A Mel Brooks Musical Book By Mel Brooks And Thomas Meehan Music And Lyrics By Mel Brooks This Was Truly A Magical Production Very Camp So Very Funny Amazing Songs Outstanding Acting/Dancing/ Vocals And Harmonies The Dance Routines Are Just Magical With Some Amazing Tap Dancing Every Cast Member Was Pure Brilliant The Two Main Characters   Theatre Producer Max Bialystock Has A Failure But His Down Trodden Accountant Leo Bloom Thinks It Could Be A Good Thing A Producer Could Make More Money With A Dud. They Set Out To Find The Worst Script The Worst Director And The Worst Actors How Can This Go Wrong Storey In A Nut Shell Lets Get On With The Show. Intro Band Just Fabulous 4 Cast 2 Girls 2 Guys Place Cards Advertising Tonight,s Opening Night Of His Latest Show Next Song Cast Singing Worst Show In Town ex. Next. Producer Max Song 2. I Used To Be The King Of Broadway ex.( I Always Had The Best Hits) With Guy On Violin Brilliant Cast And Lots Of Costume Changes With Some Amazing Dance Routines From Cast Playing Different Parts The Audience Never Stopped Laughing. For Acting And Comedy One Of The Best Musicals I Have Seen For A Long Time ( When Will I Be Famous Again) Next Scene Directors Office And In Come Leo Bloom The Downtrodden Accountant Who He Sends To The Toilet As He Has One Of His Old Lady Backers At Door Coming In.His Backer A Sex Mad Old Lady A Very Funny Scene With Max Next Sean Leo Comes In He,s Pure Bonkers And Max Things He Should Be In A Straight Jacket Leo Finds Faults In His Books Followed By Leo Having A Break Down Amazing Funny Sean Brilliant Acting Max Gives Him Water And He Calms Down. And They Try To Work A Plan Out To Fiddle Some Money By Making A Show Fail With The Worst Script Worst Producer And The Worst Actors Next Song Max We Can Do It ex. And From Leo I Can,t Do It ex.( I,m A Looser) Next Scene 6 Accountants Typing In Accountant Office Looking Very Unhappy Song Very Unhappy ex. Then A Song From Leo I Spend My Life Accounting. Brilliant Vocals From Crazy Leo Next Scene Leo With Showgirls Another Amazing Dance Routine This Is Such Amazing Production At The Highest Level Next Scene Back At The Typing Pool Song I Want To Be A Producer ex. Next Scene  With Old Backer Doing A Song With Cast Holding Pigeons Defiantly Crazy Acting Next Max And Leo Visit Austrian Hitler Fanatic With A Song From Him Very Funny Then Sign Contract .Next Scene They Call on Rodger Transvestite Producer And His Lover A Very Tall Transvestite So Very Funny Then Into Song Give It Gay ex.ex. With Cast Dressed In Outrageous Costumes Then Into A Production Number Keep It Gay ex. Next Scene Back At Max Office With Leo Then Comes In Olla From Sweden Come For A Audion \Then Breaks Into Song When You Got It Flaunt It ex.ex. Amazing Number Touching Up Max And Leo On Coach They Take Her On As Sectary And Cleaner Olla Asks What Time To Start Then Tells Them She Gets Up At 7am. Keep Fit Then 8 am Big Fish Breakfast And At 11 am Sex. Max And Leo Shout 11 am Next Scene Max Sings Time To Be A Lover ex. Scene With His Old Lady Backers ( Fire Down Below) Next Amazing Song And Dance Routine 10 Old Lady,s With Simmer Frames What Amazing Production Number Some Of The Costume Changes Are Very Fast ( Long Came Be Ally) Finishing First Half Cast We Can Do It ex. Love It. 20 min Interval .

2 nd  HALF.

Intro From Band Next Scene Max Office Olla Coming On To Leo In A Very Funny Scene Then Into Song That Face ex.( These Lips Know These Eyes Outstanding Vocal And Dance Routine From Olla Next Scene Audion Time Solo Cast Doing Different Songs Started With Jack The Blank A Wondering Minstrel Eye Next Then Donny A Little Wooden Boy Then Austrian Hitler Fanatic Bing Bing Bang ex.ex. So Very Funny And Crazy Pure Magic Genius Before The Opening Concert Leo Says Good Luck And He,s Told Never Say That But Say Break A Leg. Austrian Goes Out There A Big Bang And He Breaks His Leg Leaving Them Without Hitler So They Ask The Producer Rodger To Take The Part He Says No But His Lover Talks Him Around. So The Show Goes On Next Scene From Springtime For Hitler 2 . Girls Dressed In German Costumes And 4 Showgirls Dressed With Funny Head Gear Amazing Tap Dancing Routine Just Magic Then Song Come And Join The Nazi Party ex.( The Fury Is Coming)( High To Me The Great Dictator) Then In The Land ex. Then Another Song From Hitler Wonderful Me ex. ( Then They Made Me Chancellor And Politics) Another Great Tap Dance Routine From Hitler And Cast. 2 Red Glitter Booms Come Down Hanging In The Air And Two Silver Glitter Tanks Neck Scene Back In Max Office Olla And Leo Talking Leo Says He Can Go To Jail Olla Says We Can Take The Money And Go To Reo Max Comes In And Leo And Olla Leave Next Scene Irish Cops Come In And Arrest Max After A Song ex. Max Finds Out Leo And Olla Have Betrayed Him. And They Have Landed In Reo Song In Cells I Used To Be The Queen ex. ( Know I,m Drowning In Jail)( My Whole Life Is Going Down The Tubes) ex song By Max Then Into Song We Can Do It ex. Next Scene Court Trail Old Lady Speaking Up For Max. Then Olla And Leo Turn Up In Court A Great Song From Leo Trying To Save The Producer He Made My Life ex. Then The Judge Sent Them To Sing Sing Jail. Next Scene Prisoners But On A Musical Next Song Prisoner Of Love ex. Full Cast Great Production Number Love It. Next Scene Back On Broadway With Ending Production Number Then One By One Cast Takes Bows Just Love This Production Best Musical For A Very Long Time This Has Been A Magical Evening Of The Highest Order What A Brilliant Cast.



I’ve Been Looking Forward For A Long To See Wicked This Was Truly A Magical Experience For Me A Brilliant Production. Intro From Orchestra. 3 Monkeys At Front Of Stage One Wines Up The Curtain Stage Set Up With Big Clock At Back And Glenda The Good Witch Played By Helen Woolf Sitting On A Star In The Air Just Outstanding The Musical Starts In The Present With The News The Wicked Witch Is Dead 1. Song From Glenda  Let Us Speak Now ex. ( Good Will Combat Evil Amazing Chorus From Cast Then Into The Song Wicked By Glenda And Chorus Next Sean Back In Time When They Were Young At Magician And Witches College Elphapa The Green Witch Student Amy Ross One Of The Best Actress I’ve Seen For A Long Time Since Main Girl In Miss Saigon With Her Sister In A Wheelchair Messarosie Played By Emily Shaw Also A Student Brought In By Her Father Cast Playing Different Parts Lots Of Student Head Of College Madam Morrible Played By Kim Ismay Glenda When Young A Rich Student With Attitude Just Amazing Talent Who Fell For The Good Looking Student Flyero Played By Aaron Sidwell Who Had Feelings For Elphapa Another Student Who Fancy Glenda Box Played By Iddon Jones Really Great Cast Love The Production Next Song By Madam Morrible Many Years I’ve Waited ex. Great Vocals Next Song From Elphapa The Wizard And I ex. ( When I Meet The Wizard) Followed By A Duet From Glenda And Elphapa What Is This Feeling ex. Joined By All The Students Dance Routine And Heavenly Vocal Harmonies Next Class Room Sean With Goat Professor Steve Pinder ( Who Also Plays The Wizard) Professor Hurt Some One Wrote On Blackboard Animals Should Not Teach Professor Cancelled Class And Elphapa Stayed On To Talk To Talk To Goat Professor And Shared Her Lunch With Him Next Song From Professor Something Bad Has Happened In Oz. ex.( Nothing All That Bad) Next Sean College Square Where The Students Made Fun Of Elphapa Flyero Tells Glenda He,s Taking Her Dancing To Ballroom Tonight Some Clever Affects Through The Production Glenda Ask Box To Take Messarosie To Dance Next Ballroom Sean With Fairy Lights Box Has Taken Messarose In Wheelchair To The Dance The Students Start A Great Dance Routine Box And Messarosie Join In Then A Great Song From Messarosie Just Pure Magic And She,s A Great Actress Next A Dance Routine From Glenda And Elphapa Using Arm Movements Next Bedroom Sean Where Glenda And Elphapa Share A Lot Of Talking Then A Song From Glenda Your Going To Be Popular ex. ( When The Tender Heart Begins To Bleed)( Very Popular Like Me) Next Class Room Sean Where Goat Professor Gets Sacked And Throne Out Of College Where All Animals Should Be Caged Elphapa Up In Arms. Next Sean Flyero Song Hands Touch ex. ( In A Giddy World He Could Be That Boy)( I,m Not That Girl) Got A Rain Affect Next Sean Glenda And Elphapa Going To The Emerald City To See The Wizard ( Steve Pindem) Next Sean Emerald City With Cast In Court Costumes Very Colourful Then A Song Emerald City ex. ( Just Two Good Friends) Glenda Great Vocals Then Another Song From Glenda And Elphapa Gravity Song ex.ex. Love This Song Next Sean Glenda And Elphapa Meet The Wizard And Madame Morrible They Ask Elphapa To Do A Spell On Gravity To Make The Monkeys Fly Great Stage Affects And Creepy Lighting But Elphapa Won,t Work For Them So He Try,s To Capture Her With His Guards Then Into Sean Ending First Half Amazing Production Number Where Elphapa Flying In Air Light Affects Song Gravity From Her Pure Magic Genius  Interval  20  min


Intro Orchestra Then Into College Square Sean Glenda Day With Students And Flyero Then Into Song Celebration ex. Love This Song ( Happiness Comes When Your Happy) Glenda Telling Everyone She Getting Married Flyero Doesn’t Look Happy To This. Next Sean Elphapa Sisters Living Room Messarosie In Wheelchair Her Father Has Died And She Head Of Household With Box As Her Servant Then Elphapa Comes In On The Run From Wizard And His Guards Come In But She Vanish Them Tells Elphapa Her Dad Has Died And Blames Her Then She Try,s To Comfort Her Sister By Casting A Spell To Make Her Walk Again A Touching Sean Then She Starts Walking After Falling Then Box Comes In To Tell Messarosie He Leaving She So Mad That She Goes Into Her Sister Magic Book And Puts A Spell On Box And Causes A Heart Attack And He Dies She Pleads With     Elphapa To Revive Him But She Says once A Spell Been Made Can,t Be Overturn So She Turns Him Into A Tin Man With No Heart Next Sean Back In Emerald City Glenda And Wizard Talking About A Plan To Catch Elphapa Then Into A Song From Glenda I,m Not That Girl ex. ( Make This Last Moment Last)( There No Future For Us As A Pair) Then Madame Morrible Cast,s A Spell And Causes A Hurricane Which Blows Down Messarosie House And Kills Her Amazing Wind Affects On Stage Outstanding Next Sean Sisters House Blown Down On Back Cloth Elphapa In Tears About Her Sister Death. Next Sean Cast As Witch Hunters And Tin Man Who Want,s To Kill Elphapa Next Song Limited ex. ( Best I Can Do)( Maybe We Will Not Meet Again In This Life Elphapa Is Caught By Guards Goes Behind A Curtain And Supposed To Have Died With Water Thrown On Her And All Re manes On The Floor Is A Green Bottle And Her Witches Hat. Next Sean Back In Emerald City Glenda Gives Green Bottle To Wizard She Finds Out He,s Elphapa Dad So She Banish The Wizard From Oz. Then Turns To His Accomplice Madame Morrible Who She Sends To Prison And Calls Guards To Take Her Away Then Last Sean Back In Present Glenda In Air On A Star With Cast At Back Of Stage A Opening With Light And Fields Where We See Elphapa And Flyero Escape Into The Country Side To Live Happy Ever After Love A Happy Ending Pure Magic Show Of The Highest Order

legally blonde the musical opening night palace theatre mon 25 june 2018

rita simons best known for playing roxy mitchell in east enders heads the cast of this magical production of the 2001 film turned into a fun loving musical about a coddled idle rich girl who gets dumped by her student lawyer boyfriend and sets out to become a lawyer with hilarious happenings played by lucie jones playing elle woods rita simons playing paulette bonafonte the scatty funny hairdresser owner and bill ward professor calahan great intro from band then into a marvelous vocal and dance routine starting on bikes then lots of dance and vocals song oh my god so high energy with colourful costumes lots of pink then her boyfriend comes on then they have a drink at a table and he dumps her brilliant acting from elle she really shone and her vocals just magic some amazing cast doing a lot of  the chorus work and different characters so good very talented lots of energy and funny audience going wild for the show some really catchy songs next another great song keep it positive next ella goes to change her hair colour next song love making bad hair decisions another amazing song love it brilliant routine best song so far then park scene ella and the poor lawyer student singing chip on my shoulder next ella say my name a great dance and vocal routine to end first half one hell of a magical first half just love it

2nd half band intro then into a gym work-out with gym owner up for murder and visited by prof and students great skipping rope dance routine with vocals next scene ella and poor law student go to the department store to get him a suit for the trial ella is such a star amazing acting puts a lot of wit and fun into her part next song in the air ex [a man]next paulette hair salon song take care of your self  great opening night for this musical with cast on fire just pure magic next scene trial courtroom and pool cleaner in the dock saying he had a affair with the wife up for murder but they prove this guy is gay and lying next scene professor praises her the comes on and kisses her she rebuffs him and he sacks her from the trial next scene at park ella and the poor student in the park he tells her not to walk away and come to the trial he will help her then into main song legally blonde great production number then paulette with new boyfriend the delivery man in front of the irish flag doing a irish dance followed by cast joining in great dance routine corny but funny next scene back to the trial professor sacked by the students and poor law student taking over calling the wife daughter to the stand she saw nothing as she was washing her hair and saw her mother covered in her husband blood she had her hair permed then ella went in and proved that she didn’t wash her hair and lying daughter then broke down and confessed to the shooting him and judge had her arrested and mum was free to go was an amazing ending to the court case followed by the finally song oh my god with ella getting her degree with the poor law student as well then into a colourful finally with cast in pink singing and dancing and taking a bow what a magical production highly recommend