WET SUPPORT 7-30pm -8pm.

Amazing singer songwriter with band. Line up Synth Mixing with

Pre Sets & Lead ex. ex. Wet Vocals ex. ex. Brilliant Duo Magic

Song 1. It’s All In Vain ex. ” Tell me baby ” ” I don’t believe you ”

Song 2 Dead Water ex. Synth / Bass with Drum Pre Sets ” If I

find ” Amazing vocals & overall sounds ” Shake me ” ” Shake me

when it comes to me ” ” Holding out for love ” New Album Sun

Run . Brilliant music arrangement with great song-writing .

Song 3. There Is A Reason vg. ” Distance between us ” ” It out

of sight ” No set list some tittles could be wrong . Just love It.

Song 4. The Middle ex. ” I’ve been walking ” ” I’ve been thinking”

Song 5. Don’t Want To Be Your Girl vg. ” I don’t want to be with

you no more ” Very electronic mixing & brilliant vocals magic .

Song 6. 11 Hours ex. Amazing music arrangement . Love It .

Song 7. Softens ex. ” I fear there something ” ” Sought out your

life ” Pre Set Synth mix & bass ” It’s so long ” Wet from Brooklyn

This has been a great Set from this talented Duo Just love them.



This amazing band of talented musicians are a English Indie

Rock Band that formed in 2007. Consisting of vocalist Florence

Welch & Keyboardist Isabella Summers . Bands debut album

Lings was released on 6 July 2009 as of October 2010 the

album has been in the Top Forty In the UK for 65 consecutive

weeks. There 2nd Studio Album Ceremonials released in

October 2011 entered charts at No 1 in UK & number 6 in

the U.S.A. There 3rd Album How Big How Blue How Beautiful

was released on 2nd June 2015 . It Topped the UK Charts &

debuted at number One on the US Billboard 200 their first to

do so . The Album reached No 1 in a total of eight Countries

Also in 2015. The band headlining Act at Glastonbury Festival

Making Florence Welch the first British Female Headliner this

Century . Genres Indie Rock / Indie Pop / Art Rock & Neon Soul

Her fourth Album High As Hope confirmed on 27th May 2017.

Band Lie Up Florence Welsh Vocal ex. ex. ex. Isabella

Summers Keys / Piano / Synth B/V. Robert Ackroyd Lead ex.

ex. ex. Tom Monger Harp / Xylophone / Percussion / B/V ex. ex.

ex. Cyrus Bayander Bass ex. ex. ex. Aku Orraca Tatteh

Percussion B/V ex. ex. ex. Dionne Douglas Violin B/V ex. ex. ex.

Hazel Mills Keyboards / B/V ex. ex. ex. Loren Humphrey Drums

ex. ex. ex. The Band won Critics Choice Brits Awards in 2009.

Song 1. June ex. ” Every day is June ” ” It’s so high ” Amazing

wooden stage set with platforms & steps with fantastic stage

presentation & magical overall sounds from the band . Love It.

Song 2. Hunger ex. ” At 17 I started to shame myself ” ” The

way you use your body ” ” We all carry & wonder ” Great B/V .

Song 3. Between Two Lungs ex. Some coral chant vocals from

Synth ” Happy dreams of love ” ” We are all to young to die ”

” Trapped between two worlds ” Amazing Violin & Harp .

Song 4. Only If For A Night ex. ” Come to me ” ” You tell me

to concentrate ” . Amazing Music Arrangement just magic .

Song 5. Queen Of Peace ex. ” I hope the worlds a better one”

” Something I’ve overcome ” ” It’s driving me away ” Love It.

“Suddenly I’m overcome ” Pure magic music arrangement .

Song 6. South London Forever ex. ( About growing up there )

( Teenage life is so messy talking to crowd ) ” It’s time to

scream over & over & over again ” ” Watch things grow”

Song 7 Patricia ex. From new LP. ( About lives ups & downs)

Keys / Harp. ” You always make my heart stop ” ” You have

always been my lost star ” ” You praise God above ” ” Where

reality long forgotten ” Magical vocals /storytelling & dancing.

Song 8. Dog Days Are Over ex. ” Sisters & Brothers ” ” If you

want to survive ” Brilliant production number & Song-writing.

Song 9. 100 Years ex. ” Turn to the light ” Great music score.

Song 10. Ship To Wreck vg. ” Nobody Knows ” Just love It.

Song 11. The End Of Love ex. ” I dreamt last night the end

of the world ” ” Wash away ” ” From the moment I meet

you ” ” There something in the air ” Fantastic music score .

Song 12. Cosmic Love ex. ” You falling star fell ” Pure magic

drumming . ” Stars come true ” ” I’m always in this way”

Florence spinning like a ballerina on a musical box ” Magic.

Song 13. Delilah ex. ” I want to be free ” ” And holding on ”

” A different kind of Angel ” Florence down in the crowd ”

” Sometimes It all falls down ” Another brilliant song .

Song 14. What Kind Of Man ex. ” My feet don’t touch

the ground ” Brilliant production number just magic.

Song 15. Encore Big God ex. ” He’s a big god ” ” To fill

you up ” ” I can make the world ” A crescendo of magical

sounds fill the air. ” Big enough to feel love ” Brilliant song.

Song 16. Shake It Out ex. ” I can see ” ” Keep to my self ”

This has been a magical experience with this wonderful

band of talented musicians & brilliant storey telling at the

Fantastic Manchester Arena. Loved every minute.

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