Looking Back Over My Shoulder Tour 2019 Andrew Roachford Vocals/ Piano/ Keys ex.ex.ex. Tim Howard Vocals ex.ex.ex. Anthony Drennar Guitar/ Bass B/V ex.ex.ex. Luke Juby Keyboards/ Bass/ Saxophone/ Whistler And B/V ex.ex.ex. Gary Wallis Drums ex.ex.ex. Mike Rutherford Lead/ Acoustic/ Bass/ Vocals ex.ex.ex. 1. The Best Is Yet To Come ex. ( I’m Holding Your Head)( Give Me One More Chance) 2. Another Cup Of Coffee ex. ( This Is Your House Your Home) Mike/ Acoustic ( Everybody )( Don’t Look Back Or Give Up)( Pour Another Cup) 3. A Beggar On A Beach Of Gold ex. ( Sitting On A Beach Of Gold)( I Saw The Brightest Light) 4. One Way ex ( There A Place)( Take All This Time)( A Long Way To Love)( I’m In Love With You)( I Can Hold The World At My Finger Tips)( One Way Two Heads)( I See Your Face When I Think Of You) Amazing Lead From Mike 5. Try To Save Me ex. ( They Won’t Take Me Back Again)( Try Hard To Save It)( Oh I Know My Baby)( When Your Here Scared And Falling Down) Keys/ Sythi B/V 6 Let Me Fly ex.( I Don’t Want To Live It Up)( Living A Lie)( Let Me Fly) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Mike/ Bass Bass/ Lead 7. Land Of Confusion ex. ( Burning Into The Night)( This Is The World We Live In)( These Are The Hands We Are Given)( The Sun Is Shinning) Mike Lead Bass/ Lead/ Bass 8. Cuddly Toy ( Andrew Roachford Cover) Andrew/ Vocals ( I’ve Got A Different Girl In Every Town)( There A Girl Waiting For Me)( You Got To Feel For Me Baby)( Give Me Some Love)( I Want A Girl Like You) Mike Bass Bass/ Lead Vocal Working With Lead ( Early In The Morning And Late At Night)( You Got To Treat Me) 9. Out Of The Blue ex. Tim Vocals Some Amazing Key/ Sythi Work ( I’ll Be Lovely Tonight)( Just Waiting For You) Pure Magic Lyrics And Music Score And Heavenly Overall Sounds ( Out Of The Blue) Love This Song Music At It’s Very Best  20 min  Interval. Pure Magic First Half.

PART  2.

10. Follow You Follow Me ex. ( Genesis Cover) Key/ Sythi/ Bass ( Stay With Me) Drums/ Percussion 11. Don’t Know What Came Over Me ex.( Many A Promise To My Self)( I’m Such A Mess)( And These Days Of Sadness)( A Time To My Self Bass/ Keys Acoustic/ Bass 12. What Would You Do ex. Bass/ Acoustic ( When The World Turns It Back On You)( Praise God) 13. Everybody Get A Second Chance ex. Key/ Sythi/ Sax ex. ( I’m Sorry Too) Amazing Overall Sounds Just Magic. 14. Silent Running ex. ( Take It To Them)( Can You Hear Me Calling You) 15. Get Up ex. Mike/ Bass Bass/ Lead ( I Don’t Really Say)( Get Up)( Do Something)( The Whole World Is Turning) 16. The Living Years ex. ( I Know Your A Romancer)( In The Living Years)    ( Say It Loud)( Say It Clear)( You’ve Got To Listen When You Hear)( It’s To Late When We Die)( We Only Sacrifice The Future) Mike Lead/ Bass/ Guitar 17. I Can’t Dance ex. ( Genesis Cover)( Hot Sun Beating Down)( She’s Out Of Reach) Amazing Cover And Overall Sounds) 18. All I Need Is A Miracle ex.( All I Need Is You)( I’m Going To Love You The Rest Of My Life) Then Into A Sing Along With Audience ( All I Want)( All I Need)( Give It Me Baby)( Right Now)( All I Need Is A Miracle) 19. Over My Shoulder ex. ( I Never Mend’t To Let You Go)( I Never Wanted To Say Good By) Keys/ Bass Mike/ Acoustic Bass/ Acoustic ( Looking Back Over My Shoulder) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Encore Word Of Mouth ex.( Come Back To You)( There A Hunger Around The Common)( Look Out) Mike/ Lead Bass/ Guitar Then Introducing Band And A Solo From Each Member Just Brilliant ( If You Believe Them) This Has Been A Wonderful Night At The Bridge Water Hall Pure Magical Evening. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex.Mixing.