This amazing Artist from Northern Ireland founded by Silhouette

Guitarist / Vocal Shauna Tohill Line Up Shauna Tohill Vocal /

Guitar ex. ex. ex. Collette Williams Drum / Vocals Ex. Member .

Song 1. Shine vg. Brilliant Song-writing & overall sounds Love It .

Song 2. Violins vg. Brilliant vocals & amazing arrangement. Magic.

Song 3. Miss You In The Park ex. ( No set list some tittles could be

wrong ) Amazing Vocals /Guitar & Drum work . Just love this Duo .

Song 4. Can You Feel It ex. Brilliant music arrangement . Just Magic.

Song 5. Your Tears vg. Brilliant music score & lyrics . Great sounds .

Song 6. Rip Up My Heart ex. Amazing music arrangement . Love It .

Song 7. Shake Shake vg. ” Look at me ” Amazing vocals / Guitar .

Song 8. We Explode vg. ” Higher & Higher ” Amazing Set from Duo .


This amazing Band is a Swedish Heavy Rock Band Formed in

Gothenburg in 2001. The Band has Released 8 Studio Albums. Line

Up Jonas ( Kungen) Jarlsby Guitars ex. ex. ex. John Alfredsson

Drums ex. ex. ex. Johannes Eckerstrom Vocal / Trombone / Piano /

Keys ex. ex. ex. Henrik Sandelin Bass / B/V ex. ex. ex. Tim Ohrstrom

Guitar / B/V ex. ex. ex. Band formed by Drummer John Alfredsson .

Song 1. A Statue Of The King ex. ” Glorious Day ” ” Everything in the

royal land ” ” We celebrate ” Amazing music arrangement Love It.

Song 2. Hail The Apocalypse ex. ” We are all going to die ” Amazing

overall Vocals & roaring sounds . ” We here to kick your asses ”

Song 3. Paint It Red ex. ” Destroy ” Very dark Front Man with face

paint. ” Make me perfect ” Another outstanding music arrangement.

Song 4. Blood Angel ex. Magical Intro from Lead then Bass pure

heavenly sounds ” Angels pick up your chains ” Very Metal Prog Rock.

Song 5. The Eagle Has Landed ex. ” We will return again ” ” Do you

see what I see ” Outstanding lead /bass /drums & Brilliant front man.

Quiet Classical with beautiful landscapes & shades in the music score.

Song 6. The King Welcomes You To Avatar Country vg. Intro B/T

( Glory To Our King ) ” Will take you ” ” My finale regret’s ” Magic .

Song 7. Let It Burn ex. ” Will it burn ” Amazing Song-writing . Love It.

Song 8. Smells Like A Freak Show ex. Amazing production number

This has been a brilliant Set from this very talented Band. Magic .

HALESTORM 9-30pm –11pm.

Amazing American Rock Band from Red Lion Pennsylvania

Studio Albums HALESTORM 2009 / The Strange Case Of 2012.

Into Wild Life 2015 / Vicious 2018 & Back To The Dead 2022.

Line Up Lizzy Hale Vocals / Rhythm / Acoustic / Keyboards /

Piano ex. ex. ex. Arejay Hale Drums B/V ex. ex. ex. Joe Hottinger

Lead / Acoustic / B/V ex. ex. ex. Josh Smith Bass / B/V /

Keyboards / Piano . Just a Brilliant Band of musicians . Magic .

Song 1. Skulls ex. Brilliant Song-writing & overall sounds .

Song 2. MZ Hyde ex. ” This is the one ” ” I was feeling sad ”

” I’m under the spell ” Another brilliant music arrangement.

Song 3. Love Bites ( So Do I ) ex. Amazing overall sounds .

Song 4. I Am The Fire ex. Brilliant sounds from this talented

Band of musicians. Crowd going wild with delight. Pure Magic.

Song 5. Apocalyptic ex. ” As the story goes ” ” What’s wrong

with him ” Outstanding music arrangement & Fantastic playing.

Song 6. Do Not Disturb ex. “( I Get Off Acapella Intro ) ” Maybe

you love me ” ” You want me every night ” Lizzy Twin Neck Guitar.

Josh Twin Neck Bass ” You close up ” Another brilliant song .

Song 7. Amen ex. Pure magic overall sounds with Double Lead.

Song 8. The Silence ex. Lead acoustic Lizzy Vocals only .

” Nothing will ever be when I was 17 years old ” ” I will hear you

after the silence ” Another amazing arrangement from the Band.

Song 9. Black Vultures ex. ” It’s a situation ” Brilliant song-writing.

Song 10 . Drum Solo ex This was out of this world . Just Love It.

Song 11 Vicious ex. ” I’ve got wasted ” ” Your after her ” Magic.

Song 12. Freak Like Me ex. ” I go to ” Amazing overall sounds .

Song13. Killing Ourselves To Live ex. ” I love you more than ever”

Song 14. Uncomfortable ex. Another great production number .

Song 15. I Miss The Misery ex. ” I can get ” Brilliant Lead work ”

Song 16. Hear To Us ex. ” Every night making love ” ” Nothing

last forever ” ” No matter what they say ” ” Hear to love ” This

has been a Magical night & a wonderful Set from this amazing

Band at the wonderful 02 Apollo Manchester . Come & See.

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