A A  WILLIAMS 8 pm — 8 : 30 pm

A A Williams ( Girl ) Vocals / Piano ex. Guy Bass ex. Really like this Artist.
Song 1. If I Was Someone Else ex. ” If I could give It up ” ” The kiss of death ” Pure magic sounds. Very medieval folk. Brilliant song arrangement.
Song 2. How Long ex. ” What’s you ” ” I’ve come alone ” ” Lately I feel the same for you “
” It was too much to take ” ” I can’t feel ” Amazing landscapes & shades in the music score. Very dark & Gothic. Just love It.
Song 3. Don’t want ex. ” All my life alone ” No set list some tittles could be wrong.
” Things I should have done ” ” Your on your own ” ” To find you sad ” Outstanding vocal with brilliant piano & bass.
Song 4. I’ve Lost Again ex. Piano / Acoustic Guitar. ” Down the side again ” ” Show me what I want to see ” ” Hold me up ” ” Softly they tried again ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 5. Oh My Lovely One ex. ” My self again ” ” Oh oh oh ” ” I can see ” Fabulous.
Song 6. We Go Alone ex. ” Nothing will ever be ” ” I’m so proud of you along the way ”
” Nothing at all ” ” I’ll be alone ” ” Just let me be ” Brilliant songwriting.
Song 7. If I Could Change ex. ” All on for a day ” ” I long for the day ” ” I’m never far away” Outstanding music arrangement.
Amazing Set Fantastic Duo Brilliant Songs / Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights & Mixing.
EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY 9 : 10 pm—10 : 45 pm

American Post / Rock Band from Texas the four used to play under the name Breaking
Moraet then changed to current name in 1999 Band from Austin Texas Lovely City & Capital Band Members Chris Hrasky Drums ex.ex.ex. Michael James Guitar / Bass / Keyboards ex.ex.ex. Mknap Rayani Guitar / Keyboards / Percussion ex.ex.ex. Mark Smith Guitar / Synthesizer / Keyboards ex.ex.ex. Touring musician Jay Demko Bass / Guitar / Keyboards / Percussion. All the songs tonight are Instrumental with Landscapes & Shades from soft sounds to a crescendo of rock Most of the songs have 4 Guitars & Drums. Was expecting more Key work but it was pure magic. Intro at begging B/T.
Song 1. Song ex. Four guitars & drums. Just a wonderful magical music arrangement.
Song 2. Catastrophe ex. Pure magic sounds & brilliant musicians. The shades in the arrangement are just brilliant. From soft to loud filling the Albert Hall with Magic.
Song 3. Disintegration ex. Another production piece of shear genus. Love It.
Song 4. Only ( wall of noise) ex. Outstanding Guitar & Drum work. Beautiful breaks & shades in the music score. Filling the air with magic.
Song 5. Have You ex. A real heavy crescendo intro. Another wonderful Instrumental
Brilliant musicians of the highest order.
Song 6. Yasmin Intro B/T with a wonderful quite landscape sound. Then into a crescendo of rock sounds with heavy drumming. Pure magic arrangement.
Song 7. Birth ex. B/T Intro bringing magic to the piece. Love the soft tones then all of a
sudden breaking into heavy sounds. Fabulous songwriting at It’s very best. Key / Sythi
Song 8. Your Hand ex. English folk melody. Love It. Outstanding musicians. Pure magic shades to this wonderful piece. Lead work just out of this world & the very best of guitar & drums. Another amazing production number.
Song 9. Greet Death ex. A pure rock crescendo building up. Then going into a quieter
arrangement hearing every single note from Lead. Guitar / Key / Sythi some amazing key work coming through with white noise. Pure magic sounds filling the air.
Song 10. Colors ex. Keys / Guitar very catchy arrangement with some pre set Keys.
Song 11. Magic ex. Another amazing production number at It’s very best. Love It.
Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs / Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights & Mixing.


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