Summer Of Sorcery Tour 2019 Vocal/ Lead/ Rhythm Leader Steven Van Zanat Born Nov 22nd 1950 Age 69 Also Guitarist For Bruce Springsteen On A Regular Basis Also Done TV Acting Was In The Sopranos With His Wife Who Is A Actress Latest Album Summer Of Sorcery Released On May 3rd 2019 Track Listening On Album 1. Communion 6-02. 2. Party Mambo 4–33. 3. Love Again 4–34. 4. Vortex 4–51. 5. a World Of Our Own 4–51. 6. Gravity 5–56. 7. Soul Power Twist 4–38. 8. Super-fly Terra-plane 4–32. 9. Education 4–51. 10. Suddenly You 3–05. 11. I Visit The Blues 4–38. 12. Summer Of Sorcery 8–09 With A 14 Piece Band Tonight Brass Section 2 Trumpets/ 1 Trombone/ 2 Sax ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Steven Vocals/ Lead/ Rhythm ex.ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Percussion ex.ex. B/V Sarah ex.ex. Selena ex.ex. Outstanding Band Intro This Is Going To Be One Hell Of A Concert Bringing Back The Motown & Soul Days Of The 60% 1. Communion ex. ( Baby Baby Baby)( It Feels Good)( I’ve Got A Place For You)( I Need You You Need Me) Percussion Vocals Along With Steve & The Girls Pure Magic Vocals & Harmony 2. Camouflage Of Right Bounces ex. This Is My First Time Seeing Little Steven I’ve Been Blown Away With Pure Magic Sounds His Band Are The Very Best Musicians & The Three Girls Just Fabulous Dancing & Harmonies ( I’m Going To Make It)( Next Time You Do)( Just A Dream)( Look To The Future) Vocal & Harmonies Just Out Of The World Pure Magic. 3. Party Mambo ex. ( Go On)( I Can See Through Your Defence)( There No Way To Hide) Very Calypso 4. Love Again ex. Intro With Spoken Word ( There’s Magical Places) Love This Song Amazing Overall Sounds & Songwriting At The Very Best ( I Want To Be Loved Again) Talking To Crowd Summer Is A Piece Of Mind 5. Education ex. This Song Is For Our Teachers. Steve Speaking ( I Want To Do)( All The Time)( I Need You) Steve Vocals & The Girls Vocals & Girls B/V Just Magic Sounds ( I Want To Know) Loyal ! Organ Outstanding Nickname Professor Banana. 6. Sir Francis Drake ex. ( Young Blood Cover) Brilliant Organ Intro Then The Full Band Comes In. ( I Was Blue Baby) Magic Sounds & Music Arrangement 7. I Visit The Blues ex. ( What Are You Going To Do) Some Amazing Double Lead Work ( You Can’t Fight It) Brilliant Blues Song  Some Out Standing Lead From Steve 8. Gravity ex. Another Amazing Number Band & Vocals Fabulous 9. Los Desaparecidos  ex. A Very Lively Party Song. With Brilliant Brass Sounds/ Guitar/ Keys & Organ & Percussion & Drums Quite Calypso With Great Vocals & Harmonies 10. Little Girl So Fine ex. ( South-gate Johnny Cover)( Be Mine Tonight) B/V Just Outstanding Dancing & Vocals ( My Little Girls Fine) 11. Trapped Again ex. ( Cover)( We Had Away)( I’m Trapped Again)( Every Time I Tried)( Rescue Me) Pure Magic Percussion & Drums ( I’m Down On My Knees) 12. Love On The Wrong Side Of Town ex. ( Cover) Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting ( I Am The Girl)( I’m Your Baby)( I Need You By My Side) Steve Semi Acoustic Rickenbacker ( Your On The Wrong Side Of Town) 13 World Of Our Own ex. These Songs From The 60% Were Written For Girl Bands By Carol King & Jerry Goodfrie! For Girl Harmony Bands ( This Happy Day)( All Night Long) Bringing Us Back To The Sounds Of Motown. Steven Vocal/ Acoustic & Heavenly Harmonies From The Girls 14. Suddenly You ex. ( Something New) Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting 15. Vortex ex. ( I Want To Spend Time With You)( Take Me I’m Special) Sax/ Flute ex.ex. ( The Music Turns)( All My Love) Pure Magic Vocals & Harmonies Defiantly Best Soul Band For 2019. 16. I Am A Patriot ex. ( L/S/C Cover) Pure Magic Key Intro ( Give Me That Old Fashion Trust)( I Love My Country)( I Need Freedom) Pure Magic Sounds Filling The Air. 17. Super-fly Terra-plane ex. ( I Pick Up All The Pieces)( What Do You Say)( Make A Revolution Two Trumpets To Front With Sombrero Hats Lots Of Colourful Costumes Tonight. Magic Songwriting 18. Bitter Fruit ( L/S/C Cover)( Get Get Get)( I Always Say)( Desire) Out Standing Percussion & Drum Solo Pure Genius. ( Got To Take Time For America) Steven Fabulous Lead & Overall Sounds From Band. Crowd Singing ( La La La La) Outstanding Brass Section At Front 19. Forever ex. ( Girl I’ll Give You My Life)( Tell Me)( I’ll Give You My Heart)( Will You Love Me Forever) 20. Summer Of Sorcery Released On May 3rd 2019 Tittle Track New Album ( I Want To Get Loved)( When I Look At You)( I Want To Be Transformed By Your Summer)( There A Time For Miracles)( I Want To Get Lost In You)( I Want It)( Sweet Summer Long) Outstanding Sax Work. & Fantastic Work From Band Bringing us Pure Magic Sounds All Night. ( I’ll Try Again To Open Up My Eyes)( I Want To Respect You)( I Want To get High With You)( Fly With You)( I Want To Be Yours)( For Ever & Ever) 21. Soul Power Twist ex. Very Lively Song ( Get Your Dancing Shoes On) Some Of The Crowd Dancing. Just A Great Party Song Love It. ( Somebody Told Me)( All My Loving) Three Girls Just Fabulous & Lively Harmonies & Vocals From Steven Magic One Hell Of A Show. Best Soul Show For 2019. Intro Steven Talking To Crowd There Was A Time When There Was A Evil Kingdom 22. Sun City ex. ( Artist United Against Apartheid Cover)( Where Summer Up)( Fly Fly Fly)( Evil Place City) Some Dark Stage Lighting. 23. Out Of The Darkness ex.( A Song About Coming Out Of Darkness & Into The Light ( There No Justice In This World) This Is A Very Powerful Song With Great Lyrics & Music Arrangement Just Pure Magic Sounds & Brilliant Lead Work From Lead Love It This Has Been A Magical Experience To Night Amazing Set Fantastic Band & Vocals & Harmonies Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores Fabulous Lighting Amazing Mixing Another Great Gig At The 02 Ritz.


AA  WILLIAMS 8 pm–8–30 pm

AA Williams Vocal/ Rhythm/ Lead/ Acoustic Amazing New Artist This Girl Can Rock Fabulous Front Women With Band Been Going Five Months Outstanding For This Short Of Time Stared April Look Out For This Artist She’s Amazing & Has Brilliant Band All Brilliant Musicians Drums ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. AA Vocal/ Guitar ex.ex.ex. 1 Cold vg. ( I Have None)( Where Does The Power Go)( The Summer Long) Very Haunting & Beautiful Vocals ( Ah Ah Ah) 2. Belong ex. Vocal/ Rhythm ( Could I)( All The Lights Are Shinning)( I Feel The Same)( I Feel Like Celebrating) Outstanding Rhythm/ Lead/ Bass/ Lead & Drums & Vocals 3. Love & Pain ex. ( Oh One Night)( All This Time) Quite Prog Influence & Psychedelic Sounds Very Choral Vocals The Vocals Are On Such A High Level Of Brilliance And Truly Amazing Band ( Go Round Your Heart) 4. Wait ex. ( Show Me) Vocals/ Piano ( So Far Away)( I Will Miss You) Some Really Nice Heavy Drumming On This Song. Love It ( Look Away) 5. Melt ex. ( These Promises)( I Belong)( I’m In Love) Vocal & Lead Have Twin Neck Guitars Some Amazing Vocals Sounds 6 Control ex. Vocal/ Piano ( If I Could Change)( From The End I Was Never Told. ( I Will Long For A Day)( Will I Ever Be) 7. Missed Tittle Encore Just Heavenly Magic With Outstanding Sounds From Band. Very Catchy Riffs Love The Song. ex. Set ex. Solo With Band ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing Can’t Wait To See This Artist Again.

RUSSIAN  CIRCLES  9 pm–10–10 pm

Formed By Childhood Friends Mike Sullivan & Dave Turncrantz Band Formed Late 2004 Then Band Split 2007 When They Parted With There Bass Player Then Reformed With New Bass Player Brian Cook Studio Albums 1. Enter (2006) 2. Station (2008) 3. Geneva ( 2009) 4. Empress ( 2011) 5. Memorial (2013) 6. Guidance ( 2016) 7. Blood Years ( 2019) Mike Lead ex.ex. Dave Drums ex.ex. Brian Bass ex.ex. 1. Hunter Moon ex. ( Intro) Pure Magic Arrangement Outstanding Overall Sounds For A Three Piece 2. Ar-luck ex. Outstanding Lead/ Bass & Drums Brilliant Music Writing. This Band Are Such Amazing Musicians. Brilliant Repeated Melody Lines With Magical Shades & Heavy Rock Sounds Crashing Through To Make A Fabulous Crescendo Of Sounds 3. Detroit ex. Intro Very Quiet With Landscapes Followed By Another Crescendo Of Rock Sounds Filling The Air. Defiantly Some Prog Rock Influence There This Is Going To Be A Fabulous Magical Evening At The Great Gorilla Venue With Its Friendly Staff/ Security & Management  Each Instrumental Piece Is Just Outstanding 4. Milan o ex. Intro Very D roll Sounds From Guitar Then Brilliant Lead/ Bass & Out Of This World Drumming. Pure Magic Arrangement’s Of The Highest Order Some Amazing Haunting Guitar Sounds This Band Will Win The Best Instrumental Band For 2019 Sound From A Three Piece Just Out Of This World & Stage Lighting Behind Each Musician. 5. Africa ex. Some Nice Feedback In The Intro Another Crescendo Of Rock Coming Through With Brilliant Shades. This Band Are On Another Level. Pure Magic Sounds Erupting Brilliant Bass Riffs & Lead Riffs & Fabulous Drumming 6. Kohiokia Intro A Rotating Sound Filling The Air With Magic Then The Heavy Crescendo Kicks In. Some Great Feedback Both Guitars Using Twin Neck Guitars  Then Shades Kick In With Some Quieter Sounds Then Drums Kick In With Heavy Sounds Then A Droll 7. Vorel ex. With Landscapes & Shades Drifting In Then Into A Heavy Crescendo Rocking The Place. Some Amazing Reap Riffs Of The Highest Order. The Whole Room Is Filled With Magic Sounds. Outstanding Lead/ Bass & Drums 8. Young-blood ex. Pure Magic Drum Intro Then Guitar Makes Vocal Sounds Pure Magic. Some Outstanding Shades In This Instrumental Of Pure Genius 9. Encore No Tittle Not On My Set List Very Bounce Sounds Intro Very Catchy There A Driving Force In There Music Arrangement Love It Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing This Has Been A Magical Experience Tonight.


CAT  APOSTROPHE   8 pm–8–30 PM

Duo Guy Lead/ Vocals ex. Girl Rhythm/ Vocals ex. 1. January vg. Song About Being Sad ( I Am Sad)( I Am Again 2. All The Time vg. Song About The Love Of Eating ( Who Am I) ( I Want To Know) Great Overall Sounds & Songwriting 3. Light Barter vg. No Set List Some Tittles Could Be Wrong ( Everything Is Shit) Rhythm Needs To Be More Technical Too Many Down Strokes In Her Strumming  I See Lots Of Perpetually In This Duo. With More Gigs To There Belt. 4. I Left My Door vg. Song About Being A Pessimist To Leave The House)( I Have Always Dreaded) This Duo Is Normally A Four Piece Rhythm Normally On Bass With A Drummer & Rhythm Joining Them. 5 I Rather Water My Plants & Go Home With You ex. ( You Turn Me Down)( I Love My Garden The Best) 6. Apollo Song About Dogs ( When Your Lying Over)( I Want To Know) Band Going 2 Years ex. Set ex. Duo vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

AUFBALL PRINCIPLE  8–45 pm—9—15 pm

Girl Bass ex. Vocal/ Rhythm ex. Lead ex. Girl Drums ex. 1. Abattoir vg. Very Rocky & Overall Sound & Brilliant Guitar & Drum Work 2. Consequences vg ( It Hard) Great Drum Intro Brilliant Musicians 3. The Bleeding vg. ( Push Your Lips Upon Me)( I Can’t See)( I’ll Wait For Your Replay) 4. Romance vg. Band From South-end & Been Going One Half Years Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting Lead/ Mini Sythi With Pre Sets Some Very Clever Sythi Mix. 5. Thief Sythi & Lead & Brilliant Sounds From Band 6. God Head vg. ( All Alone) Very Indie/ Rock With Some Great Music Arrangement Some Great Feedback 7. Wretch vg. Love This Band See Lots Of Perpetual There ex. Set ex. Band vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

GHUM  9–30 pm–10–15  pm

Girl Bass ex.ex. Girl Drums ex.ex. Girl Lead ex.ex. Girl Vocals ex.ex. Great Intro 1. In My Head vg. ( These Things)( The Sun Was Magical)( Will You Feel It) 2. Get Up ex. ( Don’t You Cry)( Really Don’t Know What To Do) Band From London First Time In Manchester. Hope To See Them Again. Really Like This Band So Very Talented & Brilliant Musicians. 3. Shallow ex. ( Stars Out To Night)( Like That Shallow)( Like Memories)( You Don’t Know Me) 4. California ex. Amazing Lead/ Bass/ Drums & Fantastic Front Women Pure Magic Overall Sounds & Songwriting ( I’m In A Place That Lost)( I’m Trying)( We Went To California) 5. Witches ex. ( Stand By The) Lead B/V This Is The Third Night Of The Tour. 6. 1000 Men vg. ( She Started To Walk Away)( Can A Man Keep Me Save) Do Come To The Castle Amazing Venue With Friendly Staff & Management 7. Saturn ex. ( I Hope To Save You)( Your Walking My Way) Pure Magic Sounds I See So Much Perpetually In This Amazing Band. Love Them Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.


CRYING  BEAUTY QUEENS  8–15 pm–8–45  pm

This Band Made My Night A Very Young Band So Gifted Been Going One Year From Manchester Just Love Them Very Folk Influence & Alter Rock Jordan Price Vocal/ Lead/ Rhythm ex.ex. This Girl Can Play With Amazing Vocals Paddy Murphy Drums Just Outstanding ex.ex. Alex Hurl-stone Bass B/V Just Fabulous Bass Riffs ex.ex. 1. Brilliant Intro Sleep ex. ( I Saw You)( Do You Want To See Me Out There)( Higher)( Live The Life)( Take Me Higher) 2. After The Fire ex. Great Overall Sounds & Songwriting ( You Taught Me) Great Shades & Changes Of Music Directions Amazing Lead/ Bass/ Drums & Brilliant Vocals & Harmonies 3. Blackbird ex. ( The Flowers On Your Grave)( Across The Dark Lonely Universe) For A Young Band, They Show So Much Promise. I Predict With The Right Record Deal They Will Go Far. Suddenly The Words) 4. September Storm ex Another New Song ( How Can You Come Through)( I Know)( You Catch Me)( You Will Be King)( All The Time You Lost) 5. Taking Over ex. ( Plastic Smile)( I’m On My Own)( I’m Just A Lucky Girl) 6. Stupid VG. ( How Are You)( There Are Times)( Just To Me)( There Will Always Be Love) Bass B/V Pure Magic Vocals & Harmonies ( Only I Hope) 7. Destination Untold ex. ( Time Soon Goes By)( We Are Waiting For That Day)( Don’t Believe Her)( First Independence)( Destinations) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing. Just A Wonderful Set Can,t Wait To See Them Again

KATIE  ELIZA A  9 pm–9–30 pm

Exciting New Solo Act With A Five Piece Band From Manchester Combing Alto/ Rock/ Guitar Riffs & Catchy Melodies & Soul Inspired Vocals Lead ex. Bass ex. Keys ex. Rhythm ex. Drums ex. 1. Old Broken Bones ex. ( Love To Marry) Great Overall Sounds 2. I Use To Fly VG. ( You Look At)( It’s A Far) Brilliant Vocals ( You Got To Know One) Great Overall Sounds & Songwriting 3. That Girl VG. ( Tell Your Lies To Me)( You Mess With Me)( About My Girl) 4. The Woman ex. Vocals/ Keys ( It’s Been A Long Time)( She Comes For You) Best Song So Far ( She Loves Me Girl) Sounds Far Better When She Plays Keys There More Depth Into The Music Arrangement 5. 1000 Years ex. ( I Don’t Know What To Say)( I Don’t What You Any More)( Only You) Brilliant Lead/ Rhythm/ Bass & Drums Great Front Women 6. Little Games VG. ( You What Me)( You Tell Me A Lie)( Down In The Dirt)( I’m Not There) ex. Set ex. Band VG/ ex Songs ex. Lights ex Mixing.

0909  9–45 pm– 10–10 pm

From Manchester 3 Piece Alternative Rock Band. Lead/ Rhythm/ Vocals Bass B/V Girl Drummer B/V 1. Torn VG. ( I Can’t Believe)( When  You Play Your On Your Knees) 2. Psycho ex.( Going My Way)( I’ll Let You Know)( It’s A Little Bit Funny & A Little Bit Psycho) Outstanding Lead/ Bass & Drums Brilliant Vocals & Overall Sounds & Songwriting. ( I Feel It)( Take Away) 3. This Girl vg. ( She Smiles To Me)( I’m Running Out Chasing You)( I’m Sorry I Called You)( Everything Is Better) 4. 1000 Years ex.  Song About Mental Health ( I Feel A Rush Into My Mouth)( Think About The Love Ones I Have Left)( A Thousand Voices Saying)( Come Obn Home)( I See The Sun)( Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting) 5. Winter/ Summer ex. Amazing Drum Intro ( I Could Be Your Best Freind)( Just Like The Winter) Heavy Drumming Through The Song ( Life On The Shelf) Sign’s Like Winter)( Life Isa Free) 6. Polaraid ex. ( I Built This Wall Inside Of Me)( I Always Thought Of You)( The Best You Can Do)( I Want To Carry You)( All Whats Around Her)( I’ll Carry You With Me) ex. Set ex. Band vg./ ex Songs ex. Lighting ex.Mixing.

RIVIA  10–22 pm–10–50 pm

 4. Piece Band From Liverpool Alto/ Rock Lead ex. Rhythm/ Vocals ex. Bass ex. Drums ex. I’m Not Mistaken vg. ( Did You See) Very Commerial Rock ( What Are You Waiting For) Helo Starmaker vg. Amazing Musicians & Overall Sounds No Set List Some Tilles Could Be Wrong. ( It’s Nice To Meet You) Very Lively Sound A Really Happy Band With Lots Of Stage Presence 3. So Out Of That vg. ( Can’t Stand Being By My Self) Had To ,Leave Early Missed About 4 Songs Very Impressed With This Band Will See Again ex. Set ex. Band vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.


HECTOR  GARRET 7–30 pm –8 pm

Singer/ Songwriter/ Guitarist From North Shields & Very Folk Based With Brilliant Guitar & Vocal Work Hector Vocals/ Acoustic 1. The Whin Sill vg. ( Let It Out) Great Overall Sounds 2. Last Spans Of The 20th Century vg. ( Ever Lasting Times)( I Remember How You Made Me Feel) 3. Hollow ex. ( Deep Down In The Rabbit Hole) 4. Feeble ex ( You Are Saying)( Like Ships In The Night) 5. Infantile vg. Song About Lies Politicians Say. Love His Vocals. 6. Dead Night vg. ( Here I Was Born)( I Work For These Companies)( I’ve Slept With The Devil) 7. Until My Bonnie Can Be Revived ex. ( This World Is Going To Desert You) Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting 8. All Hail, All Glory vg. ( The Land Belongs To Me)( Don’t Let Them See You Crying)( Country Life)( You Don’t Feel No More)( To The Death) Really Like This Artist. ex. Set ex. Solo vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

SAM  FENDER  8–30 pm—9–35  pm

Sam Born 25th April 1994. Named One Of BBC Sounds For 2018 Won Brits Award Critic Choice 2017 Song Play God Feature On FIFA 19 Video Game Early Life Grew Up In North Shields Attended John Spencer Community High School & Whitley Bay Sixth Form College. Spotted Performing In A Pub In His Own Town By Ben Howard Manager Who Took Him On As A Client In 2017  Had To Cancel Glastonbury Problems With His Vocal Chord. Had A Months Rest Then Back As Support Act For Bob Dylan & Neil Young Hyde Park London His Debut Album Is Coming Out 2019 Hyper-sonic Missile Playing A Lot Of The Songs Tonight. Rhythm/ Key/ Sythi ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Sam Vocal/ Rhythm/ Lead ex.ex.ex. Lead/ Acoustic ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Sax ex.ex. 1. Millennial ex. ( This Time Is The Gospel) Amazing New Artist With A Big Following 2. Will We Talk ex. ( Do You Want Me)( Does It Have The Way You Think Of Me)( Will You Take Me Home) Sam Talking To Crown About His Debut Album 3. All Is On My Side ex. ( The Time Is Getting Closer)( Take Me To Your Bed)( The Night Is Almost Over) Amazing Sax Work & Pure Magic Overall Sounds & Songwriting ( You Told Me) Rhythm/ Acoustic 4. The Boarders ex. ( It’s In My Soul)( I Remember)( You Can’t Stand Me)( I Can’t Stand Me Too) Pure Magic Sounds & Brilliant Musicians Tom Just Fabulous Vocals & His Band Is Just Magic. 5. Dead Boys ex. ( It’s Been So Far)( Close Your Eyes)( All The Dead Boys In My Own Town) Love This Song. 6. Spice ex. ( Find Something Better)( Spice Up Your Life)( Bring Salvation)( We Are All Ready) 7. Play God ex. Fantastic Music Arrangement & Lyrics On This Song Very Commercial Pop/ Rock ( Play God) 8. Hyper-sonic Missiles ex. ( In A Parking Lot)( Bless America)( Come Closer To Me)( I’ll Give You Everything I Own)( Woo oo) Crowd Singing Madly With Lots Of Bouncing Up & Down. ( Night Time)( It’s The Right Time) Next Sam Solo 3 Songs Band Of Except For Lead On One 9. Leave Fast ex. Sam/ Acoustic This Young Are Artist Is So Very Talented Just Shines With Star Quality ( Just The Two Of Them) Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting 10. White Privilege ex. Another Magical Song Pure Genius. ( Standing On The)( I’m Trying To Make A Difference)( I Heard About Br-exit)( I Don’t Want To Be Any Body But Me)( Evil Steals My Car) 11. Pound Shop Kardashian’s ex. ( I Drain Of Emotions With People With Me)( I Can’t See The Wood For The Trees) Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting Love This Song. 12. That Sound ex. ( That Great Sound) Band Back On. ( It Keeps Me Down)( She Told Me)( Every Night I Hope That Sound)( My Life Comes Crashing Down) This Has Been Such Amazing Gig At The Amazing Gorilla With It’s Friendly Staff / Security & Management. Amazing Set Fantastic Solo & Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.


VELVET  SHAKES  8 pm–8–30 pm

Lead/ Vocals ex. Rhythm/ Vocals ex. Bass B/V ex. Drums ex. Band Been Going One Year From Stafford Now Living In Salford Manchester 1. Got To Give You ex. ( All Along The Road) No Set List Some Tittles Could Be Wrong.( When Your Gone)( It’s A Long Time For Love)( I Can Feel It) 2. ( Oh Oh) Don’t Stop Believing vg.( It’s Doing It All Wrong)( Just Let Him Go) Pure Magic Sound Some Great Bass Riffs. 3. We Are Not Alone vg. Amazing Songwriting Very Commercial Rock Very Young Band ( If I Can Find My Way)( It’s A Lie I’ll Be Alright) Band Meet At University 4. Don’t Let Me Down vg. Pure Magic Overall Sounds ( No Love The First Time)( The First Time You Really Kissed) Amazing Guitar & Drum Work. 5. Dessert For One vg. ( I Like To Be)( Oh I Know) Great Vocals From Front Man ( Turn The Light)( Into The Darkness)( She Always) 6.I Like It vg. ( I Feel It)( It’s A Feeling Running Inside Of Me)( It’s A Feeling I Can’t Explain)( All My Life) ex. Set ex. Band vg Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

THE  PEOPLE  8–45 pm—9–15  pm

Lead ex. Vocals ex. Bass ex. Drums ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex. 1. Vovic ex. ( I Can See)( With You)( There Nothing More Pure Magic Piano Work 2. No Rules vg. ( For Some Sad Reason) Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting 3. Milk & Honey ex. Brilliant Guitar/ Keys & Drums Work Their Music Is Very Ballady 4. So High vg. ( I Fall) They Need To Write More Commercially ( Lay Your Hands On Me) Some Nice Shades In There Music Arrangement Band Coming Back To Jimmy’s  In Dec. Check Them Out 5. Albatross vg. Great Overall Sounds ( I Used To Be Loved) Some Nice Sythi Work From Keys Also Great Guitar & Drum Work & Vocals. 6. Sandalwood Some Nice Songwriting ex. Set ex. Band vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

PURPLE HEART PARADE  9–30 pm–10–15 pm

Vocals ex.ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. 1. Petrichor ex. ( Were In Summer)( I’ll Find My Way)( I Keep My Spirit) 2. Sister Libra ex.( Lost Leader)( I Walk Into The) Very Atmospheric With A Little Prog Influence Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting 3. Red Rose Country. Brilliant Intro With Shades ( Tell Of The) Brilliant Musicians 4. The Room vg. ( See You) Outstanding Lead/ Bass/ Keys/ Sythi & Drums 5. Drifter vg.( I’m Going Too) Great Songwriting. 6. Lone Star ex. More Beat In The Song Great Drum Work This Is Another Band That Could Write More Commercial. 7. Starwhezz ex. ( I’ll Give It All)( Sweep Me Away)( I Speed Away)( Tell Me Know)( Take Me Away) Pure Magic Sounds Love This Band ex. Set ex. Band vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.


QUIET   HOUSES  7–45 pm— 8–15 pm

Girl Vocals ex. Guy/ Acoustic ex. 1. Gallery ex. ( My Favourite Picture In The Gallery) Love Her Vocals So Magical ( Looking At  People They Don’t Like The Same Painting I Like) Birthday vg. ( What Do You Want For Your Birthday)( Maybe I Should Buy You A Allotment) So You Can Grow Things ( Maybe You’ll Grow Some Pasta With Tomatoes From The Greenhouse.)( Send Me Some Carrots By Post) 3. Jack vg. Song About A Guy Who Finds It Hard To Sleep. Pure Magic Lyrics ( He Likes To Be Free) No Set List Some Tittles Could Be Wrong. 4. Art Tragedy vg. ( Look Into The West Just Sitting)( In My Arm Chair Tree)( Looking For A Place To Hide) 5. Every Body’s Life vg. ( You Got A Whole In Your Jumper)( The Whole Of The Winter)( It’s Getting Colder 6. Were Over I Like ex. Song About Family Life ( Pack Your Bags For Days In Advance)( It’s OK)( I’ll Have The Toilet To My Self) 7. You Fall Like You Always Do ex. ( You Tried To Escape)( It’s Time You Should Have A Back Up Plan.) 8. Roof Garden vg. ( Where are You)( I Love You)( I’ll Meet You In The Garden) ex. Set ex. Duo vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing


Lead/Acoustic ex. Bass B/V ex. Girl/ Keys/ Sythi/ Piano/ Vocals ex. 1. Say You Don’t Mind ex.( It Goes On) From Quiet From Quiet To A Crescendo Of Rock Sounds Beautiful Landscapes & Shades In The Music Arrangement 2. Night Driving  ex. Nice Quiet Intro ( Bet You Were) Pure Magic Overall Sounds & Amazing Vocals & Harmonies Fabulous Shades & Different Directions 3. All My Time vg. Great Drum Beat To The Song. ( My Senses Are)( This Is Now)( Stop Me)( Do You Know How I Feel Present Line Up Been Going 1 Year Band Been Going Longer. ex. Set ex. Band vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing

ART  MAGIC  9–30 pm–10–45 pm

Amazing Folk/ Prog Duo Of The Highest Order With Richard Oakes ( Suede) Guitar B/V ex.ex. Sean MC Ghee Anolog Sythi & Keys & Vocals ex.ex. There Magic In The Air When These To Play. 1. Farmer & The Field ex. Very Prog Rock Based Outstanding Overall Sounds & Songwriting ( Under The Sky)( Waiting For The Night To Heal)( The Wind & The Rain) Pure Magic Key/ Sythi  & Fabulous Guitar Work ( The Farmer & The Field)( Till The Work Is Done) 2. Jealous Eros ex. ( Got To Go For A Kiss)( So It Begins)( Free To Make Our Own Mistakes)( The Internet)( Look At You)( It’s So Easy To Be Persuaded)( Jealous Eros)( The Image That Eros Works) Pure Magic Music Arrangement’s Lots Of Shades & Landscapes In The Music Score Outstanding Musicians. 3. The Fruit Of The Mystery ex. Some Of The Tittles Could Be Wrong I’m Working From A Set List From May 18 2019. ( The Clearing)( Can You Help)( The Colours Are) Outstanding Overall Sound & Songwriting ( The Air Was Bitter)( Death In The Farthest Court’s)( Hide Behind The Music) This Album Took A Long Time. 4. Half Life ex. Song From 1st Album ( It Took In Circles)( Never Change)( Time Is Over)( Like The Day Light Going Into The Clouds)( Love Has A Half Life)( It Gives & Takes Away 5. Black Flowers Bloom ex. ( Black Clouds Burst)( Rewind & Replay)( How You Struggle)( As It Passed Away)( Pulling Up The Roots) 6 The Clean Room ex. ( Dark Of Day)( What Will We Do)( Don’t You Want It)( Don’t Look Back) 7. Keep On Walking ex. Off  First Album. ( Let Go For A Walk)( She Held Your Hand)( I’m Walking All On My Own)( Life Goes On)( I Remember We Were Here Before)( Time Passed By)( It Goes To Soon) 8. The Songs Of Other England ex. Tittle Track Of Album There Second Album 2018 Pure Magic Music Arrangement. ( Lets Sing Again) Brilliant Key/ Sythi/ Piano & Guitar Work 9. The King Of Fishers ex. ( It’s All Right)( I’ve Had This Life So Long)( To Land A Catch)( All I Ask)( Running Back The Salmon)( Fine For All To See)( Between The Rock & The River Pools)( King Ofb Fisher Man)( Never Find The Nerve To Take The Bait)( Trudging The River)( Another Scary Day Ends) 10. I Won’t Change You ex. 11. Sing For The Snow Fall ex.( Simple Silence) ( The Old Grey Streets)( The Sun Fell Down On The Ground)( It Was Gone In A Day) 12. Heaven Is Here ex. Amazing Landscapes & Shades Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting.( Like The Sound Around Your Heart)( Day After Day)( When We Feel Love)( Love Is Not Meant To Go) This Set Has Been Pure Magic Another Amazing Night At Jimmy’s Do Try It Friendly Staff & Management Amazing Set Fantastic Duo Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.


CALINA   7–30–8 pm

Lead ex. Girl Bass/ Vocals ex. Rhythm ex. Drums ex. 1. Time ex. ( Oh Away) ex. ( Time I Hear You Say)( Tell Me Do You Love Me) Amazing Vocals Very Haunting ( Time Needs You To Say)( Oh Oh)( Finally We Leave) Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting 2. I In 4 ex. ( Do You Wanna Come Out) First Single From 2 Years Ago ( Light Up The Light) 3. Fire vg. ( Take Me Into The Fire) Brilliant Drumming ( I Want To Taste Love)( I’m On Fire)( I’ll Be Free As A Bird)( You Got To Save On Me) 4. Fall vg. ( One Fall Back)( I Miss You)( I Want To Love)( I Can See You Survive)( When You Dream On The Stars) 5. Expect vg. 2nd Single ( Open Arms)(Such You Seen)( From Worth You Shine)( You Belong)( Holding On) Last 6. Tongue ex. ( I Started Too)( Suddenly Your Face) Nice Happy Rock Overtones. Fantastic Lead/ Rhythm/ Drums & Outstanding Bass Riffs & Heavenly Vocals & Harmonies ( I’m Yours)( You Make Me Believe) ex. Set ex. Band vg./ex. Songs Band Been Going 4 Years ex. Lights ex. Mixing. Really Like This Band See Lots Of Pertinently There.

KUL  TAB-LASH  8–10 pm–8–40 pm

Girl Vocals/ Bass ex. Rhythm ex. Lead ex. Drums ex. 1. Wisdom Teeth vg . ( It’s A Dark Time)( I Don’t Know What Your Thinking)( I Know I’m Loosing Control)( I Don’t Know How I Feel) Pure Magic Sounds 2. Not Saying No ex. Brilliant Songwriting. 3. Evermore vg. Drums/ Vocals ( I Feel The Doorsteps)( I’ve Got To Show)( Built A Wall Around)( My Heart Says Let It Go)( Tell Me More) 4. Willow vg. Of Last E/P ( See What You Do)( I’ll Have To Cast Off) Some Amazing Guitar Work & Brilliant Drums. ( My Pride) Another Amazing Band Tonight. Love Them So Much Perpetually 5. Cherry Room  Good. ( Why Are You)( Let It Go)( Through The Dark)( I Know) 6. Orange Juice vg. ( I Only What To Know) Rhythm/ Vocals ( I Can See It)( Make Me What Too)( Something Bad Is Coming) Band From Old-ham Been Going Two Years ex. Set ex. Band vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

NAKED  PAYBACK  8–50 pm– 9–30 pm

This Has Been A Great Night For Bands & Especially Drummer’s  Vocal/ Bass ex. Lead ex. Rhythm Drums ex. 1. Who Is She ! ex. ( About The Time) Not As Tight On First Song Then Great 2. Cannelure vg. ( I Can See The Fire) Brilliant Overall Sounds & Songwriting ( It’s Hard To Tell)( Don’t Leave Me Here)( I Try To See)( We Are Free)( Love That Used To Be)( We Don’t Always Feel The Same) 3. Amphetamine Girl vg. ( Tell Me Girl) Pure Magic Sounds Love This Band See Great Things Very Rocky Commercial Sound ( Your A Groovy Girl) 4. Something Wicked This Way Come’s vg. ( I’m Like A Tiger) Some Nice Riffs In There Melodies ( Some Think That You Said) Brilliant Lead/ Rhythm/ Bass/ Vocals & Drums ( Knocking On My Door) Some Amazing Shades In This Song Very Technical Quite Music Dance On This Song 5. The Goodbye vg. ( I’m Making The Right Moves)( Slice It Right Through) 6. Smoke Without Fire vg. ( I’ll Make Some Time)( When I Can Dream About You)( Things I Never New) 7. Silent Disco ex. ( Your The Sweetest Thing)( I Need Some Loving) ex. Set ex Band vg./ ex. Songs  ex. Lights ex. Mixing. This Band Show Lots Of Pertinently.

STEROHAZE  9–40 pm–10–35 pm

Rhythm/ Vocals ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. 1.Light The Fuse ex. ( City Of Life)( I Thought You Were All Mine) Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting Very Commercial Rock 2. Tell It To Me Straight vg. ( It’s Killing Me) Amazing Guitar & Drum Work With Some Great Bass Riffs All The Bands Tonight Have Had Fabulous Drummers 3. Little Sarah ex. ( I Will See You)( It Keeps Each Other Alive)( Will You Discover)( She The One Breaking Down)( It’s All On My Mind)4. My Dearest Girl ex. ( All I Want Is For You) No Set List Some Tittles Could Be Wrong. ( See The Light) Pure Magic Sounds 5. Nobody’s Listening ex. ( On The Streets Tonight) Brilliant Songwriting ( Nobody Understands Me)( Listen To My Reason)( Nobody Seems To Care) Love This Band Very Commercial Rock See So Much Pertinently There 6. Soul Sister ex ( I Can See)( I Can’t Sleep At Night)( I Just Want To Understand)( Time Of Troubles)( Soul Sister) Pure Magic Guitar & Drum Work 7. Come Home ex. ( Well I Started)( Don’t Mean So Much To Me)( Take A Look At Your Self)( If You Never Feel The Same)( Come On Home) 9. Nothing Seems To Change ex. ( I’ve Lost Myself In A Shadow Of Doubt)( Nothing Seems To Change Day By Day)( We Tried So Hard To Work It Out)( It’s Going To  Drag You In) Some Great Bass Riffs. Fabulous Lead/ Rhythm & Drums. Don’t Think  Twice ex. ( Leave The World Behind ex. ( I’ll Take You Out Into The Sun)( Someone To Tell Me)( Some One To Show You)( I Know What Your Thinking)( It,s So Hard) 11. Infliction ex. ( See The Girl With The Look In Her Eyes)( You Got Me Running)( Chorus) Outstanding Drumming ( Got Me Running Back To You) Pure Magic Lead At It’s Very Best Love This Band. Outstanding Musicians 12. Drifting Away ex. ( I’m Looking Out)( They Take Me Away)( It’s Down To Me)( Situations You Find Your Self Again)( Come To Me)( Love In This Life)( It’s Up To Me)( Now Were Falling Apart) Encore Come Together vg. Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting. ex. Set ex. Band ex. Set ex. Lights ex. Mixing.



A Instrumental Post Doom Atmospheric Band Lead ex. Rhythm ex. Bass ex. Drums ex. Intro Very Quiet With Shades Then Into A Crescendo Of Rock  1. A Fire Within The Splendour ex. Instrumental Of Pure Magic & Songwriting Guitar Using A Sythi P haze Pedal 2. Dawn Creatures ex. Another Great Instrumental With Amazing Guitar & Drum Work Brilliant Music Arrangement’s Lots Of Shades. 3. March Amid The Howling Trees ex. Instrumental With Some Clever Music Arrangement’s With Lots Of Changes In The Music Scores Some Lovely Landscapes & Fabulous Melodies Then Into A Crescendo Of Rock With Outstanding Drumming & Wicked Guitar Work 4. Sacred Lands ex. Another Amazing Instrumental With Some Lovely Changes Of Direction In The Music Arrangement Outstanding Lead/ Rhythm/ Bass & Drums ex. Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing. A Pure Magic Instrumental Band.

BAST  8 pm–8–45 pm

Band From South West London Lead ex. Bass/ B/V & Vocals ex. Drums/ Vocals ex. 1. In The Beginning vg. ( On My Way)( The Night Time) Brilliant Overall Sounds & Songwriting Very Long Songs Really Like This Band Amazing Musicians 2. A Red Line Through Black vg. ( Tell On Us)( Till My Love Is Gone) Love The Music Arrangement See Lots Of Perpetually In This Band It’s Been Going Ten Years 3. Phychonauts ex. Fantastic Song With Brilliant Musicians & Songwriting 4 The Ghost Which H aught’s The Space Between The Stars ex. Another Great Song. ( Out Of The Dark) A Great Rocky Song Love This Band Using A Lot Of Feedback On Guitars ( Your Going To Die) Add Ons B/T Amazing Lead/ Bass & Drums Great Vocals ex. Set ex Band vg/ ex Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing. This Is A Band To Look Out For. Lots Of Perpetually In There Music.

ZURIAAKE  CHINA  9–30 pm—10–15 pm

Chinese ( Epic) Black Metal Band With A Hit Of Gothic Five Piece Band Hailing From Jinan Shandong China Formed 1998. Dressed In Black Robes With Black Cola Hats Holding Lanterns. Intro Pure Magic Very Choral Chants Quite Gothic. 1. Afterglow ex. With Some Add Ons B/T ( There A Time) Vocals ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Rhythm ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds & Songwriting 2. God Of Scotch Mist ex. Fabulous Use Of Add On Sounds B/T Love This Band. A Gothic Chant Intro Add On Piano B/T Outstanding Guitar & Drum Work With One Hell Of A Front Man A Lot Of Hand & Arm Movement ( Time Out) 3. GU Yan ex. Intro A Magical Arrangement Love There Songwriting These Guys Are Such Brilliant Musicians Some Lovely Shades & Change In-directions 4. Apter-image Of Autumn ex. ( I Take My Place) Pure Magic Sounds Quite A Gothic Influence In There Writing 5. The Sacrifice ex. ( Sometimes)( What If) Love The Add Ons In These Songs Some Very Clever Mixing . It Been A Long Time Since I’ve Reviewed At Rebellion Love This Venue & It’s Friendly Staff & Management Do Check The Venue Out You’ll Be Surprised I Hope This Band Comes Again & Brings More Magic To Manchester 6. The Frontier ex. Intro Pure Magic Sounds With Wind & Crashing Sounds B/T ( Take Me To The Dark Side) Outstanding Lead/ Bass/ Rhythm & Drums & Heavenly Vocals ( There No Time) 7. Sirius ex. Intro Add Ons B/T  ( Out At Night)( Don’t You Know) Brilliant Songwriting & Overall Sounds Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Smoke Machine ex Mixing With Add Ons B/T.


FIRST HALF TREVOR HORN  7–30 pm—8–30 pm

‘ Re-imagines The 80s’ Live In Concert With The Sarm Orchestra & Very Special Guest Singers & Band One Of The Very Best Vocal & Music Arrangement Concert For 2019 Just Love Them At The Wonderful Bridge Water Hall. Three Amazing Girl Singers & B/V Izzy ex.ex.ex. Chas ex.ex.ex. Roberto ex.ex.ex. Also Vocals From Trevor Horn ex.ex.ex. Matt Cardle ex.ex.ex. Lou Creme ex.ex.ex. & Steve Hogarth ex.ex.ex. I Can’t Say Enough How Magical Were The Vocals Were Tonight Next Thee Amazing Band Of Top Musicians & Producer’s Trevor Horn Bass Lou Creme Rhythm/ Lead/ Acoustic Simon Law Lead/ Keys/ Piano ex.ex.ex. Tom Percussion ex.ex.ex. MD Julian Harsen Keys/ Piano/ Conductor & String Coordinator ex.ex.ex. Lead Phil ex.ex.ex. All These Musicians Have Worked With The Top Stars Like Eric Clapton/ Argent & Many Others Mark Computer ex.ex.ex. Keys/ Organ/ Sythi & Piano & Accordion ex.ex.ex. Alan Clark Drums Worked With Tom Petty For 25 years ex.ex.ex. Trevor Horn Produced Many Bands & Artist 1 Two Tribes Vocals Matt Cardle ( Frankie Goes To Hollywood Cover) Pure Magic Sounds ( Go To War)( Looking Down America) 2. Video Killed The Radio Star ex.ex. Vocals Trevor Horn (Buggles Cover) Love This Song Went To No. One Pure Magic Songwriting Genius Fabulous Production Number 3. Cry ex.ex. Vocals Roberto ( Godley & Creme Cover) Pure Magic Sounds Filling The Air 4. Rubber Bullets ex.ex. Vocals Lou Creme (10 cc Cover)( At The Local Dance At The Local County Jail) Amazing Production Number 5. Different For Girls ex.ex. Vocals Steve Hogarth ( Joe Jackson Cover) The Music Arrangement’s Are On Another Planet Tonight ( Don’t You Know It’s Been A Long Time) Steve Such Amazing Vocalist Of The Highest Order Does Some Costume Changes 6 Ashes To Ashes ex.ex. Vocals Steve Hogarth ( David Bowie Cover)( We Got A Mission From Another Man)( I Hope Your Happy)( I Want To Come Right Down Now)( Oh Major Tom) 7 A Song From Way Back By Two Russian Girls Who Kissed each Other In The Video All The Things She Said ex.ex.ex. Vocals Izzy/ Chas/ Roberto ( Cover)( In My Heart) Outstanding From All Three Girls On Vocals ( All The Things She Said) 8. Slave To The Rhythm ex.ex. Vocals Izzy ( Grace Jones Cover)( Never Must Now) Magical Arrangement Of The Song. 9. The Power Of Love ex.ex. Vocals Matt Cardle ( Frankie Goes To Hollywood Cover)( I’m So In Love With You)( Love Sought’s The Darkness Away)( Keep The Vampires Away From The Door)(Make Your Self Better) 10. Plastic Age ex.ex. Vocals Trevor Horn ( Bungles Cover)( Live In A Plastic World) About Our Seas Being Polluted With Plastic Killing Our Sea Life Pure Magic Overall Sounds & Songwriting 11. I’m Not In Love Vocals Matt Cardle ( 10 cc Cover)( Lou Creme On Keys)( I Want To See You)( Oh You Waited A Long Time For Me) 12. Every Body Wants To Rule The World) Vocals Steve Hogarth ( Tears For Fears Cover) All The Songs They’ve Played Tonight Are Big Hits For Other Artist’s End Of Part One 30 min Interval.

PART  TWO  9 pm–10–10 pm

13. Owner ex.ex. Vocals Trevor Horn ( Yes Cover)( Owner Of A Lonely Heart)( See Your Self) Pure Magic Overall Sounds & Songwriting 14. Brothers In Arms ex.ex Vocals Steve Horn ( Costume Change)( Dire Straits Cover) Keys/ Organ/ Accordion Lead/ Acoustic Another Great Production Number 15. Rhythm Of My Heart ex.ex. Vocals Roberto ( Rene S human Cover)( Love Is A Funny Game)( Things Are Getting Higher)( Rhythm Of My Heart Is Beating Like A Drum)( When The Ocean Mass The Sky I’ll Be Sailing) Some Magical Vocals Tonight. 16. Dancing In The Dark ex.ex. Vocals Katie Holmes ( Bruce Springfield Cover)( I Get Up In The Evening)( Can’t Stop The Fire)( We Are Just Dancing In The Dark) Pure Magic Sounds 17. Girls On Film ex.ex. Vocals Izzy/ Chas/ Roberto ( Duran Duran) Pure Magic Arrangement With Overall Sounds 18. Another Of My Favourite Songs Kiss From A Rose ex.ex. Vocals Steve Hogarth ( Costume Change)( Seal Cover)( You Are The Dark Side Of Me)( The Light You Shine)( Roses Will Bloom)( So Much I Have To Tell You) Lead/ Piano Fabulous Sounds From String Section Some Great Key Work & Guitar/ Drum/ Percussion & Computers 19. Blue Monday ex.ex. Vocals Steve Hogarth ( New Order Cover) Pure Magic Arrangement With Three B/V On This Song. 20. Relax ex.ex. Vocals Matt Cardle ( Frankie Goes To Hollywood Cover)( Don’t Do It) 21. God Gave Rock & Roll To You ex.ex. Vocals Roberto ( What It Feels To Be Alive) Pure Magic & Overall Sounds & Songwriting ( Argent Cover) 22. Money For Nothing ex.ex. Vocals Roberto ( Dire Straits Cover)( That’s The Way To Do It) Outstanding Vocals From Roberto Lou Creme & Trevor Horn Formed Band Back In 2006 There Present Line Up Is Out Of This World This Has Been One Of The Best Concerts For 2019 Vocal & Arrangement’s Have Been Such A High Standard From Top Musicians & Brilliant Vocalist’s Love Them Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores Fabulous Lights Outstanding Mixing I Would Like To Thank The Gentleman Who Gave Me The Ticket So I Can Do The Revue Meet Some Lovely People Tonight Another Great Night At Bridge Water Hall.