Vocalist/Piano From Main Vocals Bright Lights ex.ex.ex. 1. Immature vg.(In The Storm Of Solitude) (Open Up The Doors)(Every Time I’ve Wasted It Shines Like Gold)(Everything I Wanted) Amazing Overall Sound Brilliant Piano And Heavenly Vocals (Now I Feel So Ordinary) 2. Blue Print ex.(I Feel A Little Sad When I Cant Hold You)(Make Up Your Mind)(If We Fall       Apart At The Same Time)(It Does Not Mean I,m Falling In Love I Will Never Fall In Love) 3. Don,t Go ex.( I Stumble Forewords)(I,m Calling Out)(What Happens Now Heaven Or Hell)(I Want To Be Forever)(Now That You Gone)(It Just Won,t     Do) Talking To Crowd Doing Charity Work ETU Trust Work With Mental Illness Lost His Friend To Suicide 4.Wish You Were Leaving ex. Pure Magic Songwriting Amazing Vocals And Storey Telling Brilliant Piano Work (You Got Your Eye Set On What I  Can,t See(Love Going To Get You Through The Night)(One Day I,ll Make Someone Happy But It Won,t Be Me) Amazing Set       Fantastic Solo Brilliant Songs ex.Lights ex.Mixing

CHINA LANE 20–05  pm–20–35 pm

Key/Sythi/Piano ex.ex. Lead/Rhythm/Keys/Sythi ex.ex.Girl Vocals ex.ex. Reuben Hester Vocals/Main Songwriter ex.ex.ex.         1. All I See Is Lights vg.(Always Wanted Lights)(You Want Let It Go)(We Will Down In The Junkyard(Talking In My Sleep) Bird Sounds From Sythi Amazing Young Band (Nothing Can Compare) 2. Sythi Vocal Intro I Don,t Need To Beg ex.(You Said It Was Things In My Head)(Don,t Take Away)(Pouring Down On Me)(Your Taking Your Time On Me) 3.I Want You vg. Brilliant   Songwriting 4. We Don,t Care vg .(We Are Coloured Blind) Amazing Vocals/Key/Sythi And Guitar Pure Magic This Band Is So  Commercial Pop Love Them Will Go Far With The Right Breaks The Band Are Such Talented Musicians (Hand To Find) 5.Walking Away ex.(I Leave a Trail Every Where I Go)(You Don,t Need A Man As You Keep On Lying) 6. Strange Love vg .Guitar Also Key/Sythi (I’ve Got To Run)(I,ll Just Sit Hear)(Seeing The Strangest Love) 7. We Got The Love ex.(Running Around The Feeling)(See The Emotion)(What It Doing To Me)(It,s Taking Me Higher) 9. Feel Good vg.(When I Got Up This       Morning Feeling Good) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs Lyrics And Music Scores ex.Lights ex. Mixing


Vocals ex.ex. Key/Sythi/Piano ex.ex.Drums with Sythi Drum Pads ex.ex. 1. Good Luck ex.(You Belong To Me)(Turn The Lights   On Me) 2.Tough Love vg. Electric Pop With Some Drum And Bass Pure Magic Songwriting 3. In Your Games ex.(I,m Missing   You) About Being Away From Family (Learning To Be Free) 4.Mares ex.(In The Shadows And In The Dreams) Overall Magic   Sounds 5. Symety ex.(On A Good Day)(I,ll Still Be The One)(Your The Reason) 6.Cry At Films ex.(Where Did I Go Wrong)          (Don,t Ask For More Time) 7. From New L/P Ha Huh vg.(Take You By Surprise) 8. Kiss And Kiss ex.Pure Magic From Band        And Heavenly Storey Telling /Vocals From Amazing Front Man 9.Little Bit ex.(What About You)(I Can Read You)(I Love You)   Out Standing Overall Sounds (Love You More) Using A Lot Of Chorus Vocals Mix And Lots Of Echo 10.How I Feel ex.(You Make Me Go Around And Around)(How I Feel About You) 11.We Can Start Believing ex. (Something Wrong)(Some One Stands By You)(Still Hiding In The Dark) 12.Running Back To You ex.(You Know What It Takes)(Your My Reason) Gig On Middle Floor Tonight Very Cosy And Magical Just Love The Death Institute With It,s Friendly Staff And Security And Management         Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Song Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing


MARY Mc GRATH 6–30 pm–6–50 pm

Her Young Sister Age 17 yrs Old Singer/Songwriter/Acoustic 1. About Growing Up I Want To See The World ex.(Out All Night)( First Date He,s Got Car Driving On The Road)(Football Games And Making Out) 2.When I Close My Eyes ex.Wrote 1 .Year Ago  (I Was A Open Book And You Read My Picture)(You’ve Broken My Heart)(You Made a Fool Of Me)(I Didn’t Want You To Leave) 3.A Mash Up Of Cover Songs -Castle On The Hill ex.–Dibs vg.–Blank Space ex. –New Rules ex. –Tequila ex.–Country    Roads vg. A Great Mash Up Of Songs A Great Musician And Vocalist Pure Magic ex. Set ex.Solo vg ./ex Songs Great Songwriting See A Lot Of Talent There Could Follow Her Sister ex. Lights ex. Mixing .

STARLING  7  pm–7 –20  pm

Singer/Songwriter/Vocalist  All Songs To Studio Quality Backing Tapes 1. All The Way ex.(I,ll Be The One)(I Smell Pizza)( I See  The Light) 2.Crawly ex.(Take Me Over) Love Her Vocals 3. You vg.( I,m Fighting My Feeling,s )(I Love You)( I Want You)     4. Profiterole ex.(Make It Right) 5. Pink Wallpaper vg.( I Want To See You Again)(All The Changes You Are Leaving)(You Can,t  Hurt Me) ex. Set ex. Solo vg./ex. Songs ex. Lights ex.Mixing .Really Like This Artist Look Forward To See Her Again.          CATHERINE MC GRATH  7–50 pm–8–55 pm

Catherine Rhythm/Acoustic/Vocals ex.ex.Lead/B/V ex.ex. Bass/B/V ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. 1.Good Goodbyes ex.(I,ll Miss You)    (When You See Me) 2. The Edges ex. Lead And Bass Backing Vocals Amazing Vocals From Catherine And Overall Sound              Brilliant Song Writing 3.Lost In The Middle ex. Brilliant Lead/Bass/Rhythm/Vocals And Harmonies (Lost In The Middle Of A   Country Song) 4.Thought It Was Gonna Be Me ex.(I Saw The Girl Standing By Your Side)(Being With You It Hurts)(All The        Time I’ve Wasted) Pure Magic Overall Sounds 5.Enough For You ex.(I See The Shooting Stars)(Trying To Be The Girl For You) 6. Don’t Let Me Forget ex.(Two Day) Catherine /Acoustic Another Amazing Song Pure Magic Songwriting (You Carry Me) 7.      Mary You Still The One ex. With Her 17 Year Old Sister (Still The One I Want) (For Love)(So Glad We Made It) 8. Just In Case   vg. Really Rocky/C/W (Will You Kiss Me Tonight) Very Young Artist Songs About Live And Break Up,s And Wanting Love      (     Whisper In My Ear) 9.Good At Love ex. Another Rocky Song (I,m Always Burning Bridges) Outstanding Bass/Lead/Rhythm/   Drums And Heavenly Vocals And Harmonies (I Want To Be Free) 10.Hell ex.(You Broken My Heart To Many Times)(To Get      You Back Hell Would Have To Freeze Over) 11.Dodged A Bullet (I’ve Dodged A Bullet Why I,m Still Hurting) Very Emotionally    Song Pure Magic Genius (Why I,m Still Searching) 12.Fix You (Cold Play Cover) Shorted Song Pure Magic Vocals (You,ll Love    Someone)(Light,s Will Guide Us Home) 13.Wild ex.(I Wish I Could Kiss You) Amazing Guitar And Drum Work With Brilliant   Vocals (It,s A Cold Grey Frosty Night) (It Should Be Me In Your Heart) 14.She,ll Never Love You ex.Pure Magic Songwriting       (I Was You But You Where Never Mine)(She,ll Never Love You Like I Love You Babe) Such A tear Jerking Song So Beautiful        15. Talk Of The Town ex.(I,m Just A Girl)(Last Thing You Ever Thought You See) Amazing Set Fantastic Solo And Band              Brilliant Songs Lyrics And Music Scores ex.Lights ex. Mixing. Just A Magical Night At The Gorilla Manchester


EEVA  7–30pm –8pm

Anna Bass/Vocals ex.From Norway Band From England Keys/Sythi/Piano ex.Drums ex.Keys/Sythi/Lead/Vocals ex. Band Been Going 3 Years 1.Living good(What Are You Waiting For) Took Time For Them To Warm Up 2.Beast vg.(See In You Eyes)   Some Nice Shades In The Music Scores (Seasons Falling In) Indie/Rock Needs To  Be A Little More Commercial In There Song Writing 3.Christine vg.(We See The Ocean) Need More Work On  Bass Love Her Vocals There A Prog Rock Influence In There  Music Scores 4.White Water vg.(Let Me Touch You)(All In Love)(Your Innocence Will Survive)(You Are Going Around In Circles) Some Great Sythi Work First Gig With Mitski 5.Trust vg.(Some Things You Can See)(I Will Still Trust)(When I,m          Falling Behind)(I Will See You) 6. Watching You vg.(We Don,t Hear) Key/Lead Doubling Drums vg. Set vg. Band good/vg         Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing .

MITSKI  8–30 pm –9–45pm

Mitski/Vocals ex.ex. Girl Bass/Keys/Sythi ex.ex. Girl Keys/Sythi/Piano ex.ex.Lead ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. 1.Name ex.(I Need           Somebody To Remember Me)(Some Where) 2.I Don,t Smoke ex.(I,ll Take You Inside Of Me) 3.Washing Machine vg.(Up Inside)Bass Also Key/Sythi 4. First Love/Late Spring ex.(The Night Breath,s)(One Word From You I Would Tumble) Pure   Magic Lead/Keys/Bass/Drums And One Hell Of A Vocalist/Storey Teller And Actress (You Don,t Save You Love For Me)(One Date From You I Would Tumble) Amazing Commercial Song Writing 5.Francis Forever ex.(Once More To See You) 6.Me And  My Husband vg.(I Still Love You Best)(I,ll Always Be In Love With You 7. Dan The Dancer ex.(Stretch My Days) Outstanding     Overall Sound Just Magic 8.Once More ex.Amazing Drumming(We Can Keep A Secret)(In The City Of My Heart)(I would     Speak Your Name) 9.A Pearl vg  Great Overall Sound 10. Thurs. Girl ex.(I Go To The Party)(Somebody Please Tell Me) 11.             Great Drum And Bass Intro I Will ex.Using A Lot Of Body And Hand Language In Her Performance 12. Townie ex.(There A  Party)I,m Going Around With My Baseball Bat) Pure Magic From Band And Mitski (I Don,t Know What I,m Going To Do) 13.    Nobody ex.(I,m So Lonely Looking Out Of The Window)(People Want To Much)(I Just Want Somebody To Kiss)Pure Magic    Sounds Filling The Air (Nobody Wants Me) 14.Losing Dogs ex.(Your My Baby) Very Dark Song Writing Pure Genius (All I Want Is To Feel It)15.I Want You ex.(I Just Want A Quite Place So I Can Say I Love You)16. American Gin ex.Amazing Song     Writing Amazing Magical Overall Sound,s(You Are All I Ever Wanted)(You Are Everything) 17.Why Didn’t You ex.Just Love   This Artist 18.Happy ex.(Thing,s That You Tell Me Bass/Key/Sythi Outstanding Lead/Drums And Main Keys 20.Come Into    The Water ex.(If You Want To See My Face)20 a Instrumental From Band ex.21. Mitski Solo Acoustic/Vocals Drink Walk Home ex.(Kill Me) 22 My Body,s Made Of Crushed Little Stars ex.Outstanding Overall Sound 23.A Burning Hill ex.(Forest Fire) (Standing In A Valley Watching It)24. To Slow Dancers With Main Key/Piano One Of My Favorite Songs Of The Night 25.          Good By My Danish Sweetheart ex.( I Don,t Blame You If You Want To Put Me In A Nunnery)Full Band Back On Amazing Set  Fantastic Band Outstanding Solo Work From Mitki Vocals Magic Brilliant Songs/Lyrics/And Music Scores ex.Lighting ex.          Mixing Another Wonderful Evening At The Gorilla Music Venue Just Love It.


NOMAD 7–45 pm –8–15 pm

Guy Vocals ex.  Lead ex. Bass ex. Drums ex. 1.Decay vg.(Black Dawn)(Something Strange) Nice Tight Heavy Band 2.Swarm vg.   Vocals Roar,s A Lot Great Front Man Amazing Overall Sound And Songwriting 3.Wind vg.(Don,t Think Twice)(We Are A War)  4.Feed vg. About Halley (Ready To Kill) 5. Feral vg.(I,ll Tell Them) ex.Set ex. Band vg. Songs ex.Light,s ex.Mixing                          VOODOO  BLOOD  8–30 pm–9pm

Girl Vocal,s ex.ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Intro Jam 1. Headhunter ex.Band  Coming On In Leaps And Bounds  Since I Saw Them Last Ready For The Ladder of Success 2. Groove Medicine ex.(My Imagination)(It,s Not Easy)(Take Your Time)(Imagine A Revolution) One Hell Of A Front Women Love This Band 3.Dirt ex.(What Do You Say) Vocal,s Down With Crowd And On Top Of Entrance Table Pure Magic Overall Sound,s 4.I Go To Bed ex.(Bring Your Resistance) Vocal,s Glows      With Stardom And A Pure Magic Band Outstanding Musicians Of The Highest Order (My Temptation) 5.Mean vg.(Better On    The Other Side)(About My Head Being Fuck Up) She,s Amazing Rock And Blues Vocal Range Outstanding Guitar And Drum   Work(I Don’t Need No Man)(I Stay Out All Night)(I Get No Sex) Out Of The World Lead 6.Moby Dick ex.(Your Driving Me Wild)(Never To Late) Some Outstanding Music Scores And Lyrics 7.Bleed ex.Girl Tambourine (You Know You Want It)(I,ve   Got Eyes For You) Just Love This Vocalist Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Song,s Lyrics And Music Scores ex lights ex.    Mixing  Can,t Wait To See This Band Again Pure Magic genius Love Them

VODUN  9–32 pm–10–17 pm

Amazing African Sounding Rock Band First Time Of See Them Pure  Magic Experience Lead ex.ex.ex. Girl Drums ex.ex.ex.        Girl/Vocals/Percussion ex.ex.ex. 1. Mawu ex. Wearing African Costumes (This Is What I Am) 2.Providence Of Ancestors ex.        (See Me)(Reminds Me Of Freedom)(Some One Tell Me)Amazing Drumming And Guitar Work Just Heavenly Vocals 3.Elusive   Freedom(Stay Close To Me)(It,s A Culture) The Drumming Is Out Of This World The Sound For A Three Peace Is Outstanding  (I See You Shadow)(Culture Never Changes)Vocals Floor Drum A Pure Magic Sound Through The Air (Freedom Too)Heavenly  Lead Work Amazing Musicians Just Love Them 4.Time Honored ex.One Hell Of A Front Women Brilliant Vocal Range With       Lot,s Of Percussion From Her.5.Minos Army ex.(Let Me Tell You) Some Amazing Guitar Riffs Some  Spoken Word From Drums And Vocals Very African Influence Music African/Rock Ascend 2nd L/P 6.Blood Stones ex.(Sweet Innocence)(My Patience Is Almost Done)(Sometimes I Feel)(You Are A Soldier Talking To Crowd This Is A Tuesday Celebration Feel The Jibe.  7.Started From ex  Zel Spoken Word Joined By Two Girls From Crowd With Cowbell And Stick (Sometimes I,ll Do It) Spoken  Word French Revolution 8.Ascend ex.With B/V (Have Really Good Time) Amazing Sustain On Lead And Pure Magic Genius      On Drums Her Vocals Have Been Amazing All Through The Set (Give Some Love)(You Better Make Time) 9.Ogoun,s Fight ex.   With B/V Amazing Song Writing 10.Legba’S Feast ex. Amazing Overall Sound 11.New Doom ex.Brilliant Lead Drums And     Vocals 12. Rituals ex.With B/V Pure Magic Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/Lyrics/Music Scores Amazing Friendly Venue


D/J E.K. JIOBB 7–45pm

E.K. Using Key/Piano And Sythi D/J Mixing Very Electronic Pop/Rock And Dance Amazing Piano Intro From E.K. Plus Add On Mixes And Spoken Words 1.Dance On The ex.(I Will Light Your Flame)Love Her Piano Work 2.It,s A Long Way East ex.D/J At Front On Dance Floor (House Is A Basement)(House Is Depression)Pure Brilliant D/J And Key/piano Work She,s Really    Rocking So Much Energy In Her Playing 3.If You Do This Shit On The Dance Floor ex. E/K Has Really Got The Crowd Jumping And Dancing 4.Turn Up ex.Amazing D/J Mix

KAALO   8pm–8–30pm

Hip Hop Girl Artist With D/J E.K. This Is Going To Be A Amazing Set High Energy Hip Hop/Rap/Vocal Just Love Her 1.Has   Always Been Me vg.(One Sign)(People Like Us)(Put The Light On It,s Only Me)(Hey) 2.My Love Has Come ex. (Love You Like)(My Sister Had A Girl)(All Over Town)(I Love The Things That You Do) 3.All I See Is You ex. Amazing Song Writing And Overall Sound 4.Gefer Vg Song Tittle Could Be Wrong (I Want To Be)(Who Wants A Teacher)(Oh I,ll Be Waiting)(You Got It)5.Were One By One vg.(It Sounds All Right)(Don,t Take Things Seriously)(You Got To Get Loose)(321 Girls Want To Have Fun)(369 Girls Drinking Wine)(It,s A False I.D.)(Tell The Man Not To Waste Your Time) 6.Like Money vg.(Money Comes Money Goes)(Best Things In Life Are Free)(I Need Money To Keep Me Happy)(I Need That Money Money) 7.Catching Feeling,s ex.(I Will Love You)(Got Feeling Tonight)(I Can,t Control Myself)(Nothing I Can,t Handle) Spice ex.(Girls On Spice)  9.It Just Goes On ex.(The Beat Goes On)(Time To Get By) ex.Set ex.Solo With D/J ex/vg.Songs ex.Lights ex. Mixing

D/J E.K. JIOBBI 8–30 pm –8–45 pm

D/J Mix And Piano Just Fantastic Crescendo Of Amazing Sounds Through Her Mixes Love Her D/J Work And Vocal Mix Girl  (Get It On) 3.I,m Not Tough) Great Dance Track Getting The Crowd Really Going (To Spread The Word)(I,m A Rose)                  4.Manifesto ex Pure Magic D/J Mix. ex.Set ex D/J And Piano ex. Song Mix ex Lights ex.Mixing

SOPHIE TUCKER  9 pm–10–15 pm

Two Floor Drums Either Side Of Stage Sophie Vocal/Guitar And Floor Drum Tucker Floor Drum/Key/Sythi With Drum Mix    And Key Pre Set,s Melody,s Intro B/T Sophie Floor Drum Tucker Floor Drum 1.Energy ex.(I’ve Got The Energy) Great Drum Beats From Sythi Also Using  A L/P Top For Add Ones 2.Deja Vu ex.Amazing High Energy Pop/Rock Fairly New Artist With     Only One L/P 3. Matadora ex.Sophie On Flying V Guitar Amazing Riffs And Brilliant Key Work From Tucker 4.Fuck They vg .  (I Don,t Give A Fuck)(I Don,t Want To Be A Looser) 5.Woo Party vg.(Ask M e Out)(Were Going To Have A Party) Tucker Bass   Sophie Flying V Guitar 6.Baby I,m A Queen ex.(It,s Been A Lot Of Me)(I Need To Be Self Controlled )(Your My Baby) Very       Commercial Song Writing 7.Fantasy ex.Brand New Song (Despite Our Love) Amazing Sythi/Key Work Nice Sway Of Arms From Crowd Love The Pre Set Melodies From Sythi. 8  Benadryl ex.(I  Lost My Senses ) Tucker Vocals(You Make Me Love) 9.     Every Body Needs A Kiss ex.(I’ve Got Desire) Amazing Songwriting And Magic Overall Sound Going Down A Storm With The   Crowd Just Loving It 10.My Body Hurts ex.Brilliant Vocals 11.Bat-shit ex.(Night Games)(Come On Over) 12. Swing ex.                  Amazing Songwriting 13.Best Friends ex.(You Want To Be The One) 14.Moon Tattoo ex.Pure Magic 15.Drinkee ex (Drinking Song So Much Magic Energy In There Songs Amazing Set Fantastic Duo Brilliant Songs Lyrics And Music Scores ex Lights      ex. Mixing



Lead /Vocals ex.ex. Acoustic/Guitar/Banjo/Vocals ex.ex. Rhythm/Lead/Piano/Acoustic/Vocals ex.ex. Acoustic/Mandolin/    Guitar/Keys Piano/Vocals ex.ex.Bass/Vocals ex.ex. 1. Take It Easy ex.(Looking For A Lover So Hard To Find)2nd Acoustic/     Piano All This Band Are Multi Instrumentalist,s Of The Highest Order 2. How Long vg .(As Far As I Can Run)(Rocking Myself  To Sleep)Gary Piano/Mandolin 3 Tech-ilia Sunrise ex.(Every Night When The Sun Goes Down)Rhythm/Acoustic  Mike         Lead Acoustic 4.Easy Feeling ex. Amazing Songwriters The Eagles Were One Of The Best Bands Ever Lead Ovation Acoustic   Acoustic/Keys(I,ll Never See You Again) 5.Lead/Vocals Heart Of The Matter ex.Heavenly Magic Vocal,s Only Amazing              Overall Sound I,m Not Into Tribute Bands But They Have Blown Me Away Very Talented Musicians Rhythm/Piano (Have To   Learn Again)(Forgiveness) (You Don,t Love Me Any More) 6. I Can,t Tell You Why ex. Acoustic/Keys (Up All Night)(Every         Time I Try To Walk Away 7 New Kids In Town ex. Pure Heavenly Magic Rhythm/Piano(If She Still Loves You)If Your Not Around Tony Drums 8.Witch-ey Women ex.(She Guides You Shiver And Silver Spoon Harry Lead Trevor Bass 9.One Of These  Nights ex. Pure Magic Bass And Overall Sound 10.I,m Already Gone ex. Just Love The Band Of Talented Musicians 11.Get Over It ex.There Cover,s Are So Brilliant Amazing Lead And Overall Sound From The Rest Of The Band End Of First Half


12 Intro To Wasting Time Last Track From Hotel California L/P/ Wasting Time ex.(Oh My God)(I Can,t Believe)(Your Back On The Street Amazing Triple Lead Work Acoustic/Piano Vocals (You Dream About Tomorrow)(I Could Have Done So Many Things Babe) Outstanding Guitar/Piano/Drum Work With Heavenly Vocals And Harmonies 13.Love Will Keep Us Alive ex.(I,m Standing All Alone)(Your Searching For A Place To Hide)(It,s Changing Right Before Your Eyes)(I Will Die For You)(Know I Found You) Vocal From Bass And Harmony From Band 14.Lion Eyes ex.(Late At Night In The Big House It Gets Lonely)(You    Can,t Hide Your Lion Eyes)Acoustic/Keys 15.Take It To The Limit ex.Glen Fry,s Wife Called It The Credit Card Song(I,ll Always Be The Dreamer)(You Can Spend All Your Time Making Money)(No One Seems To Care) Dedicated Tom The Late Glen Fry .16. Desperadoes ex. Acoustic Vocals Only Rhythm/Piano Outstanding Vocals And Harmonies.17. Love On The Fast Lane ex.(She   Had Him Up) Acoustic Rhythm(Doctor Doctor) 18. Rocky Mountain Way ex. Outstanding Guitar/Drum And Piano Work         (Spent The Last Year Rocking Down The Road) Rhythm/Vocals With Tube Vocals Sythi Distorted Amazing Band Of Happy  Musicians Pure Genius 19.Heartache Tonight ex.(Some People Stay Out Late)(The Sun Comes Up)(Every Body Want,s To Touch Some One) Lead At Front Magic 20. Encore Mexican Sound With Trumpet B/T  Hotel California ex.ex.(She,s A Shinning light)(She Stood In The Door Way This Could Be Heaven)(Hell Is Just Another Place)Rhythm Twin Neck Gibson S/G 12/6 String 2 Acoustic Guitars Some Great Double Lead From Rhythm And Lead This Has Been A Real Magic Evening Amazing Set  Fantastic Band Brilliant Covers Of Eagle Songs ex.Lighting ex. Mixing Great Staff At The Charter Theatre.


FLOWERS  7–30pm

Band From London Been Going 6 yrs Girl Bass/Vocal ex.Lead/Rhythm vg. Drums vg.1 Be With You Lead Doing More Rhythm Work Interesting Shades In The Music Score (Seems To Take My Breath Away) 2.Pull My Arm vg  Very High Energy Rock (What Are We Doing) Very Commercial Songwriting (What Do We Do) 3.An Audition vg.(I,m Missing You) Great Overall Sound 4.All Men What To Love Me vg. Love Her Rock Vocals 5.Take Me Away vg. Great Songwriting (I’ve Lost Control Again)  6. I Love You vg.(In Against The Flowers)(I Belong For You) 7.I Don’t Mind (Add On Key/Sythi Mix) B/T.(Down Down)(I see      You) 8.Joanna vg.(Tell Him) Great Overall Sound Love Them 9 Cherries ex.(Gone on Down) Pure Magic Sounds Love Her Vocals Folk /Rock With So Much Feeling (Shining By)(Takes My) Next Stuck ex.(I Cried )(When You Bruised Me Just Girl And  Drums (If I Would Be Glad)(I Don,t Know) ex.Set ex.Band vg/ex Songs ex.Lights ex Mixing Hope To See This Band Again


Girl Keys/Sythi/Piano/Bass ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Lead/Vocals 1.Falling Man vg.(I Know)(I Am What I Am) 2.Elephant Women  vg.(I Can See Myself In Your Eyes) Girl/Vocals/Keys Amazing Overall Sound (Shine The Light On Me) 3.Keys/Bass Where Your Mind Whats To Go ex. Amazing Bass/Lead/Drums And Vocals Amazing Shades In The Music Scores Both Girl And Lead Have Great Vocals Love This Band 4.Symphony Of Treble ex.Quite Indie Rock Guy Bass Girl Lead 5.Violent Life vg.(I Like To Stay The Same) 6.For The Damaged ex.(Stay By Your Side)Girl Keys Vocals(I must Say That Life Hasn’t Changed me) Love The Song 7.Doll Is Mine vg. Girl Bass/Vocals Amazing Song Writing And Overall Sound 8. Dr Strangelove ex. (Sorry In The Sunlight Sorry In The Moonlight) Great Lead/Bass And Drums Outstanding Vocals 9.Dripping ex.Pure Magic Music Score 10.    Defeatist Anthem ex.(Harry And I)(Tell Me A Secret)(Tell Me About My Life) Lead/Vocals 11.Springtime And Summer Fall ex. Girl/Keys And Drums Only (Your A Son Of A Gun)(I Tell The Truth) 12. Twenty Three ex.(A Angel Shoot Me) Brilliant Overall  Sound 13. Give Give ex.(Just Mean To Show You) Amazing Vocals From Girl/Keys Love This Band 14.I,m Only Tired ex.     Amazing Overall Sound Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/Lyrics And Music Scores ex.Lights ex. Mixing Another  Great Night At The Gorilla And It,s Friendly Staff



Singer /Songwriter All Songs On Backing Tape,s Studio Quality 1.Tell Me (To My Face) Really Like Her Vocals (My Eyes Are On You Now)(Don,t Bring Me Down) 2.You Me vg.(Eagles Cover)(I Believe)(You You You)(I Believe It,s True)(Standing In The Rain) 3.Her,s And A Mist good(Seeing The Sound)(Your Feeling All Right)(You Better Take Control)(If We Can Run)(What Can We Do)(Take Me Down Down Deeper)(If We Can Hold One Another) 4.Ones Summer good(You Could Be My Sister)(I,m  Trying To Kiss Her) 5.She A Dancer good(She Run,s Need ,s To Work On Starting Songs And On The Song Writing I Really Like This Artist Very Young vg. Set vg .Solo good/vg. Songs ex Lights ex. Mixing Needs To Do A Lot More Gigs

ZOO FAN 8–15pm

Lead/Vocals/Sythi Drum Pads Rhythm/Vocals/Sythi Drum Pads Drums/B/T Add On Bass and Ect  And Drums 1.There A Sound vg .(Because You Hurt Me) 2.Pick Up The Pieces vg.(I Keep Falling In Love) 3.Got To Start good(Life Is) Rhythm/Sythi Drum Pads 4.Great Intro I See You Go vg.(She Leaving) Vocals Sythi Drum Pads Then Guitar Also Pre Set Drum Sounds Also  Rhythm Drum Sythi Pads Lead Back On Sythi Drum Pads 5.We Got To Be vg.(Take Care Of Me)* Some Nice Double Vocals  6.  At Your Door vg (I,m Going To Love You)(Your Letting Him In) 7. Looking For vg.(I Don,t What To Be) Young Band ex Set ex.  Band vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing


Amazing Canadian Artist Now Living In England Alice Vocals ex.ex. Lead/b/v ex.ex.Drums L/T ex.ex. Keys/Sythi/Piano/b/v    ex.ex.1.Hit The Ground ex.(I,m On The Street) Amazing Vocals And Overall Sound Just Magic There A One Way Street And     You,ll Never Know What Lies Ahead) 2.Keep Me Awake ex.(I Don,t Understand) 3.Hole,s ex. About Starting Out In The Music  Industry Everyone Was Telling Her This Is Not Right And Do It This Way So She Started Her Own Record Company With A Friend (Swimming At The Deep End(I want To Go)(Iv,e Had My Share Of Bullshit)(I Want To Know) Outstanding Vocal Range Just Love Her Vocals With Great Stage Presence (How Many Hole,s Will It Take To Drown My Soul) 4.Learn To Live vg.( I     Believe In God)(Somebody Try,s Tell Me)(Try To Stay Calm) Pure Magic Backing Band Brilliant Musicians Alice ONE Hell Of   Solo Artist(I See Them Waving Outside My Window They Won,t Go) 5.Jealousy ex.(Jealousy Taking Over Me)(The Voices Inside My Head) So Much Passion In Her Vocals And Storey Telling 6.Make Believe ex.(I,ll Make You) Amazing Lead/Keys/     Drums Crowd Jumping Well So Much Energy On Stage From Alice Heavenly Vocals(I,ll Spend The Rest Of My Life Holding  You 7.Tell Me Why vg.(What You Tell Me)(Why Didn’t You Speak To Me) 8.Heartbreak ex.(Ever In Love)(You Kept Me Dreaming)(I’ve Got Those Arms To Hold Me)(Why Don,t You Take My Hand)(It Felt So Good Underwater 9 About To Kids Starting A Record Company Two Kids ex.(The Storm Came Down) Amazing Songwriting (You Want To Play The Game)(Two   Kids In The City) 10.I Want A Last Song ex.(I’ve Got To Let It Out) 11.I Don,t Hold A Grudge ex.(Where Were You When The  Lights went out)(Don,t Hold Back) Buster Keys 12.No Roots (I,v Got Memories)(I Travel Like A Gypsy In The Night) nice sythi  Work From Keys/Lead/Drums And Heavenly Vocals 13.Why So Serious vg.(Why Did We Get Like This)(Things Are Happening (I Want To Live With No Regrets) (We Were Born Up Like This) Band Keep Going Band Alice Off Stage Amazing Set Fantastic  Solo Artist Outstanding Backing Band Brilliant Songs /Lyrics And Music Score ex. Lights ex. Mixing Another  Amazing Evening At The Gorilla If You Haven,t Come It,s A Must.


Amazing Prog. Rock Band Doing Moonmadness L/P In Full Set One Andrew Latimer Lead Guitar/Flute/Recorder/Vocals ex.ex.ex. Colin Bass Bass Guitar/Vocals ex.ex.ex. Denis Clement Drums ex.ex.ex. Peter Jones Keys./Sythi./Piano /Vocals ex.ex.ex. 1.Song Within A Song ex. Overall Sound Pure Magic Prog. Rock (The Sun Has Left The Sky)(Far Beyond The Sky The  Spirit Is For Know) Outstanding Lead/Bass/Keys And Drums Heavenly Sounds And Pure Magic Vocals And Harmonies 2. Chord Change ex.Amazing Song Writing This Band Just Get,s Better With Age Last Time I Saw Them Early 70,s Pure Magic Lead Work Every Note Is So Clear And Wonderful Just Out Of This World The Whole Band Are Just Amazing Musicians Song   Mostly Instrumental With Outstanding Shades And Landscapes In The Music Scores 3.Spirit Of The Water ex.(See The Lights  On The Water Come And Go)(Nothing Stops The River Flow) Lead/Recorder (By The Time We Find Each Other)We Either Live Or Die) 4.Another Night ex (Dark Clouds Before My Eyes)(Baby I Feel) Vocal Keys Pure Magic Genius (Love Grows Before My Eyes)(Waiting For That Silver Moon)Love The Way The Lead And Bass Work Together 5. Air Born ex.Lead/Flute Intro Then Lead Pure Magic Sounds(I Fly Spread You Wings)(Flying In Circles Never Touching The Ground) Heavenly Magic Flute Filling The Air (World Spinning Around) 6.Lunar Sea ex.Outstanding Key/sythi Intro Some Great Sythi Oscalator Work Pure Magic Great Instrumental Part To The Song Very Long With Spoken Word,s On B/T( I Can Hear You)Interval About 20min.     2nd Set

7. Uneven Song ex.Pure Magic Overall Sound Keys Help On Stage Owing To Being Blind Peter Is Pure Magic With A Voice Of   A Angel Amazing Song Writing 8.Hymn To Her(Him To Her) ex.(When You Tell Me When Your At My Side)(You Are With Me)(Why Don,t You Show) 9.End Of The Line ex.(I move On Day To Day Heavenly Vocals From Peter Keys (My Mother Comes To Me And Beg,s Me Knot To Fight)(On The Road Again For A Job I Want Find)(I,m Coming To The End Of The Line) Very     Instrumental With Clever Drumming (Life Of Poetry) Some Of The Best Lead Work I’ve Heard For A Long Time (A Place To Be) 10.Coming Of Age ex. A Crescendo Of Rock Sounds With Shades And Landscapes In The Music Score Lead On Fender Strat.The Music Fills The Room With Magic Heavenly Sounds 11. Rajaz ex About Around A Camp Fire Listing To Stories (When The Desert Sun Has Gone And Darkness Comes It Way)(The Star,s At Night Guide Us Till We Meet Again To Another Day (Souls Of Heaven Are Star,s At Night)(When The Dawn Has Come Sing The Song All Day Long)Key/Sax ex.ex. Peter Is One Hell Of A Musician Of  The Highest Order 12.Ice ex.Heavenly Piano And Lead Intro Just Melts Your Soul Into Heavenly Happiness The Music Has Your Heart Strings With Ecstasy Amazing Shades And Landscapes In The Music Score From Soft    Tunes To A Crescendo Of Rock Sounds 13.Mothers Road ex.(Long Space Now)( I’s A Long Way Back)Lead /Bass Sharing Mike  Some Outstanding Key And Organ Work One Of The Best Prog Rock Concerts For 2018 14.Long Good By’s ex.Lead/Flute ex.ex.(Breeze Carry’s A Tune)(All Good By’s Make Me Feel Sad)(Hate To Go)( She Stairs At The Wall) Just Pure Magic Overall Sound  Encore Lady Fantasy ex (Listen Carefully To My Words) Pure Magic Music Score Just Heavenly Sounds Flowing Through The Air .Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Sounds/Lyrics And Music Scores ex.  Lights ex. Mixing



LUCY ROSE 8pm–8–30pm

Singer / Songwriter /Acoustic Guitar Very Folk Songs 1.Don,t Come Easy vg.(No One Knows Me Like You Do) 2.Save Me From The Sucker vg. Great Songwriting But To Many Sad Songs Last Time I Saw Her She Had More Lively Songs Needs To Mix The Songs Up More 3.Sun After Sun vg.(Tell Me I,ll Be All Right)(When I see That Look In Your Eyes)Talking To Crowd She Tells Them She Writes Miserable Songs (You Came Like A Storm That Washed Me Away)(Every Time You Kissed Me Was True True Love)(Treat Me Like A Women)(You Treat Me Like A Fool)She Writes Very Emotionally Songs About Life And Depression 4       Shiver vg. Off L/P Great Songwriting 5.The Way You Make Me Feel vg.(Just For You) Love Her Vocals And Her Acoustic  Work Needs To Work On A Set Mixed With Sad Songs And Happy Songs This Artist Should Be Higher Up The Ladder  ex Set   ex Solo vg. Songs ex.

PASSENGER 9pm–10–25pm

This Artist Is A Magical A Brilliant Storey Teller And A Singer / Songwriter / Acoustic / Guitarist 1.Fairy Tales And Firesides ex.Outstanding Vocals And Acoustic And Storey Telling And Acting Stage Presence Out Of This World (The Sunset Of Manchester Hill Sides) Pure Magic Genius 2.Life,s For Living ex.Amazing Songwriting Already On His Tenth L/P 3.Hell And   High Water ex.(If She Calls Out)(All My Life I,ve Been Searching For Some One)(High Water Is It To Late) 4.Things That Stop You Dreaming (The Things You Got)(She Shines Bright)(If You Call Me What You What) 5. Song About His Grandparents Moving To The U.S.A To Be Free ex.(Searching For A Place To Be Free) Amazing Songwriting 6.The Sound Of Silence ex.ex.    Pure Magic Genius Cover (In These Dreams I Walk Alone)(In The Naked Light I Saw) Talking To Crowd He Has Lost a Stone And A Half Since Gig Started 7.Song About Things That Piss You Off I Hate ex.Amazing Lyrics And Music Score 8.Rolling Stone ex.(Sometimes I Feel I,m Going Nowhere)(I,m Falling) Amazing Overall Sound 9.Suzanne (Not The Only Game in Town)(When Life Has Gone) 10.Let Her Go Amazing Songwriting Telling Crowd He Was Busking For 5 Years Had A Hit Song With   Over Two Million Hits On You Tube 11.Scare Away The Dark ex. Pure Magic Songwriting Next A short Song With Crowd           Manchester You And I ex (Feel My Heart Beating Tonight) 12 Survivors ex. Off New L/P(Oh Live Is Just A Game Some Nice  (My Hero) 13.Holes vg. Sometimes We Loose)(I,ve Got Holes In My Heart But I,ll Keep Going .Amazing Set Fantastic Solo         Brilliant Songs Music Scores And Lyrics ex Lights EX mixing