Sarah came on to welcome the Audience & tell a few funny

sexual Jokes then introduced a very funny support Love It .


This talented comedian so very funny coming to the Comedy

Station Blackpool in July 2022 ! . She told some amazing

Jokes about her Life her body & working in a school they

used to blame you & call your name out if you stuck out the

Toilet. A few jokes on shitting . Next about child birth she

was amazing with her Jokes everyone laughing there

heads off . She cracked many funny Jokes in a very short

Set . I couldn’t stop laughing & I would like to thank the

couple from Galgate who gave me a ticket so I could do

this review . I Highley recommend her full show at the

Comedy Station Venue Blackpool behind Tower. This

has been a very funny Set from this talented Comedian.


This amazing funny Comedian with her Jokes & Stories

About Ladies & Male body parts her jokes are quite

Sexual but so very funny about Life . In her set the

Audience never stop laughing & all around me they

were in stiches . Next a very funny Jokes on a Eye

Test with her husband . Her storeys are so clever love

them. Next very funny Jokes on the difficulty’s of Yo-Go.

Next then asking people to shout out about there

moment of Madness split in 3 section Gallery / Circle /

Stalls . Different people telling there storey with Sarah

making fun of there storeys . Next Seven Signs of Ageing

When parts don’t work as well so very Funny. There was

so many Jokes & Storeys in this section Love every minute.

Audience never stop Laughing. Next Interval 20min.

ACT 2.

Some more amazing Jokes & Storeys . Sarah suffers from

IBS . As for Piles you tell by the Fart . Next more Jokes &

Storeys on the Seven Signs of Ageing follow on at each

number the Audience was sent into Laughter Stitches so

many Funny Stories & Jokes . Next Preparation to Sex so

very Funny with some great Storeys & Jokes Then into

vocal sounds to 3 Nursery Rhymes Love It . A couple

more Jokes & Thanking the Audience . This has been a

Wonderful Set . So very funny. At The Amazing Opera

House Blackpool a Beautiful Historical Building. Magic.

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