Amazing Duo from Brisbane Australia Normally a full Band

Line Up Ryan Henderson Vocal / Guitar / Piano ex. ex. Matt

Cann’s Vocal / Acoustic / Bass & Drum Pedal ex. ex. Talented.

Album Moments 2019 Band formed in 2013. Just Amazing.

Song 1. My Friend Down By The Seaside vg. Intro cello using

bass & Drum pedal . ” We will run ” ” We found a place ” ” This

time is all we’ve had ” ” We will run with a heart so young ”

First time in Manchester. Very Indie / Folk Rock Duo . Love It.

Song 2. Moments Of Bragging ex. ( No Set List some tittles

could be wrong ” Beautiful Melody in the song ” The sun falls

so fast ” Song about climbing a mountain in Norway. ” Make

this moment last ” The two of them live in the Gold Coast

Australia . Amazing arrangement & Song-writing Just Magic.

Song 3. Words ex. ” Need words to find ” Acoustic / Piano .

” Believe believe it all behind ” ( Repeat ) Use of the Bass /

Drum pedal by Acoustic/ Vocals. Amazing Piano work Love It.

Song 4. I Don’t Want To Preach ex. Piano / Acoustic &

Harmonica . Very Lively Songs. ” You turn widely emotionally”

” Take me home to the friends I know ” ” Back to the place I

know ” ” Take me home to the place I belong ” Really like this

duo will see them again latter in the year with there band ”

Song 5. The Drift ex. ” Walk down by the ocean far from the

distant shore ” ” This ship has left it course for distant lands ”

” Back to shore ” Amazing Acoustic guitar work & vocals .

Song 6. Coast Line ex . Intro brilliant acoustic sounds . ” I’m

leaving home for a coast line ” ” I feel my heart for the first

time ” Pure Magic song-writing . See so much potential in

this duo. ” If you sleep by the ocean ” ” I’m moving far away

so we can live our dream ” ” You know how I feel ” Brilliant

set from this Fantastic Duo so very talented musicians .


This Amazing 4 Piece Rock Band from Ireland they Split Up

in 2020 with Solo Projects Line Up Patrick Sheehy Vocal /

Piano / Guitar ex. ex. ex. Sorcha Durham Vocal / Piano ex. ex.

ex. Evan Hadnett Drums ex. ex. ex. Paul Flannery Bass ex.

ex. ex. Amazing talented musicians In 2016 they released

their Debut Album Everything This Way . Will be missed .

Song 1. Monster ex. ” The boss is back in town ” ” I think your

safe now ” Bass B/V . So much magic in there song-writing .

Song 2. Hand In Hand ex. ” If I was alone again ” Strangers

back ” Outstanding music arrangement & overall sounds .

Song 3. Don’t Mind Me ex. ” It the same old life ” ” The light

shines ” Outstanding piano work from Sorcha. ” This is every

thing I love ” ” I was just thinking of you ” Pure magic playing”

Song 4. One Last Dance ex. ” Take on last dance ” Double

vocal Sorcha / Piano . Another amazing song. Just Love It .

Song 5. Two Straight Lines ex. Amazing Instrumental Intro.

” I’m the king of the castle ” ” I told you lots of things about

my life ” ” Just say high ” Vocal / Guitar twin neck ” Its that

man ” This band is so good I hope they come back . Magic .

Song 6. Flying High Falling Low ex. Vocal / Acoustic ” I’m

flying high in love ” Another amazing arrangement. Love It .

Song 7. Too Emotional ex. Vocal / Percussion. Outstanding

Drums / Keys & One hell of a Front Man . ” My Heart ” ” I

keep thinking & get to emotional ” His lyrics are so magical.

Song 8. Waiting On The Corner ex. ” As she opens up her

mind ” ” She wonders if your broken ” Vocals / Folk Acoustic.

Song 9. Two Stones ex. ” One more time ” ” Won’t you let me”

” Worst you take me ” Another amazing arrangement. Love It .

Song 10. Tick Tock ex. ” I stay up all night ” Take it up ” ” I’m

still waiting tick tock ” ” I’m starting with you ” Pure Magic.

Song 11. Always Be With You ex. ” I’ll always be the same ”

Pure magic sounds filling the air . Fabulous Lyrics very

commercial Pop / Rock just outstanding Lead / Bass / Keys &

Drums . They are such amazing musicians . Just Love Them.

Song 12. When We Were Kids ex. ” I still call out for you ” ” I’m

lost with out you ” Just love this song Vocals on another planet”

Song 13. Coldest Water ex. ” I was working for a friend ” ” I

survive ” ” Here we go again in the coldest of waters ” Love It .

Song 14. Ship Goes Down ex ” You take my heart ” ” Taking my

heart at the weekend ” Another amazing arrangement. Magic.

Song 15. Catch Me If You Can ex. Amazing . Next Encore .

Song 16. Pieces Of You ex. Outstanding Song-writing. Love It.

Song 17. Somebody Else ex. Amazing melodies in there music.

Song 18. Speeding Cars ex. This has been a wonderful Set from

this very talented Band at the 02 Ritz Manchester. Check Out.

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