THE  BOOTLEG BEATLES  7 : 30 pm—10 pm.

Paul vocals/ Bass ex.ex.ex. John vocals/ Rhythm/ Lead/ Keys/ Piano ex.ex.ex. George Vocals/ Lead/ Acoustic ex.ex.ex. Ringo Vocals/ B/V/ Drums ex.ex.ex. Also using a String Section 3 girls on Violin & Guy Cello ex.ex.ex. & Brass Section Girl Flute/ Sax Girl Flute/ French Horn Guy Trombone Guy Trumpet ex.ex.ex.
Song 1. It Won’t Be Long ex. ” I’ll be long to you ” ” Every night ” This is one of my favorite tribute band so far. Along with the Australian Pink Floyd band. These guys are fabulous musicians they just blew me away. This is my first time seeing them.
Song 1. It Won’t Be Long ex. ” I’ll be long to you ” ” Ever night ” Band calling each other by there famous names. Just love them.
Song 2. All My Loving ex. ” Close your eyes ” ” All my loving to you ” Amazing music arrangement. I’ve been waiting to see this band for a very long time. Coming back to Bridge Water Hall Dec 2020. Don’t miss It.
Song 3. Roll Over Beethoven ex. ” I’ll write a letter to my favorite D/J ” John vocals on this. ” Don’t step on my blue suede shoes ” ” My head is in a spin like a spinning top ” Pure magic sounds & songwriting.
Song 4. She Loves You ex. ” You should be glad ” Amazing music arrangement
Song 5. I Want To Hold Your Hand ex. ” Please say to let me be your man ” ” I want to hold your hand ” Pure magic sounds filling the air.
Song 6. Yesterday ex. My band used to play a couple of Beatles covers. ” All my troubles seem so far away ” Fabulous vocals & harmonies. Set 2.
Song 7. Twist & Shout ex. Very 60% Just love It.
Song 8. Can’t Buy Me Love ex. ” I’ll buy you diamond ring my friend ” ” Money won’t buy me love ” Very rocky pop. Amazing songwriting.
Song 9. Help ex. ” Help me if you can I’m feeling down ” ” Please help me ” Pure magic.
Song 10. I Need You ex. ” You don’t realize how much I love you ” Heavenly vocals.
Song 11. Act Naturally ex. Ringo vocals/ drums ” They are going to put me in the movies ” ” I bet I’m going to be a big star ” John/ acoustic George/ lead Paul/ bass. Pure magic.
Song 12. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away ex. ” When I’m sad ” ” In the state I am “.
Song 13. We Can Work It Out ex. ” I can see it my way ” ” I will ask you one more time ” ” We can work It out ” Brilliant music arrangement A couple of costume changes in set 1/ 2. Just love this band.
Song 14. I Feel Fine ex. ” I’m so glad that she’s my little girl ” ” She’s in love with me & I feel fine ” Brilliant sounds from band.
Song 15. Ticket To Ride ex. ” I’m going to be sad she’s going away ” ” My baby don’t care ” Outstanding vocals & harmonies.
Song 16. I’m Down ex. Very rock & roll John/ keys Paul/ vocals Pure magic sounds. End of set 2 20 min interval Next set 3 With brass & string section. for set 3/4.
Song 17. Magical Mystery Tour ex. Girl french horn girl sax. ” Come to take you away ” John keys. Outstanding music arrangement.
Song 18. I Am A Walrus ex. Amazing graphics on screen ” We are all together ” ” I’m flying ” ” Your better & bad boy ” ” I am the egg man, I am the walrus ” Pure magic.
Song 19. Penny Lane ex. ” All the people who come & go ” ” In the poring rain ” Brass section 2 girls flute. Just amazing. There are so many brilliant musicians tonight.
Song 20. Strawberry Fields For Ever ex. John/ keys/ vocals ” Life is easy when your eyes are shoot ” ” Let me take you down to strawberry fields for ever nothing is real. Outstanding music arrangement.
Song 21. Eleanor Rigby ex. ” All the lovely people who come & go ” Paul/ vocals George/ John B/V. Pure magic songs filling the air.
Song 22. Hello , Goodbye ex.  ” I don’t know why you say goodbye,say hello” ” Oh no ” ” Halo loo ” Great graphics on screen.
Song 23. All you need is love ex. ” Love love love ” Ringo B/V. Love Graphics on screen. ” Nothing you can’t see Isn’t shown. 
Song 24. Across The Universe ex. John vocals/ keys solo. Band off. ” As they cross the universe ” ” Nothing going to change my world ” Pure magic arrangement.
Song 25. Come Together ex. Band back on. ” Got to be a joker & do what you please ” ” I know you, you know me ” Brilliant songwriting.
Song 26. Something ex. ” In the way she moves me ” ” Something In her smile I see I don’t need any other lover ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 27. Oh Darling ex. ” Please believe me ” ” Never leave me alone ” John Piano Love this song wonderful piano / guitar & drum work.
Song 28. Here Comes The Sun ex written by George & sung. ” Little darling I feel a long cold winter ” ” It’s alright ” ” Sun sun sun here It comes ” One of my favorite George Harrison songs. This song makes you feel in a happy place.
Song 29. You Need To Give Me Your Money ex. ” You just give me funny paper “Next songs 1 min each from Abbey Road Album 6 songs all together. ex.ex.
Song 30. Mean Mr Mustard ex. ” He’s a mean man “
Song 31. Polythene Pam. John folk/ acoustic 
Song 32. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window. Amazing arrangement on these short songs. Very clever love It.
Song. 33. Golden Slumbers Amazing vocals.
Song .34. Carry The Weight Amazing lights.
Song. 35. The End. Magical mixing. Encore.
Song. 36.Hey Jude ex. ” Don’t Let Me Down ” Pure magic song arrangement.
Song. 37. Revolution ex. ” You say we’ve got a revolution ” ” Say It’s the Constitution ” ” We’ll have It out ” ” It will be alright ” This has been a magical experience into the past.
Amazing Set Fantastic Band with Strings & Brass sections Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores. ex. Lights ex. Mixing Another fabulous night at the Bridge Water Hall with It;s friendly Staff/ Security & Management.


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