hits radio live manchester arena sat 14 july 2018

jax jones 7.20pm

amazing young guy d/j/keys/guitar/percusion and drum and bass mix breath ex (ooh in my head)quite a few hits already in charts lately next ring ring ex (you touch my skin) guitar amazing graphics next you don,t me ex (you take me out) girl vocals on screen next feels like home ex (up down low) next instruction ex (hold me in my head )

years and years

key/sythi  key/sythi   vocals drums amazing musicians 2 b/v guy and girl 1 sanctify ex  (in my pain) (father for give me next king ex (keep your love alive) 2 dancers ex next if your over me ex amazing over all sound just love this band next open road ex (i need to be on the open road) 4 dancers this song ex

rita ora

backing tape studio  quality this was a magical set just love her 1.your song  exex 2 b/v girls (don,t want to sing a sad song anymore 6 dancers  2. i will never let you mdown ex 3 male dancer (there no place to go) 3.lonely together ex (avici cover) (i,ll hate my szelf tomorrow) love this song pure magic production red rose graphic next anywhere ex amazing songwriting (blood shot  before the sun) (take me anywhere) 6 dancers ex

clean bandit

keys sythi piano exex drums with sythi drum pads  exex violin exex cello/vocasls exex 2 main girl vocalist ex ex the band just gets better and better love them rather be exex pure magic sounds 2.symphony exex love this song great overal sounds and vocals (i,m dancing onto your heart beat)(after your gone) next single solo ex(i think your turning me on) next rock a by exex pure magic sounds and vocals flames into the air and fireworks outstanding set end of first halfinterval then 2 half

sigala d/j set with m/c

1.easy love ex(sweet sweet rain on me) smoke into the air with dancers ex next give me your love ex (came hear for love) 3.lullaby ex.(sing me a lullaby)mc getting crowd going 4. give me your love ex.with john newman special guest great set next on screen taylor swift (ill write your name ex

george ezra

george vocals ex ex bass ex lead ex. drums ex.trumpet ex tronbone ex keys/sythi/piano 1.paradise ex (things that you dream and feel) next blame it on me ex(what are you waiting for) next 3. budapest ex.(give)me a reason ) next shot gun ex love this song amazing songwriting brillliant set

liam pain

all songs to backing tape studio quality liam vocals strip that down examazing overall sound 4 girl 2 guy dancers ex 2.for you duet with rita ora exex(waiting for a life time for you) (looking for love) amazing grapics from the film 50 shades of grey next familiar (spanish style 5 dancers ex. flames in air amazing set next on screeen i,ll be there jess glyn next a broken heart video

take that 10.15pm

mark/vocals gary/vocals piano donald vovals/guitar band bass/lead/rytham/keys/sythi/piano intro mr blue sky 1.shine ex.(that all that matters to me) (let me show you) 2.greatest day ex 3. patience ex amazing overall sound love this song 4.back for goodex amazing song writing 5.these days. ex outstanding band 6.rule trhe world a pure magic song 7never forget ex another great set fom take that the whole show has beeen amazing another great night at manchester arena

legally blonde the musical opening night palace theatre mon 25 june 2018

rita simons best known for playing roxy mitchell in east enders heads the cast of this magical production of the 2001 film turned into a fun loving musical about a coddled idle rich girl who gets dumped by her student lawyer boyfriend and sets out to become a lawyer with hilarious happenings played by lucie jones playing elle woods rita simons playing paulette bonafonte the scatty funny hairdresser owner and bill ward professor calahan great intro from band then into a marvelous vocal and dance routine starting on bikes then lots of dance and vocals song oh my god so high energy with colourful costumes lots of pink then her boyfriend comes on then they have a drink at a table and he dumps her brilliant acting from elle she really shone and her vocals just magic some amazing cast doing a lot of  the chorus work and different characters so good very talented lots of energy and funny audience going wild for the show some really catchy songs next another great song keep it positive next ella goes to change her hair colour next song love making bad hair decisions another amazing song love it brilliant routine best song so far then park scene ella and the poor lawyer student singing chip on my shoulder next ella say my name a great dance and vocal routine to end first half one hell of a magical first half just love it

2nd half band intro then into a gym work-out with gym owner up for murder and visited by prof and students great skipping rope dance routine with vocals next scene ella and poor law student go to the department store to get him a suit for the trial ella is such a star amazing acting puts a lot of wit and fun into her part next song in the air ex [a man]next paulette hair salon song take care of your self  great opening night for this musical with cast on fire just pure magic next scene trial courtroom and pool cleaner in the dock saying he had a affair with the wife up for murder but they prove this guy is gay and lying next scene professor praises her the comes on and kisses her she rebuffs him and he sacks her from the trial next scene at park ella and the poor student in the park he tells her not to walk away and come to the trial he will help her then into main song legally blonde great production number then paulette with new boyfriend the delivery man in front of the irish flag doing a irish dance followed by cast joining in great dance routine corny but funny next scene back to the trial professor sacked by the students and poor law student taking over calling the wife daughter to the stand she saw nothing as she was washing her hair and saw her mother covered in her husband blood she had her hair permed then ella went in and proved that she didn’t wash her hair and lying daughter then broke down and confessed to the shooting him and judge had her arrested and mum was free to go was an amazing ending to the court case followed by the finally song oh my god with ella getting her degree with the poor law student as well then into a colourful finally with cast in pink singing and dancing and taking a bow what a magical production highly recommend

andrea gibson deaf institute

a magical poet from the usa was in london the night before and people were fainting because it was so hot all poems backed by music on b/t¹ this girl has so much feeling in her poems pulling at your heart strings and her story telling is pure magic first poem about life and a total dick head guy this year fuck trump next about her sister being a drug addict being arrested poem called photo shoot she has written a new book of poems next monster hand about suicide and mental illness about her love drowning her self next poem about the gay shooting in the usa night club similar to what happened in manchester tonight was pure magical experience its such an experience going to a gig at the deaf institute with there friendly staff and management

¹backing track