80 Piece Orchestra with conductor Richard Sidwell & 4 Piece Rock Band Keyboards ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Drums ex.ex.. Also 4 Vocalist’s from We Will Rock You from London West End Rachael Wooding Vocals ex.ex. Jenna Lee James Vocals ex.ex. Jon Boydon vocals ex.ex. Peter Eldridge Vocals ex.ex. Orchestra warm up & Conductor.
Song 1. Overture of Queen songs from Orchestra & Band. Pure magic music arrangements. Just fabulous.
Song 2. Seven Seas Of Rhye ex.vocals Jon Boydon ” It just a miracle of life ” end of song goes into ” I Do Like To Be By The Sea ” Pure magic sounds from Orchestra & Band.
Song 3. I Want To Be Free ex. Vocals Peter Eldridge. ” Life still goes on ” Amazing rock vocals & stage presence.
Song 4. Play The Game ex. Vocals Rachael Wooding ” Your re-standing love ” Just magic.
Song 5. Under Pressure ex. Vocals Peter Eldridge ” You break my heart ” Brilliant sounds.
Song 6. Love Of My Life ex. Vocals Jenna Lee James ” Love of my heart ” ” When I grow old ” ” I’ll be by your side ” ” Bring it back home to me ” Love this song Pure magic.
Song 7. These Are The Days Of Our Lives ex. Vocals Rachel Wooding ” I will sit back & go ” Amazing lead work & fabulous Orchestral sounds filling the air with magic.
Song 8. Killer Queen ex. Vocal Peter Eldridge ” She a killer queen ” ” She’s playful as a pussy cat ” ” She’ll blow your mind ” Outstanding song arrangement. Wicked vocals.
Song 9. Radio Gaga ex. Vocals Peter Eldridge ” I hear it on the radio ” ” Every time it comes ” ” Someone still loves me ” Fantastic sounds from Orchestra & Band.
Song 10. Ride My Bicycle ex. Vocals Jon Boydon Brilliant songwriting from Queen.
Song 11. Big Bottom Girls ex. Vocals Peter Eldridge ” I was just a young lad ” ” Oh will you take me ” ” By the side of the red light ” Fabulous work from band & Orchestra.
Song 12. Tie Your Lover Down Vocals Peter Eldridge ” It’s going to be OK tonight ” ” All I want ” Brilliant vocals & music arrangements.
Song 13. I Want It All, I Want It Now ex. Vocal Rachael Wooding & Jenny Lee James ” Just give love ” ” Give ,me a sign ” ” You want it all ” Pure magic vocals & Harmonies.
Song 14. One Vision ex. Vocals Peter Eldridge & Jon Boydon. Fabulous vocals & music arrangement Love It. End of first half 20 min Interval Then Part Two.
Song 15. Overture Medley from Orchestra & Band. Including Another One Bites The Dust ex. & I Want It All ex. Fabulous work from Band & Orchestra.
Song 16. We Will Try Again ex. Vocals Rachael Wooding ” Through the summer ” Lead/ Acoustic fabulous with Spanish influence ” You can be any thing you want to be ” ” Be free ” ” To live or die “.
Song 17. Who Wants To Live Forever ex. Vocals Jon Boydon. One of my favourite Queen songs. Pure magic. Outstanding Lead & brilliant String Section.
Song 18. Hammer To Fall ex. Vocals Peter Eldridge ” Your love ” ” Give It to me know ” ” Waiting for the rhythm of love ” Pure magic arrangement ”
Song 19. A Kind Of Magic ex. Vocals ” The fire that runs inside of me ” ” Love love ” ” It will last a thousand years ” Wonderful vocals.
Song 20. Show Must Go On ex. Vocals Jenna Lee James. I love this song. ” Empty Spaces what were you looking for ” ” Any body knows what going on ” . More outstanding Lead work & brilliant sounds from Orchestra.
Song 21. Crazy Little Thing Called Love ex. Vocals Rachael Wooding ! ” Got to feel cool & Relax ” Another amazing arrangement.
Song 22. Don’t Stop Me Now ex. Vocals Jenna Lee James.! ” Running through the sky ” ” Don’t stop me now & give me a call ” Another fabulous song.
Song 23. Another One Bites The Dust ex. vocals Peter Eldridge ” I’ll get to you ” ” Take me on my own ” Brilliant sounds from Band & Orchestra.
Song 24. Somebody To Love ex. Vocals Rachael Wooding & Jenna Lee James ” Can somebody find me some one to love ” Outstanding vocals & music arrangement “.
Song 25. Bohemian Rhapsody ex. Vocals Peter Wooding / Jon Boydon / Rachael Wooding / Jenna Lee James ” Women I’ve just killed a man ” ” Now I’ve thrown It all away ” ” To late my time has come ” ” Sends shivers down my spine ” ” It’s time to go ” ” I don’t want to die ” ” Sometimes I wish I was never born ” ” I see my ship on the horizon ” ” We won’t let you go ” ” Oh baby ” ” I’ve got to get right out of here ” ” Nothing matters to me ” This has been so a magical evening at The Bridge Water Hall Love It.
Amazing Set Fantastic Vocals / Band / Orchestra weaving magic through the night. Brilliant Songs / Songs / Lyrics & Music Scores outstanding Lights & Fabulous Mixing.

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