Demi Vocals ex. Girl ,Bass B/V Girl ex. Girl Lead ex. Drums ex. Intro Sassy Queen  ex.( Get Out Of My Way) 1. Unknown ex.        Outstanding  Overall Sound Love This Band Very Talented Musicians 2. Boys Suck ex. Amazing Front Women ( Your The Only   Girl In My Heart) Brilliant Bass/Lead/Drums And Magic Vocals 3. Cries On My Shoulder Amazing Songwriting 4. Sexy Af.( All  He Wants Is Sex) Amazing Overall Sound 5. Bottle Blonde Babe ex.( Sexy As Hell) 6. Cigarette vg. ( I want To Change My      Cigarette)( I Feel The Ashes Burning Through My Clothes) 7. He’s Not Getting Some vg.( I Just Want You To Know)( I Know You Want Some) Chorus ( I Know I Know) Trying To Get Crowd Singing 8. Bur Gal vg. Music Score Better Than Lyrics On Song. (Just Want To Be You Girl) 9. Ruby Lips ex. ( You Know How It Feels) Love This Song Pure Magic Overall Sound Brilliant Musicians ex. Set ex. Band vg./ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing .

QUEEN  ZEE  8 pm–8–25 pm

Vocals/Rhythm ex. Bass/B/V ex. Girl Lead/B/V ex. Drums ex. 1. Sissy Fists vg. Very Hardcore/ Punk/ Rock And Funky 2. Boy vg. (I Look At The Sky)( Times I’ve Got My Head In The Sand) Great Overall Sound ( Try To Take It Around) 3.I Hate Every Boy Friend vg.( Be A Man)( I Could Be Poison) Amazing Movement On Stage From Band ( You Are A Old Man And I Hate You   4. Anxiety vg. Vocals Down With Crowd This Girl Can Move ( I Don,t Feel Well Today) 5. Bonkers ex. Dizzy Rascal Cover Liked  There Version 6. Porno vg. ( You Got To Smile)(About To See Life)( You Fuck) ex.Set ex. Band vg. Songs ex. Mixing

DREAM  WIFE 8–45 pm–10 pm

Amazing All Girl Band Just Magic Front Women Vocals ex.ex. Lead/B/V ex.ex. Bass/B/V ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. 1. Spend The Night vg.( With Me) Amazing Overall Sound Brilliant Lead/ Bass / Drums And One Hell Of A Front Women 2. Lolita vg.( You Want Some Pizza)( I See You) Pure Magic Sounds And Songwriting High Energy Pop Rock Very Commercial Love There High Energy 3. Fire ex. Lead/ Bass B/V 4. Taste ex. ( Stay In My Mind) Amazing Rock Song Just Love It ( I’ve Missed You)( What You To Stay) 5. Love ex.( Trust Me) Amazing Lead/ Bass And Drums With Brilliant Vocals( You Got Me)( I Feel Like A Lover)( I Love You)( He Loves Me) 6. Kids ex. ( I Want You In My Heart)( I Miss You When Your Far Away)( I Miss You My Best Friend) Talking To Girls In The Crowd Are You All Bad Bitches 7. Somebody ex. ( You Have A Smile On Your Face)( I Have More Fun With Somebody) Crowd Going Wild This Is A Magical Performance Tonight Gorilla Is Getting Some Amazing Acts      Along With Albert Hall And The Deaf Institute 8. Act My Age vg ( I Care)( I Want To Be With You) This Band Is Going To Go Far Love Them. 9. Right Now ex. ( I,ll Stay Out And Rock) Fuu ex. Pure Magic Overall Sound ( I,m A Happy Girl)( I’ve Got Your Hand)( See What I Really Want)( I Spy Bad Bad Bad Bitches)( I Spy With My Little Eye) 11. Hey Heart Breaker ex.Amazing Overall Sound From Band Pure Magic Lead/ Bass And Drums Outstanding Vocals And Harmonies ( I See What You Want) 12. Lets Make Out ex. ( Oh That,s Cool) Talking To Crowd Support Your Bad Bitches What Amazing Gig Tonight At The Gorilla Highly Recommend This Venue Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs Lyrics And Music Scores Ex Lights Ex Mixing


HACHIKU 8–35 pm–

A  Very Talented Young Artist Now Living In Australia Singer Songwriter Guitarist/       Keys/Sythi/ Loop Machine Lots Of Add Own’s 1.Al’s Wisdom List vg. Really Like This Artist Amazing Songwriter And Musician 2.Unnamed ( Vh La La) Love Her Loop And Mixes Very Talented Musician Great Vocals 3. Zombie Slayer ex Amazing Music Score And Lyrics 4. Dreams ( Cranberries Cover) Love This Song She Really Nailed It Just Great 5. New Song Wrote 2 Days Ago. Unnamed ( You Mean Everything To Me) Amazing Song Writing 6. Moon Face vg. (Shooter In My Dreams) Amazing Songs Happy And Catchy Some Really Nice Commercial Song Writing vg. Set vg. Solo vg. Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

SNAIL TRAIL  9–30 pm  10–15  pm

Lead ex. Bass ex. Drums ex. Girl Rhythm/ Vocals ex. 1. Opening Instrumental Jam ex. 2. Heat Wave vg. ( Who Am I) 3. Let’s Find Out vg.( I Feel I,m Not Wasted Any More) Some Catchy Melodies In Her Songs Set List Could Be Slightly Wrong Owing Not Getting Manchester Set List I,m Using London Set List 4. Anytime vg. Great Overall Sound From Band And Vocals 5.            Speaking Terms vg. Great Songwriting Her Vocals Are Very Different A  Little Grating At Times But Really Like Her 6.Pristine ex. ( We Can Shape It Through) 7. Song About Love Deep Sea vg. ( Be Honest With Me)( It Makes Me Feel Happy)( I Could Be Happy)( I Could Be Anyone) Encore 8. Static Buzz vg. ( I Tell You)( It’s Lovely Out There)( Wait For Me)( Do You Love Me) 9.     Stick vg. ( Cut Me Down) Great Songwriting ex. Set ex. Band Vg. Songs ex. Lights ex Mixing Do Visit This New Venue You,ll Love It Tonight I Was In The Pink Room Fabulous


TALIOS   8 pm–8–30 pm

Vocals/Keys/Sythi/Piano/Rhythm/Lead ex.ex. Bass/Keys/Sythi/B/V ex.ex. Lead B/V ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Really Like This Band 1. Odyssey ex. Amazing Overall Sound Brilliant Musicians 2. In Time ex. Amazing Songwriters Lots Of Shades In The Music Scores 3. This Is Us Calling ex. Fantastic Sounds From Band 4. See Me ex.( In My Heart)( What You Teach Me The Way You See)( Feel The Love Inside)( I New It From The Start) Amazing Overall Sound And Magic Vocals 5. Kansas ex.( Only The Lights)( Go To The Beast) 6. Your Love Is My Island ex.( It,s A Wonderful World) Lead Using A Bow Amazing Overall Sound      ( Carry Me To The Sea)( I,m Storage In The Sand) Rhythm Then Keys ex. Set ex. Band ex. Songs ex. Lights ex Mixing .

EDITORS  9 pm–10 –30 pm

Keys/Organ/Sythi/Piano ex.ex.ex. Bass ex.ex.ex. Drums ex.ex.ex.Lead ex.ex.ex. Vocals/ Piano ex.ex.ex. This Band Since I Last Saw Them A Few Years Ago Have Come Star Quality Love Them 1. The Boxer ex.( Throw Me Something Good)( I Was Trapped Into Life)( Something Deep) 2. Amazing Drum Intro Sugar ex.( It Breaks My Heart To Love You) Out Standing Songwriting Pure Magic Overall Sound. From A Humble Beginning I’ve Seen This Band Move Up The Ladder Of Success I Can,t See Why They Are Not Selling Out Arena,s 3.Hallelujah ( Solow) ex.( See You Around) Brilliant Crescendo Of Rock Sounds ( I Don,t Care) 4. All Sparks ex.( Stars Will Burn Out) Rock Music At It,s Very Best ( It,s A New Day)( The Stars Burn Out Every Day) 5.An End Has A Start ex.( There a Angel By Your Side)( That,s How We Will Make It)( Something Caught My Eye)( I Heard You Pray) 6.Someone Says vg.( Only One Sip Slowly) Keys/Rhythm/Lead ( So Much To Tell You)( So Little Time) Bass And Drums Just Pure Magic 7. Darkness At The Door ex.( This Old Town To Turn Around)( Your Lonely In This Town) 8.Open Your Arms ex.( Wake Up Now)( It,s A Long Way Down) Also Indie/Rock Love This Band ( Look Up Now) Brilliant Guitar/ Drums And Vocals With Some Pre Set Key Medley 9. Violence ex.( Down In The Street Paved With Souls)( Getting Around To My Way) One Hell Of A Front Man ( You Not A Lone You Saved My Soul) 10.Bullets vg.( Don’t Need You To Say)( Call The World)( We Don’t Need This) 12. Nothingness ( I’m Breaking My Fall)( We Let It Go)( We Waited In Line) Outstanding Key/ Sythi/ Guitar/ Vocals And Drums Heavenly Sounds( We Were Way Down And Let It Go)( We Realise)( You Say To Me) Pure Magic Lead Genius 13.Ocean Of Night ex. Waisted You Chance To Transform ex. Love The Lyrics ( Look To The Sky)( There No Storm Clouds) ( From The Storm) Keys  On Piano At Front Vocals Sythi/Keys ( You Need To Hope)( This Is The Emotion) 14.Blood ex. Piano/ Keys/ Organ Vocals Rhythm ( Lost In Your Place)( Lost In Reality)( Oh Let It Go) 15.Papillion   ex. Intro Vocals/ Piano Then Vocals Key/ Sythi Then Vocals At Front ( Down The Line I’ve Seen)( Just One Day)( You Pitch Like A Creature) Vocal Back Piano. 16. Belong ex.  ( In This World) Outstanding Vocals/ Acoustic With Heavenly Lead Coming In ( The Wings Of Love) This Song Is A Fairy Tale Of Heavenly Magic As The Pitcher Throws Main Keys/Piano At Front Organ Comes In On Pre Set Then Piano Back On Organ (We Come Far)( I Want You To Be) Amazing Crescendo Of Sounds Filling The Air Magic At It’s Best. 17. Magazine ex. Brilliant Storey Telling In His Vocals He Gets Better Every Time I See Him 18 Encore Cold ex.( Why Are You So Cold)(We Can Go Tonight) Amazing Overall Sound And Brilliant Song Writing 19.Racing Rats ex. Pure Magic Sounds From Band 20. Munich ex. Really Rocking The House Down Tonight.21              Smoking Outside The Hospital Doors Amazing Overall Sound From Band Pure Magic Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And  Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing Just A Wonderful Night At The 02 Apollo Thank To The Girls For The Ticket.



BIRTHDAY GIRL 8 pm –8–30 pm

Rhythm/Vocals vg. Lead vg. Bass vg. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano vg . 1.Waiting To Find Somebody vg.( Waiting To Sea The Ocean Sea) Indie/Rock ( Prog Rock)( Go Send Me) Feed Back Ending Into Next Song 2 Hey There vg.( Can’t You Find Her)( We Come All Of Thee)( All Of You) 3. I Can See This Game good/vg. A Little Raw But See Perpetual There 4. The Stars Begin To Fall good.     ( Changes Don,t Show)(Hide Away) Repeat Crowd Singing 5.All My Life vg.( She Took My Hand)( We Will Walk Into The Sea At The End) Some Nice Songwriting 6. I’ve Been Waiting vg. Some Nice Shades In The Music Score Nice Guitar/ Drum/Key/     Vocal Work .vg. Set vg. Band Good/vg Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing I see Big IMPROVEMENTS In More Gigs They Do.

GLASVEGAS  9 pm–10–10 pm

Amazing Scottish Band Overall Sound Brilliant But Vocals Were Drown A Bit. Vocal/Rhythm/Lead ex.ex. Bass/B/V ex.ex. Lead/B/V ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Amazing Musicians 1. Flowers And Football Tops ( Hey There)( Baby Your With My Heart) Ending With A Short Verse ( You Are The Sunshine Of My Life) Cover Ending With Outstanding Guitar And Drum Work 2.         Geraldine vg.( When Your Sparkle Fades) One Hell Of A Front Man Amazing Songwriter 3 It’s My Own Cheating Heart ex. (You Make Me Feel) 4. Lonesome Swan vg. (  Why Don’t You Say) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Love This Band 5. Go Square Go  ex.( Send Her Home)( My Heart Is Beating)( Every Fucking Go) 6. Polmont On My Mind ex.( Oh. Oh. My Life) Amazing Songwriting ( Oh.My Broken Heart) 7.Daddy’s Gone ex.( You Are My Hero) Love This Song Pure Magic Genius ( I,ll Be The One You Want) Great Harmonies From Bass And Lead ( I Don’t Want To Be The Lonely One)( He,s Gone Wo Oo) Repeat 8.        Piano Intro Stabbed ex.( You Took My)( I Had My Chance) Brilliant Acting And Storey Telling From Front Man My Favourite     Song So Far Pure Magic 9. S.A.D. Light ex. Outstanding Shades In The Music Score ( I Want To See)( Into Your Heart) Amazing Lead/Rhythm/Bass And Heavenly Drumming ( No More Sadness) 10. Ice Cream Van ex.( There A Storm On The Horizon)( I Will Fall Down) Vocalist Has So Much Feeling Slightly Drowned By Band ( I Scream Fire) We Are Treated To A Musical Experience Amazing Feed Back Ending Band Of Stage Encore 5 Songs 11. Euphoria ex.( She Saved My Heart)( I,m On   My Way)( You Are Watching Me)( Why Don’t You Understand)( I’ve Come To Your Heart) 12. Amazing Drum Intro If ex.( Take Me To Your Heart) 13. Be My Baby ex.ex.( Just Say You Love Me)( Your The One And Only)( Be My Baby Now) Vocals Doing Some Lead Amazing Rhythm From Lead Brilliant Bass And Drums. 14. Please Come Back Home ex.( I want You So Bad) 15.Lots Sometimes ex. Magic Lead Using A Lot Of Sustain (Come With Me)( I feel Alright)( I Feel You When Your In  My Arms) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing Another Great Night At Gorilla.


ANNA LEON   8 pm–8–30 pm

Singer/ Songwriter/ Acoustic  Anna Vocals/ Acoustic I Never Really Wanted You Alone vg.( I Need You)( I Saw You Running In My Dreams)( It So Hard To Save It)( Telling You The Feeling Is Lost) 2. Into The Cold vg. ( They Took Me By The Hand)( I Could Loose My Mind)( I Could Have Loved You) 3. Anger Heart vg.( Cling To Hold Me)( How We Love Someone)( I Thought I  New You)( When Will You Bear Your Soul)( I Know What You Have To Do) Her First Gig In Manchester 4. I Wanted Away vg.( You Can’t Understand Me)( I Feel Lost)( I Made You Wait) 5. If You Told Me vg.(How Your Feeling) 6. Just Four The Night vg. ( You Still Walk Around Me)( Turn My Head Towards The Light) 7. My Soul Alright vg.( I’ve Been Waiting To Love You)( It,s Not Easy To See) vg. Set vg. Solo vg. Songs ex. Mixing ex. Lights .

NOVO  AMOR  9 pm–10 –10 pm

John Rhythm/Lead/Acoustic/ Piano/ Vocals ex.ex.Bass/ Keys/ Sythi/Guitar ex,ex. Drums ex.ex.1. Emigrate ex.( We Adore In Life)( Any Thing Handy)( Celebrate) From A Soft Sound To A Crescendo Of  Rock Sounds ( Hide Away) 2.Vocal Piano Birthplace ex.( In Your Bed Room)( I Don’t Need A Friend)( I,ll Go Out Today) Lead B/V ( Hear in My Bed I Found Another Place) 3. Utican ex. ( Oh My God)( I Feel The Call Of You)( I Hear For You)( Tell Me Know)( Say It Out)( Take My Hand) Pure Magic Overall Sound 4. Vocal Acoustic Anniversary/13494 ex.( I Can,t Make It)( I Can,t Make It) Short Song  5 State Lines ex     ( Has It Faded After All)( There,s Been A Land Slide) 6.Carry You ex. ( I Will Carry You On) Amazing Songwriting ( Never Be The Same) 7 Embody Me ex.( Take Away)( Every Second Of The Hours) Amazing Overall Sound 8.Holland ex.(Oh I,m In Agony) Brilliant Shades And Landscapes In The Music Score Just Pure Magic Genius ( Follow Through Your Touch) 9.Colourway ex.( Black And White)( I Look Down In To Your Heaven)(Those Red Nose Nights) 10.Sleepless ex.( Giving All This Sleepless)( Giving All In Side Of Me)( I Feel Like Giving It All Away) Pure Magic Vocals And Harmonies 11. Anchor ex.( Take A Breath)( Shake The Best From You)( I Hear Your Ship Is Coming In)( Anchor To Me) 12. Repeat Until Death ex.( Got To Be Now)( Where Did It All Go)( Were Coming On Out) Amazing Sounds From The Band And Wicked Vocals Brilliant Violin And Drums. 13. Terra-Form ex. Keys/Bass ( Maybe Ill Be Beside You) 14. Alps ex.Duet Lead/Vocals And Piano/Vocals Only Rest Of Band Of Stage ( Everything Is Covered It,s Covered It,s Alright)( I Bring Ever Thing To My Love) 15. From Gold ex. Pure Magic Lyrics And Outstanding Shades And Landscapes In There Music Scores Heavenly Sounds All Around. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/Lyrics And Music Scores ex, Light ex. Mixing Just A Magical Evening.



Singer/Songwriter With Acoustic Guitarist Jvck Vocals ex. Nick Acoustic Guitar ex.ex. 1. For This Day vg. ( I Need To Take It All)( I,m Walking Down Slowly)( If You Want To Make A Fool Of Me Girl)( I Can Make You Fall Down) 2.Line vg. ( It Taste Black And White) Crowd Singing (We Get Better With Time)( Just Like A Wine)( Please Don’t Let Me Go Down That Road)(Age Like A Wine) 3. Extra Vent ex.( If I Take You To Another Land)( I Will Introduce You To A Better World)( I,m A Extra Averted Lover)( What You Say)( We Can Take It Slowly) R/B Best Music In The World Talking To Crowd 4. Turn Your Lights Down Low vg.( I Want To Give You Some Loving)(Never Try To Resist) Artist Influence By Bob Marley And Lauren Hill Next Song About Finding A Friend 5. I,m Not Light ex.( Give Me A Answer) Crowd Singing (Just Like A Star) Amazing Acoustic Work And Vocals 6. To Marry Her ex.( You See The Angel I’ve Been Looking For)( On My Way To You) Brilliant Overall Sound   vg. Set VG. Solo Ex Guitar Work

MAHALIA  9 pm–10–10 pm

Mahalia Vocals /Key/Sythi/Acoustic ex.ex. Bass/Keys/Sythi Pre Set Medleys ex.ex.Lead ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. 1. No Pressure ex.(No Body Like Me)( I,m Ever Thing You Need) Pure Magic Vocals And Sounds 2. O.N.O. ex.( Find Me)( Your Eyes Are Shining)(All Night) Amazing Singing From Crowd ( This Is What I Need)( That,s What You Do To Me) Key Pre Set Melody And Add On,s B/T 3. Proud Of Me ex. Wrote At 18 yrs old Mahalia Vocals/Key Sythi ( Standing In The Shadows)( I Look At The Stars)      ( I,m Going To Be)( They Got Me As A Black Sheep)( Her Sisters And Brothers) 4. Honeymoon ex. I Had Five Songs To Put Out Five Different Persons In Me Most Of Her Songs Are About Up And Downs In Teenage Life ( I Still Want You Around) Vocals/   Acoustic Pre Set Key Medley And Add On,s B/T (Were Together)( Baby I Don’t Care Come Back To Me)( Come Back Soon) 5. 17. ex. Trying To Please People)( I’ve Got My Skin Alive)( It’s Good To Be 17.) 6. Silly Girl ex. About A Girl Mouthing Off About Her Wrote When She Was 13.years old ( Silly Girl Your Such A Nasty Girl)( I Thought You Were My Friend) About Friends Not Being Friends But Stabbing You In The Back ( When Are You Going To Stop All This Bitching)(A  No.No.No. 7. Back Up Plan ex. ( This Don,t Matter To Me)( I,ll Be On TV) Vocals Only 8. Surprise Me ex. ( Just Surprise Me) Love The Song I Can Only See Massive Things For This Very Talented Artist With Great Stage Presence ( Do You Want To Come To My Show) Only Second Time In Manchester 9. Good Reasons ex.( I Should Stay)( You Never Loved Me) Some Extra Add On,s And Vocals On B/T          ( I,m Afraid We Ended Our Season 10. Hold On ex. About In Your Life Don,t But Up With The Hype ( I Don,t What To Pressure You)( These Days I’ve Missed You)( I,m Not Going To Waste Your Time) 11. No Reply ex.( I Was Found Out)( Hear Me Go) About A Bad Break Up ( Don,t You Ever Call Me Again) 12. Intimme ex. About A Break Up So She Moved To Birmingham Count Face Living In Leicester.Next Guest Zane A Poet 13. Outstanding Poem Just Love It Pure Magic Lyrics Just Wonderful      14. Back To Mahalia Sober ex Her Latest Single (When I Want The People)( When You Are Sober)(My Feet Are Fading)(Thought We Be Together) Then Came Back And Did A short 15. Party Go To B/T  Amazing Set Brilliant Solo Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs Lyrics And Music Scores A Truly Magical Evening At The Gorilla



BOBBY ALLUM 7–45 pm–8–15 pm

Singer Songwriter Acoustic From Australia Quite Reggae Influenced 1. I,m Happy You Gone Back vg.( One Thing You Know About Me)( Just Walk Along The Road) First Time In Manchester 2. This Time vg.( It,s Time You Know It Feels Right) Very Talented Musicians And Songwriter 3. To Get To The Other Side ex.( Did You See Me) Amazing Overall Sound Artist From Daren Bay Australia 4. Sometimes I,m Force vg.( I Want To Hold You In)( I Love You More Than Yesterday) See Some Reggae   Influence There ( I,m Feeling Something) Amazing Ukulele Playing Just Magic Great Vocals And Stage Presence 5. God Will And Fortune ex. Brilliant Songwriting Really Got The Crowd Going 6. Tell You ex. Also Using A Bass Drum Pedal 7. Stay At Home ex.( Today We Stood But Your Not To Blame)( On This Day) 8. Just The Two Of Us ex.( We Can Make It If We Try)(Cover) ex. Set ex. Solo vg./ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.Really Like This Artist.

JOHN  BUTLER  TRIO 8–45 pm—10–55 pm

John 11 String Acoustic/Acoustic/Banjo/Electric Vocals ex.ex.ex. Shannon Birch-ail Double Bass/Bass Keys/B/V ex.ex.ex. Nick Bomba Drums Percussion B/V ex.ex.ex.Guy Floor Drum/Keys/Piano/Guitar/B/V ex.ex.ex, Girl Floor Drum/Vocals/xylophone / Keys ex.ex.ex. 1. Tahitian Blue ex.( See The Ship)(Above The Shore) John Acoustic/Vocals (Let My Arms Be Your Bed)( We Got The Best)(Lets Have Some Fun)( I,ll Be Another You) 2. Wade In The Water ex. John Slide Acoustic Sat Down Wade In The Water ex.( I Need Some Redecoration) All Four Other Musicians B/V Brilliant Harmonies And Overall Sound ( Find Me Some) ( I,m Going To Leave You Back On Your Own) 3. Better Man ex.( Some Bad Times) Outstanding Slide From John Stood up ( Love You To Death) Very C/W/Rock/Blues Outstanding Rock/Blues Acoustic Work Pure Magic Sounds From Band Very Talented Musicians 4. Better Than vg. ( It,s Better Than You)( Lost My Love To You) Hillbilly/C/W. In 1999 Toured Australia For 30 Days 5. Just Call ex.Pure Magic Intro Bass/Keys ( You Stole My Heart)( This Could Be For Ever) John Acoustic Slide Keys/Bass Girl Xylophone Magic Sounds Fill The Air.( I Can’t Believe What I’ve Come Through To Night) 6. Bullet Girl ex.( Just Trying To Find My Way)( Were Playing A Waiting Game) Girl Drum/Keys/B/V 7.Faith ex.( Show Me) Overall Magic Sound From Band 8.Blame It On Me ex. John/Acoustic Very Blues ( Blame It On You) Amazing Rock/Blues Overall Sound From Another Planet Pure Genius 9. Brown Eyed Bird ex. John Still Acoustic Song About Being Feed Up With The Rat Race ( Bring It On Out) Bass/Keys/Piano Floor Drum/Keys And Acoustic Very C/W Rock Just Love The Overall Sound Magic Amazing Acoustic Slide From John Pure Genius ( We Need To Turn Back)(Going Down The Road)(Nothing Going To Stop Me)  ( She,s A Pretty Thing) 10. Pick-Apart ex. Solo From John Band Off Stage John Very Much With Friend,s Of The Earth Against Fracking Causing So Much Poison To World Life John Drumming On Acoustic Guitar Just Heavenly 11. Ocean ex. John Folk/    Acoustic ( You Got To Follow A Line)( Shake That Sexy Bottom)( Feel That Grove)(Lady On The Dance Floor) 12 Grove-In Slowly ex. Amazing Overall Sound 13. Home ex. From New L/P ( We Are Going) Bass/Key/Piano ( We Don’t Need The Sadness ( Hold On) John Electric Guitar Brilliant Vocals And Harmonies 14. Tell Me Why ex. ( It,s All About) Amazing Song Writing And Brilliant Musicians 15. Last Song Living In The City ex. C/W Rock ( Been To The House)( Every Body,s Doing Fine) Amazing Lead Semi Acoustic Bass And Keys Girl Key/Floor Drum Off Stage ( You Know What I,m Saying) 16. Encore Don,t What To See Your Face ex.( Your Me) Love The Band 17. We Want More ex. Amazing Overall Sound 18. Zebra ex.Just Magic Brilliance John Released 7 L/P Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/Lyrics And Music Scores ex.Lights ex.Mixing A Magical Evening At The Albert Hall Always Great Hear Highly Recommend



EMMA TRICCA  7–30 pm–8 pm

Emma Tricca Singer /Songwriter/Acoustic Emma Vocals/Folk Acoustic Guy Lead/Electric/B/V 1.Winter My Dear ex. Great   Overall Sound 2.Julian,s Wings ( Ask The City Down On The South Side) Started Out With A Small Record Label In Manchester 3. The Servant,s Room ex.( I Came Hear To Feel) Some Amazing Slide From Lead Beautiful songwriting Amazing Vocals 4. November At The Door vg.( The Sky Is Pale)( Open My Eyes Enter The Sky) Lead Also Vocals 5 Mars Is A Sleep vg.     Just Emma Solo On Song Rowling Into Space)( Lost In Your Arms) 6. Lost In New York vg.(Watching The Ships Come In)(Like A Light House Keeper Watching) Amazing Sounds ex. Set ex.Solo And Lead vg./ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.                  NICK  MASON’S 8–30 pm–10–20 pm

Guy Pratt Bass ex.ex. Gary Kemp Guitar/Vocals ex.ex. Nick Mason Drums ex.ex. Lead/Vocals ex.ex.Keys/Sythi/Piano ex.ex.ex.   Amazing Intro With Plane And Shooting B/T  Very Military Spoken Word Vietnam  War Amazing Sounds 1.Interstellar Overdrive ex. All Songs Early Pink Floyd Outstanding Overall Sounds 2.Astronomy Do Mine ex. Lots Of Spoken Word B/T          Loosing Down The Earth Bounds) Guitar Work Is On Another Planet With Brilliant Keys And Drums ( I See Water Under Ground) 3.Lucifer Sam ex.(Always By Your Side)( He,s The Left Side Your The Right Side)( Lucifer Go And See 4. Fearless ex.    Lots Of psychedelic Graphics ( You Say You Like To See Me There)(As I Rise Above The Trees Like The Clouds)( Ever Day Is A Right Day)( The Sound Of The Trees In The Valley) 5. Obscured By Clouds ex. Amazing Sythi Sounds From Key/Organ Amazing Oscillator And White Noise Pure Magic Overall Sounds Outstanding Bass/Rhythm/Lead/Keys And Drums Just Pure    Genius 6.When You In ex.(Taste Till Tomorrow) Some Army Footage On Screen Love These Early Pink Floyd Songs Heavenly    ( We Will Run Away)(Tomorrow) 7. Arnold Lane ex. Outstanding Song Writing And Pure Magic From Band Brilliant Vocals And Harmony,s 8. Vegetable Man ex. (Vegetable Man Where Are You) Dedicated To The Late Sid Barrett 9.If ex.P/F Medley With Atom Heart Mother (If I Was A Swan)( If I Was A Sleep I Would Dream)( If I Go Insane Don,t Put Your Wires In My Brain) Amazing Key Medley And Pre Sets Just Love The Magic Experience Tonight Just A Bunch Of Supper Musicians In There twilight Years Such Outstanding Guitar/Keys And Drum Work. Into Atom Heart Mother ex. Then Back To IF.ex.11.The Nile Song ( When I Saw The Lady Swirl) 12. Green Is The Colour ex.( Seasons And Winter B/T)( In The Shadows Of)(Let It Shine)      Amazing Heavenly Piano Playing Lots Of Shadows And Landscapes In The Music Scores 13. Let There Be More Light ex. Spoken Word Intro ( Something In The Sky Waiting For Me) Bass B/V 14. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun ex. Bird   Sounds From Sythi (Little By Little Night Turns Around)( Over The Mountains) Outstanding Psychedelic Overall Sounds Love This Song Takes Us Back In Time 15.See Emily Play ex.( There No Other Way)( It Clouds The Ground) 16. Bike ex.( I’ve Got A     Bike)( I Know A Mouse That Hasn’t Got A House) Bike Graphics On Screen 17.One Of These Days ex. Pure Magic Sounds Filling The Air Pure Magic Genius From Guitar,s/Key/Sythi And Drums So Much Passion In There Playing 18. A Saucer-Full Of  Secrets ex Pure Magic Intro Psychedelic Sounds Flying Through The Room .Quite Dark Psychedelic Graphics Very Crashing Sythi Sounds 19.Point Me To The Sky ex.(Just Like A Heavenly Choir Of Angels)( I Build,t My Loving  Flying Machine)( Play The Game We Been Playing Thousand,s Of Year,s)( It,s Good By It,s Good By). Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/        Lyrics And Music Scores Outstanding Screen Graphics ex. Lights ex. Mixing  Another Amazing Evening At The 02 Apollo




Nina Rosie Hi Hop Vocals vg. D/J vg. From London Great Stage Presence Needs To Work On Music And Lyrics D/J Needs To Be More Commercial In His Mix 1. This Mighty World In A Blur vg. 2 King And Queen vg.( He Lost His Way) Great Hip Hop Vocals ( It,s My Kingdom) 3. Your A Bird Song vg. ( One Of These Days)(Trim Money In Bars) 4. Go Send vg.( There You Testify) 5.From London,s Burning E/P Paradise vg.( This Girls A Tiger)(These Girls) 6. Last Song 6. We Can’t Take No More vg. D/J Doing M/C ( I’ve Swayed In My Mind) vg. Set vg. Solo And D/J Good/vg. Songs vg. Lighting vg Mixing

JORJA SMITH  9 pm–10–15  pm

Found This Amazing Artist Last Year On New Acts On Music Four TV  Just One L/P Touring America Up To Christmas After This Tour Sold Out Two Nights At The Albert Hall Amazing For A Fairly New Artist Jorja Vocals ex.ex.ex. Key/Sythi/Piano ex.ex.ex. Lead ex.ex.ex. Bass/Bass Sythi ex.ex.ex. Drums ex.ex.ex. This Is Amazing Band Of Brilliant Musicians And Outstanding Vocal Front Women/Storey Teller Magic Just Flowing Out Of Her Lost And Found ex.( What If We All Fall Down) Jorja Reminds Me  Of A Young Amy There Definitely Some Jazz In Her Amazing Vocal Range 2. Teenage Fantasy ex.   (Finding Another Love) Amazing Key/Lead/Bass /Drums And Heavenly Vocals 3. Something In The Way (No Intro) ex. Pure Magic Songwriting (It,s Not Coming Back) 4. Feb. 3rd ex.( Time Moves Very Slowly)( Some Days Are Out)( All Your Fears)( Loose You Self  For Me) 5. The One ex. Pure Magic Sounds From The Band Brilliant Vocal From Jorja Just Love Her   6. Goodbyes ex.( You Belong To The Stars In The Sky) Outstanding Songwriting Jorja Is A Star In The Making What A Find For The Record Company.With This Backing Band Will Go Far 7. Tomorrow ex. Another Amazing Song So Rich In Music And Lyrics 8.Wandering Romance ex.( I,m Seeing You)( Hold Me In Your Arms)( Take It As You Want It)( Take All My Love) 9. On Your Own ex.( Lost And Found) Keys Using Some Pre Sets 10. I Am ex. Amazing Overall Sounds ( We All Fall Down) Brilliant Keys/Sythi/Piano/Lead/Bass/Drums And Jorja Vocals Pure Magic Genius Next From Band Instrumental ex Love It  11.Lifeboats ex. Brilliant Songwriting  And Heavenly Vocals And Sounds. This Is Quite Dark Music Score 12. Where Did I Go   ( Extended) ex.( In This Situation) Brilliant Shades In The Music Score 13. Blue Lights ex.( It,s A Slow Night With Fairy Lights)( You Make Me Feel Lonely)( I,m Hiding From Him) 14. Don,t Watch  Me Cry ex. Solo Just Jorja And Piano So Very     Beautiful Pulls At Your Heart Strings So Much Feeling In This Song (Hold On Till You Die)( Don’t Let The Time Pass You By)( I Want To Get To You) Capella Ending With Crowd Singing Been Brilliant Tonight 15.Let Me Down ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds 16. On My Mind ex ( Got A Spell On You)( I Ask Myself) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Outstanding Vocals Jorja Brilliant Songs/Lyrics And Music Scores Extra Lighting ex.ex. Brilliant Mixing Another Amazing Evening At The Albert Hall With Its Friendly Staff And Security And Management




BILLY LOCKET 7–30 pm—8–pm

Singer / Songwriter / Key/Piano ex.ex. With Band Lead ex.ex. And Drums ex.ex.1 Thinking About You ex. ( Inside Of Me)(Come Closer To Me) Lead Using Double Neck 4 And 6 String 2. Feels So Good vg. (Being With You)(Breaking All The Rules   With You) 3. Begging vg. (I Only Know)( I Don’t What To Force Your  Feelings)( I,m Looking Forward To Changes) 4.Covered  In Chaos vg. ( I’ve Been Troubled In My Mind)(Why Did You Have To Leave Me)( I Don,t Want To Grow Up With   Out You) Billy Vocal/Piano Solo 5. Another Solo Who I Am ex. Outstanding Heavenly Vocals And Piano Work Pure Magic        Been Going 6/7 Years Should Be Further Up The Ladder Of Success ( Never Seen A Body Like You) 6.Wicked Game ( Chris   Issak Cover ( Time I,m Falling In Love With You) 7. Empty House ex.( One Second You Were There) Outstanding Tear Jerkin Lyrics About Loosing His Dad Who Was A Big E.LO. Fan. ( Did I Let You Down) 8. Eye To Eye ex.( I Can Give You All  You Want)( Go Inside One More Time)( I Can Feel Your Blood It,s Drowning Me) Amazing Piano And Vocal Work 9.Fading   In To Grey ex. (How Can I Pretend It,s All In My Head)( All You Got To Say) 10. My Only Soul vg.( I Can’t Forget You)( I,m    Lost In Love)( Believe In God) ex.Set ex.Solo And Band vg./ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing Would Like To See Him Make It

JEFF LYNNE,S E.L.O. 8–30 pm –10–15  pm

Jeff Lynn Lead/Rhythm/Acoustic ex.ex.ex. Mike Stevens Guitar/Musical Director ex.ex.ex. Milton Mc Donald Guitar/Vocals ex.ex.ex. Lee Pomeroy Bass/Vocals ex.ex.ex. Donovan Hepburn Drums ex.ex.ex. Marcus Byre Piano Jo Webb Keyboards ex.ex.ex. Steve Turner Keyboards ex.ex.ex. Ian Hormonal Backing Vocals/Guitar ex.ex.ex. Melanie Lewis Mc Donald Backing   Vocals ex.ex.ex. Rosie Langley Violin ex.ex.ex. Amy Langley Cello ex.ex.ex. Jess Cox Cello ex.ex.ex. 1. Standing In The Rain ex. Amazing Intro Violin/Cello And Piano ( Down In The Pouring Rain) Outstanding Overall Sound From Out Of Blue L/P 2. Evil Women ex. From Elder–ado L/P Pure Magic Songwriting 3. All Over The World ex.Single ( Got A Message On The Radio) 4. Showdown ex. Single Harvest Records Jeff/Acoustic Pure Magic From Band 5. Do Ya ex.( Move Cover) ex. New World Records L/P ( Never Seen A Body Like You)( I Just Want To Feel Love) 6.When I Was A Boy ex.Pure Magic Overall Sound (When I Was A Boy I Had A Dream) Jeff Acoustic/Vocals And Harmonies Pure Magic Genius 7. Living Thing ex.( Higher Higher Baby)( It,s A Living Thing It,s A Terrible Thing To Do) Strings Out Of This World And Amazing Sounds From Band 8. Handle With Care ex.( Travelling Willburys Song) And L/P ( Any Thing You Want) 9.Rockaria ex.New World Records L/P Melanie Opera Vocals Amazing Vocals And Harmonies (She Ready For Some Rock And Roll) Spinning Record Graphics On Screen ( Meet Me At The Opera House At Quarter To Three) 10. Last Train To London ex. Discovery L/P Jet Records 1979 ( There Music In The Air)(Really Want To Be With You)(Really Want The Night To Last For Ever) 11 10538 Overture Single Harvest ( I See Your Face)(Did You See The World)(Did You Hear The News On The Airwaves) 12. Shine A Little Love ex. Discovery L/P 1st Single ( Your The Love Of My Life) Amazing Green Laser Lights (Let Me See) 13. Wild West   Hero ex (From All We Know)( I Wish I Was A Western Hero) Love This Song Jeff Acoustic ( First Fading Lights From The Fire So Bright) Out Of The Blue L/P 1978 Brilliant Shades And Landscapes In The Music Score 14 Sweet Talking Women ex.   (What Can I Do)(Got To Get Back To You)( Wake Me When It,s Over) 15. Telephone Line ex. New World Records L/P And Single 1977 (Are You All Right All Those Lonely Night ( Look Into The Sky)( I Wonder Why) 16. Don’t Bring Me Down Discovery 1979 Last Track L/P Amazing Overall Sound 17 Turn To Stone ex. Out Of Blue L/P Early 1978 (Dancing Shadows On The Wall) 18. Mr Blue Sky ex. Out Of The Blue L/P And Single    (Waiting For Someone)( To The Human Race) 19.Roll Over Beethoven ( Chuck Berry Cover) ex.Single Harvest Records Roll Over Beethoven Rocking Two By Two) Amazing Sound From Violin And Cello ( I,m Going To Write My Local D/J Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Song/Lyrics And Music Scores Amazing Screens And Graphics ex Lights And Lasers ex.ex. Mixing.