Welcome to my Pantomime review this turn out to be one of the best stage production Pantomime for many years. Amazing cast/ kids & dwarfs. Costumes just fabulous with great song / dance & comedy sketches from cast Craig Revel Horwood ( Strictly) playing the Wicked Queen comedy/ vocals ex.ex.ex. Ben Nickless Comedy/ Vocals/ Impersonations & brilliant sketches playing Harpsy ex.ex.ex. Eric Potts playing a pantomime women Vocal/ Fantastic stage presence & very funny playing Nora Crum palace cook ex.ex.ex. Zoe George Vocal not a massive part but sang & acted well. Also Prince sang & acted well. Some of the dance routines were fabulous with amazing colorful costumes. Just love it Lots of the songs were very familiar like Dock Of The Bay the dwarf songs were amazing. Great paratechnics & great stage props. Followed by another great song Don’t Stop Me Now ex. Great singing from Craig Next scene Snow white birthday party & the palace Wicked Queen still coming on the Prince very funny sketch Wicked Queen threatens Snow white & she runs to the forest.Next scene in the palace Wicked Queen sends a Dragon over the audience to search for Snow White so the Wicked Queen can kill her. End of first half 20 min Interval.
2nd  Half

Starts with a sketch with Nora/ Wicked Queen/ Prince/ Harpsy. Singing a funny version of 12 days of Christmas with different lyrics. the whole audience was laughing. Just love it. Next Wicked Queen calls for Nora & Harpsy then Hypnotise them both to take Snow White in to the forest to die they find the Dwarfs house all three go into the house after she broke the spell on the two they leave her there & go back to the Queen & tell her they have lost there memory. While Snow White is found by the Dwarfs while asleep. Who then look after her. Next scene back at the palace the dragon didn’t find Snow White so the Wicked Queen in her magic laboratory she decides to look for Snow White her self & makes a poison apple in the witches cauldron & she dresses up as a old women. She finds the Dwarfs cottage & knocks but Snow White is reluctant to  open the door. All the kids in audience shout don’t open. Old lady wants a cup of water & Snow White comes out the Wicked Queen offers her the apple but the audience shout don’t take it. But doesn’t listen & takes It. Then Snow White takes a bit then dies. Next the dwarfs find her dead with Harpsy/ Nora & the Prince. Harpsy wants to kiss her but tells the Prince to kiss her. When he kisses her she comes back to life Next  scene back at palace the Wicked Queen ask the mirror on the wall who the fairest of them all & It says Snow White Is still alive. Next scene in palace Snow White/ Harpsy/ Nora & Prince tackle the Wicked Queen & the mirror comes down on her & Imprisons her In the mirror. Then she goes up in the air with the mirror. Last scene the Prince asks Snow White to  marry him & she says yes. Another Great Song then the cast takes a bow. Just a fabulous Pantomime just a brilliant cast with lots of funny sketches including Harpsy with a barrel full of chocolates making up lots of love words & Innuendos near to the bone.
Amazing Pantomime Fantastic Cast Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores by a brilliant Orchestra ex Pyrotechnics ex. Lights ex Mixing. Thanks to Angela for giving me a ticket.








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