vg. ( I Lost My Way)( Every Man Can Say) 3. People vg.( Part 1)( Won’t You Say) 4. Good Memory vg. Tittles Could Be Wrong Didn’t Announce Very Well ( Don’t You Don’t You) Jamie Using Pre Set Keys Then Back On Keys With Add Ons ( I’ve Got To Say I Love You)( All I Think About Is You) 5. People vg ( Part 2.)( Tell Me Something To Me) Lead B/V Nice Sounds Set vg. Band vg. Vocals Good Songs good/vg. Lights vg. Mixing vg.

NAO  9 pm—10–25 pm

Been Solo About 5 years Been Going A Long Time. Was A Backing Singer For Some Well None Artists As Well As Being The Feat Artist On Some Singles Born Dec 1987  Nao Jessica Joshua Her Music Is Soul Combined With Electronic Music Funk/ R/B Debut L/P 29th July 2016 For All We Know. 2. L/P Saturn 26th Oct 2018 Main Keys/ Piano B/V ex.ex. 2nd Keys/Sythi/ Bass B/V ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Lead B/V ex.ex. Nao Vocals/ Dance Outstanding Stage Presence ex.ex.ex. Intro B/T 1. Another Lifetime ex. In Audience On Small Platform What Amazing Begging To Show. ( I Hope You Find Your Way)( I Swear I Won’t Rum From You)( Everybody Makes The Same Mistakes) 2. If You Ever ex. Balloons Given Too Fans ( We Can Stay Away For Ever)( Change Your Mind With Me)( If You Like To Go With Me)( I,ll Take You To Another Place) 3. Make It Out Alive ex. Edge Of Stage With Fans. 2. Keys/ Bass Outstanding Overall Sounds And Brilliant Songwriting Next Talking To Crowd 4. Fool To Love ex. ( I Was A Fool To Love You)( I’m Giving You Up) Amazing Lead/ Bass/ Keys And Drums Outstanding Vocal Range Just Magic Genius. 5. Adore ex.( It’s The Weekend)( May I Feel You) Bass/ Keys ( Keep You Warm) Nao Dance Routine Love Her Stage Presence. Such A Gifted Artist With A Band Of Amazing Musicians In Her Dance Routine She Was Using A Red Hand Fan And Shaking Her Bum 6. Gabriel vg. ( I Won’t You To Know) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Filling The Hall. 7. Orbit ex. ( Dreams Of You I’m Falling)( Can I Say Your Mine)( Away To Love Again)( I Miss Miss You)( Hold Me In Your Arms)( I Rather Talk To You) Heavenly Vocals 8. Brown Sugar/ Inhale Exhale Brilliant Drum Intro ( I Want Some Love That Soothes Me Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Songwriting She Just Lights The Stage With Her Brilliance Fabulous Lead/Bass/ Piano And Drums 9. A Love Supreme ex. ( I’m Afraid To Be Lonely)( Making You See) Music Arrangements Just Out Of This World Next NAO Talking To Crowd About Her Life As A Musician 10. Saturn ex. Tittle Track From 2nd L/P Talking To Crowd She Made Some Difficult Decisions In Her 20% After Her Teenage Years ( Find Your Way Back To Me) Guy Vocals B/T ( Your Just Like Saturn To Me)( You Turn Silent To Me) Instrumental Ending To Song Love The Band Just Heavenly Magic. 11. Girlfriend ex. ( To Make Girls Cry) Another Brilliant Song. 13 Complicated ex. ( This Song Is About You) Amazing Dance Routines Tonight ( Your To Complicated) 13. Yellow Of The Sun ex. ( The Reason Why)( I Don’t Need You Perfect) 14. Firefly ex. ( I Wanted More)( Try To See)( Be My Firefly) 15. Drive And Disconnect ex. ( Find Your Way Out)( Trying To Escape)( Stay By Me) Pure Magic Overall Sounds) Amazing Band Of Musicians And One Hell Of A Front Women/ Storey Teller And Dancer 16. Bad Blood ex. ( I’ve Been On My Own Dreaming)( Do You Remember This Holiday) Vocals Just Magnificent ( I’m Thinking It’s A Bad Bad World)( You You You)( Love Is All I Need) Outstanding Lead/ Bass/ Keys/ Drums Amazing Set Fantastic Band NAO Fabulous Vocals Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex Lights ex. Mixing Amazing  Stage Production Gig Tonight At The Albert Hall .


CASSYETTE  7–30 pm—8 pm

Band Been Going Since September 2018. One Of The Best Young Bands I’ve Seen For A Very Long Time All Girl Band Lead B/V ex.ex. Bass B/V ex.ex. Drums B/V ex.ex. Vocals ex.ex. 1. Fake Lips ex. ( Get You Out Of My Life)( When You Told Me)( Why Did You Say This) 2. Preacher Man vg. ( Something Told Me)( I Fell In Love With You) 3. Diamond ex. ( I’m A Diamond Man)( Here You Go Again)( No One Seems To Care) 4. Spit It Out ex. ( I’m Running Out Of Space)( I’m Loosing My Mind)( Got To Spit It Out) 5 Devil Inside ex. ( Why Don’t You Take Me)( I Might See Her)( This Is My Life)( By Your Side) 6. Suck It ex. ( Let’s Get A C/J Someday ( Beat Me Up) This Band Has So Much Energy. They Are Really Rocking The Place Tonight Crowd Going Wild 7. Jean ex New Single Very Rocky ( You Stole My Heart)( What Do You Mean To Me) This Band Has Blown My Mind Love Them. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex Mixing Band From Chelford

VALERAS  8–15 pm—8–45  pm

Girl Bass Vocals ex. Girl Lead Vocals ex. Girl Rhythm Vocals ex. Guy Rhythm/ Lead ex. Guy Drums ex. 1. Up All Night ex.( W/C/R) ( You Thought You Wanted Me) 2. I Can Kill ex.( B/W) Amazing Overall Sounds And One Hell Of A Front Women 3. Whistle ( C on C)( Time Is Time)( I Was Looking For)( We Can Put It Up) 4. It Tears Me Apart ex.( Conn)( You Know What You Say To Me)( What It Takes To Get Closer To You) 5. Say You Must Say ex.( N/H)( Need Your Attention)( Living It Up)( My Interest) 6. Smother Me With Love ex.( F/T/W)( Something Makes Me Feel Better) This Band is a Fresh Air Of Magic Brilliance Love This New Band ( You Make Me Feel) 7. Whats Going Up ex.( L/F)( This Love Is Cruel)( You’ve Got A Face Like Thunder)( This Ain’t Love) Great Lead From Guy Brilliant Musicians ex. Set ex. Band vg/ ex Songs ex. Lights ex.Mixing.

YONAKA  9–15 pm—10–10 pm

Lead Guy ex.ex. Bass Guy ex.ex. Drums Guy ex.ex. Girl Vocals ex.ex. Intro B/T Bad Company ex.( I Don,t Know What To Say)( Tell Me What To Say) Amazing Overall Sounds And Brilliant Commercial Songwriting High Energy Pop Rock Wild Clapping From Crowd ( I Want You Can You Help Me) One Hell Of A Front Women 2. Awake ex. ( Gone For It)( You Should Want)( My Best For You) Crowd Going Wild Lots Of Jumping They Are Rocking The Place Down To Night. 3. Creatures ex. ( Do You Respect)( It’s Exciting) 4. Waves vg. ( It’s Going Up)( Your In My Face)( I Want You To Be There) 5. Loose You Head ex.( Please Please)( Let Me Stay For Ever) Pure Magic Sounds ( Take Me Straight To Heaven) Fabulous Songwriting And Brilliant Musicians Love Her Band. 6. Own Worst Enemy ex. Song About Fighting You Demons ( You And I)( You Don’t Need It Tell Me A Secret)( I Need You) 7. Death By Love ex. ( Promise Me You’ll Let Me Go)( It’t You And I) Pure Magic Lead/ Bass And Drums Brilliant Vocals ( Suicide)( Love And Suicide) Love The Song 8. Punch Bag ex. About Depression And Fighting Your Demons Telling Crowd About Reaching Out To Someone For Help Amazing Vocalist/ Storey Teller And Actress ( One Night Your Perfect) 9. DNTJ Album Tittle ex. ( Better Tomorrow)( I Would Love To See You) She Has Such Amazing Vocal Range. Just Love This Band They Are Going To Be Very Big. 10. Rock Star ex. ( Hold My Head Up)( I Just What To Love You Baby)( I Just Want To Say) 11. Fucking With The Boss ex. Brilliant Songwriting 12. Teach Me To Fight ex. Pure Magic Sound From Band. 13. Fired Up ex. ( You And I)( All Fired Up)( There Some Changed Baby) This Has Been Such Amazing Night At The Wonderful Death Institute Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Score ex. Lights ex Mixing.


PAUL CANNING  7–30 pm—8 pm

Out Of 10  cc Paul Singer/ Songwriter/ Guitarist 1. Yesterdays News vg.( No Need To Fear)( When Were Together Everything Is OK)( When Everybody’s Calling Out Your Name)( When We Cry) 2. Something Better vg.( I Compromise)( I Love You Give It Back)( I Guess I Wanted You Again And Again) 3. Kid ex Song About Wanting To Be A Kid Again.( I Want To Go Back In Love And Climb Trees)( They Say Time Goes By)( I Want To Be A Kid Again)( They Say You Got To Get Out Alive) Pure Magic Vocals 4. Trigger Poker vg. Track Of L/P ( Pretty Baby I’ve Got A Whole Lot Of Love)( I Lie Down Like A Ally Cat To Die)( Always Gone Back For More) Current L/P Last Summer 5. Outside Looking In ex. ( Your The One I Love The Most) Amazing Songwriting Love This Song Magic ( Love You More) Heavenly Lyrics So Much Feeling Pulling At Your Heart Strings Very Commercial 6. Away She Goes ex. Amazing Overall Sounds Love His Songwriting 7. 100 Years ex. ( Have You Been In Love Before)( Can A Mountain Be With Out The Sea)( Together We Can Walk The Earth)( I Know It,s A Long Way To Go) Very Talented Artist. ex. Set ex. Solo Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

10 cc  8–30 pm –10–20  pm

Graham Gouldman Vocals/ Songwriting/ Bass And Guitar ex.ex.ex. Rick Fenn Lead/ Bass Vocals ex.ex.ex. Paul Burgess Drums / Percussion ex.ex.ex. Keith Hayman Keyboards/ Guitar/ Bass/ Vocals ex.ex.ex. Paul Canning Vocals/ Guitar/ Percussion/ Keys ex.ex.ex. The Art Pop Band Had 11 Top TEN Hits Intro Early Film Clips On Screen Intro B/T The Angel Of Innocence ex. ( Stumbling Into The Light Of Day Great Graphics On Screen 1. Wall Street Shuffle ex. ( By Your Self On Wall Street) Paul Keys 2. Lead Intro Magic Sounds And Fantastic Bass Riffs From Graham Art For Arts Sake ex. ( Open Your Heart)( Give Me Your Love In The Kitchen/ Hall Way And All Over. Graham Vocals ( We Are A World)( Give Me A Country So I Can Be Free) 3. Life Is A Minestrone ex. Pure Magic Drumming And Heavenly Sounds From Rest Of Band.( Let Me Call You) 4. Good Morning Judge ex. ( Don’t Stop Let It Die)( Didn’t Do It) Keys/ Lead/ Rhythm ( So Help It I Wanted To Be Free) 42 years Ago 1977. 5. The Dean And I ex. 1972. Percussion/ Acoustic/ Vocals Lead/ Bass B/V ( He’s )Gone To The Wall)( It’s A Wonderful World When Your Falling To Pieces) 6. Old Wild Men ex. March 1972 Wrote For Sheet Music Album ( Where Are The Boats In Deep Water ( Waiting For A Miracle)( Over The Hill Far Away) Drums Gone On Percussion At Front ( On Me And On You) Outstanding Guitar Next From Sheet Music Album 7. Clockwork Creep ex. ( They Wide Me Up And Let Me Go)( They Talked To Them A Thousand Times)( As One Goes Up And One Goes Down)( Cherie Oh) 8. Feel The Benefit ex. From L/P Suspected Bends ( You Kept Your Shoes On)( You Won’t Feel The Benefit)( A Face Of Acclaim)( You Can Never Look Back) Pure Magic Songwriting And Overall Sounds Great Orchestral Arrangement On Keys Just Outstanding Musicians At The Very Best.This Band Just Gets Better With Age Love Them Percussion/ Acoustic Pure Magic Music Score And Lyrics Just Genius ( What Would They Face) Magic Bass Riffs From Graham 9. The Things We Do For Love ex.( Many Broken Hearts Have Landed In The River)( The Things We Do For Love)( Walking In The Rain And Snow And You Feel Like Dying 10. Say The Word ex.( Hornal Cover)( Only I Could Change My Words) Vocals Heavenly And Out Of This World. Graham/ Acoustic ( Shadows Fly)( Speak The Truth Tell Me What To Do)( So Hold Me Tight) The Overall Sound Is Just Like Listening To The Record Keith Herman Keys/ Organ Just Outstanding 11. Silly Love ex.( Strings Of My Heart)( Very Very Silly) Next Lots Of Hands On Screen 12. Somewhere In Hollywood ex.( Sung By Kevin Godley On Screen)( Down On The Casting Coach)( Waits To Nail Her) Song About The Film Industry Making Films Last Time 10 cc Came They Were Outstanding This Time They Have Taken Us To A Higher Level Of  Brilliance 13. Baron Samed ex.( He Walked Away) Keys/ Rhythm/ Lead Vocals Graham/ Vocals Love It. 14, I,m Mandy Fly Me ex. ( Just Like A Rolling Stone)( Locking In)( She Read Me Like A Book)( Take Me Away)( The World Is Spinning Like A Ball)( Was It Fantasy)( I,m On The Street) 15. I,m Not In Love ex. Number One Hit 1975. ( I Would Like To See You)( It,s Because) Girl And Guy On Screen. ( Be Quest And  Quiet) 16. Dread lock Holiday ex. 1973 ?( I Was Walking Down The Street) Amazing Overall Sounds 3 Vocals On This Song ( I Could Do With A Pena Colada)( Back In Jamaica Encore Last Single Wrote With Andrew Gold 17. Ready To Go Home ex. ( I,m Ready To Be Heard)( I,m Ready To Lay Down)( When The Dark Shadows Fall) Pure Magic Lyric Writing 18. Donna ex.( Capella) Just Heavenly Magic Vocals ( Oh Donna)( You  Make Me Stand Up And Sit Down) Amazing Song And Heavenly Vocals 19. Rubber Bullets ex Another Big Hit ( Load Up The Rubber Bullets)(  At The Dance At The Local County Jail)( What Are You Going To Do) Amazing Piano Work And Overall Sounds Love It Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Screen And Graphics ex. Lights ex Mixing.



TBHA  7–30 pm–8 pm

Girl D/J Sythi/ Drum And Bass Nice Pre Set Sounds And Mixing Very Catchy Sythi Sounds Instrumental Mix Needs More Variation In Her Mixing 2. Baby vg. Some Vocal Mixes 3. Feels I Don,t Ask vg. Two Mixes In One 4. Key Mix Comes In Slow Instrumental Then Drum/ Bass 5. I Got You Vocal Mix 6. Girl Vocal Mix That What I Said vg. Great Mix ( Are You Mad)( Sin) The Drum Beat Is Really Good With A Disco Beat Needs To Make The Mixing More Commercial Also Needs More Stage Presence vg. Set Good/ vg. D/J Mixing vg. Lights vg. Mixing.

EARL  HAM  MY  STIC  8–20 pm—8–50 pm

Some Amazing Mikes From Earl Who Was Really Excellent His Mixes Were Very Lively With Some Drum/ Bass And Keys And Very Commercial Melodies And Mixes Just Outstanding 2. Ryanna Vocal Mix This Guy Has More Variation In His Mixing 3. To The Stars More Vocals On This Mix 4. This Was Ours vg.( This Is Our Time) 5. Outstanding Vocal Mix Using A Pre Set Button Sythi With Lots Of Add On Mixes From L/T So Many Good Mixes In His Set Which I Have Not Mention. Really Like This D/J     ex. Set ex. D/J ex Mixes And Songs vg. Lights ex. Mixing.

MARIBOU  STATE  9–15 pm– 10–35 pm

The Acclaimed British Electronic Duo Liam Ivory ex.ex. And Chris David,s They Made There Debut As Maribou State 2011 In 2015 They Released The Album Portraits From Hertfordshire They Used Guitar Or Piano In Studio. There New Album Kingdoms In Colour This Duo Also Does D/J Sets But This Tour Using Instruments And A Band Main Guy Key/ Sythi/ Guitar And Sythi And L/T Mixes ex.ex. 2nd Main Guy Key/ Sythi/ Piano Add On D/J Mix Sythi And L/T ex.ex. These Two Are Just Amazing  Band Percussion/ Bass/Key Sythi Mix ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. 1. Home ex. Instrumental Magic Overall Sounds 2. Feel Good ex. Instrumental With Vocal Mix ( Stay Back You)( Nobody Loves Me) Guitar/ Key/ Sythi Then Guitar 3. Steal ex.( With Holy Walker Vocals)( If I)( This Why Is My Life)( Say Good By) 4. Glass Houses ex.( With Holy Vocals) Amazing Vocals And Overall Sound From Band ( All This Life) 5. Kingdom ( With Jack Tutley Vocals)( Oh Why) Music Score Very Calypso Amazing Pre Set Key Melodies Percussion/ Bass ( Love Has Spoken)( It,s Taken Back My Heart) 6. Wallflower ex. Percussion/ Bass Guitar And Key/ Sythi Mix ( I Want To Love You) Vocal Mix ( I Do) 7. Vale ex. Bass Also Drum Sythi Pads ( Yes I Feel) Then Tom Toms Vocal Mix 8. Midas ( With Holy Vocals)( Why Do You Mi-ether Me)( Oh Do We Love)( Baby Don,t) Amazing Vocals And Overall Sounds And Songwriting ( Where Do I Sleep) 9. Natural Fools ( Alternate Version) Bass/ Key Sythi Both Liam And Chris Key/ Sythi ( Tell Me Whats Up)( Tell Me Tonight) 10. Rituals ex. Amazing Vocal Mix Brilliant Lead And Key/ Sythi Work Fabulous Drumming ( Whats Up) 11. The Clown ex.( With Holy Vocals)( Take My Hand)( If You Are Feeling)( We Take This)( Baby Come Through) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Just Love It. 12. Nervous Tics ex. ( With Holy Vocals)( You’ve Lost Control) Outstanding Vocals And Brilliant Sounds From Band. ( Don,t Let Me Go) 13. Kama ex. Bass/ Key Sythi ( You Said) Great Vocal Mix) Encore 14. Turn-mills ex. Outstanding Sounds And Brilliant Songwriting Another Outstanding Magical Night At The Wonderful Albert Hall Where Music Reaches Out. Amazing Set Fantastic Duo And Band Brilliant Musicians Of The Highest Order Brilliant Vocals From Holy Walker And Jack Tutley Fabulous Songs And Music Scores ex. Lights ex Mixing.


LAND SHARKS  8 pm–8–30 pm

Mike Keaton Drums ( Embrace) ex.ex. Steve Firth Bass B/V ( Embrace) ex.ex. Lead B/V ex.ex. Keys/ Sythi/Piano ex.ex. Vocals ex.ex. Amazing Intro From Band 1. You Put It Down ex. Brilliant Overall Sounds And Amazing Band Of Musicians 2. Faces ex. ( All Alone) Great Songwriting 3. Lost Lovers ex. ( Hell)( Running Running) 4. Something Tell Me vg.( I Want To Go Back)( Go Go Go)( I,m Going To Treat You Bad) 5. I,m Going To The Bridge vg.( I Can,t Get Away) Vocal Using A Megaphone ( I,m Out Of Control) 6. To Love You ex.( I,ll Pick Up The Phone) 7. Haunted vg  Spooky Song ( We Done It All)( And Now And Again) Amazing Front Man And Overall Sounds And Songwriting ( Rock And Roll) 8. Dancing In The Fire vg. (  We First Today) Love It ex. Set ex. Band vg./ ex Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing . Love This Band.

EMBRACE  9 pm.— 10–40 pm

Micky Pale Keys/ Sythi/ Drums/ Piano B/V ex.ex. Steve Firth Bass B/V ex.ex. Mike Heaton Drums B/V ex.ex. Richard Mc Manamara Vocals/ Guitar/ Acoustic Intro To The First L/P In Full B/T ( The Good Will Out) 1. All You Good People ex. ( I Feel Insulted But You Said You Need More Time)( All You Good People Listen To Me) 2. My Weakness Is None Of Your Business ex. Nice Wah Wah From Lead ( Somebody Has Let You Down)( Don,t What You To Fake Around)( I Get That Trembling Feeling) Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Songwriting And Brilliant Musicians. 3. Come Back To What You Know ex. Amazing Singing From Crowd ( You’ve Got No Point To Prove)( I Feel I’ve Let You Down)( I,ll Try To Reach You)( Put I’ve Got To Far High)( What You’ve Got That What People Say)( Take Everything Really Slow) 4. One Big Family ex. They Are Really Rocking The Place Tonight. ( We Are Family) Very Hard Core Rock On This Number. Crowd Going Wild With Passion. 5. Higher Sights ex.     ( Silence Is Golden)( We Won,t Forget You)( It Takes It,s Time To Break Free)( Wake Up Those Feelings) 6. Retread ex . Outstanding Piano ( My Girl Is Just A Retread)( I Know I Want To See)( I Feel So Empty)( We Were Like A Bee) Slower Song With Many Shades And Landscapes.( It Seems Your Found)( Let Me Go Away) 7. I Want The World ex. Much Heaver’y Song Outstanding Lead/ Bass/ Keys/ Drums/ Keys And One Hell Of A Front Man. Bass/ Lead/ Keys B/V Outstanding Overall Sounds ( I Want The World) Pure Magic Drumming This Is One Amazing Band 8. You’ve Got To Say Yes ex. Brilliant Lead Intro Just Love It ( I Used To Take You Down)( You Take The Good Times) 9. Fireworks ex. Lead Intro With Vocal.( I Try To Reach You)( I Realise) Outstanding Music Score And Lyrics. ( I Never Let You Down)( When It Feels Like Something Wrong)     ( We Need Fireworks)10. The Last Gas ex. ( The Way I Feel)( I,m Going To Take A Look) Another Amazing Rocky Song. Love It 11. That’s All Changed Forever ex. Amazing Piano Intro ( It Got To Be Something)( I Believe That,s All Changed For Good)( It Makes Me Surrender)( Wonder Which Feelings To Go With)( How Much You Mean To Me) 12. Now Your Nobody ex. Pure Magic Melody Line ( You Don,t Have Too) Love This Song Putting Romance Into The Air 13. The Good Will Out ex. Intro Guitar And Heavy Piano Work ( I Saw You Swallow Down Your Life)( All The Same Time)( If You Ever Walk Out) 14. Encore Refugees ex. Lead/ Vocals ex.ex. Outstanding Overall Sound 15. Follow You Home ex. ( There,s No Reason To Pretend)( I,m Going To Follow You) 16. Never ex.( Duet With Elvah) Pure Magic Genius ( Making Love) Outstanding Vocals From Elvah ( I Will Never Let You Down) 17. Gravity ex. ( What I,m I Supposed To Do)( It,s Been A Long Time Coming)( A Long Time Running)( I Can,t Stop Now)( I Can Hear My Heart Beating)( I Won,t Look Down) 18 Ashes ex. Outstanding Overall Sounds And Brilliant Song Writing Just Love This Band. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex Mixing ex Lights.


J.C. STEWART 8 pm– 8–30 pmre Just Bril

Singer/ Songwriter/ Acoustic/ Piano J.C. Vocals Acoustic/ Keys And Piano 1. Right In The Centre vg.( Come Come Back)( She Never Love You Like I Did) 2 Why Are You Loud vg. Vocal/ Piano His Key Work Is Better Than Guitar ( I Missed You)( Wont You Love Me Again And Again) Beautiful Songwriting Very Commercial ( I Said I Need You Again)( I Sorry) 3. Food vg.( I,m Being Such A Fool For You)( My Heart Still Beating) 4. Missed Title vg. Great Songwriting And Overall Sounds 5. Goodnight Loves ex. ( I Come To Kiss You) Very Powerful Songwriting ( Have You Had A Good Time)( All I See Is Falling Down)( Have I Ruin Your Life) 6. I Know You ex. I,m Very Impressed With His Songwriting ( Can You Hold Me And Say It’s My Fault 7. Medicine vg.A Really Beautiful Song ( There,s Something In The Water)( When I Go Under Save Me Again) ex. Set ex. Solo ex./ vg. Songs ex Lights ex. Mixing See Lots Of Perpetual There.

FREYA  RIDINGS  9 pm—10–15 pm

Freya Ridings Vocal/ Grand Piano/ Acoustic ex.ex.ex. Drums ex.ex.ex. Lead/ Acoustic ex.ex.ex. Cello/ Bass/ Sythi/ Keys/ B/V ex. ex. ex This Girl Is Going To Be Massive Brought Out Her Debut Album. Love Her Vocals And Magic Songwriting And Outstanding Piano And Guitar Work Her Band Are Just Brilliant Musicians Of The Highest Order 1. Love Is Fire ex.( I See A Girl)( Young Girl Smiles At Me)( Going In My Head)( I Know It,s True)( If Love Is Fire) Pure Magic Overall Sounds 2. Signals ex. Sythi/ Cello. Lead/ Acoustic Her Vocals Are Like A Heavenly Angel ( I Keep On Holding On)( I Want You To Love Me) 3. You Mean The World To Me ex. ( Dedicated To Her Mum) Her Lyrics Are So Beautiful With Extra Feeling Just Magic Genius.( I Don,t Let You See You Mean The World To Me)( There Is A Fear I Have None)( You Mean The World To Me) 4. Poison ex.( Your My Poison I Love) Some Amazing Uptempo Melodies Just Magic. Outstanding Drum/ Bass/ Guitar Work Cello/ Bass ( Yes I Know) 5. Blackout ex. Bass/ Cello Drum/ Sythi/ Keys ( You I Trust)( When I Was Down)( I,m Here With My Friends)( I Want You To Be The One To Stay)( I,m Going To Blackout You) 6. Castles ( I Don,t What To Ever Go)( You Want To Feel Love) B/V Bass/ Lead ( Lost In Love) 7. Wishbone ex. ( You Make My Heart Go) Band Off ( No 8.) 9. Unconditional ex. ( Stay With Me Darling) Freya/ Acoustic With Lead Only ( There Nothing You Can Say To Make Me Go)( This Is Love) 10. Maps ex.( Say Say Say)( They Don,t Love You Like I Love You) 11. Ultraviolet ex. ( I Can,t Hide It From You) Pure Magic Lyrics And Music Scores Heavenly Vocals And Songwriting ( See What I,m Missing) 12. Lost With Out You ex.( You Said You Want To See The World Go)( I Feel Lost Without You)( Standing On The Platform Seeing You Go) 13. Holy Water ex. Cello/ Bass ( I Still Love You) Outstanding Finish To The Night Of Pure Magic Genius ( I Believe In Holy Water) Love The Magic Of The Song. Fabulous Night At The Albert Hall And It,s Friendly Staff/ Management And Security If You Haven,t Been To Albert Hall It,s A Must. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex Mixing.