SET  ONE  7 : 30 pm

Spectral Morning Album 40 Anniversary & At The Edge & New Album Highlights Steve Hackett is such a incredible guitarist. Born 22 Feb 1950 age 69 years old. Steve Lead / Vocals / Harmonies / Keys ex.ex.ex. John Hackett Flute / Sax / Bass Pedals & Guitar ex.ex.ex. Craig Blundell Drums / Percussion ex.ex.ex. Rob Townsend Sax / Flute / Keys & Percussion ex.ex.ex. Nad Sylvan ( Sweden) Vocals ex.ex.ex. Amazing Prog Rock Vocalist. Jonas Reingold ( Flower Kings) Bass ex.ex.ex. Rodger King Keyboards ex.ex.ex.
Song 1. Every Day ex. Pure magic arrangement with his brilliant band & vocalists.
Song 2. Under The Eye Of The Sun ex. From new album ” Climb every mountain ” Ever in your dreams ” Amazing sounds from Sax.
Song 3. Fallen Walls & Pedestals ex. ” What’s wrong with me ” Pure magic sounds .
Song 4. Beast In Our Time ex. Very dark music arrangement Just love It. ” Lucifer flames from a height ” ” Under the mistress wheel ”
Song 5. The Virgin & The Gypsy ex. with Steve / Acoustic. Pure magic harmony song with amazing sounds from the band of Brilliant musicians. Also with John Hackett ex.
Song 6. Tiger Moth ex. Instrumental very Genesis Prog / Rock. Just a fabulous arrangement from the Spectral Mornings Album.
Song 7. Spectral Mornings ex. Tittle track of Album. About the spirit flying. Another Instrumental of the highest order with lots of shades & landscapes in the fabulous music arrangement. Just love It.
Song 8. Horizon ex. John Hackett Sax. Very clever song.
Song 9. The Red Flower Of Tachai Blooms Everywhere ex. Pure magic guitar / Key & Drum work. Just a outstanding arrangement from band.
Song 10. Clocks– The Angel Of Mons ex Including a drum solo Pure sounds with a fabulous drum solo The first half has been a pure magical experience with amazing musicians of the highest order & Steve’s Lead work out of this world. Interval 20 min.

Songs from Selling England By The Pound. One of my favorite Genesis Albums along with Foxtrot & Musical Box.
Song 11. Dancing With The Moonlight Knight ex. ” A voice in the crowd ” ” Old man ” ” Time goes by, Time of your life ” Sax /Keys at end. Brilliant vocals Steve fabulous.
Song 12. I Know What I Like In My Wardrobe ex. Longer version than the single with a very long Sax solo. ” Beyond the stars ” ” Sunday night your wasting time ” I Know what I like & I like what I know ” ” It’s getting better in your wardrobe ” Amazing sounds from band & wicked Sax work from Keys ” When the sun comes down “
Song 13. Firth Of Fifth ex. ” All the ages can see ” ” In side there heads ” ” It’s magical & a Symphony ” ” A sure fire ” Pure magic Sax & Piano from Keys ” All to the sea ” ” Oh my soul ” ” Constant change ” Pure magic arrangement.
Song 14. More Fool Me ex. Steve / Acoustic ” Love of my life ” ” I’ll be the first one to go down ” ” The lady would say she’s had enough ” ” When I come around to you & me ” Outstanding sounds from band. Love It.
Song 15. The Battle Of Epping Forest ex. Sax / Keys ” The day we will ought It out ” ” Your a supper star ” ” You ain’t seen nothing like It ” ” Walking in the streets ” Magic.
Song 16. After The Ordeal ex. Sax / Flute then Tambourine Pure magic lead from Steve. A very clever song Genesis writing at It very best.
Song 17. The Cinema Show ex. ” It’s time to go for a cinema show ” ” I can see ” ” Long ago ” ” La la ” Outstanding music arrangement.
Song 18. Aisle Of Plenty ex. Amazing sounds from band with magic filling the air ” I’m on my way ” ” On the ocean floor ” ” It’s every man’s fantasy ” ” You want to know how the story ends in my life ”
Song 19. Deja Vill ex. written by Steve Pure magic brilliance.
Song 20. Dance Of The Volcano ex. ” Better start doing It right ” ” We’ve been loosing It ” Another amazing arrangement. Just heavenly. Encore.
Song 21. Myopia / Los Endos / Slogans / Los Endos ex. Medley just magical & brilliant songwriting. This has been another amazing show from Steve & Band. A magical performance of the highest order.
Amazing Set Fantastic Band & Vocals Brilliant Songs / Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Fantastic Lights Fabulous Mixing.

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