Singers Cathy Jordan ex.ex.ex. Cathalen Morrison  ex.ex.ex. Tommy Emmanuel Vocal / Acoustic ex.ex.ex. Jerry Douglas Donbro / Acoustic played like a steel guitar with medal tube. With his other musical director Ally Bain ex.ex.ex. Also Singers Rachel Sermanni ex.ex.ex. Sierra Hull Tennessee native multi- instrumentalist ex.ex.ex. The Band const’s of Russ Barenberg ex.ex.ex. Phil Cunningham Joe Doyle Vocal / Acoustic ex.ex.ex. Michael Mc Goldrick ex.ex.ex. John Mc Cusker ex.ex.ex. Donald Shaw ex.ex.ex. Daniel Kimbra ex.ex.ex. James Mackintosh ex.ex.ex. Band const’s of Guitars / Double Bass / Bass / Piano / 2 Fiddles / Flute / Tin Whistle / Drums / Hand held Irish Drum / Accordion / Ultra Mandolin / Mandolin / Acoustic.
SET  ONE 7: 30 PM—8 : 40 pm

Song 1. Ederals ex Instrumental Pure magic Celtic music Gets you stopping your foot.
Song 2. My Girl Heavy ex. Cathalen Vocals ” Up your foot beats ” ” My head Is on the ground ” ” They’ve come back again ” A most beautiful Celtic song ” Turn me up side down ” Brilliant songwriting at It’s very best.
Song 3. Wealth Of Sorrow ex. Cathalen Vocals ” Cross Annie in your stick & stones ” My love she cries so sad ” ” Thou the rivers that flood & flow ” The winds that blow again “
” Those Gail’s constantly ” ” Doe’s the pain she cry’s so long ” ” I take the tears that flood my way ” ” When I’m sailing ” Pure magic music arrangement.
Song 4. Slash Gallo Cathy Vocals ” One morning in may ” ” Far away ” Pure magic sounds
Song 5. Sweet Rosie Ann ex. Cathy Vocals ” I won’t be home tonight ” Heavenly vocals.
Song 6. Turks Ach Starlet March. Jigs & Reels Instrumental Outstanding music arrangement. Just fabulous with brilliant musicians.
Song 7. How Long ex. Sierra Vocals Just a beautiful song with wonderful lyrics ” I’ve come to do It ” ” That smoke is going to get to your lungs ” ” Much I love ” Magic Sound.
Song 8. Lullaby ex. Sierra vocals / ultra Mandolin. Song about missing your mum. ” Will you sing to me ” ” Something soft & sweet ” I’m never to old to cry ” Answers we never got ” Fabulous lyrics pulling at you heart strings ” ” Hear my cry to you ” ” Mother will you sing to me. ” Voice of a angel. A very talented young artist pure magic.
Song 9. Magic Foot ex. Russ. Instrumental ex. Pure magic Jig number. Love It
Song 10. Breath Easy ex. Rachel Vocals. ” If I could take this way ” Amazing sounds from band & fabulous vocals. ” Sit below the ripples of the sea ” I touch her ” ” My love will keep you ” ” Let me swim into the coast “
Song 11. A Found Kiss ex. Song about Robby Burns ” If I could we will surrender ” Rachel Vocals ” Dark the days around the night ” ” Had we never loved so kindly ” ” Nothing could resist my Nancy ” ” Love that hurts ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 12. Keep It Reel ex. Tommy Acoustic. Instrumental Fabulous.
Song 13. I’m On Fire ex. Tommy Vocals / Acoustic ” Hey little girl ” ” Had you left me alone ” ” I’ve got a mad desire ” ” I’m on fire ” All three  girls on B/V . Pure magic. End of first half. 20 min Interval .
SECOND  HALF  9 pm —10 : 15 pm

Song 14. Half Way Home ex. Jerry / Tommy Instrumental. Just a heavenly music arrangement at it very best love It.
Song 15. Those Who Wait ex. Jerry / Tommy Instrumental Pure magic acoustic work.
Song 16. Egg Shells ex. Rachel Vocals. ” She doesn’t know what to give ” ” I hope It good ” ” Egg shells ” Pure magic arrangement ” ” The birds bite at the blossom on the ground “
” I think I need you tonight ” Song about loving someone. Love the lyrics.
Song 17. What Can I Do ex. Rachel Vocals. Love her vocals ” What can I do Lord ” A beautiful song from soft to a crescendo of sounds. Some lovely shades in the music score. This is so magical tonight.
Song 18. Marching & Jigs ex. John & Mike Just a wonderful music score. Love It.
Song 19. Beautiful Out Of Place ex. Sierra Vocals / Ultra Mandolin ” If I ask you ” Amazing shades & landscapes in the music arrangement. Pure magic genesis. ” Waste of
time ” Brilliant Double Bass & Pure magic sounds from band.
Song 20. Month Of May ex. Cahalen Vocals ” Last time I saw you was in the month of May ” ” Like a dreamer ” ” My heart is cold ” Brilliant song writing.
Song 21. Darling Clemmie ex. Phil / Mike Instrumental. Just wonderful.
Song 22. Willie Taylor ex. John Another fabulous Instrumental. Love It.
Song 23. All The Way Home ex Cahalen Vocals. Her vocals are so magical & beautiful
Just love her fantastic artist.
Song 24. The Old Church Yard ex. Cathy / Rachel / Sierra all three sound like angels.This is such a haunting tune. So much magic flowing through the concert hall. ” Come with me to the old church yard ” Pure magic Capella with mikes. ” The place I seek in the church yard. Brilliant music arrangement
Song 25. Heston ex. Reconciliation Brilliant Instrumental dance pieces they are rocking tonight. Love It. Another magical Evening at the Bridge Water Hall with It’s friendly staff /
security & management .
Amazing Se Fantastic Band Brilliant Song / Lyrics & Music Scores & Instrumentals Fantastic Lights Fabulous Mixing.

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