This is my first time seeing this is my first time seeing this amazing duo DJ outstanding Vocals brilliant just love there sound

Song 1 Going To Be ” I can see inside ”  pure magic

Song 2 The Last ” I’m going to be ” very electric pop with a touch of punk rocking tonight

Song 3 So You Can See ” Take me down ”                                                                                   Song 4 I Know I’m Bad ” Keep the peace ” ” I makes me mad ” outstanding mixing        Song 5 I’ve Seen Many Amazing songwriting just love this duo. Pure magic sounds            Song 6 Song For You . Brilliant DJ mixing ” You don’t understand ” ” What are you going to do ” ” ‘m free ” ” I need you to see ” End of set. Amazing sounds from this duo.                                                                              WITCH  FEVER                                                                           Been reviewing this band from the very beginning. They have come from a raw band to a polished act. This band is going to be big, Band Line up Amy Vocals ex. Alisha Guitar ex. Alex Bass ex. Annabelle Drums Amy as a teenager got to love Cancer Bats & Slipknot         Song 1 I’ve Been Working ” You’ve seen my face ” ” You got to do your thing”                       Song 2 It’s Alright ” I’m the young one ” ” What you going to do ” ” Your the only one”         Song 3 Before. Some of the song tittles could be wrong ” Your trying to reach me ”             Amazing lead,Vocals, Bass & Drums. This band is so amazing just love them.                       Song 4 The Way You Look. ” It’s a man’s world ” ” I told you I need someone ” ” Where are you now ” ” Got the real thing ” ” You’ll suffer when I’m gone ”                                             Song 5 I Want To Give You Some. Outstanding Lead,Bass,Drums & wicked vocals               crowd going wild from a raw band to a fantastic polished act just fantastic & magic            Song 6 I’m scared ” I want you to help me ” ” You take me ” ” All I’ve said ” Vocal & Bass   In crowd on dance floor this is there last song. Just a wonderful set pure magic.                                                                  BOB  VYLAR                                                                                              Bob Vocals ex. Moby  Drums. Bob grew up in London. There songs of bruising Punk            tackling racism. There songs flirts with Hardcore, Grime , Hip Hop & Beyond.                        Song 1. Welcome All ” Coming through the doors ” ” Welcome home ” Bass B/T.                  Song 2 You Look Like That Bass B/T ” I want you back ” Very Hardcore Punk. Bob In          Air over crowd great showman. Great lighting & mixing brilliant Vocals & Drums                  Song 3 Working It Crowd going wild.Some of the tittles could be wrong no set list.              Song 4 I Want To Be. Bass B/T. Another brilliant song ” I like her ” Great Vocals .                  Song 5 No Title. Pure magic songwriting a very Talented Act . Magic sounds                          Song 6 Pick My Self Up. ” Save your self ” ” Help your self ” Love It.                                          Song 7 Oh Shit . ” That’ Right ” ” One down ” Another great song wicked medley                  Song 8 You Don’t Care . Very Hardcore Punk ” Go home “. Then talking to crowd.                  Song 9 What You See. ” You got a mind don’t fuck up ” ” If you’ve got a problem ”                ” Come & see me . Fantastic songwriting & performance. Love It.                                              Song 10 I’ll Sing A Song ” Take my hand ” Another great song crowd going wild.                  Song 11 We Live Here. This has been such a great set hope to see them soon                      This has been a great evening of music at a Fantastic Venue &  Brilliant staff /                      Management & Security. Do check the venue out.


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