Andre Rieu And His Johann Strauss Orchestra a Fabulous Stage Presentation With A Full Orchestra Choir Of Six Women  3 Tenors ex.ex. 3. Soprano’s String Section/ Brass Section Woodwind Section/ Harp/ Piano/ Organ/Keys/ Sythi/ Piano/ Drums/ Percussion Andre/ Violin/ Conductor This Orchestra Is Pure Magic 1. Intro B/T Orchestra Walking Through Crowd To Stage Seventy Six Trombones ex. 2. Blaze Away ex. Outstanding Arrangements Just Wonderful Magic 3. Vol-are ex. Love This Orchestra The Stage Set Is Pure Magic With Amazing Graphics Scenes On Screen Next On Stage 3 Wonderful Tenors 4 Tiritomba Graphic Town Square Scene On Screen. Orchestra Lady,s Dressed in Very Colorful Evening Gowns And Chorus Brilliant Vocals From Tenors 5. Holy City ( Tenors)( Jerusalem)( Oh Hosanna In The Highest To Our King) 6. Concerto De Aranjucz Amazing Orchestra From Holland 2 Guest Musicians Bell Ringing And xylophone And Orchestra Outstanding Music Score 7. Circus Renz ex. Competition Between Bells And Xylophone Very Fast Playing Andre Pulling Faces Very Funny. Next 3 Soprano,s 3 Wonderful Girl Singers Snow Waltz ex. Amazing Overall Sounds Then Into Holy Night ex. Town Night Scene Graphics Then Into Dreaming Of A White Christmas ex. Pure Magic Singing From The 3. Voices Of Angels 8. White Horse Inn ex. With Town And Lake Graphics On Screen With 3 Tenors And 3. Soprano,s Just Heavenly Magic End Of Set 1.What Amazing First Half Just Love It  20 min Interval

2nd  Half

1. The Lonely Shepherd ex. Band Been Going 32 yrs One Of The Guys In The Orchestra Been With Andre 50 yrs Outstanding Piano And Flute Work With Mountain Graphics On Screen Next One Of The Soprano,s Singing 2. You Raise Me Up ex. Done In Capella ex.ex. ( Song About Difficult Times In Your Life When Everything Is In Darkness With Orchestra Coming In With Beautiful Shades And Landscapes Hill And Town Graphics On Screen Next 3 Guest Musicians From Russia Was Meet On Street By Andre In There Home Town 3. Ole Guapa Accordion And Russian Instruments Wonderful Sounds From Rest Of Orchestra With Some Heavenly String Work 4. La Ra’s Theme Big Band Sounds Even Louder This Is Such A Magical Evening 5. Dark Sky With Lightning Graphics On Screen Poliushko Polie Amazing Music Score With Choir Just Wonderful Sounds Next With Russian Palace Scenes Graphics On Screen 6. Kalinka ex.Pure Magic Overall Sounds 7. Caro Nome ex. About Love From Poland Pure Magic Opera Vocals Of The Highest Order 8. Blue Daniel ex. Blue Water Scenes Graphics On Screen Pure Magic Music Score Crowd Dancing In The Isles Very Beautiful. 9. Ode To Joy ex. About People In The World Will Always Have Different Ways ( No Boarders In Music)( Music Will Always Reunite People) 3 Tenors 3 Soprano’s / Choir And Orchestra Harmonies ( Host Of Angels Singing) Finishing With A Lively Piece ex. Pure Magic Sounds Next Encore A Wonderful Medley Of Songs From, Orchestra/ Tenors/ Soprano,s Just Loved Every Song Finishing A Wonderful Magical Evening Of Pure Magic Amazing Set Fantastic Orchestra/ Singers/ And Guests Amazing Graphic Scenes On Screen Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing H/D Screens.


First Ever Review From This Theater Also First Time Seeing This Band They Blew Me Away With There Classical Influence Very English Landscapes In There Most Beautiful Songwriting With Lyrics With So Much Feeling  Band Pure Magic Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex. Lady Violin ex.ex. Trumpet ex.ex. Drums/ Percussion ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Vocals/ Rhythm/ Lead/ Acoustic ex.ex. Outstanding Front Man/ Storytelling/ Actor 1. Low ex.(  New Song) Choral Choir B/T ( It’s You Around The World)( All You Know) Amazing Soft Choir Sounds Just Heavenly Magic 2. Dresden ex. Hallelujah ( Choir Intro B/T) Some Amazing Piano Work ( Leaves Change Colour Everything Looks Grim) Heavenly Trumpet ex. You’ve Gone I Cried And Cried)( I Would Love To See You Back) 3. Strangers Now ex. Love The Vocals Very Different With Slight Spoken Word So Much Passion In His Vocals ( Who Calling)( Half Way Down) 4.Loosing Game ex. ( It,s OK)( Nothing Stays The Same)( I Lost My Way)( I Tried To Walk Away) Pure Heavenly Violin And Overall Sounds Next Guess Vocalist Kisla Intro Gothic Chorus B/T    5. Paint You Like A Rose ex. Amazing Song And Duet ( Around The Top I Chase You)( Just Like A Rose)( We Danced And Danced Around) 6. Hurts ex. Another Amazing Duet ( See You On A Friday Night)( We Just Take) Brilliant Key Work( We Danced All Night)( The Boss Told Me To Go To Hell)( Won,t Let Him Fuck Me Up) 7.Hopeless Town ex. Vocal/ Guitar.( Take Me Back Home) Pure Magic Songwriting And Heavenly Overall Sound Filling The Air No Stage Band On Floor In The Round 8. Dry My Bones ex.( Don,t Worry About Me) So Much Feeling In The Lyric Writing Pulling At Your Heart Strings ( Don,t Cry) 9. Sharp Scratch( New) ex. ( Hear What They Say)( Can,t Scratch The Wind)( This Time Tonight)( We Will Be OK) Heavenly Choir Coming In B/T 10. Northern Town ex.( With No Sounds)( Keep Out Now) Amazing Overall Sound From Band 11. Long Way Home ex.( I Don,t Feel Loved)( We Are Going Down) 12. Breaks Today ex.( You Broke My Heart Today)     ( Nothing More To Steel)( Nothing More To Loose)( Hell What They Say)( You Let Your Friends Down) Next Another Duet    13 St Louis ex. ( NEW) ( Hurts When You Go)( Lets Go To The Weekend Show)( Excuse Me For A Second While I Cry)( Can,t Tell You How I Felt)( I Didn’t Want To Let You Down)( Let You Go)( I,m By Your Side)( It Hurts When You Retire) Outstanding Landscapes And Shades In The Music Score 14. God Only Knows ex. Magic Trumpet Intro Vocals/ Guitar ( Guess And Let Go) 15. Bloodline ex.( Looking Down Your Blood Line)( A Special Manchester Version) Heavenly Choir Coming In B/T. Pure Magic Sounds Filling The Air.( You See The Down Side) Outstanding Guitar/ Drums/ Trumpet/ Keys/ Piano/ Violin And Vocals 16. Augustine ex. ( You Walk Away)( You Scare Me)( Keep These Sheets Soft)( Please Keep Me Safe)( Those Tears Won,t Wipe Away) It,s Been A Privilege To See This Band Of Amazing Musicians 17. Flowers To Burn ex.    ( I,m So Sorry Rose) Pure Heavenly Sounds 18. Ordinary Lives ex. ( I Can,t Believe You’ve Changed)( I,ll Send To You)( This Time)( I Can See So Clearly) Amazing Trumpet From Pat This Truly Been Amazing Magical Evening At It,s Very Best In The Most Beautiful Theatre Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex Mixing


(Imogen Heap  8 pm–8-25 pm

Singer / Songwriter/ Pianist  Imogen  Vocal/ Piano 1. Speedy Cars vg.( This Is The Day)( It,s The A.B.C. Of Growing Up) Love Her Vocals ( None Of Us Are Angels) 2. Lets Go ex.( Jump In) Great Stage Presence( You Got 20 Seconds To Comply) 3. Goodnight And Go ex.( Speak To Your Self) Amazing Melody To The Song ( Day Dreaming) 4. The Moment I Said ex.( Your Pulling The Life Out Of Me)( No Hesitation)( Your Scarring Me Today) Next Wrote With Josh 15 years Ago 6. No Or Never ex. Pure Magic Lyrics ( Clock Work Songs Only No The Words)( It,s All Playing Out)( It,s No One Fault On The Last Night)Last 7. Hide And Seek ex. ( The Dust Has Only Just Begin To Fall)( Where There Dreams) ex. Set ex. Solo vg./ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing See Potential There.

JOSH  GROBAN  8–45 pm–10–25 pm

Singer/ Songwriter/ Pianist .With String Section ex.ex./ Brass Section ex.ex./ Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex./ Drums ex.ex./                 Percussion ex.ex. Lead ex.ex./ Bass ex.ex./ Harp ex.ex./ 4 B/V ex.ex./ Later Choir ex.ex. Josh Vocals/ Piano ex.ex.ex. 1. Bigger Than Us ex.( Hands Held Up To The Sky)( We Can Change) 2. You Are Loved ex.( Don,t Give Up)( It,s The Brains Of The World)( Take Me Back) Josh Been Going 18 yrs 3. Won,t Look Back ex. ( Sometimes I,m Falling But That,s What You Do To Me)( Don,t Look Back) Josh Had Music Lesson,s As A Kid And Sent To Art Camp.4. Granted ex. ( If You Had A Dream Chase It)( We Will Find Out How You Are) 4 B/V Just Heavenly Overall Sound Pure Magic Genius. Josh Outstanding Front Man/ Story Teller And Actor 5.Pure Imagination ex. From L/P Stages ( Come With Me Into A World Of Pure Imagination)( If You Want To See) 6. Oceano ex.( We Will Take Them)( It,s Such A Shake Up)( Great Sea Scene On Screen) 6a Instrumental From Orchestra Pure Magic Sounds. 7.Play Me ex.( Neil Diamond Cover)( You Are The Sun I Am The Moon Play Me) Piano/                 Accordion Love This Song 8. Christmas Song ex. Amazing Acoustic Lead ( Help To Make The Season Bright)( Santa On His Way)( Merry Christmas To You) Duet With Louise Dearman. Next Another Duet 9. All I Ask Of You ex.( From Phantom Of The Opera) Pure Magic Genius ( You Beside Me And Hold Me And Hide Me)( Cherish Each Day)( Say You Love Me That,s All I Ask Of You) 10. Lullaby ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Songwriting 11. Hear My Pray ex.( From Les Miserable s) Josh On Walk About In Crowd Came Very Near To Me ( Let Me Die)( Bring Me Home) 12. Awake ex. Brilliant Overall Sounds 13. Alla Luce Del Sole Lovely Spanish Song Just Pure Magic Sounds From Orchestra Strings/ Guitar,s/ Keys/Sythi/ Piano/ Drums/ Percussion And Brass Section Just Wonderful 14. The River ex.( Some Days I,m To Proud To Ask)( I Walk Down To The River) 4 B/V Pure Heavenly Using Pink Lasers 15. You Raise Me Up ex.( You Raise Me Up So I Can Stand On Mountains)( You Raise Me Up To Battle Stormy Seas) Next From Ali Beal TV Series Encore 16. To Were You Are ex.( Who Can Say For Certain)( All The Tears) Brilliant Overall Sounds From Band And Vocals 17.Bridge Over Trouble Waters ex.( Simon And Garfunkel Cover) Pure Magic Vocals From Josh And Brilliant Music Score From Orchestra Josh Has So Much Passion In His Vocals Best Solo Act For 2018 What A Magical Night At The Musicals Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And  Music Scores         Amazing Graphics On Screen Also On Screen Great Views Of Josh And Orchestra ex. Light And Lasers ex. Mixing


BEAST  IN  BLACK  7–45 pm–8–30 pm

First Time Seeing This Band They Blew My Mind Outstanding Brilliant Musicians Lead ex.ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex. Rhythm/ Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Vocals ex.ex. 1. Beast In Black ex. Outstanding Overall Sound From Band 2. Eternal Fire ex. Brilliant Songwriters ( In The Shadows Of Darkness)( Where Evil Lurks Pure Magic Overall Sounds) 3. Blood Of The Lion ex. Brilliant Musicians Just Love Them 4. The Fifth Angel ex.( Just The Way) One Hell Of A Front Man And Storey Teller ( Do You Remember The Night We Meet) 5. Ghosts In The Rain ex. ( Your Hear Again You Fill My Eyes)( Thing,s You Do And Say Kill Me Every Time)( I,m Calling Your Name) 6. Born Again ex. Add On Sythi/ Keys B/T Outstanding Guitar/ Drums And Vocals 7. Crazy/ Mad/ Insane ex. From 2 nd L/P ( I Had A Crazy Life) 8. Blind And Frozen ex.( Can You Imagine)( As You Wake)( As You Reach For The Fire) Add Keys B/T ( The Night And Day)( As We Lift The Fire) 9. End Of The World ex. Just Love This Band A Fresh Air Of Magic Brilliance This Band I Can,t Wait To See Again. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

NIGHT  WISH  9 pm—10–30 pm

Finnish Symphonic Gothic Metal Band Formed 1996. Toumas Holopainen Key Songwriter Emppul Vusrinen Guitarist Floor Jansen Vocals Marco Hibtala Bass Troy Donockly Flutes/Guitar/ Bagpipes And Acoustic Jukka Neval Ainen Drums. Intro B/T Swan Heart Performed By Troy Donockley 1. Dark Chest Of Wonders Simply Amazing Stage Set Up (  A Cross The Sea)(This  Night Will Be). Speaking To Crowd No Mobile Phones Please. 2. Wish I Had A Angel ex. ( As Angels Go To Dust) Overall Sound Pure Genius ( Shadows Of Angels) 3. 10 th Man Down ex. Her Vocals Are So Magical. ( Give It To Me)( Set Me Free)( I Pray For Love) Lots Of Flames Different Colours Great Pyrotechnics Pure Magic Intro 4. Come Over Me ex.( I Live For Love)( With Me And You)( Come Come Cover Me With You) Out Of This World Vocals And Harmonies 5. Gethsem)ane ex. About Road Trip Or Memory Lane. ( Way Back In Time Get Seven) One Hell Of A Front Women Magic Brilliance And Overall Sounds And Outstanding Musicians 6. Elan ex. Magic Key/ Piano Intro ( It,s Going To Great You)( As The Serpent Lashes)( You Be Long To Me)( As We Reach The Dawn) Outstanding Flute Work ( Shooting Stars) 7. Sacrament Of Wilderness ex. ( As The Night Falls)( Many Angels In The Sky)( Take The Angels)( This Tender Love) Amazing Snow Mountain Graphics On Screen 8. Dead Boys Poem ex. ( Holy Your Heart)( To A Beautiful Life) Boy Graphics With Birds.( Everything I Wish Of The Night)( Reach For The Wisdom) Outstanding Storey Telling And Acting Spoken Word ( Without Tears) Lots Of Dry Ice Spoken Word B/T 9. Elvenpath ex. Amazing Flute And Drum Intro Very Galic Flute/ Bagpipes ( You Will Understand)( And Remember Me)( Take Me For A Ride) 10. I Want My Tears Back ex.( We Be Marching Back) More Mountain Graphics Vocal Dancing Around Stage 11.  Memories ex. ( Fairground Graphics More Flames Amazing Lead/ Bass/ Keys/ Drums And Vocals 12. About A Carpenter From The Dark Ages And Myths Carpenter ex.( How You Are)( Open too)( Come To The Soldiers)( I See You In Funny Places)    13. Last Ride Of The Day ex.( Don’t Help Me)( I Don,t Care)( We Must Fight) 14 Devil And The Deep Ocean ex.( Time For Wickedness) 15. The Kin-Slayer ex.( I Am) Amazing Overall Sounds 16. Nemo ex.( Summertime) Flame Graphics 17. Slayer The Dreamer ( Take My Soul)( 18. Greatest Show On Earth ex. Brilliant Songwriting 19. Ghost Love Score ex Pure Magic Overall Sound From Band Just Love Them Ending B/T ( The Understanding) This Has Been A Pure Magic Production \Of Music At It,s Very Best Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores Outstanding Pyrotechnics Brilliant Screen And Graphics ex. Lights ex. Mixing One Of My Favourite Gigs For 2018. Love It.-



ASTRID  NORWAY  7–45 pm–8–15  pm

Guitar ex. Astrid Vocals ex.ex. Drums ex. Key/ Sythi / Piano 1. Emotion ex. Outstanding Overall Sound ( Best Of Your Love)( Did You Forget I Don,t Give Any Emotion) Brilliant Vocal Range 2. Jump vg. ( There No One Around)( I Keep Getting Thoughts In My Head)( I,m Really Crazy Using  My Head)( Oh Oh Ha) Amazing Band With Her ( They Are Watching Me) 3. Think Before I Talk vg. ( There A Life And I’ve Crossed It)( I Get Emotionally)( Maybe I Should Think Before It,s Me) 4. Hyde vg .( When He,s Gone)( Your The One)( To Fill The Space)( Don,t Mind Me) 5. Breathe vg. A Little Flimsy In The Lyric Writing ( When I See You)( I Saw Into You)( When I,m With You) 6. Hurts So Good ex.( Fight Me Off)( You Said You Loved Me But Your Lying)( It Hurts So Bad) This Is A Much Stronger Written Song I See Lots Of Perpetual There ( It Taste So Good But You Break It) Great Stage Presence From Astrid 7. Such A Boy ex. About Boys Being Boys ( I Like To Dance)( Later You Lay In My Bed)( I Want You)( When The Music Starts To Fade)( And Your In My Bed Again)( Don,t Be Such A Boyfriend 8. Attic ( Say A Little)( When Your Face Looks Cloudy)( I Need You) ex. Set ex. Solo And Band ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

YEARS  YEARS  8–45 pm—10–15  pm

Stage Set Looks Wonderful Massive Screen At Back. Drums ex.ex. Vocals ex.ex. Key/ Sythi/ Piano/Lead B/V ex.ex. 2nd Keys/ Sythi/ Piano/ Bass 4 Dancers 2 B/V Girl And Guy ex.ex. 1. Sanctify ex.( Saved By The Light)( Sanctify The Love) 2. Shine ex. This Was A Big Hit For Them Every Time I See This Band They Get Better And  Better Amazing Songwriting And Overall Sounds 3. Karma ex.( So Many Questions)( I Can See) Main Keys/ Guitar And Key Pre Sets ( I Feel They Are Chasing Me)( I Feel The Passion) 4. Meteorite ex. ( Love Me Like It,s The Last Night)( Hit Me Like A Meteorite) 5. Eyes Shut ex.( Message Of Love)( Iv,e Got The Light)( Nothing Going To Hurt Me When My Eyes Are Shut)( I Want To Bring A Good Life For You) 6. Lucky Escape ex. Vocals Only Amazing Front Man Just Pure Magic Key/ Bass ( Your Never The Same) 7. Gold ex. ( I Can Find)( I Give You What You Want)( You Take Me Up)( I Can Play That Game)( Everything Is Gold)( I’ve Got To Be The One To Set You Up) 8. Desire ex. ( I,ll Show You What Your Missing)( I Want Desire)( You Know Your Mine) Pure Magic Overall Sounds. 9. Palo Santo ex. Brilliant Songwriting Just Love This Band 10. Ties ex. ( I Want To Be The One)( Tell Me How You Feel It)( Everyone Shouting Your Name)( Going To Be The One) 11. Preacher ex.( Come On Out) Bass/ Key Guitar.( Love Sensation) 12. Hallelujah ex.( Somebody Like You)( I,ll Take You)( You Really Hurt)( Somebody Like You) 13. No Tears Left To Cry ex.( Arianna Grande Cover) Amazing Overall Sound From Band Magic Vocals And Harmonies 14. Like A Prayer ex.( Madonna Cover)( I Hear Your Voice)( I Close My Eyes)( Just Like A Prayer) 15. Worship ex. ( Praise Him)( Nobody Like You) Brilliant Songwriting. 16. Rendezvous ex. ( Do I Have To Keep) Brilliant Overall Sounds From Band 17. If Your Over Me ex.( You Told Everyone Our Love Went Cold) Pure Magic Stage Presence Love This Song One Hell Of A Front Man 18. All For You ex.Outstanding Graphics. 19. Play ex.( I Used To Be)( I Want You)( It,s The Night)( Boyfriend I,ll Dance The Night With You) 20. 4. Dancers Great Dance Routines Tonight. 20 King ex.( Have What You Want In Me) Big Hit For Them. ( King On The Open Road) What Amazing Night At The Apollo Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing Outstanding Graphics.



Lea ( Rachel) From Glee T/V Series And Darren Criss From Glee With Amazing Band First 3 . Songs Duets Lea/ Vocals ex.ex.ex. Darren Vocals/ Acoustic ex.ex. Band Lead M/D ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Piano/ Keys/ Sythi ex.ex. Not Been To Manchester Since 2011. This Was A Pure Magic Evening Of Songs From Glee And From Musicals Both Of Them Are Songwriters Just Love Them 1. Broadway Baby ( Stephen Sondheim) ex. ( I,ll Be In A Show) Vocals From Another Planet Pure Magic Overall Sound From Band 2. Suddenly Seymour ex. ( He Was Her Man) Amazing Songwriting Quite A Lot Of Covers Tonight Just The Tops. 3. Falling Slowly ex. From Little Shop Of Horrors ( Musical) Darren/ Acoustic Then Darren Leaves  Stage Leaving Lea To Do Here Solo Spot Can,t Wait Love Her Vocals


Lea Vocals And Band Just Heavenly She Has A Voice Of Angel And Outstanding Vocal Range And One Hell Of A Singer 4. Cannonball ex. From Her Louder  L/P ( The Truth I Was Going Under)( I’ve Got To Get Out)( I Close My Door)( I Was Terrified I Was Loosing My Mind) Talking To Crowd In A World Like This Now We Need Happiness. 5. Some Where Over A Rainbow ex. Pure Magic Cover ( Away Above The Chimney Pots)( Blue Birds Fly) 6. Don’t Rain On My Parade ex.( Julie Style Cover) Outstanding Overall Sounds 7. Lea And Piano Only Rest Of Band Off Poker Face ex. ( Lady Gaga Cover)( I Want To Hold Them Like You)( Oh Oh)( I,ll Show Him What I’ve Got) 7 a. Edge Of Glory ex.( Lady Gaga Cover)( I’ve Got A Reason To Take You Home)( Edge Of Reason) Brilliant Vocals And Band Back On Picked 3 Songs Out Of 800 Songs 8. Glitter In The Air ex.( Pink Cover) So Emotionally Pulls At Your Heart Strings Her Vocals Are Just Like Angel 9. Run To You ex. ( You,ll Be Safe In These Arms Of Mine)( I,ll Run To You) 10. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas ex.( Happy Golden Days) 11. Duet With Darren Get Away Car ex. Beautiful Love Song With Outstanding Lyrics And Music Scores Brilliant Overall Sound Magic.


4. Cough Syrup ( Young And The Giant Cover) ex.( You Got To Find Away) 5. Hopelessly Devoted ex.( This Is Not The First)( I Know I.m Just A Fool)( There No Where To Hide) Pure Magic Overall Sound. 6. Going Nowhere ex. ( I Told Her We Were Out Time Looser,s) Ryan Lead M/D And Songwriter Love His Vocals 7. I Dreamed A Dream ( Claude Michael Chonberg Cover)( When I Was Young And Afraid)( I Still Dream She,ll Come To Me) Outstanding Lyrics.8. Faith ex. ( George Michael Cover)( I Want You Know.) Amazing Vocals And Overall Sound 9. Somewhere Only We Know ex. (Keane Cover) Brilliant Song Writing I Feel Keane Is One Of The Most Underrated Artist And Songwriter 10. Foolish Things ex. About Magic Castle And Myths ( Falling In Love)( I,ll Leave It All Behind) 11. Not Alone ex. ( Surrounded By Darkness)( Your Not Alone)( I Know It,s Not Easy) 12. About A Musical He Wrote On Harry Potter Going Back To Hogwarts ( A.V.P.M. Snippet He Wrote) vg. 13. Teenage Dream ex. ( Don,t Ever Look Back) From Soft Sounds To A Crescendo Of Rock Flowing From Band ( We Will Be Your,s For Ever) Lea Back On To Duets With Darren


Shallow ex.( From The Star Is Born)( Lady Gaga/ Bradley Cooper Cover)( Tell Me Something Girl In The Modern World) Love This Song. 13. This Time ex.( Glee Cast Song) Love The Rock Bits In The Music Score ( Never Stop Believing)( Carry Me Home) 14. Don’t You Want Me ex ( Human League Cover)( Don’t You Want Me Baby)( I Was Working As A Waitress In A Down Town Bar) 15. Last Sung In Capella Just The Two No Band Or Mikes Make Me Feel Your Love ex. ( The Storms Are Raging Over The Wild Sea)( To Make You Feel My Love) This Is Pure Magic There Voices Are Like Angels Filling The Theatre With Magic Sounds This Has Been A Truly Magical Evening Amazing Set Fantastic Lea And Darren And Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.




This Was A Wonderful Support Tonight Doing Some Amazing Organ/ Key And Sythi Work And Amazing Add On,s The Music He Played Tonight Was Very Different To What He Normally Plays Some Great Rock Sounds With Orchestral Magic Including Queen And Many Top Artist Just Love His Work Amazing Set Fantastic Solo Brilliant Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.


Damon Albarn Vocals/ Piano ex.ex.ex. Paul Simonon Bass ex.ex.ex. ( Crash) Keys/ Piano/ Sythi Drums ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Rhythm And Percussion 1. Intro Instrumental And Spoken Word A Crescendo Of Rock Sounds From A Quiet Landscape Being   2. Merrier Land ex. ( If Your Leaving Like A Silver Jubilee)( Please Leave Your Number) This Band Have Recorded Two L/P Merrier Land 2018. and The Good Bad And The Queen 2007. L/P. Other Members Tony Allen And Simon Tong ( You Can Fly To The Moon) 3.Gun To My Head ex. ( We Don’t What To Share Our Lives With Anyone) Songs Portray The Fairground And The Seaside Songwriting Pure Magic 4. Nineteen Seventeen ex. ( I See Myself)( From This Time Today)( Are You Still Hear Or Am I Loosing You)( I See Bits Of England) 5. The Great Fire ex. ( With Male Choir)( As He Smiles)( At The End Of Day)( Altercation)( Head Of Fairy Lights) Damon Vocals/ And Meladron 6.Lady Boston ex. (There We Go)( Where Do We Go Now)      ( The Cliffs Edge And The Sea)(Where Do We Go Now)( I,ll Take You Home)( Well Meet Again) 7. Drifters And Trawlers ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds Just Heavenly Vocals 8. The Truce Of Twilight ex. ( This Our Dream Around)( When The Sky Is Perfect)( Hold Own) 9 Ribbons ex. Damon/ Acoustic Amazing Overall Sound And Songwriting 10. The Last Man To Leave ex. ( We Come At Last To England) Pure Magic Overall Sound From Band. Just Brilliant Musicians Damon Vocals Just Outstanding And B/V From Band. 11. Last Track From B Side Of  New L/P The Poison Tree Instrumental ex. Pure Magic Songwriting End Of Set. Love The New L/P 10 Min. Interval.

SET  2.

Some Tracks From 1 st L/P The Good The Bad And The Queen 11. History Song ex.( If You Don,t  Know Now)( The Strangers And The Hangers On)  Damon Is Such Amazing Songwriter And Musicians Just Love His Work 12. 80’s Life ex.( Where Did I See The Light) ( All Time Has Stopped) Amazing Guitar/ Keys/ Percussion And Drums Brilliant Vocals And Harmonies 13. Nature Springs( With Cok Penrayin) ex. Amazing Violin Sounds And Overall Sounds 14. Kingdom Of Doom ex. ( There A Noise In The Sky)( I See Everything In Black And White)( When The Sunlight Turns Into Night) 15. There Changes ex. Every Song Is So Perfect Just Pure Magic Genius. 16. Encore The Good The Bad`The Queen Tittle Track Of First L/P ex.( Spring Time)( Moving Out Side)( I Get So Excited) Love The Song. This Has Been A Fabulous Evening At The Amazing North Pier There Where So Many Big Names Started In This Theatre We Need More Concerts Hear Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores Amazing Male Choir Who Were Singing In The Bar Area As We Went Out ex. Lights ex. Mixing Can,t Wait For Damon To Come Again.


LAVA LA RUE  8 pm—8–30 pm

Intro Hey My Brothers B/T  D/J Michalis vg. Lava Rap Vocals D/J Very Drum And Bass 1. Touch My Generation vg. D/J Could Be  Better Lava ex. Great Sound 2. The Song Is Out  Therevg Vocals ex. ( It Grows And Grows)( I Hold You Tight And Squeeze You Through The Night ( As The Sun Come Up) 3. Extra vg. ( Try To Fly Your Wings) Great Songwriting ( I Just Love To See Things) 4. Touch Your Mind ex. ( See How I Am)( I Like My Coffee) Great Songwriting And Very Short Songs 5. Doctor Love About A Problem Boyfriend ( I Ain’t To Shaw)( I Just Want To Be Loved)( If  A Flower Dies)( I Can,t Help You Baby)( Can,t You See How Much I Hurting) 6. Walk On vg. About A Long Distant Relationship ( I Just Want You For My Self) 7. With It  vg. Vocals Mix And Rap Vocals ( Are You With It) 8. Want You To Play vg. Vocal Rap ( Take It Right At Me) Great Drum Mix And Sythi Drum Pads 9. Trying vg. ( What Are You Going To Do) Great Overall Sound 10. It,s The Galaxy vg. (There,s Always Pain Around Me) 11. Missed You vg.  Great Overall Sounds 12. 24. vg. Lava Lives Nr. Abbey Road West London ( I’ve Got A 24.)( To The West Side) 13. Bonny vg. ( We Don,t Give A Dame)( We Don,t Care)( We Are Fucking Bad) ex. Set ex. Solo vg D/J. vg, Rap Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing. See Lots Of Perpetual There.

CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS 9–15 pm. 10–45 pm

Chris Tour .Amazing Singer/ Songwriter Very Theatrical From, France With Amazing Band And Dancers Christine Vocals ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Key/ Sythi / Piano ex.ex. Lead ex.ex  2nd Keys/ Sythi/ Piano/ Bass ex.ex. 6. Dancers 3 Girls 3. Guys ex.ex. 1. Comme Si ( Lets Fight)( It,s Sexually) Christine Vocals Pure Magic Brilliant Dance Routine. 2. Girlfriend ex. ( Your Everything) Pure Magic Overall Sound 3. Le G. ex.( We Miss Some) Brilliant Songwriting 4. Science Fiction ex.( Baby Look At Me) Love The Dance Routine ( Some Love)( You Can Feel The Best Of Me) 5. Make Some Sense ex.( Make It For You) Some Amazing Vocal Sounds And Vocal Range From Christine Outstanding Work From Band. 6. Paradis Perdus ex. Amazing Songwriting Her 1 st L/P Shadows Of Men And Her 2nd L/P Crisp ( Bad Again)( You Could Be Bad Again) Brilliant Key And Drum Work Just Love The Song. 7. It ex.( Time To Break Down The Walls)( I Pray) 2nd Keys/ Bass Main Keys B/V ( You Got Me)( There Nothing You Can Do) 8. Feel So Good ex.( I Need Somebody) 9. Tilted ex. ( I,m Shaula Good) 10. 5. Dollars ( Since I  Played Wrong) Pure Magic Front Women/ Storey Teller/ Actress And Dancer 11. Whats Her Face ex.( She Was Everything Of Mine) 12. Here ex. Great Stage Presentation. And Overall Sound 13. The Stranger ex. Outstanding Dance Routines 14. Goya Soda ex. ( He,s Away From My Side)( Moments To See)( I Was 16. You Were 15. Outstanding Songwriting 15. Damn ex.( What Must A Women Do) 16. Muit 17 a 52 ex.( Capella With Snippet)( Love What You Do) Capella With Out Band ( I,m Going To Carry On)Lovely French Lyrics 17. Doesn’t Matter ex. Amazing Overall Sounds From Band Christine Just Fabulous 18. The Walker ex. Brilliant Songwriting Just Magic Performance 19. Encore Saint Claude ex. Fantastic Music Score And Lyrics 20.          In Tranquillity ex. A Fantastic Finish To A Incredible Evening. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Score ex. Lights ex. Mixing


M.J. BOLTON  7–30 pm  7–50  pm

Singer/ Songwriter Guitarist ex. Lead B/V ex. Bass B/V ex. Leave this Town vg. ( Stared Into The Dark) Really Like This Artist.   2. I Was Born ex. ( As I Chattered Away)( Everyone Is Sleeping) Amazing Songwriting ( Flowers Growing Through The Creepers) First Time In Blackpool From South End On Sea 3. Family vg.  ( He,s A Family Guy)( Nothing Seems As It Seems)( He Feels He Is Wasted) Some Great Guitar And Double Bass. 4 This Will Be Hard ex. ( I,m Singing)( Town In A Changing Light)( Just March On)( Can,t Remember Where Iv,e Been 5. Shaun Patrick vg .Song About A Drunken Irish Man ( I Lost Everything I Blundered)( Very My Thoughts)( So I Can See Sky)( Bury My Bones So I Can See The Sky) ex. Set ex. Trio ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

CONOIRY  8 pm–8–30 pm

Vocal/ Songwriter/ Acoustic ex. Lead / B/V ex. Bass/ B/V ex. Drums ex. ( You Got Me Caught In A Spell)( Half The Chance I,ll Be Back In Your Bed ( Play Love Games)( Paris And Eiffel Tower)( We Going To Trafalgar)( She A Love Child)( She Got A Poison Spell) 2. Village Moves ex. About A Guy Being Bitten By A Wolf ( I Feel More Hairy Than Usual) Very Like A Irish Show Band. 3. Whiskey On The Side ex. ( There A Place I Rather Be)( I,ll Drink Another Glass Of Wine) 4. Teddy Bears ex. Story About A Guy Who Killed His Girlfriend Because He Loved Her ( I Know It,s True)( I,m Sorry I Let You Down) Great Vocals And Storey Telling And Brilliant Overall Sound ( Sorry That Your Dead 5. Carry You Home vg. ( It ,s So Pretty If It Wasn’t So Cold)    ( You Like Your Life To The Show)( I,m Taking That Long Journey Home) 6. Skittles Of The Night ex. Love The Song And Overall Sound ex. Set ex. Band vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex Mixing


Paul Vocals/ Rhythm ex.ex. Jacqui Vocals/ Tambourine ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Keys /Sythi/ Piano ex.ex Drums ex.ex. The Last King Of Pop Tour Intro 1. I Got To Praise ex.( When Lightning Makes A Sound)( Look Into His Eyes)( Inside My Head)( I Hope You Realise) Pure Magic Overall Sound ( I,ll Never Leave You) 2. Me And The Farmer vg.( House Martins)( My Brothers And Sisters) 3. Old Red Eyes Is Back)( B/S) Outstanding Guitar/ Drums/ Keys And Vocal Work 4. Moulding A Fool ex. ( Maybe We Will Have A Chance)( I’ve Got To Praise The Lord)( I’ve Got To Find Some Loving) 5. 1997. Prettiest Eyes (B/S) ( Us To Part)( It,s A Spell) Magic Overall Sound From Band And Heavenly Vocals ( We Will Build A House) 6. Rotterdam ( Or Anywhere)( B/S) ex ( I Don,t See Them)( All You Bring When I See You)( On A Rainy Day He,s Good To Me)( Lay Down Beyond The Grave) 7. Flag Day ( House Martins) ex. ( Lost In D.I Y)( She Took It Out Of My Hands) 8. Real Hope ex ( No Escape) Amazing Songwriting And Overall Sounds And Magic Vocals 9.I Don,t See Them ex. ( Everyone Is Beautiful) Both The Vocals Are Pure Magic Paul Harmonica Work Brilliant Using A Glitter Ball Back Of Stage 10. Build ex.( House Martins)( Playing On A Jukebox)( The Problem Is Me)( All The Powers Can See)( Baby Please) Very Calypso Music Score 11. The Austerity Of Love ex. ( Bring Me Out Of The Door)( It,s A Honey Comb) 12. Manchester ex.( B/S) ex.( Your Trying To Change The World)( It,s A Waste Of Time)( Two Many Hands To Many Hearts) 13. 7 inch Singles ( I Try To Be Famous) About The X Factor ( Try To Follow Your Dreams) Brilliant Songwriting And Overall Sound 14. D.I.Y. ex. ( Rain Troops On My Face)( Winter Turns To Spring) 15. She,s Got A Garden ex. Pure Magic Genius ( Just When You Think She,s Got It)( She Got The Movements ) 16. Don ,t Marry Her ex.( B/S)( Carry On Regardless)( I Want My Love) Amazing Piano And Brass And Overall Band 17. Good As Gold ( Stupid As Mud)( B/S) ex. ( It Will Never Be)( Down In San Francisco)( Throw Away The Key)( Sunshine On San Francisco Bay) 18. A Little Time ( B/S) ex.( I Need A Little Time To Find My Feet)( Don,t Ya) Pure Magic Vocals And Overall Sound From Band 19. Perfect 10. ( B/S) ex. ( She A Perfect 10. And A Sweet 16.)( You Knock On My Door)( Take Me Tonight) 20. Encore Poems ex. ( Don,t Sit There)( Stepping Into Love) Brilliant Lyrics ( Live By Your Heart) Love This Song. 21. Happy Hour ( House Martins) Big Band Intro. ( What A Good Place To Be)( For England)( Tell Me All Again) 22. You Keep It All In ex. ( You Know Your Problems)( Things You Had To Be) 23. Song For Whoever ex. ( I Love You)( Cheek To Cheek)( I,ll Sing These Songs For You) Outstanding Lead/ Bass/ Keys/ Sythi/ Drums And Brass. Heavenly Vocals ( Wrote This Song For You) 24.Last King Of Pop ex. First Time Live. ( I,m The King Of Pop)( Come Back To England) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Fabulous Vocals Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores Ex. Lights Ex. Mixing One Hell Of A Show At The Wonderful Empress Ballroom.



OLIVA  8–05 pm –8–25 pm

Singer/ Songwriter Oliva Vocals ex. Guy Lead/ Rhythm ex. Great Sound For Duo 1. Always Me ex.( You Want Me)( You Keep Saying You Love Me)( You Always Say Things You Don,t Mean ( I Always Seem To Loose) 2. Password Change vg. ( I Want To Talk  But The Football On)( I Can Be A Handful)( Whats Gone On) 3. Crosswords ex.( On A Good Day Like This)( Fish Out Of Water)( You Want To Make Me Better)( I,m To In Love With You) 4. Wide Your Vier ( I Don,t Want To Wait In Vein For You)    ( Don,t Treat Me Like A Puppet On A String)( It,s Been 3 years)( Knocked On Your Door) 5. Reasons To Stay ex ( Build Love On The Line) New Single ( It,s Cool To Be Honest) ex. Set ex. Duo vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing. Second Time Seeing.

JAIN  WARM  UP TOUR  9 pm–10–10 pm

Jain Singer/ Songwriter Electronic Wizard And Guitarist Jain Vocals/ Sythi Buttons Pre Sets/ Lap Top/ Loop Machine And Gadget On Her Arm What Plays Things Back Never Stopped Dancing Around Stage The Young Artist Is A Pure Magic Genius With A Voice Of A Angel Intro Very Sythi Based 1. On My Way ex. ( To A Richer Place)( Your Fears And Tears) Amazing Graphics On Black Back Cloth 2. Mr Johnson ex. Amazing White Noise From Sythi And Brilliant Mixed Overall Sounds ( Just Want To Be Free)( Be For Night Is Over)( Just Come Back) First Time In Manchester If You Want To See A Brilliant New Artist You Must See Jain A Blast Of Fresh Air Onto The Music Scene. She Will Rock Your Boat. 3. Heads Up ex. ( Fears Of The Mistakes We Made)( All The Stars Seem To Glow) Arms Swaying From Crowd This Artist Is Pure Magic Genius Fabulous Overall Sound ( Heading For Your Lies) 4. Hope ( Try To Be And Make It Better)( I,m Working For Free) Amazing Songwriting More Sythi Vocal Sounds Next From Soldier L/P 5. Alright ex. Song About Being Independent As A Women ( It,s Going To Be Alright) Amazing Pre Set Melody Very Catchy ( It,s Just Fine) Pyramid Graphics Great Singing From Crowd 6.Come ex. Wrote When She Was 16 Years Old Vocal/ Guitar Amazing Cloud Graphics ( I,m Yours)( Your Taking Me Away) Lots Of Pre Set Melodies And Sythi Mixing One Hell Of A Front Women/ Storey Teller And Actress It,s So Thrilling Watching This Artist Perform Her Magic 7. Dynabeat ex. ( All The Night) Add On Vocals On Loop Machine ( You Can Dance) Great Moving From Crowd The Place Is Really Rocking 8.Flash ex. ( Pointe Noire)( Shine On Me)(Soon Your Ready)(It,s Free)( Show Me Love) This Has Been A Magical Gig For Me. 9. Inspect a ( Show Me The Way) Sometimes I Feel) Great Oscillator Mix From Sythi. 10. Great Graphics Star ex. ( You Want To Be A Star)( You Don,t Know Who You Are)( My Own Revolution)( I Want To Break Away) Crowd Jumping Wild 11. Paris ex. Song About Love.( The Stories You Had)( Care The Seasons So A Light)( Things Are So Serious) 12. Soldier ex. ( Fight With Love) About A Soldier Soul Vocal/ Acoustic ( As He Fights For His Dreams)( A Rainbow In His Eyes)( He Is Fighting For Love And More) 13. Oh Man ex.( She,s Had Your Heart) Another Magic Melody From Jain. Such Happy Songs ( Your Living The Dream)( You Love Her) Graphics Like A Rubik Cube 14.  Makeba ex. Very Drum/ Bass Mix.( She,s So Pressures)( I Want To See You Fight) More Amazing Graphics Pure Magic Overall Sound Brilliant Jumping From Crowd Amazing Set Fantastic Solo Artist Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex Mixing ex Graphics.