Q & A  PETROL GIRLS  18 : 50 pm— 19 : 10 pm

Women’s right not to have Verbal Abuse & Abuse at concerts & In the music industry. Two girls  being interviewed from Petrol Girls with guest Interviewer. Very Political for women’s right not to be abused & everyone free from abuse. Gender Issues especially In younger women growing up. Also down stairs 161 Project run by Joe Fighting against Racial abuse & Gay abuse also other stalls fighting Issues. The laws need to change as It does not help the ones being abused. We must never be silent but speak out to the bad things. Gay & Different races get so much verbal harassment & abuse. It not acceptable respect people there body & say no. No means No. Depression is one of our biggest killers this year. If you have problems speak to friends never keep it to your self. Always help one another. Q & A just brilliant.
MOLLUSCA  VITA  19 : 20 pm— 19 : 50 pm

Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist Solo Artist Mollusca Vocal / Guitar / B/T add on’s 
Song 1. Plot ex. ” A plot thinner than a piss heads blood ” ” I tick this box ” ” I need you to go ” ” Relating words can kill you ” Pure magic sounds. All artist tonight are fighting course’s to make life better & safer.
Song 2. 1983 ex. ” Jump out boy you are ” ” He’s got no money ” ” Just fuck off ” ” Do one ” Brilliant music arrangement & vocal & guitar work.
Song 3. Boring ex. ” The drugs aren’t boring you are ” Fabulous songwriting.
Song 4. Dockers Daughter ex. ” When you see the dockers daughter ” ” Time is right ” Pure magic music arrangement with great undertones.
Song 5. My Man’s Hands ex. ” You handle me as you please ” ” Lay your hands on me ” Pure magic sounds filling the air.
Song 6. The Future vg. ” I’m feeling bad ” ” It’s coming on ” Brilliant songwriting.
Song 7. Hi Vis ex. ” I go cheap food In a plastic bag ” ” Do what the children do ” ” I’m the future ” Just fabulous vocals & guitar work. Love this artist. 
Song 8. Body ex. ” Being the same as every ones body ” ” Just be glad with your body ” As a teenager we worry about our body’s people can be very cruel & hurtful. Don’t listen to what people say about you body just except that your wonderful. Everyone has a different body. Just love your body. Pure magic sounds

GLOVE  20 : 10 pm —20 : 40 pm

Girl Vocals / Floor Drum / Guitar ex.ex. Girl Guitar / B/V / Floor Drum ex.ex. 
Song 1. How To Care ex. ” We are learning how to care ” ” We love you ” Pure magic sounds & brilliant songwriting.
Song 2. Aliens ex ” They come to rescue us all ” Lead with crowd & vocal on stage. Very Political with brilliant songwriting.
Song 3. No Blades No Bones ex ” I’m getting stronger ” Pure magic music arrangement.
Song 4. Saiyeh ex. Vocal / Guitar Guitar / Floor Drum ” If you want It ” ” I need some space ” ” Say ya ” ” Seeing take over forms ” Just love there sounds “
Song 5. Girls ex. Such high energy & brilliant stage presence Love the use of the  floor drum these girls are brilliant musicians.
Song 6. Death In Rebirth ex. ” How you text ” ” You might not exist ” ” Take a break ” ” I’m not here ” Pure magic sounds Band started 2017 with band members Slo Silver & 
Stephanie Finnegan these two girls are just outstanding musicians.
Song 7. Escalator ex. Vocals / Bass  Lead / Drum Sticks went into crowd. Brilliant music arrangement. Love there political views & Women being treated right.
Amazing Set Fantastic Duo Brilliant Songs / Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex.Mixing.
PETROL GIRLS  9 pm—10 pm

Amazing Political & Treating Women Right Not Abuse Band. Been going since 2012 Brilliant Musicians Ren Aldridge Vocals ex.ex.ex. Liepa Kuraite Bass B/V ex.ex.ex. Joe York Lead ex.ex.ex. Zock Astpai Drums ex.ex.ex. Debut Album Talk Of Violence 2nd Album Cut & Stitch released May 2019 with amazing revues.
Song 1. The Sound ex. ” This is the sound ” Brilliant songwriting.
Song 2. Monstrous ex. ” This is It ” ” Call of me ” ” I know we will break It up ” ” I can;t take any more ” ” I can’t give you what you want ” Pure magic heavy sounds.
Song 3. Big Mouth ex. ” What is wrong ” ” Give me a smile ” Outstanding music arrangement. Why can’t gay people be treated like normally people & not have a stigma on them. To many women are brutally attack verbally & fiscally the law fails miserably.
Song Harpy ex. ” We want the power ” ” Are you Harpy now ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 5. Rewild ex. ” Do you want to see ” ” Do you want too ” ” What you want now ” ” What do you want to tell us ” ” Rewild ” Brilliant front women & Band.
Song 6. No Love For A Nation ex. Lead vocals & vocals pure magic. This Government is killing this country. Manchester is one of the worst City for people being homeless.
Song 7. Burn ex. About a man who locks all his doors frightened for what out side. ” What happens If we burn from the Inside ” Lead vocals Brilliant music arrangement.
Song 8. Survivor ex. We must have rites when people abuse us. ” We got to fight ” We want to make changes in the law. Brilliant guitar & drum work & wicked vocals from amazing front women. ” I want your mind “
Song 9. Touch Me Again ex. ” Take my body ” ” My body lives ” ” Touch me again & I’ll fucking kill you ” Brilliant song writing.
Song 10. Naive ex. ” All of us are powerful ” ” I want to be like you ” ” How you like your life ” ” We won’t be silenced ” Pure magic song arrangement.
Song 11. Restless ex. ” Take your time ” ” We need the freedom ” ” I’ll get you,you mother fucker ” ” The power to make It ” Just love this very talented band pure genus.
Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs / Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.
Another great night at The Deaf Institute with Its friendly staff / security & management.

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