Amazing Blackpool Cover Band my first time at the Layton. Amazing venue 
Lead ex.ex. Vocals ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Rhythm ex.ex. Drums ex.ex.
SET ONE  9 : 40 pm —10 : 40 pm

Song 1. Somebody Told Me ex. ” Bringing me back ” ” Somebody told me you had a girl friend ” ” Taking It toll on you ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 2. Summer Of 69 ex. ( Bryan Addams cover) ” Those were the best days of my life “
” I love you when you hold my hand ” ” Times are changing ” Brilliant arrangement.
Song 3. Malice ex. ” Help me stranger ” ” I’ve come down here ” ” Take your tears ” Brilliant musicians & amazing front man.
Song 4. Valerie ex. ( Amy Winehouse cover) ” Look across the water ” Won’t you come on over Valerie ” ” Get down on the dance floor again ” Amazing cover & fantastic vocals.
Song 5. Shape Of You ex. ( Ed Shearing cover) ” Love your body ” ” You make me crazy ” ” I’m in love with your body ” Pure magic sounds from band.
Song 6. Crazy Little Thing ex. ( Queen cover) ” There goes my baby ” Amazing arrangement Just love It.
Song 7. Shut Up & Dance ex. ( Ollie Mur’s cover) ” She took my love ” ” Keep your eyes on me ” ” Shut up & dance with me ” Brilliant cover & fabulous vocals & sounds.
Song 8. Dancing On The Ceiling ex. ( Lionel Ritche cover) ” I want to be there ” Graphic flames on screen. ” Everybody got to loose control ” ” I’ve got a feeling when were dancing on the ceiling. Pure magic sounds filling the air.
Song 9. Real Gone Kid ex. Love the arrangement with wicked sounds.
Song 10. Rock Medley ex. Maybe Out Baby ex.” Some one a the record machine ” then Into We Will Rock You ex. then Teenage Dirt Bag Baby ex. Then Into I Love Rock & Roll ex. Just another fabulous medley. Pure magic sounds.
Song 11. What Are You Waiting For ex. ( Blink 182 cover) ” No rush ” Just outstanding.
Song 12. Basket Case ex. ” Tell Me The Time ” ” My mind plays tricks on her ” ” Sometimes I give my self a drink ” ” I think I’ll crack up ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 13. Brown Eyed Girl Medley ex. ” Shah la la la ” Next Give Me Some Loving ex. A very bouncy arrangement. Love It.
Song 14. Soul Man ex. Very funky. Crowd going wild they are loving It. End of Set One.
SET TWO 11 : 05 pm— 12 O clock

Song 15. This Is Easy ex. ” Living It up in the city ” ” Girls sing Hallelujah ” ” Don’t
believe It just right ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 16. Living In America ex. Very funky Brilliant music arrangement.
Song 17. Looking down for you ex. ” Don’t you realize your gone ” ” You feel like your
gone ” ” Take a look at me now ” Outstanding sounds from band.
Song 18. Sex Is On Fire ex. ( Kings Of Leon cover) ” I’m waiting ” ” I can feel It & taste It
” Your the greatest ” Amazing musicians.
Song 19. Footloose ex. ” They work so hard ” ” Getting ever move ” Love this song ” I’m
your heart ” ” We got to turn this around “
Song 20. We Are Going To Try ex. No set list for set two so some tittles could be wrong.
Song 21. Year 2000 ex. ” We are going to get married ” ” What are you doing baby
Sunday baby ” Pure magic sounds missed the last 30 min. to catch a bus.
Amazing Set Fantastic Band & Front Man Brilliant Songs / Lyrics & Music Scores ex.
Lights ex. Mixing A brilliant venue with Friendly Staff & Management.

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