This is there Farewell Tour. Tonight they are doing a Acoustic Set with song
tittles in Gaelic with some Capella songs this truly will be a magical evening
of the Highest with the wonderful acoustics of the Bridge Water Hall when
you step into the hall with all It’s Brass & Swedish Wood It’s like being In
a Magical Kingdom. Clannad is a family band formed in 1976 Gweedore
County Donegal Ireland. Formed by Siblings Ciaran Brennan / Pol Brennan/
Moya Brennan & There twin Uncle’s Noel & Padraig Duggan Members 
Ciaran D/Bass / Electric D/Bass / Guitar / Keyboards / Mandolin / Vocals ex.
ex.ex. Moya Vocals / Harp ex.ex.ex. Dol M/D Acoustic /Flute / Tin Whistle /
Keyboards / Vocals ex.ex.ex. Noel Duggan at back Acoustic / Vocals ex.ex.
ex. Tour Musicians Girl / Balalaika / Acoustic / Vocals ex.ex.ex. Tim girl’s
brother Keyboards / Vocals ex.ex.ex. Drums ex.ex.ex.  The Band has done
20 Album’s. Next Set One. Tonight Concert Is In Two Sets. & Interval.
Song 1. An Mhaighdean Mhara ex. ” Where have you been ” Capella vocal
only no Instruments Pure magic vocals & harmonies filling the air.
Song 2. Buachaill On Eirne ex. ” Boy on the earth ” Key / Acoustic Lead /
Acoustic. Fabulous music arrangement & Vocals & B/V. Just love It.
Song 3. D. ‘ Tigheas A Damsha ” God Is the only one ” with acoustic B/V 
” Jig don’t sit down ” Fabulous acoustic guitar work. Ballad they did 1976.
Song 4. Thios Cho,s Natra Domh ” He pushed the thread ” Acoustic / 
D/ Bass Key / Acoustic ” How can we break ” This band has gone back to
there acoustic roots. 2nd Keys on. Brilliant songwriting at It’s best.
Song 5. Bruach Na Carraige Bana / Elaanor Pluckett ex. Keys / Flute & Tin
whistle. Amazing piano from bass with some lovely shades & Landscapes.
Song 6. Crann Ull ex. ” Apple tree ” ” I move , you move, you all move
together ” ” I come ” ” The apple tree ” Song about mending fishing nets
In Donegal  5 on B/V Sounds & vocals just magical ” Crann Ull “
Song 7. Birigh Is Cuirort Do Chuid Eadaigh ex. ”  Get up & put your clothes
on ” Amazing Irish Jig Songs Ciaran still on D / Bass Brilliant bass riffs.
Song 8. Coinleach Ghlas An Fhomhair ex. Outstanding shades & 
landscapes In the music score. love the vocals from Moya. Pure magic.
Song 9. Two Sisters ex. ” The boys are bound for town ” ” I’ll be true to my
love, If your true to me ” ” Sing I dumb a day ” Brilliant songwriting.
Song 10. New Grange ex. D / Bass vocals ” Do for me ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 11. Thios Fan Chosta ex. ” Down by the sea ” ” I’m taking care whats
around us ” Bass / keys /bass ” The hills shadow me ” Acoustic / flute.
Song 12. Robin Of Sherwood ex. The hooded man / Herne / Lady Marion /
Strange Land / Ancient Forest . ” More than I lost ” ” Come on to me “
” Two strangers ” ” Far away ” ” In a distant land ” Pure magic music
arrangement. End of Set One. Now a 20 min Interval.Next Set Two.
Song 13. Caislean Oir ex. Amazing song done in Capella 7 vocals on this
song. ” Ride me now ” ” Constantly ” ” What to tell ” ” Joy the sunshine “
Acoustic / flute / keys . Pol M/D  Brilliant songwriting. Love It.
Song 14. In A Lifetime ex. Pure magic music arrangement.
Song 15. Rhapsody Na Crann ex. Never played this song before. ” Deep
In my heart ” ” They are tumbling down ” ” Not so fast ” Pol M/D 
Acoustic / Tin whistle ” Just because ” ” Her skin was brown “
Song 16. Hourglass ex. ( Mourners song) Some of the vocals are so
Gregorian. There so much magic in the vocals & harmonies. love It.
Song 17. Mhorao S Na Horo Gheallaidh ” Shinning light missing my
request ” ” Voices said the secret is over ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 18. A Celtic Dream ex. ” A long time ago ” ” I didn’t have the time “
” We will shine a light ” D / Bass vocals 5 B/V  with Incredible harmonies.
Song 19. Nil Se Ina La ex. ” One night time ” ” It gets under my skin “
” Be a light to guide me ” ” What’s done Is done ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 20. Brave Enough ex. ” I’m strong ” ” I go to my bed ” ” I listened “
Brilliant songwriting. I just love this amazing magical band.
Song 21. I Will Find You ex. ” Where ever you go I will find you ” ” In a
place ” ” I’m on your side ” Pure magic music arrangement.
Song 22. Closer To Your Heart ex. ” In your dreams ” ” Other side of
your heart ” Heavenly vocals & harmonies.
Song 23. Theme From Harry Game ex. ” One Love ” ” I remember
you. Another production number. Just fabulous.
Song 24. Dulaman ex. Another amazing song just love It. Encore.
Song 25. Down By The Sally ex. ” I’m by your side ” ” She by my
side ” ” Do you feel alright ” ” She laid down in the snow ” ” I was
young & reckless ” ” Down by the gardens ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 26. Teidhir Abhaile Rill ex. Another production number of
the highest order This has been the most amazing night at the
Bridge Water Hall with the Fabulous Sounds of Clannad Love It.


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