SININA ROSIE 8pm-8-30pm.

A Talented Hip Hop Artist with D/J from London a Little Raw see

potential there Line Up SININA Vocals ex D/J vg. needs work.

Song 1. This Is A Mighty World In A Blur vg. Some nice vocals .

Song 2. King & Queen vg. ” He lost his way ” Great Hip Hop vocals.

” It’s my kingdom ” Crowd loving her some nice stage presence .

Song 3. Your a Bird vg. ” One of these days ” ” Trim money in bars”

Song 4. Gods Send vg. ” There’s your destiny ” Great arrangement”

Song 5. Paradise vg. ( From London Burning E/P ) ” This girls a

Tiger ” ” These girls ” A nice arrangement & Song-writing Love It.

Song 6. We Can’t Take No More vg. D/J doing some M/C . I’ve

swayed in my mind ” A really nice Set from this great Artist & D/J.

JORJA SMITH 9pm- 10-15pm.

This amazing young Artist Jorja Alice Smith Born 11th June 1997.

A English Singer / Songwriter born & raised in Walsall East

Midlands R/B / Pop / Neon Soul / Grime. Been writing songs since

the age of 11years in 2012 Signed with Sony / ATV in 2016

Releasing two E/P Throughout 2016/2017. Her Debut Studio

Album Lost & Found In 2018 to Critical Acclaim & peaked at

number 3 on the UK Charts . The same year Smith won the

Critics Choice Awards in 2019. Also she was named Best

Female Artist at the Brit Awards also nominated for the

Grammy Award for Best Artist. Her 3rd E/P . Be Right Back.

which was released in May 2021 Received Favourable

Reviews . She began travelling to London for writing

sessions with Maverick Sabre & Ed Thomas while still at

school . Line Up JORJA Vocals ex. ex. ex. Key / Synth / Piano

ex. ex. ex. Lead ex. ex. ex. Bass / Synth ex. ex. ex. Drums ex.

ex. ex. This is amazing Artist & Band of talented musicians .

Song 1. Lost & Found ex. ” What if we all fall down ” Jorja

reminds me of a young Amy there defiantly some Jazz in

her amazing vocals range . Brilliant music arrangement .

Song 2. Teenage Fantasy ex. ” Finding another lover ” Great.

Key /Lead /Bass & Drums & Heavenly Vocals Pure Magic .

Song 3. Something In The Way ex. ” It’s not coming back .

Song 4. February 3rd ex. ” Time moves very slowly ”

” Some days are out ” ” All your fears ” ” Loose your self for

me ” Amazing music arrangement & Song-writing . Love It.

Song 5. The One ex. Pure magic sounds from band . Brilliant

vocals from Jorja . Crowd going wild with delight wonderful .

Song 6. Goodbyes ex. ” You belong to the stars in the sky ”

What a talented Artist in the making . She will go far. Love It.

Song 7. Tomorrow / You Got Me ex. Another amazing song so

rich in the lyrics . Outstanding song -writing at its very best .

Song 8. Wandering Romance ex. ” I’m seeing you ” ” Hold me

in your arms ” ” Take It as you want it ” ” Take all my love ”

Song 9. On Your Own ex. Keys using some Pre Sets. ” Lost

& found . Brilliant music arrangement & wicked playing .

Song 10 I am ex. Amazing overall sounds ” We all fall down ”

Next INSTRUMENTAL ex. From Band just weaving there Magic.

Song 11. Lifeboats ex ( Freestyle ) Brilliant overall sounds .

Song 12. Where Did I Go ex. ( Extended ) ” In the situation ”

Brilliant shades in the music score & Amazing sounds Love It.

Song 13. Blue Lights ex. ” It’s a slow night with fairy lights ”

” You make me lonely ” ” I’m hiding from him ” Brilliant song .

Song 14. Don’t Watch Me Cry ex. ( Encore) Just Jorja & Piano

so very beautiful . Amazing Lyric writing with so much feeling

pulling at your heart strings ” Hold on till you die ” ” Don’t let

the time pass you by ” ” I want to get to you ” Acapella ending

with crowd singing . This crowd has sung well all night. Magic .

Song 15. Let Me Down ex. Another amazing Song Just Love It.

Song 16. On My Mind ex. ” Got a spell on you ” ” I ask myself ”

Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant performance from Jorja

her vocals just like a Angel . This Artist is going to be Very Big .

Love every minute of her performance at the wonderful Albert

Hall with its brilliant Staff / Security & Management . Pure Magic.

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