MASSIVE WAGONS 7pm-7-30pm.

A British Rock Band from Lancaster Line up Barry Baz Mills

Vocals ex. ex. Adam Thistlethwaite Guitars ex. ex. Steve Hull

Guitars ex. ex. Adam Bowz Bouskill Bass ex. ex. Alex Roy

Thistlethwaite Drums ex. ex. A brilliant band of musicians .

Song 1. Last On The List ex. ” Need someone ” Great sounds.

Song 2. Billy Balloon Head ex. ” I’m a looser ” Love there writing.

Song 3. Back To The Stack ex. ” One more last dance ” Dedicated

to Rick . Amazing song-writing from this wonderful Rock Band .

Song 4.Hero ex. ” I’ll tell you ” ” Something in the sky ” ” What

about you & someone else ” ” Never be a Hero ” ” It falls around

you ” ” This is your song ” Another amazing arrangement. Magic.

Song 5. Ratio ex. ” You want to hide ” ” Someone is messing with

my ratio ” Brilliant Guitar /Drum work & fantastic Front Man Vocal.

Song 6. Tokyo ex. ” Far away ” ” You want to touch me up ” ” Take

today ” ” There a place far away ” ” On the Road ” Pure magic

sounds & Song- Writing. Amazing Set from this talented Band .

STATUS QUO 7-45pm-8-15pm.

This Amazing Band formed in 1962 . The very sad news that Rick

Parfit died on 24 Dec 2016 bringing an end to an almost 50 years

Partnership between himself & Francis Rossi . Band Line Up .

Francis Rossi Vocals / Lead ex. ex. ex. John ( Rhino) Edwards

ex. ex. ex. Richie Malone ( Replacement for Rick) Rhythm / Vocals

ex. ex. ex. Andy Brown Keyboards / Rhythm / Harmonica /

Vocals ex. ex. ex. Leon Cave Drum / Percussion ex. ex. ex.

Intro The Prone ex. B/T Brilliant music arrangement Love It.

Song 1. Caroline ex. ” Get me on to your love ” ” Sweet Love ”

” Take my hand ” Fantastic Guitar / Key & Drum work Just Love It.

Song 2. Something About you Baby I Like ex. ( Richard Supa Cover)

” Thank you baby ” ” This what I like ” Amazing music arrangement.

Song 3. Rain ex. ” Baby you told me ” On song into another.

Song 4. Medley What Your Proposing ex./ Down The Dust Pipe ex./

Wild Side Of Life ex / Railroad ex. / Again & Again ex. Outstanding

Lyrics in all the songs & Amazing music arrangement Great Medley.

Song 5. Mystery Song ex. ” You’ve really got me going ” ” I’ve got

friends I will show you how to understand ” Fantastic Song .

Song 6. The Oriental ex. ” Your a very oriental ” ” Her name was ”

Song 7. Cut Me Some Slack ex. ” There no time ” Great playing .

Song 8. Liberty Lane ex. ” Down liberty lane ” ” I woke up ”

” Coming down from above ” ” Out of reach ” Just Love It.

Song 9. In The Army Now ex. ( Cover ) ” Uncle Sam does his

best ” Amazing lively song with great playing from the Band .

Song 10. Roll Over & Lay Down ex. ” You all take a drink from

the table ” ” Lay down & let me in ” Pure magic overall sounds

Song 11. Down Down ex. ” Down wait the world to show ” I’m

waiting to see ” Another amazing music arrangement. Love It.

Song 12. What Ever You Want ex. ” What ever you need ” It’s

taking you home on a midnight train ” ” Show your love ”

” What ever you win or loose ” Brilliant song-writing Magic.

Song 13. Rocking All Over The World ( John Fogerty Cover)

This has been a wonderful Set from this talented Band .



This is a Southern Rock Band from Jacksonville Florida

Formed in 1964 . Over the years there has been quite a

lot of changes . Then on October 20th 1977 3 days after

the release of the bands 5th Studio Album Street Survivors.

A charted plane on which the members & crew were

traveling crashed in Gillsburg Mississippi six people died in

the Accident including members Ronnie Van Zant Steve

Gaines . Cassie many other passengers were seriously

injured . In 1979 A collection of previously unreleased

recording from 1971–1972 was released SKYNYRDS

First & Last . Band Line Up Gary Rossington Guitar ex. ex.

ex. Rick Medlocke Vocal / Guitar / Mandolin ex. ex. ex.

Michael Cartellone Drums / Percussion ex. ex. ex. Mark

Matejka Vocal / Guitar ex. ex. ex. Peter Keys / Piano ex. ex.

ex. Keith Christopher Bass ex. ex. ex. Johnny Van Zant

Vocals ex. ex. ex. Backing Vocals Dale Krantz Rossington

ex. ex. ex. Carol Chase ex. ex. ex. Brilliant Musicians. Magic.

Song 1. Working For The MCA ex. Pure magic overall sound .

Song 2. SKYNYRD Nation ex. ” SKYNYRD Nights ” ” It’s a

reflection ” ” Feeling right ” ” Young & old ” Brilliant song .

Song 3. What’s Your Name ex. ” I just travel ” ” What’s your

name girl ” ” Shooting strangers it’s no shame ” Pure Magic .

Song 4. That Smell ex. ” It’s sad on you ” ” It will be all right ”

” Oh that smell ” Another brilliant music arrangement Love It.

Song 5. I Know A Little ex. Some great Rock & Roll Guitar .

Song 6. The Needle & The Spoon ex. ” I’m going to take it away”

” I sing the blues ” Amazing Song-writing & Amazing Sounds.

Song 7. Saturday Night Special ex. ” We are going out tonight ”

Song 8. Red White & Blue ( Love It or leave ) ” If you’ve got

soul I can help ” Outstanding Guitar & Drum work Just Magic .

Song 9. The Ballad Of Curtis Loew ex. ” Ever played the blues ”

” Play me a song ” ” This old heart ” Some great lead work .

Song 10. Tuesday Gone ex. ” The trains going down the track ”

” My baby’s gone ” ” I’m on the road ” ” I just want to be ” ” I

will try again ” Outstanding overall sounds & Song-writing .

Song 11. Don’t Ask The Questions ex. ” I won’t tell you no lies”

Song 12. Simple Man ex. ” I will help you ” ” We will be sorry ”

Song 13. Gimme Three Steps ex. Brilliant music arrangement.

Song 14. Call Me The Breeze ex. Wonderful sounds from band.

Song 15. Sweet Home Alabama ex. A Big Hit For Them . Just

love this arrangement . Crowd going wild with delight Love It.

We are going to miss this wonderful Band of Gifted Musicians.

Song 16 FREEBIRD ex Encore This is another of there Big Hits .

This has been a magical Set at the Fantastic Manchester Arena.

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