STEVE WINWOOD  7–30 pm–8–30 pm

Sax/ Keys/ Organ ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Keys/Organ/ Sythi /Piano ex.ex. Steve Winwood Keys/ Organ/ Piano/ Lead/Rhythm And Vocals 1. I,m A Man ex.( The Spencer Davies Group)( Yes I Am) Sax Outstanding Brilliant Guitar/ Key/ Organ And Drums Steve One Hell Of A Front Man 2, Them Changes ( Buddy Miles) Amazing Cover And Outstanding Musicians 3. Find My Way Home ex.( Blind Faith)( Every Time)( I,m Going Out Of My Mind) 4. Had To Cry Today ex.( Blind Faith) Amazing Overall Sound And Songwriting 5. The Low Spark Of High Healed Boys ( Traffic) Brilliant Sax And Key Work ( My Head Is Spinning) 6. Keep On Running ex.( Jack Edwards Cover)( I,ll Make You Understand And I,ll Be Your Man) 7 Higher Love ex.( Making Is So Bad)( Make Me A Dover Of Love) 8. Dear Fantasy ex.( Traffic Cover) Steve/ Lead Sax/ Keys/ Organ ( We Know Every Morning We Take) Pure Magic Lead Work Lead Work And Overall Sound 9. Give Me Some Loving ex. ( Spencer Davies Group Cover)( I,m So Glad That You’ve Made It)( Give Me Some Loving Every Day) Pure Magic Overall Sound And Songwriting Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing Overall Magic.

STEELY DAN 9 pm–10–45 pm

Brass Section Trumpet ex.ex. Sax ex.ex. Trombone ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Keys/ Organ/ Sythi/ Piano Jay Fagan Fr Member Keys/ Organ/ Vocals 3 Girl B/V Outstanding Band Of Musicians 1. Instrumental By Band Cubano Chart ex.( Ray Bryant Cover) Brilliant Overall Sound 2.Next Jay Fagan Comes on Organ/ Vocals Bodhisattka ex. ( Take My Hand) 3. Hey Nineteen ex.( These Days Together)( I,m Just Going On)( Magic Tonight) B/V Jim/ Trombone 4. Black Friday ex.( When The Band Played Down) Jay Organ/ Keys John Hutcherson Lead 5. Aja ex.( They Need To Let Us Stand)( Time Makes Music)( Up On A Hill) 6. Green Earrings ex. A Very High Production Show Of The Highest Order ( I Remember) Tim Keys John Guitar 7. Black Cow ex. Jay Melanoma ( Lips Like Cherry Wine)( Smile On Her Face) Outstanding B/V 8. Time Out Of Mine ex.( I Can,t Cry Anymore) Pure Magic Overall Sounds 9. Rikki Don ,t Loose That Number ex. ( We Had You Leaving)( If You Have A Change Of Heart)( I Had A Friend In Town) 10. Kid Charlemagne ex. ( Your Late With Clarity)( He Loves The Inside Of Me) 11. Dirty Work ex.( Used To Call It Lazy Choices)( Timed To Hide)( I,m A Fool To Do Your Dirty Work) 12. Peg ex, ( Seen Your Picture) 13. Babylon Sisters ex.( We’ve Got Sisters)( Watching It Burn) Amazing Overall Sound ( You Got It Baby) 14. Keep The Same Old Feeling ex. ( The Crusaders Cover) 15. Josie ex. Brilliant Songwriting 16. My Old School ex. Outstanding Musicians.     Encore 17 Reeling In The Years ex. Pure Magic Overall Sound. 18. A Man Ain’t Supposed To Cry ex. ( Joe Williams Cover) Love It Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing Oh What A Night Pure Magic.



THEM SARDINES  8 pm–8–30 pm

A Very Electronic/ Pop Duo Very Interesting Sounds Vocals/ Guitar ex. Key/ Sythi/ Drum Mix And Add On,s L/T Missed First Song 2. I Want To Take You Out vg. Great Mixing From Keys 3. Slipping Inside vg. Very Electric Pop ( I Think Were All The Same)( Everybody)( So Frustrated) Some Gre at Pre Set Melodies And Brilliant Drum Beats) 4 Let Me Hold You vg. ( Your Wandering Around)( As The Passion Grows)( Life Goes Around)( When Love Goes Down) Also Add On,s From L/T Key And Mixing Pure Magic 5. Can,t You See What I See ex. Magical Beat To The Song Double Vocals 6. Everybody Does vg.( Short Song) Great Beat. 7. I Was Out One Night vg. Some Of The Tittles Could Be Wrong No Set List. ( It Looks Like Them)( Yet Saturday Night) Brilliant Sythi Mixing With Outstanding Key And Guitar Work Great Commercial Vocals See Perpetual There.   ex. Set ex. Duo vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

ALL  GIRLS  ARSON CLUB 8–45 pm—9–15 pm

Very Raw New Band See Lots Of Perpetual There Lead Had A Very Powerful Voice And Shouted Some Catchy Songs All Girl Trio Interesting Sounds. Lead/ Vocals ex. Bass/ Vocals ex. Drums ex. Band From Sheffield. Didn’t Have A Set List Tittles Could Be Wrong  1. Daxy Make Pale vg.( Some Times I Feel Like A Child)( I Get So Excited When I Cry)( I Feel Like A Dog In A Playground) 2. You Said You Wanted Me vg. Very Catchy Commercial Pop Song Love Them.I Love Seeing Bands That Are Raw And Seeing How They Progress. ( You Touch My Skin)( We Play The Game Breaking My Heart I Cry)( Keep You Hands To Your Self) 3. I Let You In Again vg. Great Overall Sounds And Songwriting 4. Go Ahead vg. ( My Head Is In A Spin) Great Lead/ Bass/ Drums Great Vocals. 5. If You Were My Friends vg. Great Overall Sounds 6. Well I Rather Be vg.( Make It Love)( Your Lips Taste Like Cherry Pie) 7. Not Again vg. Some Great Lyrics And Music Score 8. Oh Boy vg. Song About A Ex. 9. I Fall Away vg. ( I Can Do This) 10. I Feel Love vg.( All Over Me) 11 Trouble vg. Very Catchy Melody And Overall Sound And Songwriting ex. Set ex. Trio vg. Songs ex Lights ex Mixing.


Band Been Going 1 Year All Members Have Been In Other Bands This Is A Mend Disco Project   Founder/ Co Writers The Moon Landings Vocalist Leonore Wheatly ex.ex. 2nd Girl Vocals ex.ex. Guy Keys/ Sythi ex.ex. 2nd Guy Keys/ Sythi ex.ex. I,m So Impressed With This Band Love Them 1. Daxy Make Pale ex. ( Everybody) Pure Magic Overall Sounds. 2. After Dark ex ( Take Apart) Outstanding Songwriting 3. Time For The Seasons ex New Song Amazing Sythi Mixing 4. Miss Lollipop ex.( Let,s Get The Emotion)( Wait For The Dreams) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Great Stage Presence From Vocals And Harmonies 5. Frustrated ex.( It,s On My Mind) 6. Out Of Reach ex. ( When You Stay)( Under Me) Outstanding Mixing 7. She Walks In Brightly ex Outstanding Songwriting 8. Brink In The Wall ex. ( Pink Floyd Cover) Truly Amazing ( Leave The Kids Alone) 9. Ballad Of Renedly ex.( Talk To Me) Pure Magic Sounds 10. Love Me And You ex Amazing Lyric Writing 11.Age Of The Train ex. Just Love This Band 12.Ca Yose Mite ex. Outstanding Sythi Mixing And Brilliant Vocals 13. Prince ex. Amazing Musicians And Outstanding Overall Sounds Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex Lights ex Mixing.


LUCY SPRAGAN  7–45 pm—8–15  pm

Singer/ Songwriter/ Acoustic Was On The X  Factor Was I,ll And Pulled Her Self Off The Show. Done Really Well For Her Self. Lucy Vocals/ Acoustic ex.ex. Guy Key/ Piano ex.ex. 1. Fight For It ex.( You Are) Such Amazing Song( Tell Me I,ll Bow Down) Everything Seems Much Brighter Now) 2. Every Day Is A Good Day ex. Wrote For Her Wife Guy Key/ Piano B/V ( I Can,t Take My Eyes Of You) Outstanding Songwriting And Overall Sound. 3. Don,t Play Any Blues ex. With A Funny Storey How It Came About ( If I Could See)( My Blue Suede Shoes)( I,m Just A Country Bumpkin No Nothing About The Blues) 4 Life Is Just A Gamble ex ( Keep On Moving)( Tomorrow Is Another Day To Turn It Around) 5. Tea And Toast ex. ( To m Was Born In 1942)     ( In The Morning I,ll Make You Tea And Toast) 6. Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day ex.( We Waited A Long Time For This)( We Had To Be Patient)( We Built The Good Times)( We Filled It With Music) 7. Loves And Bounds ex. ( We Are We Are)( The Ocean Floor) Her Vocals Are Heavenly With Pure Magic Sounds Filling The Cathedral The Acoustics Are So Good In The Cathedral I Love Concerts Hear ( I Want Stop)( Unsinkable) Amazing Set Fantastic Solo And Brilliant Keys/ Piano B/V Outstanding Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing

MELISSA ETHERIDGE   9 pm— 10–40 pm

Yes I Am Tour 25 Anniversary Tour Last Time I Saw Her Was 2011 at Manchester Academy 2. Bass ex.ex. Key/ Sythi/ Organ/ Piano And Guitar ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Melissa Vocals/ Rhythm/ Lead 1. All American Girl ex. ( Where Ever You Are)( In This World)( Are You A Very Good Girl) 2. Let Me Go ex. ( He,s Slipping Inside)( I Want To Be)( I What Satisfaction)( Power Of Suggestion)( Let Me Go) 3. I Want To Come Over ex. ( I Had You)( I Feel On Fire) Outstanding Lead From  Melissa And Magical Sound From Her Band Pure Genius Sounds ( I Find My Self Screaming)( There No Relief) This Is Another Magical Evening At The Cathedral ( Don,t You Leave) L/P Came Out 1983 4. Don,t You Need ( I Ever Wanted) Pure Magic Sound Filling The Cathedral. 5. Yes I Am Melissa/ Acoustic ( The Darkness Has Come) Love The Song. Love Her Songwriting One Hell Of A Front Women/ Storey Teller/ Actress Outstanding Band Of Musicians ( I,m On A Destiny Trip)( I Feel The Emotion)            Melissa Came Out Gay And Spent 3 years Talking About Being Gay A Great Campaigner For Gay Rights. 6. If I Wanted To ex.     ( Gay Masses)( Never Understand Why They Are Not Excepted) Outstanding Drumming/ Bass And Keys ( I Pray In There Darkness)( Tell Me How You Feel)( As You Turn Into Rage)( Love Never Wrong)( I,ll Hold My Self) Melissa On Floor Playing Just Heavenly Magic 7. Silent Legacy ex. ( I’ve Just Seen The Light) Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Brilliant Songwriting Of The Highest Order. Melissa Vocal Work On Another Planet 8. Resist ex. ( You Wanted Me For Awhile ( Cried The Long Lost Child) 9. I Will Never Be The Same ex. ( I Never Wanted For My Self)( You Wanted Love Tonight)( Lost In Your Way)( I Wanted But Have No Shame)( Lost In Your Love) Talking To Crowd It Eats You Up. 10. Ruins ex. ( Did I Call)( Long Ago I Was) Some Outstanding Lead Work From Melissa She,s Just A Guitar Genius And Amazing Sounds From Band Filling The Air 11. About Her Father Who Passed Away Talking To My Angel ex. Dedicated To Her Father Outstanding Lyric Writing Melissa Been Cancer Free For 15 years 12. Come To My Window ex.( Don,t Be Afraid)( Close Your Eyes)( Don,t You Cry)( It,s All Right)( Why Don,t You Try) A Real Tear Jerking Song Pulling At Your Heart Strings At Your Heart Strings Keys/ Steel Guitar ( So My Freedom)( Can,t You See My)( It,s Going To Be Alright) Amazing Acoustic Melodies 13 I,m The Only One ex.( Got A Minster To See)( I,m Going To See My Maker)( I Don,t Care) Pure Magic Overall Sounds 14 Bring Me Some Water ex. Amazing Songwriting Just Love Melissa Guitar And Vocal Work And Brilliant Keys/ Drum And Bass From Band. 15. Like The Way I Do ex. Truly A Really Magical Evening In The Glorious Heavenly Cathedral. Brilliant Overall Sound And Songwriting Magic Genius. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Melissa Just Fabulous Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.



Amazing Artist From The Band Network Who Has Taken 10 yrs Off From Music Singer/ Songwriter/ Guitarist Dan Vocal/ Guitar 1. Only Love ex.( Carry This Shit Around)( Lonely Love Can Slow The World Down)( Take It Easy Now)( Time Turns The Pages)( Only Love Carry,s Beyond The Grave)( Free The Song Bird From It,s Cage) Amazing Magical Songwriting And Overall Sound His Lyrics Are So Magical And Beautiful Tears At Your Heart Strings 2. Champion ex.( Dan Reed Network) About :Protecting Your Self On The Way( When  My Love Felt Hard)( Look In The Mirror That You Can,t See)( I Want To Be Next To You)( I Want To Get High And Live To Fight Another Day)( We Are Solders That Fight       For The Soul)( Let fall in Love Every Day) 3. Coming Up For Air ex. ( I Want To Breath Again) Beautiful Vocal And Guitar Work Some Of His Acoustic Work Is Pure Magical Wrote When  In Jerusalem In A Dark Period ( How Many Words Are Thrown  Away)( The Sun Goes Down On A Lonely Town)( The Moon  Begins To Rise)( Love Is All We Need) Wrote 1988 4. Rainbow Child ( Dan  Reed Network) ex. Wrote While Watching The grateful Dead ( Say Hello To The Rain Child)( She Like The Wind And The Rain)( She Everything) 5. On Your Side ex.     ( With Guest Hayley Williams ( Where I Can ,t Hide)( Heavens On  My Side)           ( Angels On My Shoulder Tonight)( Pretending He,s Not There)( I,m Coming Home For Good) Pure Magic Genius Love It 6. Get To You ex, ( Dan Reed Network) ( Saw You Walking With Those Fancy Girls ( Would You Rather Rock With Me) 7. All My Love ex ( Dan Reed Network)( I,ll Never Leave Your Side) Done In Capella Vocal Only This Has Been Such A Special Set Just Loved It Amazing Set Fantastic  Solo Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores  ex Mixing

THUNDER 8–45 pm—10–30  pm

Danny Bowes Vocals ex.ex.ex. Danny Bowes Lead/ Acoustic B/V ex.ex.ex. Gary ; Harry ; James Drums ex.ex.ex. Ben Mathews Rhythm/ Lead/ Keys ex.ex.ex. Mark Luckhurst Guitar/ Acoustic ex.ex.ex. 1. Love Walked In ex.( You Appear Like A Vision)( Love Walked In Through My Door) Heavenly Acoustic Work And Pure Magic Vocals ( Promise Me Baby You,ll Always Stay) Overall Sound On Another Planet Filling The Air With Magic 2. Stand Up ex. ( Somebody Broken Into Your Car) Rock And Rock Skiffle Influence ( Don,t Get Down On Your Knees)( Look At You Your Messing Around) 3. Miracle Man ex. Amazing Work From Organ And Keys ( I,m A Miracle Man)( Reaching To The Sky)( How Much Do You Want And How Much Do You Need)( Yes I Am)( Come On And On)( Got To Give It Her) 4. River Of Pain ex. ( I See Them Coming)( I,m Drowning In A River Of Pain) Outstanding Vocals And Harmonies ( I,ll Take It Away) 5. Future Train ex. Very 70% Psychedelic Sounds ( They Trying To Tell Me That I,ll Be OK ( The Way It,s Going To Be)( It,s Not What Your Telling Me)( Two Steps Back)( Got To Be Some Changes) Outstanding Acoustic Lead Pure Magic Genius Outstanding Musicians 6. Blown Away ex.( A Lesson I Should Have Learnt Before)( I’ve Been Blown Away)( I Should Have Seen It Coming) Amazing Bass/ Two Acoustic/ Keys/ Drums And Vocals B/T 7. Girls Going Out Of Her Head ex.( She Was Burning With The High Life Fever)( She Held A Gun To My Head)( She Doesn’t Want To Stop) Some Amazing Electric Lead Work ( She Doesn’t Say Good Night) 8. Higher Ground ex. ( I,m Looking Down At All The People)( Waste My Life Away)( I Spend All My Life In This Town)( I’ve Got To Steal Away) 9. Empty City ex. ( I See You)( It,s Calling Your Name)( It,s A Fatal Attraction)( Chasing With A Passion That Kills) Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Brilliant Songwriting 10. A Better Man ex. Lead/ Acoustic/ Harmonica ( Once In A While I Drifted Into Time)( I Was Dying On The Inside)( I Believe In Love)( When I Look Into The Mirror I See A Better Man) 11. Fly On The Wall ex.( I,ll Leave No Stone Unturned)( I,m That Fly On The Wall)( I,ll Justify)( I Will Survive) Outstanding Lead/ Bass/ Acoustic/ Organ/ Keys And Drums Pure Magic Vocals And Harmonies From The Two Girls ( I Want To See You Fall) 12. Just Another Suicide ex  ( It,s The Only Way To Go)( Were Living In A Fast Lane)( You Want To Know) 13. Bigger Than Both Of Us ex. ( You Just Walk Away)( There A Force Keeping Us Together Till We Die) Outstanding Honk-tong Piano Work 14. Loser ex.( You Beauty In Every Ones Eyes)( Baby Don,t Be Cruel)( Why Do You Want A Looser Like Me)( You,ll Break My Heart) Fantastic Overall Sound From Band 15. Serpentine ex. ( You Got Time To Kill) Brilliant Songwriting 16. Encore Robert Johnson,s Tombstone ex. Some Great Bluegrass Lead ( Last Time You Played The Blues)( Did The Devil Really Buy Your Soul)( I’ve Put A Spell On You) 17. Resurrection Day ex. ( Seven In The Evening)( Running For The Train)( It Takes For Ever And A Day)( Don,t Misunderstand Me)( I’ve Been Waiting For A Life Time)( Please Don,t Cry) 18. Low Life In High Places ex. Pure Magic Acoustic Lead Work From Another Planet Outrageous Overall Sound Of Pure Magic Brilliance Using A Choir At Back Hidden By See Through Curtain ( Down To The Sea Where The Desperate People Go) This Has Been A Outstanding Night Of Music At It,s Very Best Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.


ROSS JOAN STEWART  7-45 pm–8–15 pm

Singer/ Songwriter/ Guitarist 1. I Miss You vg. ( I Miss You 3 Little Words I Con,t Say) Using A Loop Machine/ Drum Machine And L/T 2. Running From The Enemy ex. One Song Into Another I Would Spend Time With This Old Guy vg. Very Experimental Artist Some Very Clever Mixing Of Songs 3. It,s Over vg. ( Time And Tide Worth More Than Gold) 4. There,s A Full Moon Arising ex. Then Into Papa Was A Rolling Stone vg. 5. Trees From Seeds vg. ( I Want You To Understand) Using Drum Machine And L/T  For Spoken Words ( Where Did My Major Speech Margret Thatcher Was Elevated)( Spoken Word) 6. Summer Time vg.( Summertime You Say It,s Fine)( Try To Catch The Sun But Not Getting None) Very Experimental Songwriting. A Very Talented And Interesting Artist. 7. Next Single Chewing Gum A Dreamlike Celebration Of American Pop Culture As Seen Through The Imagined Eyes Of Lewis Carroll Spoken Word And Vocal L/T ( He Left Her All Alone) He Used A Lot Of Spoken Words And Sythi Pre Set Melodies) 8. Sunrise vg. ( Waiting For The Sunrise) Nice Use Of Loop Machine And Mixing vg. Set vg. Solo vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

ANDY BURROWS   8–45 pm—10–10 pm

Andy Vocals/ Acoustic/ Keys/ Piano ex.ex.ex. Lead/ Mandolin B/V ex.ex. Bass/ Keys/ Piano ex.ex. Girl Cello/ Keys/ Piano ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. 1. Biktic ex. ( On My Way)( I,m Going Home) Andy From Acoustic To Piano 2.See A Girl ex.( I Don,t Know) ( Something To Loose) Amazing Vocals And Harmonies Lead/ Bass/ Cello B/V 3. A Different Game ex. Andy Vocals/ Piano Heavenly Vocal Sound Intro ( It,s All The Same) 4. Nice Try ex. ( You,ll Get Your Self Out)( Amazing Your Dry)( It,s My Tonic) Cello/ Piano Outstanding Songwriting A Project With Matt Haig A Best Selling Author Andy Is Open To His Fondness For Drink And His Experience with Metal Health Issues Both Of Which Conspired To Kick Of His Latest Project A Collaboration Album With Matt The Pair Have Channelled Their Complimentary Talents Into A Album Loosely Based On Haig,s Best Selling Book 2015 \About His Battle With Depression Tittle Reasons To Stay Alive 5. If I Had A Heart ex. Lead/ Mandolin Piano/ Cello ( We Can Hold It All Together) Pure Genius Lyrics And Music Score ( Whats Good To You) 6. How To Stop Time ex Wrote With Matt Pure Magic Cello ( She Told Me)( I Love You So Much)( And You Left Me) So Much Feeling In The Song Writing Lovely Lyrics ( I Was In Paradise)( Nothing Ever Lasts) Pure Magic Sounds And Heavenly Vocals And Harmonies ( The Story Of Me And You) Next Two Songs Mixed Together Daniel ex. ( Elton John Cover) Lead/ Mandolin Brilliant Cover And Light The Night ex. Extra Song Falling In Love ex. ( Falling In Love Tears At My Heart.) Love The Song 10. Company ex.( Please Don,t Let Me Stay)( You Said Something Like The Company We Keep) 11. Lucky Song ex. ( Thinking Of The Big Dreams)( It None Of These Days)( Love Is On) 12. Shake The Colour vg. ( I,ll Give It All)( I,ll Give It All Away) 13. Hero ex. ( She Found Me She,s A Superman) 14. Hometown ex. Lead/ Piano ( God Is War) Pure Magic Overall Sound  15. Barcelona ex. ( Like A Song With Many Colours)( She Said I,ll Tell You The Truth)( When I,m Thinking About You)( I Still Love Her) 16. America ex. ( All My Life In America)( Stand Me Up I  Need You Tonight)( Hold Me)( How Does It Feel)( I,m In Love) 17. Komo ex. Pure Magic Songwriting And Overall Sounds Just Love This Band Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs Lyrics And Music Score ex. Lights ex Mixing This A Artist You Must See.


GREEN  TEA  PENG  8 pm—-8–30 pm

A Very Interesting Vocalist From London With D/J Who Could Have Mixed Better D/J good  Green Tea Peng Vocals vg. With Some Work On The Mixing This Artist Could Be Big. It Was Hard Getting Song Tittles From The Announcements So I Could Be Wrong. I Need You vg. ( You Are The Keeper)( I Surrender My Heart) 2. New Man vg. ( My Emotions I Feel) 3. Used To vg.( About Getting To Know One) Got Something Really Special In Her Vocals 4. Moon-child vg. ( It,s Not All About Money) Green Tea Peng From London At The Moment The Music Mixing Is Letting Her Down. 5. Let Me Go Around vg. Very Drum And Bass Mix A Little More Commercial In Her Songwriting And She,ll Go Far. ( I Want You To Know) 6. You Want To See Me Try vg.( I Love The Sunshine) 7. This Is The Song vg.( The Sun Is Shinning)( Mr Sun I Need You)( I Need You Next To Me)( Oh I) 8. Spoken Vocal Searching For vg. With Out Music Very Short Saw Some Amazing Perpetual There 9. Turn On You vg.( Keep Me Down vg This Was Her First Time In Manchester. vg. Set vg. Solo good D/J vg. Lights vg. Mixing Will See Again.

NENEH  CHERRY  9–10 pm—10–40 pm

Percussion/ Xylophone ex.ex. Lot Of The Musicians Swoop Around Instruments Rosie Harp/ Keys/ B/V ex.ex. At Back Left Keys/ Percussion Front Right Keys/ Bass/ Mixing Small Desk/ Xylophone ex.ex. Neneh Vocals ex.ex.ex. Keys/ Drum/ B/V And  Percussion ex.ex. 1. Fallen Leaves ex.( I Can See Clearly)( Push My Buttons) 2 Shoot Gun Shack ex. Percussion Xylophone( Just For The Best)( The Playground)( Don,t You Know) Pure Magic Overall Sound And Songwriting At It,s Very Best. 3. Deep Vain Thrombosis ex. ( It,s Been So Bad)( Sleepless Nights)( Wild Horses) Keys/ Bass The Band Swooping Instruments All The Time. Very Talented Musicians At There Very Best 4. Kong ex.( I Need To Say) Pure Magic D/J Mixing Love This D/J ( It,s History)( See My World) Percussion/ Keys Bass/ Mixing Outstanding Music Scores And Lyrics 5. Black Project ex. ( Don,t Leave Me Lonely) Next A Short Song Did You Take The Cookies From The Cookie Jar ex. 6. Synchronised Devotion ex. Percussion/ Xylophone ( It,s My Politics) Rosie Harp/ Keys Very Talented Musician 7. Black Monday ex. ( You Can See There And Find Me)( How Do You Sleep) The Songs Tonight Are Pure Magic Genius Outstanding Sounds From Band And Heavenly Vocals 8. Natural Skin ex. Rosie Harp/ Bass And B/V Bass/ Mixing Keys At Back  on Shaker Some Amazing Lyrics 9. Man-child ex.( Look At The State Your In) Some Great Rap From Neneh Just Love Her A Real Star. Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Heavenly Vocals And Harmonies From Rosie 10. Soldier ex. Rosie Harp ( Your Lonely) Drums/ Xylophone ( I,m A Soldier)( You Love Me) 11. Faster Than The Truth ex. Drums/ Keys Rosie/ Keys Pure Magic Overall Sound And D/J Mixing  Is On Another Planet This Guy Is A Genius Music At The Highest Level 12 Intro Every Day Guy Vocal Mix 7 Seconds Away ex. ( As Long As I Stay)( I,ll Be Waiting) The Music Score Is Just Outstanding ( When A Child Is Born Into The World) 13 Buffalo Stance ex. Big Hit For Her. Amazing Intro To Song ( Oh Money Men)( See What Your Going To Do)( Sucker)( It,s A State Of Mine)( You Say)( Give Me Love) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Fabulous Vocals Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing


BONIFACE  7–15 pm–7–45 pm

Band From Canada Lead/ Keys/ Sythi vg. Vocals/ Rhythm vg. Bass B/V vg. Drums vg. 1. Baby Just Another Man vg. ( Chasing In The Sunset)( Baby Your Wrong)( Sun Comes Every Day)( It Taste Like Summer) 2. Really Got Strangers vg. ( There A Funny Thing)( Are You Really That Stranger) 3. Time I,ll Tell You ( Spoken Word Vocals) Great Overall Sound And Songwriting 4 Whip Me Back Up vg. ( All The Things I Am Doing)( Take Me Home) 5. I Was A Stranger vg. ( Always Look For You) 6.( Dancing Around)( In The Middle Of The Night I Got A Feeling)( I Feel So Strange)( You Been In Someone Else Bed) Love it.        vg. Set vg. Band vg. Songs vg. Lights vg. Mixing

WHITE  LIES  8–15 pm–10 pm

First Saw This Band 2007/ 2008 They Have Come On In Leaps And Bounds To Real Star Quality Love Them Keys Sythi Piano ex.ex. Vocals/ Lead/ Rhythm ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. 1. Time To Give ex. (You Turn To Me) Great Key/ Vocal Intro ( I,ll Do It All For You) 2. Farewell To The Fairground ex. ( I Had To Get Away)( People Are Worthy)( There No Place Like Home)( You Hold My Head Down) Pure Magic Key/ Sythi Lead/ Vocals/ Bass And Brilliant Drumming 3. Believe It ex. ( I’ve Got Something To Know)( Good Things) 4. There Goes Our Love Again ex. ( There Goes My Heart)( I Ain’t Going To Fall In Love Again) 5. Is My Love Enough ex. ( I Don,t Know What I,m Feeling)( No One Lasts For Ever) 6 Hold Back Your Love ex. ( Your A Party)( I Went To See What I,m Feeling Now)( Where Did I Go) 7. First Song 2008 Unfinished Business ex.( I Close My Eyes)     ( There A Light In The Distance I’ve Waited For You)( Look In The Mirror Something Has Gone)( Love In The Distance) 8. Jo ex. ( I,m Loosing Control)( Break It Up) Some Nice Melodies In The Music Score Pure Magic Overall Sound 9. Don,t What To Feel It ex. ( My Love Is Changing)( I Want To Feel It All)( I,m Going To Break Your Heart) 10. Finish Line ex. ( It Was Never In The Stars) Amazing Songwriting ( Let It Stay)( To The Stars) Keys Outstanding 11. Take It Out On Me ex. ( Your Troubles Are Out Of Sight)( Don,t Take It Out On Me)( All The Things You Have Done)( Tell Me One More Time)( What Is Going On) 12. Swing ex. ( I Feel So Lonely)( I Don,t Know Why)( All This Love)( You Think I,m Coming Home)( I See The Writing On The Wall) Amazing Stage Lighting ( It,s All I Need) 13. Big TV ex. ( I’ve Got Free)( It Feels So Good)( I Wonder Whats Inside Your Face)( Take Me To The Heart Babe)( I Don,t Know Where To Stay) 14. Never Alone ex. ( Your Evil Like Me)( When You Talk Like That) 15. Kick Me ex. ( Are You Listening )( We Drift About)( Baby Come Home)( You Got That Feeling)( I Love You When Your Home)( I Love You In My Heart) 16. Death ex. ( Never Had A Feeling Like This)( I Saw Jesus)( This Feeling Is All Wrong) ( Death)( This Sun Is Cloudy)( When Things Go Wrong) 17.Tokyo ex. ( It,s Tokyo)( Oh Baby I,ll Have To Go)( There,s Nothing To Play)( I,ll Try And Get Along)( I Just What To Be Alone)( My Evil Is Following Me)( We Will Carry On) 18. To Loose My Life ex. Brilliant Songwriting And Overall Sounds. 19. Change ex. Key Only From Third L/P ( I Need To Take Some Time) 20. Fire And Wings ex. ( Waiting For The)( All Things That Have Gone) Pure Magic Song Love It. 21. Bigger Than Us ex. ( Never Take Away With Me)( I Don,t What Your Love)( I,m On Fire)( I Want You To Hold Me)( I Want You To Stay)( Don,t Take Me This Way) Pure Magic Overall Sound Just Fantastic. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Sons/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex Mixing.


GUS  G  8 pm–8–45 pm,

Born Sep 12 1980 In Thessalonike Greece Currently Playing With Ozzy Osbourne And His Own Band Firewind On This Tour He,s In A 3 Piece Band This Guy I Saw With Ozzy Pure Magic Guitarist Musician At The Very Best Gus G Lead/ Vocals And B/V  Drummer Will Hurt And Bass/ Vocals Steve Stevens Or Dennis Ward Love This Trio 1. Fearless ex. Instrumental Guitar And Drum Work 2. Burn vg. ( What Are You Going Through)( I,m Going To Bring You Down)( I,ll Never Forget Your Love) 3. From Faithless L/P Mr Manson ex. ( I,ll Taste You)( In The New Day)( This Time Man) Double Vocals On This From Gus And Bass Just Magic Overall Sound And Brilliant Songwriting. 4 Don,t Tread On Me vg.( I Can Feel)( I,M A Labour Of Love) ( Thoughts Inside My Head) Gus Flying V  Bass Fender Strata caster ( I Love My Self)( Don,t Tell On Me) 5. Letting Go vg.( This Time)( A Light In The Darkness Guides You Home) Love This Band 6. Money For Nothing ex. ( Dire Straits Cover)( The Way You Do It) 7. Force Majeuric ex. Love The Intro They Are Rocking There Socks Off. 8. Thrill Of The Chase vg. Brilliant Instrumental Out Of This World Lead/ Bass And Drums 9. I Am The Fire ex. ( I Won,t Let Go)( I Am Out Of Control) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing


Michael Starr Vocals ex.ex. Saychal Lead B/V  Lexxi  Foxx Bass B/V Stix Zadinia Drums 1. Eyes Of A Panther ex.( She Making Me Crazy)( You Want Me To Play) 2. Goin’ In The Backdoor ex. Michael Is Just On Hell Of A Front Man/ Storey Teller The Lyrics Are Very Sexually And The Show Is Based On Sex And Fun This Is A Fun Loving Band. Of The Highest Order Love Them Still Have A Residency On Hollywood Strip Doing Covers They Started Taking The Micky Out Of Rock Music Then They Got A Massive Following When  They Broke Into England And Europe Outstanding Lead/ Bass And Drums ( It,s The Only Way In)( Never Stop Speaking) 3. Jump ex.( Van Halen Cover)( I Get Up)( I Want You To See)( See What I Mean)( Jump) 4. Fat Girl ( Thar’ She Blows) Amazing Overall Sound And Brilliant Songwriting 5. Asian Hooker ex. ( Smells Like Suchee)( It,s Just A Drug) Outstanding Lead/ Bass And Drums And Fabulous Vocals From Michael 6. Poontang Boomerang ex. ( I,m Looking For A Real Good Time)( Are You Ready To Rock) 7. Saychal Guitar Solo Out Of This World Pure Magic Genius Saychal Is Such Amazing Lead Guitarist Of The Highest Order 8. Crazy Train ex.( Ozzy Osboune Cover) Brilliant Cover From Band Amazing Lyrics And Music Score 9. Party All Day( Fuck All Night) ex. Love This Song 10. Pour Some Sugar On Me ex. Lots Of Girls On Stage Dancing Widely ( Shake It Up) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Love This Band 11. Living On A Prayer ex.( Bon Jovi Cover) Just Love This Cover Pure Brilliance In There Playing 12. 10/11 Song ex. Pure Magic Sounds And Songwriting. 13. Community Property ex. Another Amazing Song 14. Death To All But Metal ex. Brilliant Lead/ Bass/ Drums And Vocals Lexxi Bass Work Is Outstanding And Fantastic Drums From Stix  The Whole Band Are Fabulous Musicians Love Them Encore 15. Glory Hole ex. Another Sexually Song Just Love Them I’ve Followed Them For Some Years And They Just Get Better And Better Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.


JOEL  GARDNER  8 pm—8–45 pm

Manchester Duo Vocals/ Songwriting/ Acoustic James Vocal/ Acoustic/ Bells ex.ex. Main Vocals/ Acoustic/ Percussion Bass Drum Pedal ex.ex. 1. A Piece Of Home ex.( I,m On My Way)( I Don,t Know When I Coming Back Again)( Lonely Days)( A Piece Of Home) Brilliant Vocals And Acoustic Work 2. I Will Find ex. ( It,s A Message Of Me)( A Vision Where I,ll Be)( I’ve Got Feeling For A Girl I Want To Love)( Go And Find Her) 3. This Freedom vg.( I Won,t Let Go)( Boy I Think Your Right)( I Want To Paint The Walls And Break Through The Ceiling) 4. Oak Tree ex. ( There A Place That God Only Knows ex. ( See How It Goes)( We Got A Mighty Oak Tree)( The Sunshine For You) Some Brilliant Acoustic And Vocal Work And Percussion 5. Remember My Name ex. ( I’ve Got A Million Dollars)( My Head Is In The Clouds)( Remember My Name) 6. If I Could Love You ex. ( Life In The Slow Lane)( Like I Love You)( Sunshine Shine Through) Really Jolly Song Love This Duo 7. Milkshake And Sugar ex. ( I Can Taste The Summer)( She Got A Body Like Wonder Women)( Listen To The Same Old Country Tunes) 8. Good Things Going On ex.( Just Want To Know About It) 9. Love ex. ( I Draw My Self)( All The Things I Could Have Done)( It,s Starting To Snow)( What About Sex)( Send My Love) 10. First Song I Ever Wrote When I’ve Got You ex. ( I,m Not Getting Any Younger)( She Smiling At Me Tonight) 11. More To Life ex. ( Put Your Arms Around Me)( I Realise There More To Live And You)( I Took To Long To Understand) Main Vocal Using A Bass Drum Pedal Very Impressed With This Duo Love Them.              ex. Set ex  Duo  vg.  ex. Songs  ex. Lights  ex. Mixing.

THE  REVIVALISTS  9–15  pm—10–45 pm

Amazing Band From The USA. 8 Piece Band Used To Playing  Six Thousand Venues In America Fantastic To Have Them At Band On The Wall. Sax/ B/V ex.ex. Key/ Sythi/ Piano/ Trumpet ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Percussion ex.ex. Vocal/ Rhythm ex.ex.ex. Most Songs Just Vocals Lead B/V ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Steel Guitar With Pedals ex.ex. I Can,t Believe I Haven’t Seen This Band Before I Meet Some Nice Lady,s From The  USA Come Over To See Them. Especially At One Of The Oldest Venues In Manchester With It,s Friendly Staff/ Security And Management 1. Oh No ex. Amazing Overall Sounds Truly Magic Music 2. Change ex.( In Side Your Mind) Vocals Only Outstanding Front Man/ Storey Teller/ Actor ( I Won,t Change A Thing) Sax/ Keys B/V  Brilliant Songwriting And Outstanding Musicians Of The Highest Order 3. You And I ex. ( I,m On My Way)( Blue Sky)( A Love I Can,t Believe)( We Live For The Moment)( You Love Me) 4. Stand Up ex.( I’ve Got A Lot To Say) Key/ Lead B/V ( Sweet N0 Reason) 5. You Said It All ex. Outstanding Key/ Sax/ Lead/ Drums/ Percussion/ Bass/ Steel Guitar And Out Of This World Front Man Heavenly Vocals Never Stops Moving Around Stage Or In The Crowd ( On My Way Back)( I,m Going Out Of My Mind) Beautiful Steel Work 6. Got Love ex. ( Everything For You And Me)( If You Want To Play Some Games) Outstanding Overall Sounds And Brilliant Stage Presence From Front Man 7. Fade Away ex.Tonight I Have Found Such Amazing Band.( All The Things I’ve Never Had)( I Just Don,t Know) Just Love This Band Just Outstanding Musicians And Brilliant Vocals 8. It Was A Sin ex.( All The Glory Take The Sin)( All The Things I Can,t Change) 9. All My Friends ex.( I Can ,t Get A Hold Of Myself)( Every Day I,m Thinking About My Self)( All My Friends Are In Misery) Encore 10. Wish I Knew You ex.Brilliant Music Intro ( You Shine Like A Star)( Your So Hot)( I Need To Know You)( It So Long Strangers In The Night Light Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex Mixing


GORDON CITY 10–10 pm–10–40 pm

Caught The 30 min Of Pure Magic Electronic Sounds Of The Highest Order Very Electronic/ Dance/ Rave/Pop Love This Band   Main Keys/ Sythi Mix ex.ex. Drum ex.ex. 2 nd Keys / Sythi Mix/ Percussion And Two Amazing Vocalists 1 Guy 1 Girl Outstanding Pop/ Dance And R/B Vocals Just Love Them Soon As I Got In I Was Bouncing To The Music A Great Rave Sound Caught Them  At Glastonbury On TV A Couple Of Years Ago First Time Seeing Them Live. Just Love Them Next One Eye Song ex.( Just Want You To Stay) Some Outstanding Electronic Mixing And Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Incredible Songwriting At It,s Very Best Just Love These Talented Vocalists And Brilliant Keys/ Drums/Percussion I Would Like To Thank The Albert Hall For Letting Me Do A Second Revue Tonight Next Song Need The Good Life ex. We Had Some Amazing Songs In The 30 min. Of Watching This Incredible Band Next Time They Come To Manchester I Will See The Full Set Next Song I Want To Be ex. Girl Vocals ( Your The Reason And Devotion) I Just Loved Love All The Songs They Did And The Amazing Electronic Mixing From Keys And Outstanding Drumming And Percussion This Was 30 min. Of Pure Pleasure And Magic Brilliance Another Fantastic Gig At The Albert Hall Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs ex Lights ex. Mixing.