THE SLOW DAY  7–45 pm–8–10 pm

Lead/ Vocals ex. Bass B/V ex. Drums ex. 1. The Slow Day ex.( Hey Hey)( I’ve Done Nothing Wrong) Amazing Overall Sounds 2.   The Sun Never Shines vg .( No You Left Me With A Broken Heart)( Time Left It,s Down To You) 3 Run. vg.( It’s To Late)( I,ll Pray For You)( Close The Door)( I Know I Could Love You)( For A Thousand Years)( I Can’t Breath)( Don,t Waste My Time)( She,s Never Going Back)( I K now The Love We Had) 4. Home ex. ( Tell Me Deeply)( Tell Me Now That,s Something Wrong)       Amazing Lyrics And Music Score ( I Can,t Weep No More)( I Want To Go Home)( Give Me Love That Want Die) Best Song Of The Set. 5. The Poet ex. Very Up Tempo Music Score ( You And I) ex. Set ex. Band ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

THE SILVER LINES  8–25 pm—8–50  pm

Lead vg. Bass vg.  Drums vg. Vocals vg. 1 Little Boy You Better Watch Out vg. Indie/ Rock ( How Many Times Did You Try To Lie) Great Overall Sound 2. You Got Me vg. ( No Where To Hide)( Smile)( It,s Easy)( You Got To Be Hear) 3. They Said vg.( What Are You Looking At)( They Say You Need It) 4. Shoot Me Down vg.( I Told The Guy)( Don,t Speak To Soon)( Don,t Say What I Say)( Last Time To Draw The Line) 5. Partners vg. Very Rock And Roll Great Beat ( I Want To Be Free) 6. Delivery good  ( Time To Be)( Whats Your Name) 6. Nobody Knows vg .( I See What I See) Great Bass/ Lead/ Drums ( What Do I Say) Great Overall Sound vg. Set vg. Band vg. Songs vg. Lights vg. Mixing See The Pertinently There Just Keep Gigging.

THE  DESERT    9–05 pm—9–35 pm

Percussion/ Sythi ex.ex. Keys/ Acoustic ex.ex. Girl Vocals/ Acoustic ex.ex. Bass/ Key/ Sythi ex.ex. 1. Playing Dead ex.( Watching TV In A Power Cup ex.( I Must Be Good Playing Dead) Add On Backing Sound L/T 2. Gone vg.( I,m No Good Lying)   ( Just A Cigarette To Get By)( Looking For Another Fool)( Dust In The Air) Pure Magic Sounds And Haunting Vocals ( I Want To Feel The Burn)( I Hope I Never Learn) 3. Winning You Back vg.( Places To Go) Love The Vocals So Very Different Magical.    ( I Will See You)( I Wish I Could Promise Another) 4. Just Get High ex. Brilliant Overall Sound And Songwriting ( I,ll Believe Your Heart)( Speak Up Tomorrow)( Don,t Say A Word)( Break Your Heart It,s So Cold)( Way In The Sky)( Just Get Higher)  5. Half Heart-ed ( These Words)( I Can Whisper)( Oh What A Fool) 6. Distract Me ex. Vocal/ Piano Intro ( Fill Me Up With Your Eyes)( Don,t Distract Me Like A Novelty Percussion Button Sythi With Pre Set Melodies 7. Soulmates ex.( You Said We Were Soulmates)( I Don,t Really What It)( You Know Love Hurts) 8. Bitterness ex.( I’ve Been Throwing Sugar Over The Mess You Left Me) ex. Set ex. Band ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing Love This Band.

THE BID  9–50 pm—10–30 pm

Lead/ Vocals ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Girl Keys/ Piano/ Vocals ex.ex. 1. Natural Disaster vg.( People Keep Saying)( I Know It Must Be A Simple Task) 2. Money Men vg.( All The Things I’ve Said) Quite Hillbilly Rock Love This Band Amazing Overall Sound Pure Magic ( I Just Keep Rocking On) 3. Talk To Me vg.( I’ve Nothing To Give)( I Will Figure It Out) 4. I Thought ex.( You Move So Well In That Dress)( You Look So Fragile)( In Another Space)( You Tear My Heart Apart) Pure Magic Songwriting Very Rocky Overall Sound( Voices In My Head)( Somewhere In Your Emptiness 5. Don,t Wait ex. Latest Single ( Talk It Easy On The Eye)( Just Like Me)( I Thought I Never Let You Down) 6. Make It Happen vg. Love There Songwriting 7. Does Anybody Know vg. Great Overall Sound 8. Matter Of Time vg. Amazing Lead/ Drums/ Bass/ Keys/ Piano And Vocals And Harmonies 9. False Messiah vg. Outstanding Overall Sounds 10. Very Last Time vg. Brilliant Lyrics And Music Scores. ex. Set ex. Band vg./ ex. Songs ex. Mixing ex. Lights Will See This Band Again.


VEGA  6–45 pm—7–10 pm

Lead vg. Bass vg. Rhythm vg. Drums vg. Vocals ex. 1. Let Have Some Fun Tonight vg. Great Overall Sound 2. Every Little Monster vg. Great Songwriting 3.Worth Dying For ex.( You Turn The Knife On Me)( I Don,t Need You In My Life)( Take It To The Enemy) 4. Kiss Of Life vg. Great Overall Sound. 5. White Flag vg. Great Musicians And Nice And Tight 6. Saving Grace vg. Great Songwriting I See Perpetual There vg. Set vg Band vg. Songs vg. Lights vg. Mixing.

HEAT  7–30 pm—8 pm

Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Vocals ex.ex. From Sweden This Band Blew My Mind Intro B/T I’m Ready To Kill You ex. Very Heavy Intro. 1. Just Take What You Get ex. ( What You Want)( I See The Revolution)( You Can’t Reach It)( The Bastards Of Society) Outstanding Lead/ Bass/ Keys And Drums ( You Can’t Reach It It,s To Far Away) 2.( Fight Fight) I,ll Think I,ll Have A Great Time vg.( What Did You Do To Scream Out)( Give Your Self A Feeling)( It,s Something I Need)* 3. From New L/P Need Someone To Be A Friend vg. ( Lets Find A Place To Get Away)( Show Me Something Good)( Tell Me What You’ve Learnt)( We Need Freedom)( So It,s Breaking) 4. I Coming Out ex. ( Ever A Strangers)( Something Is Coming) 5. Amazing Lead Intro You Be Long vg.( We Got Tonight)( We Got To Burn) 6. Hey Hey Men vg.( She Steals The Show)( I Know What You Said) 7. For Your Love ex.( Oh Yea) Then Into Another Piece Of My Heart ex. 8 We Are Going To Party vg. ( Seems Like Forever)( Seems Like The Weather) Pure Magic Guitar And Drum Work And One Hell Of A Front/ Storey Teller Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex.Lights ex.Mixing. This Band Was So Good They Made My Night Magical Can,t Wait To See Them Again.

BACKYARD BABIES  8–15 pm—9–15 pm

A Very Old Punk Band Love Them. Lead ex.ex Bass ex.ex. Vocal/ Rhythm ex.ex Drums ex.ex. 1. Good Morning Midnight vg.( Just Imagine)( I Cant Stand To Be Alone)( The Girls Are Outside) Some Great Lead 2. Look At You ( Everything Is Going To Be Alright)( No Don’t)( I,m Talking To You O Boy) Great Punk Band. 3. Pysfunctional Professional ex. ( I,ll Ask You One More Time)( I Want It Now) 4. Shoving Rocks ex. ( Soap Box)( Grab Me A Roll)( We Need To Say)( Rock And Roll) 5. Nomadic vg. ( There A Time To Meet Up)( I Can See You Rocking)( Won,t See You Till We Die)( All Those Sorrows) Great Guitar/ Drum And Vocal Work ( I Want To Know Your Name) 6. Highlights ex.( Trying To Get Ready) Great Songwriters And Overall Sound ( One Day I,ll Blow My Head)( We Will Be There One Day) 7.Heaven 2.9. ( Just Move Your Face)( Tell Me Your Free) 8. A Song For The Outcast ex. ( The Angel Is Falling)( Everybody Watching Now)( Every Body Walking Down The Road To Sweet Perfection) Love This Song Brilliant Music Score And Lyrics 9. Roads vg. ( Won,t You Try It)( I Don,t What To Fall)( I Swear And Cross My Heart) 10. Minus Celsius vg.( I Need It)( I Need Love) 11. Intro B/T Thirty 3n or Nothing ex. ( You Want Rock And Roll)( Down In The Easy Ride)( You Want To Rock And Roll To Save Your Soul) 12.Abandon ex. ( I Was So Relieved)( I Wish I Had The Strength To Stop The Fights)( I,m On My Way To Be With You) Outstanding Song Love It. 13. Brand New Hate ex. Band Took A Little Time To Warm Up At Beginning ( Bad News Day) ex. Set ex. Band vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex Mixing

SKID  ROW  9–45 pm—11 p m

Lead B/V ex.ex. Bass B/V ex.ex. Rhythm/ Lead B/V ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Vocals ex.ex.( Not The Original Vocalist) Intro B/T 1. Slave To The Grind ex.( We Can Tell)( We Are Creatures Of The World)( Strangers To Life) 2. Lets Go ex.( All To Victory)( Everywhere I See) 3. Psycho Love ex. ( Leave Your Self Alone) Brilliant Lead/ Bass/ Rhythm/ Drums And Great Vocal Front Man. Vocalist Talking To Crowd Do You Want Some Rock And Roll Tonight 4 Big Guns ex. ( She A Big Girl) Outstanding Rock And Roll At It,s Very Best 5. 18. And Life ex. ( We Got No Money)( It,s Time To Go)( We Are Out Of Gasoline)( It,s Rock And Roll)( It Took Me) 6. Piece Of Me ex. ( I,m The Guitar Man)( Four The Money Two For The Show)( Lets Get Ready) 7. Living On A Chain Gang ex. Outstanding Overall Sound And Songwriting ( I,m Going To Take It) 8. Psycho Therapy ex.( Ramones Cover)( Your A Psycho)( I,m A Teenage Man) 9. Thunder Storm Sounds On B/T I Remember You ex. ( I Was Rolling And On My Way)( I Shared A Life Time To Your Body)( I Walk This Way) Pure Heavenly Magic Lead And Outstanding Musicians             ( Standing In The Poring Rain Just Love The Vocalist And Brilliant Front Man And Storey Teller 10. Monkey Business ex. ( We Just Love You Anyway) Some Outstanding Double Lead Outrageous Bass Riffs And Incredible Drumming ( A Chance To Be)       ( Fucking With My) 11. Riot Act ex.( What Are You Going To Be) Brilliant Songwriting And Overall Sounds ( Take A Letter I Can Understand)( Stop Moving)( Crying) Next Encore 12. Midnight/ Tornado ex. ( Love Is A Game)( It,s Rocking) 13. Mud Kicker ex Pure Magic Overall Sound 14. Get The Fuck Out ex. Brilliant Songwriting 15. Youth Gone Wild ex. Another Amazing Song With Magical Sounds Been Amazing Night Of Music At The Ritz Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs ex. Mixing.



DYLAN WALSHE 6–45 pm—7–10 pm

Singer / Songwriter / Acoustic From Ireland 1. I Look The Same vg. ( Irish Folk Music) 2. Tomorrow Sorrow vg. All About Your Daddy Walking Away. Great Songwriting And Overall Sounds 3. Straight To Hell ex.( Straight To Hell Boy)( Take Me Home) Vocal Acoustic/ Harmonica 4. Dawn vg. Oh Matter Of Worry,s New L/P ( All The Way Down)( Try And Try)( Say You Don,t Care)( It,s Gone Gone Gone) Also Using A High Hat Cymbal Like A One Man Band 5. Capella Song. Don’t Mind People Praying In Your Face ex. Very Gospel ( People Grinning In Your Face)( You Jump And Turn Around) vg. Set vg. Solo vg Songs vg. Mixing Really Like This Artist Will See Again.

THE  MAHONES  7–30 pm   8–15 pm

Irish Show Band From Canada Lead/ Vocals ex. Bass Vocals ex. Girl Accordion B/V ex. Drums ex.1. A Great Night On The Lash vg. ( Sitting On My Ass)( On We Go)( We Are Number One) Some Amazing Guitar/ Drum/ Vocals And Accordion Work 2.Paint Your Town Red vg.( Six In The Morning) 3. Shakespeare Road vg. ( It,s So) Brilliant Rock Accordion Work Very Fast ( We Will See)( One For A Eye)( Heart And Soul) Amazing Front Man ( One More Night) Love The Band Pure Magic Overall Sounds. 4. The Hunger And The Fight vg. ( See Them Fight)( We Are Going To Fight) Brilliant Musicians 5. Give It All Ya Got ( Or Forget About It)( Rocking And Roll In)( Lets Get Rocking) 6. The Wild Rover vg. ( What Do You Expect) Great Songwriting 7. Never Let You Down vg. ( When You Come Around) Amazing Overall Sound ( Love Will Tear You Apart Again)( Could You Break My Sorrow) 8. Is This Bar Open Till Till Tomorrow vg.( Bring Whiskey On A Plate)( I’ve Been Waiting A Long Long Time)( Bring The Whiskey To Bed) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Irish Music With Rock Overtones 9. Punk Rock Saved My Life vg.( I Slip Around)( It,s In The Air)( You Saved My Life) 10. This Is A Party vg. Love This Band ex. Set ex. Band vg. Songs ex. Mixing.

AVATAR  8–40 pm— 10–30 pm

A Metal Band With Costumes/ Props. And Painted Faces A Very Theatrical Music Production Of The Highest Level Avatar Is A Swedish Metal Band Formed In Gothenburg. 2001 The Band Has Released Seven Studio Albums The Most Recent Being Avatar Country In 2018 Band Consists Of Jonasking Ev Tarlsby Guitars John Alfredsoon Drums Johannes Bekerstrum Vocals Henrik Sandelin Bass B/V. Tim Ohrstrom Rhythm/ Lead B/V All Out Standing Musicians ex.ex.ex. Intro B/T Glory To Our King Spoken Word. From A Trap Door On Stage King Come Up On A Throne Then King Starts Playing Lead Guitar 1. A Statue Of The King ex.( On This Glorious Day)( Lets Celebrate) Outstanding Magic Lead And Overall Sounds. Brilliant Pyrotechnics Flames In The Air Just The King On Lead. 2. Legend Of The King ex.ex.( Avatar)( Till The Day Your Still Alive)( It,s Just Begun) Outstanding Front Man Pure Magic Guitar And Drum Work.( Best The Sorrow) Vocals Talking To Crowd Good To Be Back In Manchester. Brilliant Front Man/ Storey Teller And Actor Still Talking To Crowd When Metal Is Played There Are Metal Heads About Crowd Showing Horn Fingers Lead On Stage Now. 3. Paint Me Red ex.( Destiny) Outstanding Stage Production And Magical Lighting ( Raise Your) 4. Kings Harvest ex.( What The Matter)( The system Is Bringing Us Down)          ( Marty,s)( Into The Sky) The Very Best Musicians Just Love This Band Could Be The Best Metal Show For 2019.( You Got To Watch Out) 5. Amazing Lead Intro Magic Sounds Fill The Air. Bloody Angel ex.( We Are Lost) Amazing Vocals From Crowd( The Angels Are Coming Up)( I See Them In The Night Time)( Everyone Turns To God)( Your Blood Is On The Past) 6.For The Swarm ex.( Do You Want To Fuck That Girl)( Go To The Wall) His Vocals Range Is On Another Level. Vocalist Talking To Crowd Our First Gig In Manchester Was At Satan,s Hollow No One Turn Up We Got To Know Our Audience Overt Time Deep Thinking Fans 7. Get In Line ex.( Get It Right) Brilliant Songwriting 8. Isar Bomba ex.( You Were Born In A River) Then Into Instrumental Magic Lead Work So Fast ( It,s The Park-est Night) Next Intro So Magical With Incredible Guitar Work 9. Tower ex. ( He,s Been) A Very Quiet Vocals ( We’ve Got To Go) Amazing How He Uses His Acting In His Vocals Work This Guy Just Shines With Stage Presence Just A Magical Showman.( I Dream Of Power)( On Your Own Counting The Hours)( Every Day I Bury A)( Stay Inside And Dream Of Dollars) Crowd Going Wild ( We Are Hear To Stay) 10. The Eagle Has Landed ex.( Just Because Of Me)( That What I See)( What A Sensation)( Can You Feel It)( The Hero Has Return Again)( Everything Will Be OK. He,s Hear To Stay)( Frosty The Snowman Is Dead) 11.Let It Burn ex. Amazing Lead Intro Pure Magic Drums ( She Got It)( We Can Turn Around And Realise And See It Burn) Brilliant Guitar And Drum Work. 12. King After King ex. ( I Stalk You Well)( Long Live The King)( I,m Right Beside You)( Heart Breaker You Done) 13.Reload ex.( I,m Trying To Tell Them)( Hailstorm Coming)( They Come With Fire) Song About Swedish Folk Myths Pure Heavenly Lead Filling The Air With Magic.( Where You Live) 14. Smells Like A Freak Show ex. Amazing Songwriting And Overall Sounds ( I Need Something To Sedate Me 15. Torn Apart ex.( My Life Has Gone)( War)( We Are After You)( Time After Time) Pure Magic Theatrical Presentation Of Metal At It,s Very Best ( Die Die)( We Know) At The End Of Time A Gothic Chant B/T Pure Genius With Add On Organ B/T 16 Outstanding Lead Intro From Vocals The King Welcomes You To Avatar Country Tittle Track From L/P ( Somethings Not Quite Right) Bubble Machine Making Bubble,s In To The Air.( One More Time For The King) 17. Hail The Apocalypse ex. ( Starting Over)( From The Guilty)( It,s Time To Die)( Time To Let Your Life Go) This Has Been Such A Magical Night Of Metal At It,s Very Best At The Amazing 02 Ritz Manchester Great Place. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Pyrotechnics ex. Mixing.


DYGL  8 pm—8–30 pm

Band From Japan Been Going 7 Years Now Living In London Lead B/V ex. Bass B/V ex. Drums ex. Rhythm/ Vocals ex.ex. 1. Take It Away ( Just Stalking Me) Very Pop Rock Great Commercial Sound ( Say Good By To Every Day)( I,ll Start Again)( Oh My Heart)( Go Into The Night)( I,ll Never Know Whats Going To Happen) 2. Let It Sway ex. Pure Rocky Magical Sounds And Songwriting 3. Bad Kilts ex. ( I Need A Rocket) Brilliant Musicians 4. Boys On TV vg. Amazing Lead/ Bass/ Rhythm/Vocals And Drums.( Listen To All This Gossip) 5. Paper Dream ex. ( Every Where She Goes)( I Can,t Stop Loving You) Very 60% Influence Pop/ Rock ( Boys Back At School)( It Makes You Feel) Lead/ Bass B/V. Just Love This Band And Outstanding Musicians 6. Fill In Song While Lead Changing A String By Rhythm/ Vocals Champagne Supernova vg. ( Oais Cover) 7. I’ve Got To Say ex. ( You Know You Got My Love)( All I Want Is You) 8. Waste Of Time vg. ( I Would Love To See You)( Day After Day)( We Will Be Carried Away)( Your A Waste Of Time) 9. Don’t Know Where It Is vg.( It,s Not The Same)( All That Shit)( I Love My Money)( Going Back To Busy Street) ex. Set ex. Band vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

BAD  SUNS  9 pm—10–10 pm

Lead B/V ex.ex. Bass B/V ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Rhythm/ Vocals ex.ex. I. Away We Go ex.( I,m Talking To You)( Where Ever We Go)( I Need Some Love) 2. Daft Pretty Boys ex.( Your So Perfect On The Outside) Pure Magic Overall Sound Very Commercial Pop/ Rock Love It 3. We Move Like The Ocean vg. ( Turn Me Around)( Take Me To The Ocean I Can’t Swim) Crowd Going Wild Lots Of Jumping  4. Swimming In The Moonlight ex. ( I Could Love You If I Tried)( As We Disappear)( It,s Crystal Clear)( Now Were Swimming In The Moonlight) 5. Violet ex.( I’ve Got To Be Somewhere)( All I Want)( I,ll Sink My Teeth Into You)( All I Want Is You)( It Should Be A Love Affair) 6. 20 years. ex. ( I’ve Wasted My Time)( You Say)( You Said More)( Where Ever You Are) Outstanding Overall Sound And Songwriting 7. Sledrasasiee ex. Band From L/A U.S.A.( My Energy)( Not So Fast) Pure Magic Guitar And Drum Work Outstanding Front Man.( I,ll Be Right There) 8. Hold Your Fire ex. Off New L/P ( It Will Be Alright)( I,m Not At The End Of My Robe) Brilliant Song Make A Great Single ( Can,t You See) 9. Magic Moments ex. From Mystery Truth L/P ( The Walls Keep Falling)( I,m On My Way)( Oh Magic Moments) Vocal Only 10. Vocal/Rhythm Heart Breaker ex. ( Where Ever You Go)( I Want To Hold You In My Arms)( If You Just Believe Some One.( That,s Alright)  11.               Transpose ex.( I,ll Pretend)( Nothing Like The Taste Of You)( Love Is Dangerous)( No Separation)( I,ll Be Dancing Tonight)( I,ll Tell You Something) 12. Rear View vg. (Once Again)( I,m So Sick And Tired Of Running After You) 13. Vocals Only Salt ex.( You Put Your Head Down)( You Got To Hold)( Your Loosing Control)( Music Of My Soul) Another Amazing Song Pure Magic Songwriting ( It,s Rock And Roll) Crowd Jumping Wild. This Is Amazing Gig Tonight So Much Energy From The Bands. 14. Disappear Here ex. ( Guess I Was Wrong) Pure Magic Overall Sounds 15. Dancing On Quicksand ex. Very Funky Song.( I’ve Got Demons Around Me)( I,ll Do My Best)( Lets Dance)( Till Our Love Has Gone) Outstanding Lyrics And Music Score. 16. Outskirts Of Paradise ex. ( Separate Your Self)( Be My Friend)( When Times Comes) 17. Cardiac Arrest ex.( I,m Trying My Best)( Same Old Stories) What A Brilliant Night We’ve Had. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.




A Mel Brooks Musical Book By Mel Brooks And Thomas Meehan Music And Lyrics By Mel Brooks This Was Truly A Magical Production Very Camp So Very Funny Amazing Songs Outstanding Acting/Dancing/ Vocals And Harmonies The Dance Routines Are Just Magical With Some Amazing Tap Dancing Every Cast Member Was Pure Brilliant The Two Main Characters   Theatre Producer Max Bialystock Has A Failure But His Down Trodden Accountant Leo Bloom Thinks It Could Be A Good Thing A Producer Could Make More Money With A Dud. They Set Out To Find The Worst Script The Worst Director And The Worst Actors How Can This Go Wrong Storey In A Nut Shell Lets Get On With The Show. Intro Band Just Fabulous 4 Cast 2 Girls 2 Guys Place Cards Advertising Tonight,s Opening Night Of His Latest Show Next Song Cast Singing Worst Show In Town ex. Next. Producer Max Song 2. I Used To Be The King Of Broadway ex.( I Always Had The Best Hits) With Guy On Violin Brilliant Cast And Lots Of Costume Changes With Some Amazing Dance Routines From Cast Playing Different Parts The Audience Never Stopped Laughing. For Acting And Comedy One Of The Best Musicals I Have Seen For A Long Time ( When Will I Be Famous Again) Next Scene Directors Office And In Come Leo Bloom The Downtrodden Accountant Who He Sends To The Toilet As He Has One Of His Old Lady Backers At Door Coming In.His Backer A Sex Mad Old Lady A Very Funny Scene With Max Next Sean Leo Comes In He,s Pure Bonkers And Max Things He Should Be In A Straight Jacket Leo Finds Faults In His Books Followed By Leo Having A Break Down Amazing Funny Sean Brilliant Acting Max Gives Him Water And He Calms Down. And They Try To Work A Plan Out To Fiddle Some Money By Making A Show Fail With The Worst Script Worst Producer And The Worst Actors Next Song Max We Can Do It ex. And From Leo I Can,t Do It ex.( I,m A Looser) Next Scene 6 Accountants Typing In Accountant Office Looking Very Unhappy Song Very Unhappy ex. Then A Song From Leo I Spend My Life Accounting. Brilliant Vocals From Crazy Leo Next Scene Leo With Showgirls Another Amazing Dance Routine This Is Such Amazing Production At The Highest Level Next Scene Back At The Typing Pool Song I Want To Be A Producer ex. Next Scene  With Old Backer Doing A Song With Cast Holding Pigeons Defiantly Crazy Acting Next Max And Leo Visit Austrian Hitler Fanatic With A Song From Him Very Funny Then Sign Contract .Next Scene They Call on Rodger Transvestite Producer And His Lover A Very Tall Transvestite So Very Funny Then Into Song Give It Gay ex.ex. With Cast Dressed In Outrageous Costumes Then Into A Production Number Keep It Gay ex. Next Scene Back At Max Office With Leo Then Comes In Olla From Sweden Come For A Audion \Then Breaks Into Song When You Got It Flaunt It ex.ex. Amazing Number Touching Up Max And Leo On Coach They Take Her On As Sectary And Cleaner Olla Asks What Time To Start Then Tells Them She Gets Up At 7am. Keep Fit Then 8 am Big Fish Breakfast And At 11 am Sex. Max And Leo Shout 11 am Next Scene Max Sings Time To Be A Lover ex. Scene With His Old Lady Backers ( Fire Down Below) Next Amazing Song And Dance Routine 10 Old Lady,s With Simmer Frames What Amazing Production Number Some Of The Costume Changes Are Very Fast ( Long Came Be Ally) Finishing First Half Cast We Can Do It ex. Love It. 20 min Interval .

2 nd  HALF.

Intro From Band Next Scene Max Office Olla Coming On To Leo In A Very Funny Scene Then Into Song That Face ex.( These Lips Know These Eyes Outstanding Vocal And Dance Routine From Olla Next Scene Audion Time Solo Cast Doing Different Songs Started With Jack The Blank A Wondering Minstrel Eye Next Then Donny A Little Wooden Boy Then Austrian Hitler Fanatic Bing Bing Bang ex.ex. So Very Funny And Crazy Pure Magic Genius Before The Opening Concert Leo Says Good Luck And He,s Told Never Say That But Say Break A Leg. Austrian Goes Out There A Big Bang And He Breaks His Leg Leaving Them Without Hitler So They Ask The Producer Rodger To Take The Part He Says No But His Lover Talks Him Around. So The Show Goes On Next Scene From Springtime For Hitler 2 . Girls Dressed In German Costumes And 4 Showgirls Dressed With Funny Head Gear Amazing Tap Dancing Routine Just Magic Then Song Come And Join The Nazi Party ex.( The Fury Is Coming)( High To Me The Great Dictator) Then In The Land ex. Then Another Song From Hitler Wonderful Me ex. ( Then They Made Me Chancellor And Politics) Another Great Tap Dance Routine From Hitler And Cast. 2 Red Glitter Booms Come Down Hanging In The Air And Two Silver Glitter Tanks Neck Scene Back In Max Office Olla And Leo Talking Leo Says He Can Go To Jail Olla Says We Can Take The Money And Go To Reo Max Comes In And Leo And Olla Leave Next Scene Irish Cops Come In And Arrest Max After A Song ex. Max Finds Out Leo And Olla Have Betrayed Him. And They Have Landed In Reo Song In Cells I Used To Be The Queen ex. ( Know I,m Drowning In Jail)( My Whole Life Is Going Down The Tubes) ex song By Max Then Into Song We Can Do It ex. Next Scene Court Trail Old Lady Speaking Up For Max. Then Olla And Leo Turn Up In Court A Great Song From Leo Trying To Save The Producer He Made My Life ex. Then The Judge Sent Them To Sing Sing Jail. Next Scene Prisoners But On A Musical Next Song Prisoner Of Love ex. Full Cast Great Production Number Love It. Next Scene Back On Broadway With Ending Production Number Then One By One Cast Takes Bows Just Love This Production Best Musical For A Very Long Time This Has Been A Magical Evening Of The Highest Order What A Brilliant Cast.


LIGHTHOUSE  8 pm—8–30  pm

Rhythm/ Vocals ex. Lead ex. Bass ex. Drums ex. 1.Creep On My Mind vg.( It Will Get You Down)( Its So Sad To Say)( You Don’t Listen To A Word I Say)( I Really What To Know You)( Paint Me A Picture) 2. D’ You Tink That’s Fine ? vg.( Drinking Out Of A Bottle Of Wine)( Talking About The Times We’ve Forgotten)( She,ll Paint The Town)( The Walls Are Caving In) 3. 4 th There Last Single ( You Walk Outside)( Did You See My Reflection)( I Saw The Sun Shinning) 4. Welcoming Town ex.( Get Back On Your Feet)( Fun At The Weekend) Amazing Overall Sound. 5. Perfect Liar vg. ( Your A Perfect Liar)( So They Say) Amazing Guitar And Drum Work And Vocals 6. Today Or Tomorrow ex. ( I Will See You Tomorrow)( It,s Just Another Day) Last. 7. Ain’t Got Troubles vg. ( Let Me Take You To This Fabulous Place)( See My Love)( We Used To Shout About It)( No Troubles Anymore) ex. Set ex. Band vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing. Really Like This Band Will See Again.

THE  RIFLES   9–15  pm—10–45  pm

Doing The Whole Of The Great Escape L/P There 2 nd L/P On The 10 th Anniversary This English Rock/ Indie Band From Chingford London The Great Escape Soundtrack Was Used On The 2011 Video Game Great Escape L/P Released On 26 th Jan. 2009 There Been A Change In The Line Ups. Could Be Lee Burgess Kenton Shinn And Marsh And Pyne ? Rhythm/ Vocals ex.ex. Lead/ B/V ex.ex. Bass/ B/V ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Opening Track From L/P 1. Science In Violence 3.34 min.( Time Is Wasted) Very Indie Rock ( The World Is Ours)( Science Is Boring) 2. Great Escape 3.26. min.Title Track Of L/P Amazing Songwriting And Overall Sounds ( Take A Look Outside)( Put Your Foot In The Door)( I’m Looking For Something Else) 3. Fall To Sorrow 2.44 min. Ex ( Your Cr-using Around It ( It Taste Like A Bitter Pill)( My Thoughts Of Summer)( I,ll Try Again) 4. Sometimes 3.03 min. ex. ( Somebody Loves Me)( Your The Only One)( What Are You Thinking Of) 5. Toe Rag 3.52. min. Amazing Guitar Intro.( Won,t You Stop Telling Me)( If I Give You My Heart) Outstanding Lead And Drum Brilliant Bass/ Rhythm/ Vocals. 6. History 3.19 min. ex. Great Drum Intro. ( Left Your Clothes Out On The Line) Amazing Songwriting ( I Don,t What Heartache For You)( If I Left You)( I Don,t What To Spend A Life Time Waiting)( Don,t Lead Me Out In The Cold)   7. Winter Calls 3.42 min. ex. Amazing Overall Sound 8. Out In The Past 4.26. min. ex. Amazing Songwriting ( Still The Time Hasn’t Changed That Much)( Seems So Long Ago) 9. Romeo And Julie 3.06. min. ex. ( All You Think About)( We Could Be Romeo And Julie) 10. The General 4.45. min. ex Outstanding Overall Sound 11. For The Meantime 2.28 min ex. Just Vocals/ Acoustic Band Off Stage ( A Day I See Faces)( The Voice At The End Of Line)( In A Life Time)( When Your Lost)( For A While)   12. Lazy Bones ( Konk  Version) 2.57. m in. ex. Brilliant Sounds From Band This Was A ex. L/P In Full Really Loved It Had To Leave Before Encore Another Great Night At Night And Day Cafe With It,s Friendly Staff And Management Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Song/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.



SHE MAKES WAR  7–30 pm–8–10 pm

Lead ex. Drums ex. Bass ex. Girl Vocal/ Rhythm ex.ex. 1. Drown Me Out ex. ( Time To See)( I Promise You)( I,m Sorry) Amazing Drums/ Lead/ Bass/ Rhythm/ Vocals ( I Can’t Touch You)( Help Me Out)( Tell Me)( Time Out) 2. Cold Shoulder vg. ( I Waited)( You Know You Can Do)( I Need You To Find Her) Band From Bristol Saw Some Prog Rock Influence In There Music Score From 4 L/P 3. Undone vg. Song About Loosing Some One ( When Your Time Has Come)( The World) 4. Slow Puncture vg. On A Dance L/P Some Quite Heavy Overtones In The Music Score ( Taken Us Down) Bass B/V ( Just A Space) 5. Fortify vg. Song About Kissing Frogs There Music Score Is Very Prog Influence Some Add Ons L/T ( To A Place)( My Destiny)( We Will Force It. 6. Devastate Me vg. Song Of Heavy Hearts ( Doesn’t Matter Where I Come From)( No Ones Sean) 7. Love This Body vg. ( I Chose You)( Violent Times Brought Me Back)( Time To Get Soughed)( On This Thin Line)( I Need You To Speak Your Mind)( I Need You) ex. Set ex. Band vg./ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing Really Like This Band.

LONELY  THE  BRAVE  8–45 pm—10 pm

They Lost There Amazing Singer Who Had Mental Health Problems Being On Stage And Being Watched Before Vocals Were More Dark But Outstanding And A Very High Vocal Range New Singer Thrown Into The Deep End But Comes Out Brilliant With More Lively Vocals Outstanding Band And Front Lead/ B/V ex.ex. Bass/ B/V ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Vocals ex.ex. Band Been Going About 5/6 Years 1. River River ex. ( You Thought You Were Different) Amazing Overall Sound ( To Late To Care Alone) 2. Control ex. ( You Say)( It,s To Late)( Just That We Know) Jack Vocals 3. Victory Line ex. ( Don,t Be Alone) Outstanding Guitars/ Drums And Vocal Work Pure Magic Sounds ( So Says The Weatherman) 4. Radar vg.( I,ll Tell You Whats Real)( I,ll Say The Words)( Have You Lost That Feeling)( We Are All Amused) 5. Trick ex. Song About Suffering From Mental Health Problems.( You Don,t Crush Me In) Outstanding Songwriting And Pure Magic Overall Sounds Love This Band ( Trick Of The Light) 6. Rattlesnakes ex.( Some Day)( The End)( It,s The Only Way)( You Will Say)( Something Good) 7. What If I Fall In ex.( I Feel Good As A Person)( You Want Love)( As You Turn) As Metal Hospitals Were Closed Down Over The Years Metal Problems Today Are Very Big And The System Just Brushes It Away 8. Deserter ex. ( You Told Me) Some Nice Lead/ Bass/ And Drums Brilliant Vocals ( All The Time)( I Live In The Sweet Of The World) 9. Black Mire ex. About Mental Depression ( I,m Not Afraid Of Dyeing  And The Angel Coming)( I,m Ready For)( The Angels Are Coming)( Just Say The Word) 10. Diamond Days ex.( If You Go)( Last One Says)( Play Dead) 11. Blue Green ex.( Those Words Shine Like Sunshine) Amazing Lyrics Just Pure Magic Genius ( I Can,t Tell It,s Insane)( I Will Always Love You) Encore Call Of Horses ex.( You Trust The Way It Is)( Something Moving In The Distance)( Wild Horses)( I Know It) Last Song 12. Next 13. Back Roads ex.( Don,t You Realise)( On Your Dreams)( The Way She Calling)( I See Your Face) 14. Black Saucers ex. ( I’ve Wasted Time In The Forest)( I Can See Your Face)( Forever) Outstanding Musicians And Overall Sounds Pure Magic Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex Mixing Another Great Night At The Deaf Institute Fantastic Staff And Management.


HAWKMEN DIVE  9 pm–9–30 pm

Girl Rhythm/ Vocals ex. Lead/ B/V ex Bass ex Drums/ B/V ex. 1. I,m Going To Keep All Night vg.( You Want My Sympathy)( What Are You Waiting For Quite Heavy Rock/ Indie 2. Shaking Stevie vg. Some Really Nice Rock Guitar Work ( Your The One I  Need)( Your The One For Me)( Sensation) 3 Doing Something vg. Need To Write A Little More Commercial ( I’ve Got A Song For You)( Something I Can,t Explain) 4. Want To Be vg.( Johnny Mar Cover)( Oh Your Life,s Down) 5. Oh Tonight vg. ( Your All Going Down To Hell)( Tell Me Are You Rocking Now)( This Power Comes)( Tell Me Are You Happy Now)( With Your Red Light On) 6. Song About A Whale If I Was A Whale vg. Music Score Could Be Better ( Would You Rescue Me If I Was A Whale) Great Lead/ Bass/ Rhythm/ Vocals And Drums Work. 7. Young To Me vg. ( Bass Wrote)( I,m On Fire Nothing I Can Do)( We Got To Figure It Out) Love This Song Best Song In Set Need More Commercial Rock Writing At This Level Outstanding Front Women ( What Are You Going To Do) See Lots Of Perpetual There ex. Set ex. Band vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

CARPET  9–45  pm–10–15  pm

Rhythm Vocals ex. Bass ex. Lead ex Drums ex. Band From Cheshire. Your Calling Me vg.( The Way You Hold Your Self)( I Can’t Control My Self) Very Young Band Been Going 2 Years. Extremely Gifted Musicians ( Hold Your Self) 2 All In Good Time vg. Great Commercial Songwriting ( She Claims She Never Saw Me) Lead A Little Slow To Start With But Got Better And Better( It,s So Hard To Be)( All In Good Time) 3. I,m Easily Amused vg. ( We Are So Much Better) Really Like This Band Great Songwriters And Catchy Lyrics And Great Musicians ( So Much Better) 4. What A Star vg. ( How Does It Feel)( I’ve Got To Move Ahead Not The Best Song See Lots Of Perpetual There. ( There Something In The Way) 5. Slow Down vg. Great Boy Band Sound Very Pop/ Rock Love There Commercial Songwriting ( I Can Never Draw The Line) Amazing Guitar/ Drum And Vocal Work ( I’ve Come To Expect) 6. She Said ex. ( You Got To Put Me Down)( I Don’t Know I Can Make It) Really Love This Band      ( Come On  Now)( It,s Only Your Time Your Wasting) Outstanding Overall Sounds 7. Everything You Want To Learn vg.( The Grass Is Greener) Pure Magic Sounds 8. Once Bitten vg. ( I’ve Seen Over)( I’ve Been Looking)( So Many Disasters In Life)( One To Many Times) Look Forward To Seeing This Band Again ex.Set ex. Band vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing

THE DEMO  10–25 pm–11 pm

Band Been Going 1 Year All From Middleton Manchester Louie Sweeney Vocals ex.ex. Jack Dolan Lead Zach Faulkner ex.ex. Rhythm Nathan Doyle Drums Mathew Quinn  ex.ex. 1. No Direction ex. Picture In A Frame)( Tell Me When Your Going) Brilliant Musicians. If The Gig Had Started Half A Hour Early I Would Have Seen The Full Set A Very Late Start Tonight With 3 Amazing Bands I Only Caught The First Song Of The Demo Owing To Catching My Last Train I Re-coned They Did 7 More Songs Will Defiantly See Them Again. All I Can Judge Is On The First Song But See Great Things For Them Love This Band.       ex. Set ex Band ex. Song ex. Lights ex. Mixing Another Great Night At Night And Day With There Friendly Staff .



ACOUSTIC SET FROM Y.O.U.N.G 8–05 pm–8–25 pm

Lead/ Acoustic ex Rhythm/ Acoustic ex. Vocals ex. Percussion Box And Cymbal 1. Lost Boy ex. ( It,s Your Last Ride)( Your Running Away) Vocal/ Rap With A Little Reggie Nice Acoustic Lead. 2. Really Don,t Like You Some Amazing Beats To There Very Commercial Songwriting Like This Hip Hop Sound With Calypso ( I,ll Be Back In A Minute) 3. Why Are You Lazy vg. Did This Song On Local Radio ( Saving All My Time To You) Next Talking To Crowd Every one Gets Stressed 4. Head Space vg. Great Acoustic Work Amazing Double Vocals And Brilliant Percussion ( Do It Tonight) Next About A ex. Girlfriend 5. What I Gotta Do ex. ( You Desire Something Better) Very Reggie Calypso Influence ( Let Go) Amazing Music Score Love This Short Set

VELVET  SHAKES  8–35 pm –9–05  pm

Lead B/V ex. Rhythm/ Vocals ex. Bass ex. Drums ex. 1. This Is All We Need vg. ( No Ones Loosing Your Love) Add On Key/Sythi B/T  2. I,m Feeling now vg. ( You Know What I,m Feeling Now)( In My Mind) Great Lead/ Bass And Drums And Rhythm/Vocals Great Pop/ Rock 3. This Is Love ex. ( Don,t Stop Moving And Feeling Groovy To The Beat) Love The Song Writing Very Commercial Brilliant Overall Sounds 4. Another Great Beat To The Song It Will Take Forever vg. ( When Your Holding Me You Shine)( Can,t We Work This Out) 5. Feeling The Feed Back vg.( Are You Feeling) Outstanding Music Score Need A Little Work On The Lyrics But Show Lots Of Promise So Commercial Love Them 6. I Don,t Like It vg. ( I Don’t Know Where The Good Times Have Gone)( Some Girls Don,t Like It)( I Like It All My Life) Band Been Going Two And Half Years And From Manchester ex.Set ex.Band v g. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing

Y.O.U.N.G. MAIN SET  9–25  pm—10–15  pm

Lead ex. Bass ex  Rhythm B/V ex. Drums ex Vocals/ Rap./Hip Hop/ Reggie ex.ex. Great Intro 1.Exposure vg . ( Step Back)( Two Ten)( My Moneys Out Of Date)( Get Closer)( I What To Be Closer) 2. What I Gotta Do ex. ( Very Hip Hop Vocal Rap)( What Am I Going To Do)( You’ve Got Clothes In The House Very Impressed With This Band See A Great Future For Them 3. I Really Don,t Like You ex. ( Count To Ten) Great Overall Sound 4. Head Space vg. Very Reggie Hip Hop Great Songwriting ( I Could Do Better With The Time) 5. Feed Back vg .( Looking What I ,ll Bring Back) 6. Lost Boys ex. ( Shut Down) Last 3. Years Your On My Soul)( You Are Running Away)( Save My Head) Andy Mum In The Place 7. Feels vg. New Song Great Music Intro With Heavenly Lead Work ( Let It Go) Great Hip Hop Songwriting ( Tell The People)( The State Of My Mind I,ll Leave You Some Day) 8. Bright Lights vg. ( Can’t Wait To Go Out Tonight)( Do You Want Me To Go)( My Eyes Are Really Tired)( Where Do You Want Me To Go)( I Feel You) 9. Best Life vg. New Song ( Living A Good Life)( She Changed My World)( I Don.t Know What To Do My Girl Is Chasing Girls) 10. Call Of The Void ( Come Away) Lost Some Of The Commercial Songwriting In This Song Still A Very Clever Off Beat Music Score ( You Know You Want To Do It)( You Know You Better Do It) 11. Mr Beach a ex. Make A Great Single Far Better Songwriting I See So Much Perpetual There Just Love This Band ( Just Stop Beating)( I,ll Slap You Back )( Watch Your Head) Just Love This Song Pure Magic ( I,m Not Your Friend)( Watch You Head) Can,t Wait To See This Band Again. ex. Set ex. Band  vg/ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing This Is A Really Great Small Venue With Friendly Staff.



I’ve Been Looking Forward For A Long To See Wicked This Was Truly A Magical Experience For Me A Brilliant Production. Intro From Orchestra. 3 Monkeys At Front Of Stage One Wines Up The Curtain Stage Set Up With Big Clock At Back And Glenda The Good Witch Played By Helen Woolf Sitting On A Star In The Air Just Outstanding The Musical Starts In The Present With The News The Wicked Witch Is Dead 1. Song From Glenda  Let Us Speak Now ex. ( Good Will Combat Evil Amazing Chorus From Cast Then Into The Song Wicked By Glenda And Chorus Next Sean Back In Time When They Were Young At Magician And Witches College Elphapa The Green Witch Student Amy Ross One Of The Best Actress I’ve Seen For A Long Time Since Main Girl In Miss Saigon With Her Sister In A Wheelchair Messarosie Played By Emily Shaw Also A Student Brought In By Her Father Cast Playing Different Parts Lots Of Student Head Of College Madam Morrible Played By Kim Ismay Glenda When Young A Rich Student With Attitude Just Amazing Talent Who Fell For The Good Looking Student Flyero Played By Aaron Sidwell Who Had Feelings For Elphapa Another Student Who Fancy Glenda Box Played By Iddon Jones Really Great Cast Love The Production Next Song By Madam Morrible Many Years I’ve Waited ex. Great Vocals Next Song From Elphapa The Wizard And I ex. ( When I Meet The Wizard) Followed By A Duet From Glenda And Elphapa What Is This Feeling ex. Joined By All The Students Dance Routine And Heavenly Vocal Harmonies Next Class Room Sean With Goat Professor Steve Pinder ( Who Also Plays The Wizard) Professor Hurt Some One Wrote On Blackboard Animals Should Not Teach Professor Cancelled Class And Elphapa Stayed On To Talk To Talk To Goat Professor And Shared Her Lunch With Him Next Song From Professor Something Bad Has Happened In Oz. ex.( Nothing All That Bad) Next Sean College Square Where The Students Made Fun Of Elphapa Flyero Tells Glenda He,s Taking Her Dancing To Ballroom Tonight Some Clever Affects Through The Production Glenda Ask Box To Take Messarosie To Dance Next Ballroom Sean With Fairy Lights Box Has Taken Messarose In Wheelchair To The Dance The Students Start A Great Dance Routine Box And Messarosie Join In Then A Great Song From Messarosie Just Pure Magic And She,s A Great Actress Next A Dance Routine From Glenda And Elphapa Using Arm Movements Next Bedroom Sean Where Glenda And Elphapa Share A Lot Of Talking Then A Song From Glenda Your Going To Be Popular ex. ( When The Tender Heart Begins To Bleed)( Very Popular Like Me) Next Class Room Sean Where Goat Professor Gets Sacked And Throne Out Of College Where All Animals Should Be Caged Elphapa Up In Arms. Next Sean Flyero Song Hands Touch ex. ( In A Giddy World He Could Be That Boy)( I,m Not That Girl) Got A Rain Affect Next Sean Glenda And Elphapa Going To The Emerald City To See The Wizard ( Steve Pindem) Next Sean Emerald City With Cast In Court Costumes Very Colourful Then A Song Emerald City ex. ( Just Two Good Friends) Glenda Great Vocals Then Another Song From Glenda And Elphapa Gravity Song ex.ex. Love This Song Next Sean Glenda And Elphapa Meet The Wizard And Madame Morrible They Ask Elphapa To Do A Spell On Gravity To Make The Monkeys Fly Great Stage Affects And Creepy Lighting But Elphapa Won,t Work For Them So He Try,s To Capture Her With His Guards Then Into Sean Ending First Half Amazing Production Number Where Elphapa Flying In Air Light Affects Song Gravity From Her Pure Magic Genius  Interval  20  min


Intro Orchestra Then Into College Square Sean Glenda Day With Students And Flyero Then Into Song Celebration ex. Love This Song ( Happiness Comes When Your Happy) Glenda Telling Everyone She Getting Married Flyero Doesn’t Look Happy To This. Next Sean Elphapa Sisters Living Room Messarosie In Wheelchair Her Father Has Died And She Head Of Household With Box As Her Servant Then Elphapa Comes In On The Run From Wizard And His Guards Come In But She Vanish Them Tells Elphapa Her Dad Has Died And Blames Her Then She Try,s To Comfort Her Sister By Casting A Spell To Make Her Walk Again A Touching Sean Then She Starts Walking After Falling Then Box Comes In To Tell Messarosie He Leaving She So Mad That She Goes Into Her Sister Magic Book And Puts A Spell On Box And Causes A Heart Attack And He Dies She Pleads With     Elphapa To Revive Him But She Says once A Spell Been Made Can,t Be Overturn So She Turns Him Into A Tin Man With No Heart Next Sean Back In Emerald City Glenda And Wizard Talking About A Plan To Catch Elphapa Then Into A Song From Glenda I,m Not That Girl ex. ( Make This Last Moment Last)( There No Future For Us As A Pair) Then Madame Morrible Cast,s A Spell And Causes A Hurricane Which Blows Down Messarosie House And Kills Her Amazing Wind Affects On Stage Outstanding Next Sean Sisters House Blown Down On Back Cloth Elphapa In Tears About Her Sister Death. Next Sean Cast As Witch Hunters And Tin Man Who Want,s To Kill Elphapa Next Song Limited ex. ( Best I Can Do)( Maybe We Will Not Meet Again In This Life Elphapa Is Caught By Guards Goes Behind A Curtain And Supposed To Have Died With Water Thrown On Her And All Re manes On The Floor Is A Green Bottle And Her Witches Hat. Next Sean Back In Emerald City Glenda Gives Green Bottle To Wizard She Finds Out He,s Elphapa Dad So She Banish The Wizard From Oz. Then Turns To His Accomplice Madame Morrible Who She Sends To Prison And Calls Guards To Take Her Away Then Last Sean Back In Present Glenda In Air On A Star With Cast At Back Of Stage A Opening With Light And Fields Where We See Elphapa And Flyero Escape Into The Country Side To Live Happy Ever After Love A Happy Ending Pure Magic Show Of The Highest Order