This amazing band with talented musicians Line Up Vocal/

Rhythm ex. Lead / B/V ex. Bass ex. Drums ex. Great sound.

Song 1. Your Alone vg. ” Just the one ” ” People keep asking

me ” ( No set list some tittles could be wrong ) Just Love It.

Song 2. On My Self vg. ” Show me ” ” You never know ” ” Your

inside my head ” Another interesting song with great playing.

Song 3. It’s Another Day vg. ” Just walk away ” ” Just hide

away ” Great overall sounds & Song-writing really rocking .

Song 4. Pastor In The Garden vg. ” I can confess my crimes ”

” With out you I’m nothing ” ” Now I’ve been sincere ” ” I know

your strength ” ” I try to feel something ” Great arrangement .

Song 5. Walking Away ex. ” One day she’s coming home ” ” I

know what she wants ” Lead / Vocals Brilliant Song-writing .

Song 6. Draft vg. ” Talk about you ” ” I’m going to let you down”

This band is coming on nicely since last seeing them. Love It .

Song 7. Hope ex. Amazing overall sounds & Song-writing. Love

this song. This has been a Great Set from this talented Band .


This amazing all girl Band . Genres Pop Punk / Garage Rock /

Line Up Demi vocals ( Nottingham ) ex. ex. Gabby / Drums

( Leicester ) ex. ex. Mia Bass ( Glastonbury ) ex. ex. Ella Lead

( York ) ex. ex. Just love this Band brilliant Talented Musicians.

Song 1. Don’t Mess With Me ( I’m A Sassy Queen ) ex. ” It just

another day ” ( No Set List some tittles could be wrong ) Great

overall sounds & amazing Song-writing at it’s very best Love It.

Song 2. Cries On My Shoulder vg. ” I hate it when you cry ”

Amazing Front Women & brilliant playing from Band. ” You

want some T.L.C. ” ” He wants to kiss me all night ” Just Great.

Song 3. Sexy ex. Very lively song with amazing arrangement .

Song 4. Wake Up ex. ” When your passing I don’t want to die”

” I want you love back ” I want you ” Another outstanding song.

Song 5. Cigarette ” I don’t want to taste your cigarette ” ” I feel

the ashes burning through my clothes ” One hell of a vocalist.

Song 6. You Make Me Feel So Electric ex. ” I know I know ” ” I

told you so ” ” You make me dance so electric ” Just Love It .

Song 7. For Your Girl ex. New Drummer & Bass player Magic .

” I just want to be your girl ” ” I want you to touch my body &

make me feel OK ” Another amazing arrangement. Love It.

Song 8. Work vg. ” You want to feel it ” ” Give me a ” ” Do you

know how it feels ” ” You want my ruby lips ” Pure magic

overall sounds been going 3 years . This has been a Great Set.

Nile Marr 10pm-10-45 pm.

Amazing & Talented young Artist son of the Great Johnny Marr.

Line Up. Nile Marr Vocal / Guitar ex. ex. Bass ex. ex. Drums B/V

ex. ex. Nile certainly takes after his father Just Amazing Love It.

Song 1. I Want To Take You Back ex. Brilliant sounds from Band.

Song 2. Sharing In The Pain ex. ” Down down down ” Magic .

Song 3. Every One vg. Drums B/V . ” You know where you come

from ” Some great Vocal & Guitar from Nile & Band Love It .

Song 4. What Are We Doing ex. ( No Set List some tittles could

be wrong ” Amazing arrangement & Song-writing . Just Magic.

Song 5. Down on your Luck vg. ” Do you want ” ” Are you happy

now ” ” I’ve got you & you got me ” Another great song . Love It.

Song 6. Say What You Mean ex. ” Hang out my clothes out in

the sea ” ” All I ever wanted ” Amazing arrangement Just Magic.

Song 7. Walking In Town ex. ” That’s all I do ” ” What ever you

want ” Missed a couple of songs at end owing to catching a

train . This has been a wonderful Set from this very talented

Artist & his Brilliant Band. At the wonderful Night & Day Venue.

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