DAVID GALBALDIA 7-50 pm –8-15 pm.

Celebrated painter of Rock Stars a very different support act very clever.

Portrait solo artist painting on a black canvas to heavy Rock Music .

Song . All Night Long ex. Very loud B/T . then Caught In The Middle Of

Town ex. Special thanks to David Fedder for giving me this ticket so I

can do this. Painting of a Rock Guy . 2nd Painting Mick Jagger. Amazing

Rock Music then into I Caught Get No Satisfaction ex ( Stones Cover )

3rd Painting Face Portrait of Kiss Band to be auctioned for Manchester

Cancer Kids . A very clever support tonight just AMAZING & BRILLIANT .

KISS 8-45 pm–10-45 pm.

Band formed in 1973 in New York . Only two original members left a few

changes over the years a couple have died so original members left are

Paul Stanley Vocals / Rhythm /B/V ex. ex. ex. & Gene Simmons Vocal /

Bass ex. ex. ex. Other Members Eric Singer Drums / B/V & Vocals ex. ex.

ex. Tommy Thayer Lead Guitar / B/V / Vocals ex. ex. ex. Intro Rock & Roll

B/T . This is very sad this is there last tour I just love this band Magic .

Song 1. Detroit Rock City ex. Lots of Flames & Fireworks . Amazing H/D

Screens & Stage set up Fabulous . Kiss on screen coming from the

coming from dressing room. They come up on a risen platform 3 Guitars

& Drum set . High back of stage. Massive screen behind them. Brilliant

Lighting & moving flames . Pure magic overall sounds filling the air .

Song 2. Shout It Out Loud ex. ” Shout it, shout it out loud ” Pure magic

guitar work & drums . They are really rocking the place tonight. Love It .

Song 3. Deuce ex. Played Free Trade Hall Manchester 1976 old clips on

screen . Then video of band now . ” Yes Baby ” ” Baby are you feeling

right ” Amazing Lead / Bass / Rhythm & Drums . Outstanding vocals &

harmonies . One hell of a front man using his tongue on the guitar frets.

Song 4. Say Yeah ex. ” I’ve no reasons tonight ” Fabulous music

arrangement at the very best . This will be one of the best shows 2018 .

Song 5. I Love It Loud ex. ” Nobody’s ever going to beat it ” Lots of little

screens with graphics ” In & out ” ” Hey yeah ” Brilliant singing from

crowd . Another amazing music arrangement from this brilliant band .

Song 6. Heavens On Fire ex. ” Baby don’t stop ” ” Take it to the top ”

” My baby’s on fire ” Outstanding playing from this very talented band .

Song 7. War Machine ex. Gene breaths fire more pyrotechnics lots of

flames ” Set the demons free ” Amazing demon graphics on screen .

” It just a matter of time ” Amazing lead work & overall sounds from

band . ” You better watch out in a war machine ” Brilliant song-writing .

Song 8. Lick It Up ( With won’t be fooled again & more ) ex. ” I’ve been

wasted ” ” I can taste it ” ” Lick it up ” Pure magic guitar & drum work .

Fabulous Laser light show ” I’m getting you ” Brilliant musicians. Magic .

Song 9. Calling Dr Love ex. ” Let me in ” ” Do you know why “. Just love it.

Song 10 . 100,000 Years ex. ( With drum solo ) ” Into our love ” Then into

a fabulous Drum Solo ( 11) His drumming is on another planet . Magic .

” Stand up to what you believe in ” ” Do you feel alright ” Lead & Bass on

Castle Towers platforms in the air . Some brilliant guitar work . Love It.

Song 12. Cold Gin ex. ( With Tommy Thayer guitar solo ) From 1st Album

” I need some fuel to build a fire ” ” Lets be together ” ” Time to leave ”

” This is all I need ” .Some amazing double Lead ” It’s time again ” Then

into a lead solo ( 13) Pure magic then Bass solo ( 14 ) Outstanding with

band coming in at the end . There been some wonderful solo tonight .

Song 15. God Of Thunder ex. ” I like It “. Then into another bass solo

with amazing bass riffs . Another amazing music arrangement . Love It.

Song 16. Psycho Circus ex. ” We can turn this into a psycho circus ”

” Take my place ” Brilliant graphics & more lasers ” Till the battle down ”

More flames intro the air . Another amazing production number. Magic .

Song17. Let Me Go , Rock & Roll ex. ( With guitar & bass solo ) ” When

I’m loosing control ” . Outstanding Drumming & Guitar work . Just pure

magic solo’s filling the arena . Amazing music arrangement . Love It .

Song 18. Love Gun ex. ( Paul on stage in crowd ) Brilliant song-writing .

Song 19. I Was Made for Loving You ex. ( Paul on stage in crowd ) Magic

Song 20. Black Diamond ex. Heavenly vocals & overall sounds. Encore .

Song 21. Beth ex. ( Eric Singer on Piano ) Outstanding song. Just Love It.

Song 22. Crazy Crazy Nights ex. Outstanding sounds from Band . Magic .

Song 23 . Rock & Roll All Night ex. Another great music arrangement .

Outro. God Gave Us Rock ‘ n ‘ Roll To You ex. B/T . This has been a

Fabulous Evening at the Manchester Arena & Amazing Set from one of

my favourite bands . We are all going to miss them so very much.

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