Trevor is amazing organist using Organ & Synth with lots of add on beats

& Synth Vocals did some amazing songs including Theme from the Good,

Bad & The ugly Western Film also Bohemian Rhapsody ( Queen Cover )

He did quite a few amazing tracks so very magical weaving his magic as

Magician of the keyboard . He does so many clever things on the Keys

This has been amazing Set from this talented musician of the highest.


SET 1.

This is amazing project from Damian Allman Vocals ex. ex. ex. Bass Paul

Simonon Bass ex. ex. ex. Band Line UP Simon Tong Guitar ex. ex. ex.

Fela Kuti Guitar ex. ex. ex. Tony Allen Drums ex. ex. ex. Keyboards/ Synth/

Piano ex. ex. ex. This is a brilliant band of very talented musicians. Magic .

Song 1. Intro Instrumental ex. Outstanding music arrangement. Love It.

Song 2. Merrie Land ex. ” If your leaving like a silver jubilee ” ” Please

leave your number ” Amazing music score with outstanding playing .

Song 3. Gun To My Head ex. ” The barring of memories ” ” We don’t care

we are old ” ” We don’t want to share our life’s with anyone ” Great Bass

from Paul from the Clash. Tunes taken from Fairgrounds & the Seaside

Song 4. Nineteen Seventeen ex. ” I see my self ” ” From this time today “

” Are you still here or am I loosing you ” ” I see bits of England ” Magic .

Song 5. The Great Fire ex. ” As he shines ” ” Catch the end of play ”

” Altercation ” ” Away to the picture you never touch ” ” Head of fairy

lights ” Amazing vocals from Damian & Brilliant playing from band .

Song 6. Lady Boston ex. ” There we go ” ” The cliffs face & the sea ”

” When does she go now ” ” Were do I go now ” Outstanding from

Damian from Blur & Gorilla Bands . ” I’ll take you home ” Joined by

Welsh Male Choir. Pure Magic. ” Well meet again ” We won’t forget ”

Song 7. Drifters & Trawlers ex. ” I think of you “. Damian / Piano

” I’ll turn the time to ” Another amazing music arrangement. Love It .

Song 8. The Truce Of Twilight ex. ” Looking to be ” ” Our dream land”

” When the sky is perfect just hold on ” ” What have we done ” Magic.

Song 9. Ribbons ex. Damian / Acoustic ” I am the maze going out to

sea ” ” I’m the arrow in you ” ” Such a fabulous magic encounter ”

This band are weaving there magic tonight. Just a brilliant Song .

Song 10. The Last Man To Leave ex. Fantastic music arrangement .

Song 11. The Poison Tree ex. ” Playing in the fire ” ” It’s a sin “. End

of Set 1. This has been amazing from this talented band of musicians

SET 2.

Song 12. History Song / 80 Life ex. ” If you don’t know now ” ” I’m

interested ” ” Hangers on ” ” Seeing a old fashion you ” ” Where did I

see the light ” ” All time has stopped ” Brilliant song & song-writing .

Song 13. Nature Springs ex. Joined by String section & Male Choir.

Love the violins & cello . This music arrangement is so very magical .

Song 14. Kingdom Of Doom ex. ” There a noise in the sky ” ” I see

everything in black & white ” ” When the sunlight turns into night “

There so much magic in the air from this outstanding band. Love It.

Song 15. Three Changes ex. ” You got the sounds ” ” Have your lands

with that stormy violent behaviour ” ” We are going to be ” ” It’s alright

” Nothing going to hold you down ” Brilliant song . Encore last song .

Song 16. The Good Bad & The Queen ex. Damian / Piano ” Springtime “

” Moving outside ” ” Everybody’s so excited ” This has been so amazing

being at the North Pier Theatre home of so many big artist over the

years . Tonight has been such amazing gig from this wonderful band of

musicians of the highest order. This has been a magical experience .

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