WET   7–30 pm–8  pm

Singer/ Songwriter ex. With Band Sythi/ Mixing with pre sets ex. Lead ex. Wet Vocals ex.ex. 1. It,s All In Vain ex.( Tell Me Baby )( I Don,t Believe You) 2. Sythi/ Bass With Drum Pre Sets Dead Water ex.( If I Find) Amazing Vocals And Overall Sounds             ( Shake Me) Bass Also Sythi Pre Sets ( Shake Me When It Comes To Me)(Hold Out For Love) Pure Magic Vocals New L/P Still Run 3. There Is A Reason vg. First Single From L/P ( Distance Between Us)( It,s Just Out Of Sight)( There Is A Person By My Side) 4. The Middle ex. ( I’ve Been Walking)( I’ve Been Thinking) 5. Don,t Want To Be You Girl vg. ( Don,t Want To Be With You No More) Sythi Mix And Sythi Drum Pads Great Overall Sound And Songwriting Love Her Vocal Very Electronic/ Pop 6. 11 Hours ex. Pure Magic Vocals And Overall Sound From Band 7. Softens ex. ( I Fear There Something) Brilliant Songwriting ( Sought Out Your Life) Pre Set Sythi Mixing/ Bass ( It,s So Long) Wet From Brooklyn Based Indie/ Pop The Band Has Realised Two L/P 2016 Don,t You. And 2017 Still Run. ex. Set ex. Duo ex. Songs ex. Mixing See Lots Of Perpetual There.

FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE  8–45 pm–10–30 pm

First Return To Manchester Since 2015 This Year Two Intimate Gigs At Halifax And Scunthorpe The Latest Tour In Support Of Her Fourth L/P High As Hope Amazing Wooden Stage Set With Three Platforms And Steps Down And Up Band On 3 rd Level   Keys/ Piano ex.ex. Violin/ B/V ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Percussion ex.ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano/ Acoustic ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Florence Vocals Intro Show Is Ending ( I Can See The Pages) 1. June ex.( Every Day Is June)( It,s So High) Fantastic Stage Presentation And Magical Overall Sound. 2. Hunger ex. ( At 17 I Started To Shame Myself)( The Way You Use Your Body) Great B/V ( We All Came And Wondered 3. Between Two Lungs ex. Some Coral Chant Vocals From Sythi ( Happy Dreams Of Love)( We Are All To Young To Die)( Trapped Between Two Worlds) Girl Violin B/V Keys/ Harp Beautiful 4. Only If For A Night ex.( Come To Me)( You Told Me To Concentrate)( So Magical) 5. Queen Of Peace ex. Amazing Music Score   I Hope The World A Better One)( Something Iv,e Overcome) It,s Driving Me Away) Pure Magic Overall Sounds From Band And Violin. 6. South London Forever ex. About Growing Up There And Teenage Life So Messy Speaking To Crowd. 7 Patricia ex. From New L/P About Life,s Up,s And Downs Keys/ Harp ( You Always Make My Heart Stop)( You Have Always Been My Lost Star)( You Praise God Above)( Where Reality Is Long Forgotten Pure Magic Sounds From Band And  Heavenly Harp And Out Of This World Vocals From Florence And Storey Telling And Dancing So Magical. 8. Dog Days Are Over ex ( Sister And Brothers)( If You Want To Survive) 9. 100 Years ex. Pure Heavenly Overall Sounds ( Turn To The Light) ( Ship To Wreck vg, Great Songwriting ( Nobody Knows) 11. The End Of Love ex. ( I Dreamed Last Night The End Of The World)( Wash Away)( From The Moment I Meet You)( There Something In The Air) 12. Cosmic Love ex. (Your Falling Star Fell) Pure Magic Drumming  And Brilliant Sounds From Band And Heavenly Vocals From Florence ( Stars Come True)(I,m Always In This World) Florence Spinning Like a Ballerina From A Musical Box 13. Delilah ex.( I Want To Be Free)( And Holding On)( A Different Kind Of Angel) Florence Down In Crowd On Walk About’s ( Why Don,t You Let Me Go)( Somethings All Fall Down) 14. What Kind Of Man ex. ( My Feet Don,t Touch The Ground) Pure Magic Sounds Love This Song. 15. Big God ex.( Your World A Crescendo Of Magic Sounds Fill The Air.( Big Enough To Feel Love) 16. Shake It Out ex. ( I Can See)( Keep To My Self) Music At It,s Very Best So Theatrical And Fabulous What A Magic Evening. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Outstanding Vocals From Florence Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Screens ex. Lights ex. Mixing. Can,t Wait For Her To Come Again.





Girl Singer/ Songwriter/ Key/ Sythi And Drum Mix And Key Pre Sets ex. 1. Got Me Thinking ex. ( You Are Sweet And Handsome)( Pull The Sheets Back)( Unconscious Ties) Vocal/Guitar With Pre Set Sythi/ Keys 2. Measurement ex. ( Have The Words Right Out)( And Find My Own Way Out) Next Still On Sythi/ Keys Pre Set And Guitar 3 Your Life Makes Me Come vg.     ( Empty My Feelings)( I Will See You Rise)( To Your Room)( Wasn’t The Sun) 4. Outside vg. ( See You Outside Soaking Wet)( It,s A Cruel Life)( Spinning Space) Great Overall Sound Mixing  Very Clever Musician ( Make My Way Out Slowly) 5. Proud Me Great Songwriting Really Like This Artist 6. I,m On vg. ( I,ll Take You Out)( I ,ll Let You In)( All The Same)( This Thing) Amazing Young Artist See Lots Of Perpetual There ex. Set ex. Solo vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.


Girl Keys/ Sythi/ Piano B/V ex.ex . Girl Rhythm/ Lead/ Vocals ex.ex. Bass B/V ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Intro Just Like You B/T         1. Face Like Thunder ex. ( Baby Lets Have Some Loving)( I Could Be So Free) 2. Somebody You Follow ex. This Is Such A Great Sounding Band Just Love Them. ( Has Something Changed)( You Can Caress Me I’m Not Ready For Love)( The World Is Upside Down) 3. Swim Against The Tide ex. Bass/ Keys B/V Great Overall Sound 4. Cool Blue ex. ( Looking Right And Searching) Pure Magic Songwriting ( I Could Be On To You)( Ever Close To You) 5. Off New L/P You Seemed So Happy ( All These Things)( Anybody Like You) 6. Lila ex. ( Lively)( It,s A Days Life) Pure Magic Sounds From Band Brilliant Rock Vocals Quite Commercial In There Songwriting 7. Follow that Girl ex.( To Love Someone)( I Tell Myself)( Funny Faces) 8. Still ex.( Wake Up Ever Day With You Just Like A School Girl)( It,s The Reason Your So Great) 9 Good Side ex. ( I Can Love You) Pure Magic Songwriting And Magical Sounds From Band 10 A Mash Up Saw You In The Dream ex. ( I Will Change)( Haven’t Talk To You)( I,m Not That Kind Of Guy) Intro 11. Maybe Your The Reason ex. ( I.m Looking For Someone Else) Just Love This Band Amazing Front Women 12. Leon ex. ( You Smile And Your A  Broken Heart)( There Must Be Something More)( When You Kiss  I Saw Right Through)( A Person Comes And Goes)( The Feeling When You Go Down) 13 Clean ex. ( Your The Person In My Head)( I Was Good)( Feeling Lost)( As I Toss Away)( My Soul)( I’ve Always Been Moulded That Way) Pure Magic From Band.     Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing


Norwegian Traditionally Folk Music Group Formed Bay Eirate Selvic Along With Gaahi Lindy Fay All Traditionally Instrument Made By The Group Including Primitive Deer Hide Frame Drums/Flutes Aukehorn Deer Horn/ Krank/ Lyre/ Bass Mini Harp    Hand Held Type Of Violin Made Of Basic Wood Einar Selvic Born 1979 Stage Name Kvitrafn Was Drummer In A Black Metal Band Gorogoroth  2000—2004. Other Instruments Mouth Harp/ Goat Horn/ Lure Other Instruments Band Uses They Have Made 3 L/P Band Dressed As Heathens Or Viking Minstrels Lindy Lets Her Voice Sour To The Sky The Two Main Vocalists Sing Dark Impassioned Melodies Very Coral Gothic Chants In There Vocals Played On Ancient Viking Instruments Thundering Rhythm,s Strange Horns And Droning Sounds It,s Powerful And Hypnotic And Beautiful Dark Stunning Original Drums Banging Stick With Shakes  ex.ex. Horns And Flute B/V ex.ex. Lindy Vocals ex.ex. Gaahi Vocals/ Horns/ Mini Harp And Mouth Harp ex.ex. Eirate Selvic Drums ex.ex. Guy Type Of Violin/B/V ex.ex. Guy Horns/ B/V ex.ex. Intro 2 Horns Very Dark Lighting And Droning Sound 1. Tv Rha Crescendo Of Magical Sounds Filling The Air Outstanding Coral Gothic Vocal Chants 2. Wunjopall Songs In Norwegian I Try To Catch The Odd Word And Put It English And write It As I Hear It And Follow The Traditionally Norwegian Folk Myths In There Songs ( Hail The Star)( I Fear For My Own) Song About War And Life Journey Captivating There Lyric Writing It So Powerful And Pulls At Your Heart Strings They Have Such A Beautiful Vocal Range And Brilliant Heavenly Harmonies From Band. 3. Bjarkan Please Note The Red Lines As Computer Isn’t Excepting The Norwegian Words Intro Very Droning Vocals Magical Overall Sounds ( Hey There) 4. Heimta Tauurs Very Drum Based Intro With Horns Coming In Just Love The Gothic Coral A Vocals Violin Like Instruments Pure Magic Brilliant Lighting Affects 5. Runka ex. Amazing Drum Intro With One Horn Coming In This Band Is So Different  It,s A Magical Experience To See Them Medieval Coral Chants ( The People Are Starving)( We Are Coming) 6. Raido ex. ( Light And Dark)( Silence That’s The End Of You) Vocals Mini Harp Great Finger Picking A Most Beautiful Sound ( We Will Free The Dust Of You)( Tear Those Stumble From Evil Time) About Adventure Through Life Then Death) 7. Voluspa–Skaldie Version Vocals Solo With Mini Harp \Pure Magic With Drum And Bass Rest Of Band Off ( Life Goes On)( He Will Return) 8. Isa ex. Rest Of Band On Girl Vocals Heavenly Magic This Band Is Taking Us Back In Time To A Medieval Time Of Wars And Death And Hardship ( To War)( Keep On) 9. Urur. ex. Intro Flute And Horn 9 Lost In Some Territories Pure Magic Song Writing ( Some England) Magical With Horn And Coral Vocals (A Distance Of Thunder) 10. Algir Stien Klarnar ex. ( Come And See To Night At The Sun Set) Pure Magic Overall Sound  11. Dagr ex. ( See Them) Vocal Mouth Harp ex. Guy Still On Violin Type Of Instrument Girl Percussion Hitting Two Stones Very Primitive Percussion First Time I’ve Seen This ( Hear We Are) 12. Rotlaust Trk Fell ( Come Give Me Straight) ( You Come To Deliver More Wars Come To Me) 13. Feau ex. ( Say It Out Loud) Pure Amazing Vocals ( Send Us) Vocals Mini Harp Heavenly 14. Naudir ex. ( Oh So Glorious)( Leave It To Me)( Leave) Repeat ( They Screamed)( All Our Army) 15. Odal ex. Love The Drums And The Droning Sound ( We Need To) Vocal Deer Horn Guy Flute ( To My Soul) 16. Helvegen ex. About War Myths ( Who Going To Carry On When Were About To Die)( All Our God Fathers Have Gone) Beautiful Horn Sounds And Drums Pure Magic Genius Capella Vocals From Guy Encore Snake Pit Poetry–Skaldic Version Einar Solo Vocal/ Mini Harp ( I  Hear The Lord vex. His Vocals Are So Beautiful Have Such Amazing Feeling Fill The Air With Magic Amazing Set Fantastic Band \Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing This Has Been A Magical Journey Tonight Love Them.


NADIA  ROSE  7–40 pm–8–10 pm

Nadia Vocal/ Rapper/ Songwriter ex. D/J ex. 2 . Dancers ex. 2. M/C B/V Rappers Missed First Song 2. Missed Title vg. Great Stage Presence 3. I Know Every Day vg. Great Overall Sound So Much Energy Brilliant Movement On Stage 4.Right To Bug Me In ex. Great Songwriting Talking  To Crowd Great Stage Presence 5. I See You vg. Great Dance Routine Love It 6. Shake That Bum. vg.( We Are Wasted In The Rain)( I Want To Take Care Of You) Really Like This Hip Hop Group Great Mixing From D/J Burns ex. Set ex. Solo ex. M/C And Dancers vg. Rap Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

INDIA  LOVE  8–30 pm—8–45 pm

Singer/ Songwriter/ Vocal And Hip Hop India Love Vocals ex To B//T Studio Quality Backing Music ex. 1. Let Me Show You How I Do It ex. Amazing Overall Sound 2. Trouble ex. ( When I Come)( I,m The Chick Your Looking For)( I Need Your Love)      ( I,m Trouble Trouble)( I Want Your Love) Video On Screen Showing A Storey 3. Talking Shit vg.( Giving Space) (I,m As High As A Cat)( High As A Plane) Amazing`Rap Lyrics And Songwriting Really Like This Artist With Brilliant Stage Presence And Vocal/ Rap ex. Set ex. Solo ex. B/T ex. Screen Video,s ex. Lights ex. Miking See Lots Of Perpetually In This Artist

THE  BLACK  EYED  PEAS  9 pm—11 pm

Will I Am Vocal/ Rap ex.ex. Guy D/J ex.ex. 2 nd Member Guy Vocal/ Rap 3 rd Member Guy Vocal/ Rap New Girl Jay Raiser ex. Rap Stage Set Up As A Pyramid With Levels Of Floors Band At Top Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. And D/J Desk With Mixing ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Outstanding Band With Brilliant Musicians And Outstanding Lights And Graphics on Screen The Master Sun Tour. 1. Back Hip Hop ex. Just The 3. Vocal/ Rap On Stage Outstanding Overall Sound And Great Rap/ Vocals 2. Let’s Get It Started vg.( Loose Control) 3. Irma Be ex. Amazing Overall Sound 4. Rock That Body ex.( I Want To Get Fiscal Tonight)( And Rock Your Body) 5. They Don,t Want Music/ Boom Boom Pow ex. ( Got To Get)( I’ve Got That Boom Boom)( We Got To Beat That Thing) 6. Smells Like Fuck ( Taboo’s Verse And Chorus) Next Introduces New Girl Singer Jay Raiser ex.ex.Missed Out At Being 2 nd And 3 rd Members ex.ex. Jay From The Philippians Started Singing At The Age Of 5 Years This Girl Is Amazing Outstanding Vocal/ Rap. 7. Shut Up ex. Outstanding Stage Presence From The Four Just Magical Just Love Them Brilliant Songwriting Band Is Just Fabulous And Incredible Musicians 8. Pump It ex.( Pump A Little Louder Amazing Song Talking To Crowd Join In The Party ( Turn Up The Radio)( Really Rock) 9 Music Interlude From Band (Spooky) Amazing Sythi Work From Keys And Brilliant Sound From Band. 10. Dopiness ex. Just Three Guys Girl Off Stage ( I Want To See You On Top)( They Are Coming Like Vultures)( Super Dopiness) 11. Ring The Alarm Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Pt. 3. ex. ( Wake Up) Girl Back On Vocals Very Loud Tonight Amazing Mixing ( Break The Alarm) ( Wake Up And Ring The Alarm) 12. Constant Pt1.Pt. 2. Pt3 ( On And On Tick Tock We Don,t Stop) Great Graphics On Screen Still In A Pyramid Shape Outstanding Band With Brilliant Musicians ( On And On And On) Amazing Dance Routines Lots Of Energy In There Songs ( There No Stopping) 13. Big Love ex. ( It,s Big Big Love)( All We  Need Is Love) 14. Dum Diddly ex. ( Mi Gente Remix) ( Boom Par par)( I’ve Got To Give It)( Let Your Self Go)( It’s Easy) Amazing Mountain Sean On Screen Apl De Ap Had Cancer 4. Years Ago Behind The Front 1 st L/P Is 20 Years Old This Year 15. Rock In To The Beat ex A Melody Of Songs /Bebot/ Love On Top/ Taboo Au De Av 16. This Is Love Will I Am ex. ( If You Love Me Like I Love You) This Is Another Melody Of Songs ( Yea Yea) ( I Can Feel I,m Alive)( I’ve Got The Power)( I Want To Scream And Shout And Let It All Out)( They Are Looking At Us) 17. Don,t Stop The Party ex. Another Amazing Intro From Band With Wicked Sythi Work ( Do You Want More)( Do You Want Tea And Crumpets) 18. The Time ex. ( Time Of My Life)( Never Felt Like This Before)( Come On And Let Go)( We Are Rocking To The Sounds)( Only Want To Be With You) 19. Where Is The Love ex. Love This Song ( People Living)( Do Not Discriminate)( People Dying)( Where Is The Love)( We Are All The Same)( People Killing People Dying)( Where Is The Love) Music Scores From Band Have Been Pure Magic Genius 20. I Got A Feeling Love This Song The New Girl Just Outstanding Vocals Range Add So Much Depth To The Peas ( One Love) The Names Of The Black Eye Peas Guys Are Will I Am ( Real Name William James Adams) Born March 15 th. 1975. Allan Pineda Lindo Stage Name Apl De Ap Taboo Real Name Jamie Luis Gomee Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex Graphics And Video Clips On Screen ex. Lights ex. Mixing One Hell Of A Show.


KING  CREATURES  7—30 pm–8 pm

Bass / Vocals ex.ex. Lead/ Vocals ex.ex. Rhythm ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Intro Very Haunting With Coral Vocals Very Prog Rock B/T 1. Wish You Were Leaving ex. ( I Told You The Truth Your Love Is The Best)( Take It One More Time) Very Long Song Amazing Rock Sounds. 2. Low Life ex. ( See You At The Gate Tonight)( Everything Is Set Against You)( We Are Not Low Life) 3. Sitting On A Fence ex. ( You Build A Fire Today)( It,s You That Goes Down)( Just A Matter Of Time) Amazing Musicians And Songwriters 4. Fortune Teller vg. ( Tell Me What You See)( I Cross Your Heart With Silver)( Don,t Treat Me Like A Stranger) Pure Magic Lead/ Bass/ Rhythm/ Drums And Brilliant Vocals ( The Face Of Danger) 5. It,s Not So Easy To Sing ex.( She Loves Your Body)( Don,t Tell Her)( I Feel Guilty I Love Your Body) Outstanding Lead Pure Magic Genius 6. Power ex. ( I Get You Out)( My Fire Is Burning)( I Need To Feel) Some Amazing Rock Sounds In The Song ( Never Had The Power To Be One) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And  Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing Love This Band.

THE  THERAPY  8–30 pm—10–05 pm

Lead ex.ex. Rhythm/ Keys Bass/ Vocals ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Intro With Key/ Sythi And Drums B/T 1. Wreck It ex.( I,m A Bad Boy)( Tear It Down To The Ground)( I Like My Life)( Nothing Getting Better Than This) 2. Expelled ex. ( Listen To Wars) Amazing Overall Sounds 3. Die Laughing ex. ( I’ve Got Something To Proof And Something To Live)( In Your Eyes)( Think I,m Going To Stay) Lead Vocals Keys/ Rhythm Band Been Going 30 Years 4. Lonely Crying ( You Don,t Know How)( Your No Angel) Amazing Songwriting And Pure Magic Overall Sound Very Lively Rock At It,s Very Best ( This Is Lonely) 5. Kakistocracy ( I Feel So Let Down) Outstanding Musicians 6. Turn ( Trouble Gum) This Band Is Really Rocking 7. Callow ex. Song About Looking After Each Other So Many People Suffer From Mental Health Issues The Government Doesn’t Give A Dame Also Fuck Trump ( I don,t Need Your Medicine Or Any Thing From You)( Make My Dreams Come True) 8. 1993. Opel Mantra ex. Outstanding Songwriting Everyone Feels Like You)( I,m Thinking About You) 9. Save Me vg. ( Days Of) Brilliant Overall Sound  From Band Pure Magic 10. Diane ex. ( You Check It Out)( Your The Cutest Girl I’ve Seen In My Life)( Diane) Pure Magic Genius 11. Trigger Inside ex. ( I’ve Got You)( In The Eye Of The People) 12. I Stand Alone ex.( You Let Me Down Again)( I Rock And Roll) Amazing Lead Brilliant Bass Riffs/ Rhythm And Drums 13. Screamager ex. ( Your Never On Time)( You Got Nothing To Do) 14. Teeth Grinder Ex. ( We Got Love)( Try Me Out) 15. Old Irish Folk Song Potato Junkie vg. James Bass/ Vocals Amazing Magical Overall Sound Then Into Drum Solo Pure Magic Back Into Song. 16. Stop It ( I Think Your Rude)( If You Want To Go Out) Encore 17. Unbeliever ex. ( We Fight For)( You Can Say) Just Fantastic Musicians. 18. ( John Roath Cover) Insecurity ex. ( Waiting For Your Return) Amazing Songwriting 19. Jude ex. ( We Were Born)( The Girl In My Dreams)( Going Back Home) 20. Crutch vg. ( What Are We Asking For)( Politicians Stopping Our Living) Amazing Sythi Work And Overall Sounds 21. Stories ex. Dedicated To Ian Joy Division Love This Song ( Come With Me)( And Believe Me) 22. Nowhere ex.Pure Magic Intro ( Giving It All)( Going Nowhere) 23. Knives vg. ( I’ve Lost Control)( My Boyfriend Says)( I Think Of My Self) 24. Success Is ex. Amazing Sounds From Band. This Has Been Another Great Night At The Gorilla. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.


WOLF  CUSTOM  7–50 pm — 8–20 pm

Vocal/ Rhythm ex. Bass ex. Lead ex. Drums ex. 1. Great Overall Sound. 2. Great Songwriting 3. I Want To Move vg. Great Sounds From The Band 4. Foxes vg. ( You Got The Devils Face) 5. The Side Affects For Being Happy vg. New Song Latest Single ( I Say To My Self At Night)( Take Myself Down) 6. Get On Your High Horse vg. ( Something Got To Give)( Tell Me What To Do) 7. Shit ex. ( The Lies You Keep Telling Me)( It,s Just Another Day)( She,s A Fire Cracker Now) Lot,s Of Perpetual Magic         ex. Set ex. Band vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing

JAMIE  LENMAN  8–35 pm—9–05 pm

Jamie Lead/ Vocals ex. Drums  B/V ex. Great Sound From A Duo 1. Hell In A Fast Car vg. ( We Going To Have Some)( Always To It) 2. Waterloo Teeth vg. ( Stuck In This Place) 3. A Kick In The Mouth ( Reuben Cover) vg. ( All The Fucking Day)( I,ll Kiss Myself I Can,t Sleep)( I Could Have Been Thrown Out)( Yea Yea)( I Could Have Been Someone Else) 4. All Of England Is A City ex. ( Revolver L/P)( There A Knock On The Door)( On The Hill Side)( Follow England In The City) 5. Long Gone vg. Amazing Overall Sound 6. I Ain’t Your Boy vg .( I Don,t Know How) 7. Another One Bites The Dust ex. ( Queen Cover) Great Overall Sound 8. Every Time A Teenager Listens To Drum And Bass A Rock Star Dies vg.( You Believe)( I,m So Stupid)( There The Man) 9. Mississippi ex. ( I Rest My Eyes)( I,m Going To Let Go)( I,m Going To Cry)( Love Let Die) ex. Set ex. Duo vg. Songs ex. Light ex. Mixing This Artist Has Been Going A Long Time

TONIGHT  ALIVE  9–40 pm  10–50 pm

Amazing Young Band From Australia Love Them Girl Vocals ex.ex Bass ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. 1. Other ex.( I Still Dream)( Every One Is Looking At Me) Girl Vocals Pure Magic Outstanding Drumming ( He Loves Me) Next Speaking To Crowd 2. What Are You So Scared Of ex. Amazing Overall Sound 3. Bathwater ex.( Wash My Body)( Water Comes Back To My Body) 4. Don,t Wish ex. Amazing Songwriting 5. In My Dreams ex.( Just What We’ve Seen) This Band Is So Talented 6. Complexes ex. ( You Always Seem To Let Me Down) Very Pop/ Rock 7 For You ex. Extra Musician Rhythm Acoustic ( Guitar Tec.)( I Could Breath Underwater For You) 8. Crack My Heart ( Will You Take My Soul) 9. Say Please ex. ( They Say) Amazing Sound From Band And Heavenly Vocals 10. Disappear ex. Brilliant Lead/ Bass And Drums Pure Magic Vocals 11. No Different vg .Brilliant Songwriting 12 World Away ex. Last Time I Saw This Band They Were At The Ritz 13. Waves ex. Pure Magic Overall Sound  14.   Amelia ex. Just Love Her Vocals And Stage Presence 15. Wasting Away ex. Some Brilliant Lead/ Bass/ And Drum Work 16. Lonely Girl ex. The Last Couple Of Years There Been Some Amazing Bands And Solo Artists From Australia 17. The Edge ex. This Is A Great Young Band Of Musicians So Very Good 18. Temple ex. Just Pure Magic Songwriting And Heavenly Magical Sound,s Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lighting ex. Mixing Brilliant Evening.


USA  HOPALONG 8 pm–8–30 pm

Girl/ rhythm/ Keys ex. Lead ex. Bass ex. Girl/ Acoustic/ Vocals ex. Drums ex. 1.How Simple vg. Great Songwriting 2. The Fox In Motion vg.( We Lost It)( I Saw)( Your My Sister)( Out In The City) B/V Keys/ Lead/ Drums 3. Some Where To Judge vg.( There Is A Reason ( Away Across The Waters)( Have To Go Away) Band From Philadelphia Pennsylvania 4. The Knock vg.( If I Had You)( These Spring Times) Great Overall Sound 5. Tibetan Pop Stars vg. ( Shining A Light) Key Pre Set Then Guitar 6. Horseshoe Grabs ex. Amazing Overall Sound See Perpetual In This Band ( Nothing Goes Away)( Sing It Out) 7. Not Abel ex. Amazing Shades In The Music Score ( You Got Me Down) 8. Prior Things vg. ( Take It Down)( All Over Me) Quite A C/W Melody ex. Set ex. Band vg./ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing. Hope To See This Band Again.

THE  DECEMBERISTS   9 pm—10–50 pm

Colin Meloy Lead/ Vocals/ Guitar And Main Songwriter ex.ex.ex. Chris Funk Guitar/ Instrumentalist/ B/V ex.ex.ex Jenny Conlee Piano/ Keys/ Organ/ Xylophone/ Accordion/ B/V ex.ex.ex. Nate Query Bass And Double Bass ex.ex.ex. John Moen Drums ex.ex.ex. Sara Watkins Vocals/ Fiddle/ Ukulele/ Guitar ex.ex.ex. Lot Of The Band Swap To Different Instruments Very Talented Band 1. Don,t Carry It All ex.( Hear We Are To Take On The Stars)( No One Knows) 2. Billy Liar ex. Amazing Songwriting And Overall Sound ( Make Something Better 3. Suckers Prayer ex. Just Love This Band Pure Magic Genius ( I Want To Throw Body Into The River)( If You Lost On The Way)( Listen To My Plea)( I Want To Love Somebody But I Don,t Know How) 4. Make You Better ex. ( Your Not So Starry Eyes Anymore) Outstanding Overall Sound And Songwriting At It,s Very Best. 5. Cutting Stone ex.( Dream I Have It All)( Wandering Every Where)( There On A Mountain Top) 6.Vocals/ Acoustic Rise ex.( Almighty Song)( End O.f The World Oh Eat Your Oat Meal)( Better The Devil To Run To Your Side) 7. The Sporting Life ex. ( I,m On Your Playing Field) Amazing Bass/ Drums And Overall Sound With Brilliant Musicians Top Of There Field ( How They Learn) 8. Bass/ Double Bass The Crane Wife 1/2 ex. ( It Was A Cold Night)( The Sun Is All Down)( I,m A Poor Man)  ( All The Stars Come Crashing Down)( I,m Certified) Keys Also Xylophone So Very Talented Pure Magic Lead Then Pedal Steel   9. The Queens Rebuke/ The Crossing ex.( The Bones That Reach The Mountain) Girl Singer At Back ex. ( How You Moved The Temptation From Me)( The River Deep On The Banks) Heavenly Vocals And Overall Sound From Band 10. Tripping Along ex.   ( When Your Sticky And Sweet)( They Are Turning A Blind Eye)( All Coming Out To Die) Part Of Band Off Just Vocals/Lead/    Organ/ Drums And Bass ( Die Die Die) 11. Severed ex. Brilliant Songwriting 12. We All Die Young ex.( Were All Dried Up) Pure  Magic Sounds From Band Guitar/ Keys/ Sax. 13. Ben Franklin Song ex. Lead Pure Magic And Outstanding Accordionist From Keys And Bass/ Vocals/ Acoustic. 14. O Valencia ( Including Dracula Daughter) ex. Keys And XYLOPHONE Next Dracula Daughter ex. Vocals Lying On Floor Front Of Stage ( Lying In Blood) Amazing Vocals Even Lying Down ( Away To The Stars) 15. Once In My Life ex.( Including Please Please)( I’ve Been Waiting All My Life) A Magic Crescendo Of Overall Sounds Filling The Air ( All My Life) Encore Rusalva Rusalva ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds Last Song The Mariner,s Revenge A Really Exciting Song With A Blow Up Shark Great Magical Storey Telling From Vocals Last Two Songs 16/ 17  Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs / Lyrics And Music Scores Just A Truly Magical Evening At The Wonderful Albert Hall.



Lee Lard Comedian From Doncaster One Hell Of A Funny Man With Amazing Stories About Married Life And Great Jokes Also Took The Fun Out Of The Audience How Never Stopped Laughing While He Was On About 20 min Can,t Wait To See Him Again ex. Set ex. Solo ex. Jokes ex. Lights ex.Mixing


Chris / Guitar/ Vocals ex.ex. Band Backing Vocals Sweet Harmonies 3 Girls Keys/ Piano Musical Director ex.ex. Lead ex. ex. Rhythm/ Acoustic ex.ex. Bass ex. ex. 4 Piece Brass Section  1 st. Half From 68 Special 1 Don,t Mess Around ex. 2. Guitar ex. Chris On Guitar Amazing Overall Sound From Chris And Band 3. Heartbreak Hotel ex. ( I,ll Be So Lonely I Could Die) 4. Hound Dog ex. You Ain’t Nothing But A Hound Dog) This Is A Medley 5.All Shock Up ( I,m In Love) 6. Jail House Rock ex. Elvis On Screen ( Dancing In The Stake House Rock) 7. It Home To Me ex. ( See The Tears In Your Eyes)( I Will Set You Free) Pure Magic Vocals ( Some One Like You) 8. One Night With You ex. ( Make Our Dreams Come True) Outstanding Overall Sound Pure Magic Music Scores And Vocals And Brilliant Musicians 9. Treat Me Like A Fool ex. ( Please Love Me) Amazing Songwriting Latest Flame ex. ( Then I Said Good By 11 From First Movie Love Me Tender ex. Love This Song Magic Vocals Outstanding Vocals From Sweet Harmonies Elvis On Screen Film Clips 12. Blue Swede Shoes ex. My Band Used To Do This Song Another Amazing Song 13. Memories ex. ( Sweet Memories) 14. Elvis Of Stage Next Number From Band And Sweet Harmonies Baby I Get ex. ( We Come Up And Down The Way You Want It) 15.Elvis Back On Costume Change White Suite Dreams Come True ex. Outstanding Music Score ( Were Lost In The Clouds)( Trapped In The World) 16. A Little Less Conversation ex. Amazing Elvis Clips On Screen Outstanding B/V From Sweet Harmonies Pure Magic First Half Love It.

2nd  HALF

Intro  Space Oddity ex.ex. Amazing Brass/ Keys/ Guitar And Drums 2nd Half Elvis On Tour Elvis Back On 17.That,s American Way ex.( Any Way You Chose)( That,s All Right)( I,m Leaving Tonight) Elvis/ Acoustic 18. She Comes To Me ex ( Need Love Early In The Morning) 19. 1976 I Just Can,t Help Believing ex.ex.( In Her Eyes)( When She,s Lying Close Beside Me)( This Time The Girls Going To Stay)( Just For One Day) 20. Kentucky Women ex.( Hush Little Baby)( Searching For You)( The Cold Kentucky Rain) 21. Gospel Music Oh Lord My God ex. ( I see The Stars And Hear The Rolling Thunder)( Then Sing My Soul)      ( How Great You Are) Love This Song 22. In The Ghetto ex. ( Trapped In A Place I Can’t Be)( A Child Is Born In The Ghetto)( A   Young Man Lying On The Ground With A Revolver In His Hands) A Very Sad Song About A Young Man Dying Love The Song So Much Feeling In The Lyrics 23.Your Good To Me ex. ( Look At Me)( You,ll Follow Me Across The Sea)( In My Arms) 24. You Lost That Loving Feeling ex.( There,s No Tenderness In Your Fingers) Love This Song ( Making Me Feel Like Crying)( That,s How Much I Love You) Amazing Drum/ Bass/ Keys/ Lead And Heavenly Vocals And Harmonies 25. Poker Sally ex. ( When I,m Down In Louisiana With The Lights All Around)( If You Want To Work On A Chain Gang) Outstanding Stage Presence With Lights Flickering On Him 26. Can,t Stop Loving You ex.( This Broken Heart)( When We Lived Apart) 27. Suspicious Minds ( Feeling I Love You To Much)( I,m Can,t In A Trap) Overall Sound Just Pure Magic 28. Always On My Mind ex.ex. Outstanding Music Score From Band ( I Guess I Never Told You That I So Glad Your Mine 29. Dixie Land ex. ( If I Was In Dixie Away Away) Hush Little Baby Your Daddy About To Die) Such Brilliant Feeling In The Song And Magic Sax Work 30. I Can,t Help Falling In Love With You ex. ( Only Fools Rush In) One Hell Of A Show At The Amazing Opera House With Friendly Staff And Security And Management Amazing Set Fantastic Solo Artist And Band And B/V. Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing ex. Screen With Film Clips And Live Footage Just Outstanding Will See Chris Conner Again.


IVE FOX 8pm—8–30 pm

Singer/ Songwriter/ Guitarist From Essex 21 years old Been A Great Week For Young Artists Ive Guitar/ Vocals ex. Band Drums ex. Key/ Sythi/ Piano B/V ex.ex. 1. I Try To Explain It ex. ( Is There Something You Don,t Understand ( Happy Hurts) Great Overall Sound 2. The Worry vg. Latest Single ( Won,t You Miss Me When Your Gone)( I,m A Worry,er)( The Worst I Can Do)(Tears Go Through My Bones) 3. Good Island Slow vg. ( You And Me)( The Love You Harvest)( I,ll Be Wanting More)( You,ll Be Closer To Me)( If I Was On My Knees) 4. Come This Is The Love ex. Amazing Vocal/ Guitar/ Key And Drums ( If You Love Me)(Take My Body)( I,ll Find Somebody)( You Took My Soul And Wiped It Clean)( If You Loved Me)( Why Did You Leave Me) No Drums On This Song 5. Cruel ex. Lot Of His Songs Are About Break Up,s ( Your Kind And Twisted)( Maybe I Should Call You A Stranger)( You Can Be Cruel To Me)( Nobody Going To Love You Like Me) Drum/ Keys B/V Pure Magic Vocals And Harmonies And Overall Sound 6. You Am ex. Out Next Year ( I Felt Changed)( Baby We Will)( If Memories Are Fading) Very Powerful Song Love It ( We Are We Are Repeat) Great Songwriting And Amazing Young Artist ex. Set ex. Solo And Band vg./ex. Songs ex.Mixing

SIGRID  9 pm—10–10 pm

One Of My Favourite Artist From Last Year Simply Amazing Talent From Norway Sigrid Has Come On In Leaps And Bounds Since Interviewing Her Last March At The Deaf Institute Just Love Her Brilliance Sigrid Singer / Songwriter / Piano ( One Song) Sigrid Vocals ex.ex.ex. Band Girl B/V ex.ex. Lead/ Bass/ Key/ Sythi ex.ex. Keys/ Sythi / Piano ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. 1. Sucker Punch ex.(Your Looking For)( But No Ones There)( You Only Know)( Hit Me Like A Sucker Punch)( Just One Look) 2. In Vain ex. ( I Know I Think It,s Crazy)( I,m Stuck In Your Arms)( Won,t You Say)( Please Walk Away) Pure Heavenly Vocals And Pure Magic Sounds ( Just Give It Up Baby) Lead/Key/Sythi ( I,ll Give My Heart Away) 3. Schedules ex. Pure Magic From Band And Sigrid Her Vocals Her Vocals Are Like A Angel This Girl Is So Down To Earth Just Amazing Person Very Teenage Like .( Walk On)( Rock On)( I Know Your Looking For Trouble) 4. Plot Twist ex.( Come The Day)( Will Our Love Last) Amazing Songwriting And Overall Sound This Is A Really Lively Gig Sigrid Never Stops Dancing Outstanding Stage Presence Crowd Going Wild 5. Raw ex. ( Find Someone Else)( No Apologises For Being Raw)( Regret All This Shit) 6. High Five ex.( Let,s All Show)( It,s The Time Of Our Lives) 7. Band Off Except Keys/ Piano And Sigrid Dynamite ex. Amazing Lyrics So Beautiful With Feeling In Her Songwriting The Emotion Is Pure Magic Genius And Brilliant Piano Work And Heavenly Vocals ( Far Away With You)( I.ll Belong The Universe)( I Know I,m Dynamite Save As A Mountain) Her Vocals Just Melt Your Heart Pure Magic Genius ( Will You Stay When You Get Of The Train) 8. Band Back On I Don,t Want To Know ex.( This Is Not Your Fault)             Amazing Piano Work This Is A Brilliant Band Of Musicians ( When I Said All That)( It,s Good To See You) 9. Haunted ex. (Just Had To Break Through)( Might As Well Fall Down)( That,s My Storey) 10. I Don,t Want To Buy It ex. ( Let Me Go)( I Don’t Want To Tell)( It Takes It Toll) 11 Fake Friends ex.( I Feel So Good)( It,s All For You) 12. Savage In Our Blood ex.( How My Broken Heart Sings) Just Heavenly Genius 13. Go To War ex. ( Like We Go To War) Outstanding Drums/ Lead/ Keys/ B/V And Heavenly Vocals From Sigrid ( Telling Me Your Leaving)( What Are We Fighting For) 14. Don,t Kill My Vibe ex. First Single Big Hit ( You Shoot Me Down)( You Treat Me Like A Child)( Oh Oh Feel My Vibe)( You Try To Take Me Down) 15. Encore Sigrid Solo Piano Band Of Stage Focus ex. Another Amazing Song ( I Don,t Know What You Want)( I Need To Move On)( You Make It Hard) 16. Credit ex. Band Back On ( I,m Ready For Love) 17. Strangers ex.( When The Curtains Fall)( Memories Far To Easy)     ( Tonight Your Mine)( Like A Movie)( Star Maker) Amazing Set Sigrid Pure Magic Brilliance Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing Another Amazing Evening At The Albert Hall.


BILLY  LOCKET  7–20 pm—7–50 pm

Singer/ Songwriter/ Pianist  Billy Vocals/ Piano ex.ex. 1. I,ll Give You All You Need ex. ( But We Won,t See Eye To Eye)( We Will Go Inside One More Time) 2. I,m Covered In Chaos vg. ( Your Not Alone) Amazing Young Gifted Artist Outstanding Vocals/ Piano And Brilliant Songwriting And Overall Sound 3 Song About People Using You I Thought I Was Better ex. Love His Lyric Writing And Outstanding Piano Work And Vocals Great Storey Teller 4. Not Easy ex.( Turn Down The Lights)               ( Making It Easy On My Self) Pure Magic Songwriting And Heavenly Vocals 5. Song About A Ex If My Eyes Stay Shut I,m Hiding ex. ( I,m A Hard Act To Follow) So Much Passion In His Songs Heavenly Magic 6. On This Moment ex ( I,ll Be Calling Out)( I Will Surrender)( There Nothing You Can Say To Change My Heart)( I,ll Surrender) 7. Friday Need To Pray vg. New Single ( i Don,t Try To Pretend It,s In My Head)( All You Have To Say) Pure Magic Vocals ( Chasing You)( Your The One) 8. Empty House ex Song About Loosing His Dad ( Then You Realise Iv,e Changed)( This Empty House I Call My Home) Amazing Falsetto Vocals Tears At Your Heart Strings. Amazing Set Fantastic Solo Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex  Mixing Another Great Night At The Albert Hall Just Love This Place It,s Like Going Back In Time Such Amazing Building.

NINA   NESBITT  8 pm—-8—35 pm

A Artist I Saw Right From The Beginning Never Got As Big As She Should Have Been. Dropped By Her Record Label But Keep On Writing She Amazing Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist And Pianist Had A Big Hit With The Power Of Love Been Going About 6 Yrs. 1. Something Special ex. ( You Can Turn A Party Into Good Times)( You See The Best In Me)( You Can Do Anything) 2.2013 Stay At Home vg.( Stay Out Tonight) Pure Magic Overall Sound 3. Is It You Who Listening vg. ( Is It You Who Missing)   4. Toxic ex. ( Britney Spears Cover) Very Cut Back Cover Simply Magic ( I,m Dangerous)( My Head Is Spinning Around)( I,m Addicted To You) 5. Off New L/P Where Somebody Brushes up To You ex. Love The Song 6. The Best You Had ex. About Being Dropped For Someone Else 7. Loyalty To Me ex. New Single Amazing Lyric Writing She Still Got What I Saw 6 Years Ago ex.Set  ex. Solo/ Vocal/ Guitar/ Piano  vg./ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing Just Love This Very Gifted Artist Pure Magic

LEWIS  CAPALDI   9 pm—10–05  pm

Outstanding Young Artist Songwriter/ Vocal/ Guitar ex.ex. With Amazing Band Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Key/Sythi / Piano ex.ex. Abba Intro B/T 1. Grace ex. ( On The Way  To Your Distance) Lewis Vocals Only Amazing Overall Sound From Lewis And Band Pure Magic Musicians ( Take Me Away) 2. Lewis Semi Acoustic Mercy ex. ( You Been Sulking)( All The Lies On Your Face)( Your Breaking My Heart)( Have Mercy On Me I,m Falling About)( Love To See A Women) Amazing Overall Sound Love It (So Long) 3. Head Space ex. New Song ( So I Asked My Self)( Voices Get A Little Louder When There Nothing To Talk About)( Send Me A Song To Send Me To Sleep)( I Should Ask My Friend)( More Than I Ever Need) Brilliant Songwriting 4.Figure It Out ex. ( I Only Want To Be Free) Nina Came Out To Join Song In A Duet With Lewis Great Ending To Song Pure Magic Genius 5 Lonely One ex. ( You Got Me Wrong)( I Want To Be The Devil In You) 6. Lewis Vocals And Piano Lost On You ex. Pure Magic Overall Sound Love His Songwriting Lewis Has Such Heavenly Vocals And Amazing Piano Work ( Your Close To Me)( Give Up On The Life There After)( Save In The Arms Of Another)( I Can,t Stay Away From Love) 7. Hollywood ex. Lewis/ Acoustic ( If We Can Pick Enough)( We Can Get Back To Where We Started) 8. Fade ex.( We Lost Control)( When Your Falling In Love)( I,ll Be Lost With Out You) Amazing Singing From Crowd) 9. Tough ex.( It,s All For You)( Every Hope And Fear,s)( When The Sun Comes Up) Outstanding Songwriting Love This Song ( Every Day)( I Fell For You)( I Know You Let Me Down)( My Mind Is Inside Out) 10. Key Intro Only Bruises ex.( Every Breath I,ve Been Taking Since You Left Me)( I,ll Never Forget The Bruises You,ve Left Behind)( There Must Be Something In The Water)( It,s Keeping My Head From Going Under Water)( I,m Nothing To You Now)(Every Day It,s Getting Colder) Amazing Set Fantastic Solo And Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores Fantastic Lights And Brilliant Mixing Amazing Concert From A Brilliant Young Artist And Outstanding Band Love Them.