DJ SET 6pm — 8–30pm.

This was amazing DJ Set didn’t catch DJ name. On Screen

Advertising Manchester International Music Festival . Also

Dancers on screen Some Amazing Mixing with 3/4 DJ. also

some Dancers ex. Next song Give Your Self To Me ex. Next

Nothing Like You ex. Next Ship The Sun ex. Next Girl Keep On

Moving On . Next ( Motown Classic ) Mountain High ex. ” Just

call my name ” Using 3/4 DJ through the Set some outstanding

mixing & some amazing songs keeping everyone Partying .

JANELLE MONA’E 9pm-10-30pm.

Janelle Mona’e ( Robinson ) is a American Singer / Song-writer/

Rapper / Science Fiction Author & Actress she is signed to

Atlantic Records Born Dec. 1985 . She has received 8 Grammy

Awards nominations Janelle’s music career began in 2003 upon

releasing a Demo Album tittle The Audition in 2007 & in 2010

on Bad Boy Records . Janelle released a first full length Studio

Album The Arch Android a concept Album to a sequel to her

first EP. in 2011 . Janelle was featured as a guest vocalist on

FUN single We Are Young amazing song. In 2016 Janelle made

her Theatrical Film Debut in two High Profile Productions

starred in Hidden Figures was a Box Office Success & also

starred in Moonlight. This is such a talented Artist Pure Magic .

Line Up Janelle Mona’e Vocals ex. ex. ex. Drums ex. ex. Bass.

ex. ex. Lead ex. ex. Keys / Synth / Piano B/V ex. ex. Lead ex. ex.

Intro from Film ( Spoken Word ) ex. ” You told us ” Love It .

Song 1. Crazy Classic Life ex. ” I don’t want to cheat on you ”

” If the world ends to night ” Also 4 Dancers. Brilliant Large

Screen at Back with great graphics also video coverage &

Janelle . This is amazing arrangement outstanding Vocals .

Song 2. Screwed ex. ” I like my life on a TV screen ” ” I’m going

to press your body ” ” I want you ” ” I’m dirty stay there ” Janelle

spoke Rap ” I know I know ” Outstanding overall sound Band.

Song 3. Django Jane ex. ” I’ve got you ” ” Live we gave you birth”

” How sweet life is ” Another amazing arrangement. Love It .

Song 4. Q.U.E.E.N. ex. Throne at back of stage Janelle dressed

as a Queen . ” I came to lead ” ” She said ” Amazing graphics

on screen & overall sounds & Brilliant Front Women / Storey

Teller & Actress . This is amazing production number Love It.

Song 5. Electric Lady ex. ” Your a star ” We celebrate tonight”

Song 6. Prime Time ex. ” Take a little piece of you & me ” ” Life

is built on memories ” ” The person who you love ” ” Put your

self on the side ” ” Feel that your sure it all ” ” This is prime time”

This is a magical performance from a special Artist .Amazing.

Song 7. PYNK ex. ” Tell this, Take This & Think ” A lot of quick

costume changes from Janelle & Dancers . ” You got the moves”

” What is you ” Another amazing arrangement & dance routine.

Song 8. Yoga ex. Another fast costume change. ” I want to last

forever ” ” Tonight we climax our wildness & dusty companions

ever if it makes them uncomfortably ” Brilliant Song-writing .

Song 9. I Like That ex. ” I want to chase the song ” ” I was alive”

” I’m the only one ” Pure magic Lead / Drum / Keys & Bass Riffs.

Song 10. Make Me feel ex. ” You ask the same questions ” ” &

emotions ” Shinny slacks Janelle ” You know how I feel ” ” Down

down ” Another amazing arrangement. Lots of Magic in the Air .

Song 11. I Get The Juice ex. ” Into the times ” ” You got the sulks”

Amazing sounds from this wonderful Band & outstanding Vocals.

Song 12. Tightrope ex. Before song Janelle talking to crowd

Manchester You must fight for your rights our tears we must keep

fighting & fight for freedom & fight against Donald Trump. Some

great Trumpet work ” One more time ” ” Time is up ” Next Encore.

Song 13. Come Alive ex. ( The war of the roses ) ” You got the time”

Pure magic production number. ” Inside your mind ” Outstanding

sounds from band ” La La La ” Great singing from crowd. Janelle

walking among the crowd she was amazing tonight . ” Just one

love ” One of the best Solo Concerts this year. Love every minute

of this wonderful Set from this very talented Artist at the Brilliant

Castle- field Bowl . This years Sounds of the City 2022 Starts on

Tuesday 28th June Lewis Capaldi. This is a Great Festival Magic.

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