Main Cast Mimi Elena Dee Fabulous Korean Soprano ex.ex.ex. Together with Alyona Kistenyova ex.ex.ex. & Maria Tonina as Musetta ( House keeper ) ex.ex.ex. Rich Guy ex.ex. Sea Captain ex.ex. Councillor ex.ex.ex. Mimi Son ex.ex. Captain Wife ex. Rest of cast & Singers ex.ex. Amazing Costumes & Fabulous songs sung in Italian with English sub titles on Screen.Featuring exquisite set including a spectacular Japanese Garden & House. This was truly a magical Opera with a brilliant cast & Fabulous Orchestra & Conductor of the highest order. The storey line from Miss Saigon was taken from Madam Butterfly.
Started with overture from Orchestra Pure magic sounds. Then curtain come up & we are in the Japanese Garden with Sea Captain & Councillor Musetta & Musetta husband. Waiting for his bride Mime to arrive for the wedding. Musetta amazing acting & vocals Councillor amazing acting & vocals Captain great vocals. Then Mimi arrives with Ladies & Gentlemen from her family. Mimi shone like a super star her acting & stage presence was just pure magic brilliance & her vocals where out of this world this is a Super Star. Great reaction of love from Mimi & Captain who just used her. Then on two Wedding Mimi wore a Japaneses wedding gown. I must thank James & his Mum for giving me this ticket so I could do the review. There wedding night they had a romantic evening The next day he leaves her for his ship & Mimi family dis-owner making her poor Some amazing songs from Mimi & Musetta & Councillor some amazing duets Magic just filled the air. End of Set One. 20 min Interval. Just loving this Opera.
SECOND HALF 8 : 45 pm—10 : 05 pm

Orchestra Overture Pure magic Curtain comes up Mimi & Musetta in the Garden then joined by the Councillor trying to tell Mimi her husband the captain Isn’t coming back. But she won’t have it & orders him to go. pure amazing song & vocals. Brilliant song arrangements from Orchestra. look out everyday for three years waiting for her Captain eventually she sees his ship & wait all night for him with her son he doesn’t know about Brought in by Musetta followed by a long Orchestral piece with there amazing conductor.
There so much passion in the acting from Mimi & Musetta Pure magic shinning everywhere. This Truly is a fabulous Production. Next scene in garden while Mimi in house. Captain & his new wife come in with Councillor & Musetta. Captain flees . Leaving his wife & Councillor & Musetta Mimi awakes & comes in they tell her this is the captains wife & she breaks up in a rage. They tell her they will come back in 30 min. Musetta wants to stay with Mimi but she orders her away & to bring her son. Leaving just her son & Mimi in the garden A very Emotional scene between the two She sits her son down & puts a mask over his eyes & goes into the house. You can see her kill her self plunging a Knife into her body & staggers out of the house & dies on the porch. Next scene Captain & Wife & Councillor & Musetta. Curtain comes down. Next Curtain goes up & Everyone takes a bow Captain Is Booed Biggest cheer was for the Magnificent Mimi a sheer delight
of Genesis. Just a wonderful show at the amazing Palace Theatre with It’s friendly staff / Security & Management. Amazing arrangements from Orchestral & Conductor.

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