This brilliant Artist is a British musician from Northampton

& began in 2011. He played classical Piano started at the

age of 8 years through his early School Days . When he was

15 he started a band ” The amazing Lockett striving to be a

( Breath of fresh air ) for the music Industry Line Up Billy

Vocal / Keys / Piano ex. ex. Lead ex. ex. Drums ex. ex. Magic.

Song 1. Thinking About You ex. ” Inside of me ” ” Come closer

to me ” ” Lead using Twin neck guitar 6 / 12 strings Love It.

Song 2. Feels So Good vg. ” Being with you ” ” Breaking all the

rules with you ” Amazing sounds filling the arena with magic .

Song 3. Begging vg. ” I’m looking forward to changes ” Love It.

Song 4. Covered In Chaos vg. ” I’ve been troubled in my mind”

” Why did you have to leave me ” ” I don’t want to grow up with

out you ” ( Billy Vocals / Piano Solo ) Brilliant arrangement .

Song 5. Who I Am ex ( Another Solo ) Outstanding Vocal/Piano

work Pure Magic been going 6/7 years should be further up

the ladder of success . ” Never seen a body like you ” Love It.

Song 6. Wicked Game ex. ( Chris Isaak Cover ) ” Think I’m

falling in love with you ” Amazing sounds from Billy & Band .

Song 7. Empty House ex. ” One second you were there ”

Outstanding tear jerkin Lyrics about loosing someone . Song

about his dad dying a big ELO Fan ” Did I let you down ” Magic.

Song 8. Eye To Eye ex. ” I can give you all you want ” ” Go inside

one more time ” ” I can feel your blood I’m drowning ” Love It.

Song 9. Fading Into Grey ex. ” How can I pretend it’s all in your

head ” ” All you got to say ” Another brilliant arrangement.

Song 10. My Only Soul ex. ” I can’t forget you ” ” I’m lost in love”

” Believe in god ” This has been amazing Set from this Artist &

Band . Loved every minute of this wonderful Set . Just Magic .



This wonderful Band formed By Jeff Lynne & Roy Wood. Jeff

Lynne Born 30th Dec 1947 age 74 Birmingham England ELO

Formed in 1970 as a offshoot of the Move of which Jeff was a

member following the departure of Roy Wood in 1972 Jeff

assumed sole leadership & Wrote / Arranged /Produced Virtually

all of It’s subsequent records after ELO original disbandment

in 1986 . On September 14 2014 Jeff Lynne’s whistle touring

Band under the name Jeff Lynne’s ELO played a Public Concert

for the first time in 25 years Line Up Jeff Lynne Vocals / Guitar/

Acoustic ex. ex. ex. Richard Tandy Guitar / Piano / B/V ex. ex. ex.

Touring Members Milton Mc Donald Guitar / B/V ex. ex. ex. Mike

Stevens Sax / Keys / Guitar / M/D ex. ex. ex. Iain Hornal Guitar/

Percussion B/V ex. ex. ex. Lee Pomeroy Bass / B/V ex. ex. ex.

Marcus Bynae Keyboards / Piano ex. ex. ex. Bernie Smith Keys

ex. ex. ex. Donavan Hepburn Drums ex. ex. ex. Melanie Lewis

Mc Donald B/V ex. ex. ex. Rosie Langley Violin ex. ex. ex. Amy

Langley Cello ex. ex. ex. Jess Cox Cello ex. ex. ex. Steve Turner

Keyboards ex. ex. ex. This is a very talented Band of musicians.

Song 1. Standing In The Rain ex ( ELO Cover ) Amazing Intro

Violin / Cello & Piano ” Down in the pouring rain ” Outstanding

overall sounds from Out Of The Blue Album . Brilliant Song .

Song 2. Evil Women ex. ( ELO Cover ) from Eldorado Album

Amazing song-writing and fantastic overall sounds. Love It.

Song 3. All Over The World ex. ( ELO Cover ) ” Got a message

on the radio ” Brilliant music arrangement & great playing .

Song 4. Showdown ex. ( ELO Cover ) ( Single Harvest Records)

Jeff / Acoustic & Pure Magic from the wonderful Band. Love It.

Song 5. Do Ya ex. ( Move Cover ) ( New World Record Album )

” Never seen a body like you ” ” I just want to feel love ” Magic.

Song 6. When I was a Boy ex. ” When I was a boy I had a

dream ” Jeff / Acoustic / Vocals & brilliant harmonies. Love It.

Song 7. Living Things ex. ( ELO Cover ) ” Higher higher baby ”

” It’s a living thing ” ” It’s a terrible thing to do ” Strings out of

this world & Amazing sounds from band. With magic in the Air.

Song 8. Handle With Care ex. ( Traveling Wilburys Cover ) Great

vocals & harmonies ” Anything you want ” Brilliant arrangement.

Song 9. Rock- aria ex. ( ELO Cover ) ( New World Records Album)

” She ready for some rock & roll ” ( Spinning Records Graphics)

” Meet me at the opera house quarter to three ” Brilliant Song.

Song 10. Last Train To London ex. (Discover Album Jet Records)

” There music in the air ” ” Really want to be with you ” ” I really

want the night to last for ever ” Fantastic music arrangement.

Song 11. 10538 Overture ( ELO Cover ) Single Harvest ” I see

your face ” ” You see the world ” ” Did you hear the news on the

airways ” Another amazing production number of the highest.

Song 12. Shine A Little Love ex. ( Discover Album Jet Records )

” Your the love of my life ” Amazing Green Laser’s ” Let me see”

This is such a beautiful song arrangement with magical playing.

Song 13 Wild West Hero ex. ” From all we know ” ” I wish I was

a western hero ” Love this song Jeff / Acoustic ” First fading light

from the fire so bright ” Brilliant shades & landscapes. Love It.

Song 14. Sweet Talking Women ex. ” What can I do ” ” Got to

get back to you ” ” Wake me when it’s over ” Brilliant Song .

Song 15. Telephone Line ex. ( New World Records Album .

” Are you alright all these lovely nights ” ” Look into the sky ” ” I

wonder why ” Another brilliant production number Just Love It.

Song 16. Don’t Bring Me Down ex. Discovery 1979 Last track

on Album Outstanding Vocals & playing from band. Magic .

Song 17. Turn To Stone ex. Nearly all the songs are ELO Covers.

Out Of The Blue Album early 1978 . ” Dancing shadows over

the wall ” Brilliant music arrangement & overall sounds. Love It.

Song 18. Mr Blue Sky ex. ” Waiting for someone ” ” To the

human race ” Another amazing production number. Pure Magic.

Song 19. Roll Over Beethoven ex ( Chuck Berry Cover ) Single

Harvest Records ” Roll Over Beethoven ” Brilliant sounds from

Violin & Cello’s & rest of Band. ” I’m going to write my local D/J”

This has been such a magical night & a truly wonderful Set at

the Amazing Manchester Arena . Love every minute .

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