Sythi/Keys ex. Girl/Lead/Vocals ex.(From Pins)One Of My Favourite Bands 1.I Eye Up vg .(You Shoot Me Down) ex Sythi Drum Beat Sounds Very Electronic/Rock Great Sound For A Duo 2.In This Place vg. Some Nice Pre Set Melody,s And Crashing Drum Beats Very Different Music To Pins(I,m Not Alone)(I Know I Know) 3.Vocal/Lead Last Night vg.(I,m Crying) Great Sythi/Key And Guitar Work 4.Step In Night Time vg.( I,ve Got A Feeling)( Down By The River)( You Still Don,t Want Me) Very Catchy Sythi Pre Sets Melody Outstanding Overall Sound 5.Last I Don,t Know vg Lots Of Echo On Guitar Great Songwriting   (I Find) Guitar Left Stage Leaving Sythi Keys To Finish Of In A Crescendo Of Sythi Magic Sounds ex.Set ex duo vg/ex. Songs  ex. Lights ex Mixing


Bass/Vocal ex.Lead ex.Rytham ex.Drums/Vocals 1.To My Own vg.Indie/Rock Great Overall Sound 2.Rock And Roll vg.(You So  Tasty) Great Songwriting 3 Bass Man vg.(Bass Lines)(Late At Night)(Lets Rock And Roll)(It,s All Right) 4.Ice Cream vg.Very   Funky Sound Nice Mixture In There Music Score (Yes I Sing)(All Of The Day) Great Guitar And Drum Work With Great Vocals 5,The Level vg.( It,s A Bitter Sweet) Also Rytham B/V 6.I,m Feeling vg.(Your Feeling All Right ) Very Rocky Love It Great Songwriting 7.Hanging On The Wire v g.(Turn Me On)Amazing Overall Sounds (You Chase These Sounds)8.I Love You Baby vg.(I,ll Take You Home)9.I Need You All The Time)(I,ve Got What You Want) ex.Set ex.Band vg./ex. Songs ex.Lights ex.Mixing


Guy Drums exex.Guy Bass ex.ex.Girl Lead/Rytham/Vocals ex.ex.Girl Sythi/Vocals ex.ex.Amazing Young Band 1.Pylon 3 ex.  Lead Vocals Only Keys Vocals Only Pre Set Key Medley Then On To Keys And Lead Really Like This Band Amazing Fresh Air Into The Music Score Pure Magic Electronic Sounds 2 Great Drum Intro Pylon 2 ex.(I,m So Tired )Amazing Song Writing This Band Will Go Far A Really Special Sound 3Light Alone ex Band In Red Shell Suits My Band Of The Night Somee Great Shades In The Music Score 4.Swim In Shadows vg.(Take Me A Side)(I Need It)(I,m Not Around Any More)5.In Alone ex.(The Love I  Had (Something Changing In Side)(Very Technical Magic Musicians Love Them 6.Waiting ex.ex.Very Choral (Oh Baby)          Brilliant Songwriting(Hear I Go)Wasted Just Wasting Time)Amazing Vocals/Lead/Drums/Bass And Keys/Sythi Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/Lyrics And Music Score ex.Lights ex. Mixing THIS band Has Blown Me Away Will See Soon


Rytham Vocals ex.  Bass ex. Lead/B/V ex.Drums ex Key/Sythi 1.A Simple Place vg.Great Sounding Band 2.I Love You vg. Great Songwriting 3.Reincarnation Of The Lizard Queen vg. Great Sounding Band Some Of These Tittles Could Be Wrong And Not In Order Owing To No Set List 4.All I Want To Be vg. The Quality Of Bands And Duo Tonght Just Brilliant 5.Little By Little vg.    6. Smile For A While vg. ex.Set ex. Band vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing I Have Loved Every Minute To Night Great Showcase



Bass ex.Drums ex.Sythi/Keys/Guitar/Vocals ex 1.Watch The Wind Blow vg.(Such A Waste)Very Electronic Rock(Get Out)    Amazing Overall Sound 2.Intro Sythi Vocals What Will I Do vg.Keys Got A Lot Of Electronic Gadgets Sythi Keys Sythi Buttons Pre Sets (I See If I Want Too)(What Will I See)Very Dark Earthy 3.I Don,t Like The Things I See ex.(I Don,t Like Secrets)(There Some One Else)(I Never Wanted)4.This Love Is Taking All The Time ex.Keys/Guitar With Sythi Pre Sets Amazing Overall       Sounds Very Clever Musicians (I,ve Given All That I Can Give) Band Manchester ex.Set ex.Band vg. songs ex.Mixing


Lead ex. Drums ex. Bass ex. Rytham/Vocals ex.1.One More Time(good)(Let Me Go) On First Song Very Nervous Only Done  4  Gigs New Band(You Can Be Her Favourite Man) Indie Rock Need To Write More Commercial (What Is It Like) 2.It Takes A    Long Long Time vg Band Coming Alive After First Song Great Overall Sound(Oh Cold)Great Lead/Bass/Rytham/Vocals And  Drums Love This Song 3.Check Me Out vg .(Take Me Out)(I Don,t Really Care) Lead Lots Of Sustain Great Overall Sound 4.   Death Row vg. Great Songwriting(Where All Alone)Some Great Guitar And Drum Work Rytham And Vocals Down With Thwe Crowd Very Tight Ending ex.Set vg.Band vg.Songs ex Lights ex.Mixing


Hannah Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist With Band Lead ex.Bass ex. Drums ex.Hannah Rytham/Vocals ex.1 Tourists vg.Saw You Coming)(See Everything You Put Your Mind Too.First Song Could Be A Little Tighter Love Her Vocals 2 Land Fire vg.Hannah  Folk Guitar(Talking About Me)(I,m Loosing Faith)(Spend Some Time Down Hear)Much  Tighter Now Band Warm Up Now)3 Downfall vg.(Can You Hear)Great Songwriting(You Could Be My Down)Much Quieter Song Bass B/V 4 Wins Your Favour ex. Hannah Semi Acustic 5 Give Me A Reason ex. Beautifull Shades and Landscapes And Shades In The Music Scores Make A       Lovely Single Love The Song Pure Magic genius (Say What You Mean)Very Catchy Chorus New Song Under The Stars vg .     Could Have More With The Music Score(What Games To Play)(You On The Blind Side) Hannah Been Going Solo About 4   Years Band Very New ex.Set ex.Band Amazing Vocals From Hannah vg./ex.Songs Ex. Lights ex mixing

JEKYLL  22.30

Amazing Young Band From Blackpool Ready For The Ladder Of Success Lead /B/V ex.ex. Bass ex.ex.Rytham/Vocals ex.ex.   Drums ex.ex. Intro Pure Magic 1.Plan A ex. Amazing Musicians Outstanding Voccals Needs A little More Magic In His Stage  Presence But He Will Make A Brilliant Front Man This Band Is Ready To Break Through(I Need You More)(I Don,t Know What To Say)I Close My Eyes 2.Wounds(You Can See Me More)Amazing Rock Sounds Just Love It Amazing Vocals 3.Cramp ex.(What You What To Give Me)(Go Your Heart Break Through)Amazing Songwriting 4.Othello(A Fountain Of Joy)Brilliant Shades And Landscapes In The Music Scores (In My Own Free Time)Coming  On In Leaps And Bounds Since I Saw Them Last   Time 5.Mania ex.(Down The World)(I Miss You)Pure Magic Drumming And Heavenly Vocals 6.So Wrong ex.(I,ve Got To Keep To My Self ) Pure Magic Overall Sound Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs / Lyrics /And Music Scores ex.Lights ex    Mixing



 Based in Brooklyn Also in the Band Toy Soldiers Rock Band From Philadelpha Lead Trumpet/Vocal,s ex.Bass ex.Keys/Sythi/  Piano ex.Drums ex.1.Something Stupid vg.(I,ll Eat You Alive)(I Feel It In My Belly)(I,m In Love With You)2.Great Sythi Intro White Noise 2.Alway,s Elsewhere vg.Very Psychedelic  Rock(To Feel What,s Real)(On The Outside) Interesting Songwriting  Going To A soft Barber Shop Harmony To A very Rock Sound,s 3 Realy Nice Guy,s vg.Very  Psychedelic Guitar Work Keys and Drums(Go Away With My Spice(Realise Your Ready)4.Put The Kids To Bed vg.(No Matter What It Is)5 Kill The Medicine Man)(Down Down Down)6.Temporary Slave vg.Vocal,s Only (I Woke Up Crying)(I Drank A Cold Glass Of Water) See Some Influance Of Early Stones Love There Lyric Writing and Music Scores 7.You Got To vg.(You Got To Be A Circle)Key,s Back On Pure Magic ex.Set ex Band vg.Songs/Lyrics and Music Scores ex Light,s ex Mixing Just Love This Band will See Again


Alex Maas Vocals/Guitar/Drone Machine/Organ ex.ex.ex.Stephanie Bailey Drums/Percusion ex.ex.ex.Kyle Hunt Keys/Sythi/Piano/Percusion//Guitar ex.ex.ex.Chrisian Bland Guitar/Vocal,s ex.ex.ex.Jake Garcia Guitar/Bass/Vocal,s ex.ex.ex. Nate Ryan Bass Guitar ex.ex.ex. Band Have Done 5 L/P Alex Mass has Done A L/P With Elephant Stone and The       Horrors 1.The Prodical Sun ex.A crescendo Psychedelic Rock 2.Bad Vibrations ex.(I,m Feeling) Dark Graphics On Big Screen   Amazing Over All Sound From Band 3.Molly Moves My Generation ex(A False Alarm) Vocal Semi Acustic Floor Drum Keys and Sythi (Up In The Sky 4 I Drent ex.(We Move) Amazing Overall Sound Just Love It Amazing Key/Sythi/Rytham/Lead/       Drums and Vocals 5.Empire ex. Pure Magic Sounds and Song Writing 6.Better Of Alone ex.(Behind The Table)I Tiptoe On    Top)Best Psychedelic Gig For 2018 By Far(Ghost Train That,s What We Are 7Medicine ex Pure Magic Overall Sound( I Want  To Be Free)(My Love My Love) Stephanie On Drums Out Of This World 8.The Return ex.Amazing Shades Ian The Music       Scores 9.Currency ex.Out Of This World Musicians Just Pure Magic 10.Half Believing ex.(Take Me To The Dark)(I,m The Better Half)(Promised My Self For A Weekend)11.The Snipper At The Gates Of Heaven ex.(Spin Spin The Money You Can   Bring)(I Can See)Drums Pure Magic Genius And The Rest of The Band Outstanding 12.Grab As Much(As You Can)ex       Amazing Shades And Songwriting 13.Black Grease ex(All I Can See)(The Spell Of You) One Hell Of A Front Man/Storyteller   (On My Way)14.Phosphene Dream ex.Pure Magic Overall Sound 15.Comanche Moon ex.Love This Song 17.Entrance Song ex. Keys/Sythi Floor Drum ex Vocal,s/Acustic (Things That You Want)(Sending Him)(Fire Fire)18 Young Men Dead ex Pure Magic GENIUS A Crescendo Of Sounds Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/lyrics/Music Scores Ex. Graphics Ex. Lights Ex.  Mixing Just A Magical Night With Friendly Staff And Security At The O2 Ritz






Great chart songs realy getting the crowd going Love your body/Holding back ect Love there set It realy started the evening


2 Girls  pink B/V ex.ex. 1 Girl blue vocals ex.ex. Keys/Sythi/Piano ex.ex.Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. D/J Guy M.C. GUY/Rap. Brass Section ex.ex.Love Them. 1.Keep On Moving ex.(Why do people lead there lives this way) 2. violin Universal Love ex.Amazing overall sound Brilliant vocals and Harmonies(Time for a change forget the hate) Band be going 30 years (Travel on this musical adventure together) enough ex.Amazing songwriting 4.Back to life ex. from 1988(Show me what you want from me)Outstanding vocals and Harmonies Just Love It Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant songs EX lights EXmixing This has been a pure magic experience the whole crowd going wild


3 Main Girl Vocalists ex.ex. Full Band Keys/Sythi/Piano ex.ex.Bass ex.ex.Lead ex.ex. Rytham ex.ex.Drums/Percusion ex.ex.1.Robert De Niro,s Waiting ex.Amazing overalll Sound 2.Cruel Summer ex.pure magic 3.Ain,t what you do vg.(It,s the way that you do it)Ella Fitzgerald 4.Venus(Shouting blue cover)(Im your venus,I,m your fire)5.Love in the first Degree ex.(judge and the jury put the blame on me)Just Magical 6NaNa Hey Hey Kiss him Goodby (cover)ex.(I never Love you)Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/Lyrics/Music Scores ex Lights ex Graphics ex Mixing JUST LOVE THEM


Keys/Sythi/Piano exex Neil Lead/Vocals ex.ex.ex.Bass ex.ex.rytham ex.ex.Drums/Percusion ex.ex.Brass Section ex.ex.Sax/Tronbone/Trumpet 1.Everybody Dance ex.(Music never let,s  you down)All Songs Chic unless stated Over all sound Pure Magic with Heavenly Vocals 2.Dance Dance Dance ex(You Say)Neil guitar work Amazing 3 I want your love ex(I need your love) Also two Amazing Girl Vocalists 4 Diana Ross cover which Neil proceeds I,m coming out ex.Just love it then into Upside down ex Heavenly Vocals from the Two(Sharing the moment with you)5 He,s the Greatest Dancer ex.Sister Sledge ex outstanding song writing Neil has Produced so many Artists then into 6 We are Family ex.(Everyone can see were Together Amazing Vocals ending 7 Like A Virgin ex.(Madonna cover)(Your Heart Next To Mine)(Your So Fine and Your Mine Till The End Of Time 8 Notorious ex.(Duran Duran Cover)(I,m So Hard Inside)Amazing version Love It 9Thinking Of You ex (Makes Me Love You)(I,m Now Living in Ecstasy 10 My Feet Keep Dancing ex.Amazing Songwriting/Music Scores  and lyrics 11.Get Lucky(Daft Punk Cover) Amazing Intro From Kimberley Keys Using Sythi Vocals as he does backing vocals12 Chic Cheer ex.Heavenly Magic 13 Forbidden Lover ex. Every Song is Just Magic 14 Let,s Dance ex (David Bowie   Cover)(Your a Girl that Breaks My Heart) 15.Le Freak ex.Crowd Going Wild Lots of Dancing The night Just Shines with  Brilliance (Feel the Rytham)(Come on Down) 16 Good Times/Rappers Delight ex.Lytham Festival Just Get,s Better Every Year.Can,t wait for Next Year 10 Anniversary Amazing friendly Staff and a Wonderfull Job from Cuffe and Taylor Amazing  Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/lyrics/music scores Amazing Graphics and video on Sreen ex lights  ex.mixing




Jahmene Vocals ex  Gary Guitar ex Chris Drums 1.My love has gone ex Amazing Vocals Next If i told you vg.(Im ready to make it) Amazing overall sound(Dreams can come true 3.Forever in aternity ex.pure magic vocal range Where has this artist been hiding 4That,s what  frinds are for vg.(I can find you in a torado)(It,s your friends that get me through) ex.set  ex.trio ex.ex mixing.

GABRIELLE 21.05 10.30

Gabrielle vocals ex.ex.ex Drums ex.ex.Bass ex.ex.Lead ex.ex.Key,s/Piano/Sythi ex.ex.2 girl B/V ex.ex.Great intro B/T 1.Show me ex.(Love to be free)(Feeling you)(I,m loosssing control)(Believe in me) 2.When a women ex.(In the morning(When a women loves a man)3.Give me a little more time ex.(you did the best to control me)(Many times you made me cry)(I want to be more than your friend)4 Thank you ex. Amazing overall sound outstanding band/b/v and magical heavenly vocals from gabrielle pure genius love this artist (Let me know)(5 Put up a fight ex.(people need to listen)(when the world goes by)(I feel so lonely)6 Under my skin ex(I,ve always loved you)(Lean on me)(I,ll never give you up(A life time)7 Sunshine ex(I.m on top of the world)(You are the reason)(My shining star)8 Stronger ex.(It makes you stronger)(Don,t give up)9(Breath)ex.(I was loooking for life (I just want you)Outstanding front women and storeyteller hell of a vocal range just heavenly(Just want your love)10 Every step ex.(Broken hearts)(Walk away) outstanding Lead/Bass/Drums/ Keys/ and brilliant vocals and harmoneys(She out of time)11.Medley 3 songs Going nowhere ex.(Need somebody to hold you)(I,ll be right there)(You know how to do it)(How i feel for you) (My thoughts are hear everytime your near) I wish ex   (you been a picture) Because of you ex.(You are always there)12.Rise Again ex.(In my heart)(In my dreams)outstanding song writing and overall sounds oncore 13.Out of Reach ex.( I was stupid for a while)(Valerie)(So much pain)(So far) 14.shine ex.(Love is a broken dream)(I can make you m ine) 15 Dreams ex.Gabrielle been going 25 years Thanks the crowd for being with her a realy mixed crowd to night(I know you want too)(I say i love you)(Dreams can come true)(I know you want a baby pure magic overall sound Great singing from crowd just a pure magic evening music at it,s very best love itGabrielle Pure Magic gensus.Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brillliant songs/lyrics and music score Ex Lights Ex Mixing Brilliant friendly Staff/Security/Managment Love this place

sharkmuffin night a day wed 8 aug 2018 manchester

pretty witches

bass ex rytham/vocals ex lead vocals drums ex great intro  1. touch love vg [baby your undone)(personel hell)(down to my soul)next pyre vg. great double vocals (i,m crumbling down)(we are all alone)next wild life good  (oh my soul is tearing me  apart ) next unconditionl vg.(lovely word )(it,s holding me where i  belong)(give me something)next know you well vg.(i,m lost in for ground)(i need you any way next lion vg.(passion) amazing overall sound ex set ex band vg songs ex lights ex mixing

rytham/vocals ex lead ex bass ex drums ex 1.misery express vg. crazy high engery experimental rock band next start again vg. great overall sound next chunk (i,ll be under your power)(i want to be)hard hitting guitar work band from sheffield rytham using guitar work next sharko flage vg.(i,ve gone away) g reat funky rocky beat band coming alive slow start great songwriting  next pool vg(i don,t know)(something in your head) very experiomentel rock next second twin vg(now i feel) interesrting shades in the music score nevxt vandalism vg(don,t try to fill it)(i,ve got feelings)ex set ex band vg songs ex mixing ex lights


TARRA THIESSAN lead/vocals exex natalie kirch bass/vocals exex jordan blackley drums exex amazing magic band love them glow vg great songwriting high energy punk rock 2.first date vg.(it,s ok do it) 3.factory vg .amazing over all sound so much energy crowd going wild 4 now ex amazing songwriting very hardcore punk rock 5 little bird vg (you,ve got to be)close your eyes) 6 tampons vg amazing bass/lead/drums and vocals i can,t take you back) (your insane)7 mondays vg very short song 8 puppy love vg.(when i hear a sigh) pure magic sounds from band so much energy in there playing 9 ghost brads the song 10 chartriuse vg.great songwriting 11 liz taylor vg.(i don,t know why }12 mermaid your stupid life ex.(talk me down)(i want a reflection) 13 stacy vg.(i started)(you know what to say)(save me) 14 finger vg. pure magic overall sound 15  moon vg.(i,ve broken you) 16 oncore get away ex. just magicaly amazing set fantastic band brilliant songs ex lights ex mixinghighly recomend night and day amazing staff very friendly great management