Amazing young Solo Pop Artist from Japan . Double Vocals ex. ex.

Song 1. Might Not Talk Again vg. ” I’ll take your hand ” Really

working the crowd . Very talented young artist. Love the song .

Song 2. See What I Can Do vg. Very lively overall . Great vocals .

Song 3. I’m Tired Of Trying vg. ” Hey Hey ” from crowd ” I need

answer . Great song-writing & some great dancing & Vocals .

Song 4. You Take Care Of Your Self vg. Slower love song . Lots

of stage presence with dancing & hand movements ” Your the

one ” Amazing music arrangements on B/T Studio Quality.

Song 5. I Can See vg. Crowd chanting Fight fight ” I could be

better ” Some amazing body flips from her . They teach

gymnastics at a early age in Japan . Another great song . Magic.

Song 6. I Love You vg. Amazing Song-writing . ” I like It ” “Hear

we go again ” ” Fight fight ” Amazing Set from this Great Artist.


Another great artist normally a Band one of the girls couldn’t

get a visa . High energy Pop / Rock . Very talented young artist.

Song 1. Tonight ex. ” In your hands ” Amazing commercial

song writing . ” Just want more ” Brilliant music arrangement .

Song 2. Love Letter vg . Studio Quality B/T . Japan is producing

some amazing new talent that we could learn from . Love It.

Song 3. Boys Boys vg. ” I’m looking for ” ” Do get the beat ”

Brilliant vocals & stage presence . Young crowd going wild .

Song 4. We Going To Have vg. No Set List for the first two

Acts some tittles could be wrong . Amazing Bass / Keys /

Lead / Drums B/T . This normally is a 3 piece band . Love It.

Song 5. Any One Knows Anna ex B/T very Japanese Sounds

then goes into Pop / Rock still with original Japanese Sounds

” Got to say you know ” ” Want want ” Another great song .

Song 6. I’ve Got To Get vg. ” Na Na Na ” Pure magic vocals

Song 7. We Can Pray vg. ” Thank you god ” Just love her

song-writing . Just a wonderful Set from a brilliant Artist .


I was blown away with this amazing talented Band Line Up.

Hinari Tsukishiro Vocals ( Only original member from this

gig ) ex. ex. ex. Sari Vocals ( Now a solo Artist ) ex. ex. ex.

Hina Yotsuyu Vocals ex. ex. ex. Risaki Kakizaki Vocals ex.

ex. ex. Rei Imaizumi Vocals ex. ex. ex. ( All 3 Left to Join

Manacie Band ) This was such a talented Line Up when I

saw them . There music is Prog Heavy Rock Outstanding .

Song 1. Strange Aeons ex. Using Studio Quality B/T ” You

got too ” ” We are ” ” Fight Fight ” Some amazing dance

routines . ” Thank you for the day when we were young ”

Song 2. Starry Wisdom ex. ” For what we do ” ” You are “

Key intro with Drum / Bass / Lead on B/T. ” Tonight ” One

song into another. I see some gothic in there music scores.

Song 3. ITHAQUA vg. ” What to do ” Some Gothic Chants in

this song . Some great Guitar & Drum work on B/T. Great

vocals from these very talented girl musicians Love them.

Song 4. End Of Days vg. ” I’ll wait for you ” Very heavy intro .

” I’ll wait for you ” Great dance poses . ” Your world is ” some

amazing Landscapes & Shades in the music score . Magic .

Song 5. Puella ex. ” Just love it ” Some amazing Synth & Keys

work on B/T . This band has so much stage presence Love It.

Song 6. Lamina Maledictum ” See you ” ” Set the needle ”

” Be daddy ” Another amazing music arrangement just magic.

Song 7. NYX vg. ” We went to ” ” I kiss you all again ” ” To see

you again ” Amazing Dance routines & Vocals. Just brilliant .

Song 8. Dirge Of Balor ex. ” We have voted to ” ” All dal Nation”

Outstanding stage presence & Vocals very Gothic / Rock.

Song 9. Dawn Slayer ex. Great Rock intro . ” She goes ” Great

sound tracks to there songs. I just love this song . Just Magic .

Song 10. PSYCHOPOMP ex. Brilliant Gothic Heavy Rock with

one girl doing Opera Vocals . Outstanding vocals & harmonies.

Sounds just like a Choir . This is such a magical song . Love It .

Song 11. SARNATH ex. ” Going through, going back ” ” She’s

got me ” ” Visions ” ” I will feed your mind ” Fantastic song .

Song 12. Skulls In The Stars ex. Last song. ” I can see you ”

” Right through you ” ” It’s never to late ” Pure magic poses &

Dance Routine . This has been such a magical Set from these

talented Girls weaving there magic at the wonderful Night &

Day Manchester on Oldham St with Brilliant Staff & Management.

NECRONOMIDOL is still going with Himari Tsukishiro & New

Members check them out on You Tube Music you’ll love them .

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