ALEEM 7-30pm – 7-50pm.

Only caught the last song delayed getting in Line Up Aleem

Vocals ex. ex. D/J ex. ex. Quite a Soul & Pop Mix . This is a

great new artist breaking through. Last Song No Tittle vg.

Some great Vocals & D/J mixing . I will catch him again .


Amazing young Artist Camryn Magness born July 14th 1999.

Know publicly as Camryn American Pop Singer & Actress

from Denver Colorado Vocals / Piano / Guitar & Drums Line

Up Camryn Vocals ex. ex. Band Keys ex. ex. Lead ex. ex. Bass

ex. ex. Drums ex. ex. Brilliant vocals & fantastic sounds Band.

Song 1. Rusks In The Sky ex. ” Living like love ones ” ” We

stand like Giants in the sky ” Brilliant song arrangement.

Song 2. Don’t Let Me Down ex. ” What goes up comes down ”

Very commercial Pop Love It. This is a very talented artist .

Song 3. Ocean On Fire ex. ” They will never find us ” Magic.

Song 4. The Day I Met You vg. Another great sound from Band.

Song 5. Machines ex. Brilliant song-writing & wicked Vocals.

This has been a Brilliant Set from this talented Artist & Band .


This amazing Girl Band based in Miami Florida U.S.A. Line up

Ally Broke Vocals ex. ex. ex. Mormani vocals ex. ex. ex. Pinah

Jane Vocals ex. ex. ex. Lauren Jauregui Vocals ex. ex. ex. &

Camilla Cabello who departed from Group in Dec 2016 (Solo)

Band Girl Lead ex. ex. ex. Bass ex. ex. ex. Guy Drums ex. ex ex.

Girl Keys / Synth / Piano ex. ex. ex. Just brilliant musicians .


Song 1 . That’s My Girl ex. Amazing music arrangement. Magic.

Song 2 Miss Movin On ex. ” That’s good again ” ” Movin on ”

another great music arrangement from these talented Girls.

Song 3. Sledgehammer ex. ” If you can feel my pulse right now

it would feel like a sledgehammer ” Vocals & Harmonies Magic.

Song 4. Reflection ex. ” Did it all for you ” ” Mirror mirror on the

wall ” ” My own reflection ” Brilliant arrangement just love It.


Song 5. This Is How We Roll ex. ” All the people over there we

don’t care ” Outstanding playing from Band & Heavenly Vocals.

Song 6. Scared OF Happy vg. ” Can you feel it ” ” Scared to

be happy ” Stage presence from these Girls are outstanding .

Song 7. Write On Me ex. ” Put on a dream world ” ” Everything

changes ” Vocal & Harmonies out of this world Just Love Them.

Song 8. I Lied ex. Heart graphics on big screen ” Real Love ”


Song 9. No Way ex. ” You don’t want me anymore ” ” When I

look into your eyes ” ” The storey is told ” Pure magic sounds.

Song 10. We Know ex. These girls can really sing pure genius.

Song 11. Dope ex. ” There a time with your attitude ” ” Do you

want to know ” Another amazing music arrangement. Magic.

Song 12. Squeeze ex. ” Squeeze me ” Lead / Acoustic. Rain on

screen Girls with pink umbrella as props ” Put you arms around

me baby. Showing there plane flight on screen . The flight is going

to be bumpy . Some amazing sounds from Band & Brilliant Lead .


Song 13. Big Bad Wolf ex. ” I’ll be your poison to night ” Love It.

Song 14. BO$$ ex. ” Every day is pay day ” Amazing song-writing.

” We been through high & lows together ” Outstanding sounds .

Song 15. Not That Kind Of Girl ex. ” You’ve taken me now ” Love It.


Song 16 All In My Head ex. ” I want to feel your body ” Great song.

Song 17. Brave, Honest, Beautiful ( Acoustic ) ” Your amazing baby”

Another amazing production number . Crowd going wild . Love It.

Song 18. Gonna Get Better ex. ” It’s going to get better ” ” Only

want you ” ” You know me better baby ” ” I’m not going to leave

you now ” Sky / Clouds Graphics on Screen . Just Love the song.

Song 19. Voicemail ex. ” Phone for you ” Outstanding Vocals .

Song 20. Worth It ex. ( Medley of songs ) D/J B/T . ” I love your

style ” Another brilliant arrangement. Love It. Next Encore .

Song 21. Work From Home ex. ” Your always on the night shift”

D/J vocals on screen This has been a wonderful Set from these

talented Girls & Brilliant arrangements from the band .

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