AMAZING K /POP Girl Band from Korea with a brilliant Band backing them

with 4 Girl Dancers this Band is going to dominate the world . Line up 4 Girl

Vocalists Jisoo Vocals ex. ex. ex. Jennie Rapper / Vocals ex. ex. ex. Rose

Vocals / Dancer ex. ex. ex. Lisa Dancer / Rapper / Vocals ex. ex. ex. 4

Dancers ex. ex. ex. Backing Band Omar Dominick Bass ex. ex. ex. Dante

Jackson Keyboards /Synth / Piano ex. ex. ex. Justin Lyons Lead ex. ex. ex.

Bennie Rodgersh Drums ex. ex. ex. With add ons B/T . Amazing stage set

up with props / Trap Doors / Raised Platforms / Polytechnics . Lighting

out of this world with Lasers . Brilliant costume changes with outstanding

Vocals & Harmonies. Black Pink have released 2 Studio Albums & 4 Live

Albums . Sour Candy Single with Lady Gaga & 2 Single with Selena

Gomez including Ice Cream . Rosie Debuted Single R upon release with

41.6 million views in 24 hours Lisa Solo debut Album Lalisa Sep 2021

sold over 736,000 copies in release week in South Korea . Her music

Single Video of the same name recorded 73.6 million views on you

You Tube in the first 24 hours of release she admired MG artist Big

Bang & 2 N E . Through Auditions joined Y G Entertainment . with the rest

of the band . The production of this tour is out of this world just brilliant .

Song 1. Forever Young ex Just love this song with amazing arrangement .

Song 2. Stay ( Remix version ) ex. Pure magic graphics on screen. Great

vocals & rap from the girls with great dance routine first time Manchester .

Song 3. Whistle ex. Pink spot lights from back of Arena . Amazing vocals

& joined by the 4 girl Dancers brilliant dance routine . Intermission

costume change & Stage Props. Du Du Du Video ex. on screen . Love It .

Song 4. Let It Be / You & I / Only Look At Me ex. Rose Solo Amazing stage

presentation all 3 songs just brilliant with amazing vocals so very talented .

Song 5. Take Me ex. / Swalla ex. Lisa Solo with Stage Props Take me pure

magic performance . Swalla just heavenly vocals & great arrangement .

Song 6. Clarity ( Zedd Cover ) ex. Jisoo Solo Amazing Stage Props &

wicked vocals . A brilliant cover from this amazing young artist . Love It.

Song 7. Solo ex Jennie Solo . Jennie is a big Hip Hop Artist in Korea . Just

another amazing performance. ” Do you have something to say ” . Magic .

Song 8. Kill The Love ex. Fantastic sounds from band . Just love the

production of the number with 4 Dancers brilliant dance routine amazing.

Song 9. Don’t Know What To Do ex. ” You’ve given me ” Amazing vocals

with some Laser lighting & lighting up the arena . ” You’ve taken me

higher ” Another Solo Girl with 4 Dancers. Great song arrangement .

Song 10 . Kiss & Make Up ( Dua Lipa / Black Pink Cover ) ex. Also on

screen . This is a amazing production number at it’s very best. Magic.

Song 11 . Really ex. Instrumental from band another costume change.

Pure magic Lead / Bass / Keyboards & drums so very talented Love It.

Song 12. See U Later ex. ” Something got to me ” ” Were all making

love ” Pure magic overall sound . These girls can really sing just great .

Song 13. Playing With Fire ex. ” Don’t you cry ” Another great song .

Song 14. Kick It ex. ” Do Do I ” . Amazing vocal harmonies. Love It.

Song 15. Boom Bayah ex. 4 Dancers on & all 4 Vocals with glitter

dresses . Just loved the dance routine . Another great song . Magic .

Song 16. As If It’s Your Last ex. ” I want it ” Also 4 dancers & great

Lighting & Lasers. Another brilliant song arrangement & Song-writing

Song 17. Dou Du Dou Du ( Remix ) ” We had to be sorry ” Great vocals.

Song 18. Don’t Know What To Do ex. Instrumental from band . Pure

magic sounds with outstanding playing from these amazing musicians.

Song 19. Girls In Cars / Stay ex. Band Instrumental . Girls with cars on

screen . Amazing Video covering Stay . Brilliant sounds . Next Encore .

Song 20. Your So Hot ex. Shooting steam into the air . With some vocal

/ Rap from Jennie . All vocals glitter dresses different formations. Great.

Song 21. You Talk To Much ex. Outstanding Song-writing . Just Magic .

Song 22. Something In The Middle ex. Pure magic vocals & Harmony’s

& brilliant dance routine . These girls never stop moving just brilliant .

Song 23. Save Us ex ( Dedicated for those lost in the booming ) Great

melody to the song . ” La La La ” Lots of light up gear in crowd . ” From

me to you ” Jisoo / Jennie / Rose & Lisa put on the best K Pop show

for 2019 . This has been such amazing Set & a Wonderful night at

the amazing Manchester Arena & It’s brilliant staff & Security .

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