ARCH  ENEMY  8 pm—8 : 45 pm

Will To Power Tour Death Metal Band from Sweden originally a super-group formed in 1995 Band Members Alissa White Gluz Vocals ex.ex.ex. Michael Amott Guitar/ Keyboards B/V ex.ex.ex. Daniel Eriandsson Drums/ Keyboards ex.ex.ex. Sharlee D’Angelo Bass B/V ex.ex.ex. Jeff Lomis Guitar/ Keyboards B/V ex.ex.ex. Intro Set Flame At Night B/T. ex. Just love It.
Song 1. The World Is Yours ex. ” Do you no It ” Outstanding music arrangement Metal at It’s very best.
Song 2. War Eternal ex. ” What we done before ” A lot of songs about Vikings & Swedish Folk Law. ” Remember who ” ” I will take you home ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 3. My Apocalypse ex. ” You are ” Amazing lighting & overall sounds Creatures of the earth ” ” I’m going to walk away ” Talking to crowd reach to the sky. Fabulous musicians & one hell of a front women. Double bass drum kit.
Song 4. Ravenous ex. Just metal madness. Love It Pure magic music arrangement with wild guitars & outstanding drumming & Brilliant guitar riffs ” My name Is “.
Song 5. Under The Black Flag ex. ” No more ” ” I’m trying to make a portrait ” ” We bring the the fires ” ” It’s time last time ” The overall sound is out of this world
Song 6. The Eagle Flies Alone ex. ” I’m going crazy ” ” I know I know ” Another amazing music arrangement. Fabulous guitar & drum work Guy vocals Girl outstanding ” I know my home.
Song 7. First Day In Hell ex. Interlude B/T Then Saturnine ex. Interlude B/T
Song 8. As The Pages Burn ex. Keys B/T add. ons. ” We will return ” Another song about vikings & war. ” And the sky ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 9. No Gods, No Masters ex. ” Do I want ” ” I took my own place ” ” I’m taking It away ” ” I am the way ” All guitars & vocals at front. Then into lead & drum solo just magnificent ” You want some blood ” Pure magic double lead work. Heavenly vocals.
Song 10. Dead Bury The Dead ex. ” We are ” ” United we stand ” ” We are the one ” ” We will fight ” ” We are dyeing ” Pure magic melodies.
Song 11. Nemesis ex. A pure magic performance from one of my favorite metal bands. Outer Enter the machine B/T.
Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex Mixing.
AMON AMARTH 9–30 pm—11 pm

Another amazing band from Sweden. Quite prog rock Sweden Death Metal Band from Tumba Formed in 1992. Band members Olavi Mikkonen Lead ex.ex.ex. Johan Hegg Vocals ex.ex.ex. Ted Lundstrom Bass ex.ex.ex. Joban Soderberg Rhythm ex.ex.ex. Jocke Wllgren Drums ex.ex.ex. Intro B/T Run To The Hills ( Iron Maiden)
Song 1. Raven Flight ex. ” We are coming across ” Big Viking Horns on bass drum & all around front of kit. Amazing set up. ” The red sun ” Lots of flames brilliant Pyrotechnics Lots of steam smoke into the air.
Song 2. Runes To My Memory ex. Very death metal with prog Influence. The band gets better every time I see them ” One more time ” ” Enter into my ” ” Never die ” Song about Vikings & Swedish Folk Myths ” I take my sword ” Death death ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 3. Death In Fire ex. ” Dream in time ” Die die ” Amazing music arrangement with double lead & brilliant bass/ drums & wicked vocals.
Song 4. Deceiver Of The Gods ex. ” I am ” Smoke in the air. Just love this band & fabulous guitar riffs.
Song 5.First Kill ex. ” I thought I killed ” ” Take the world ” ” You blow me away ” ” To come the way ” Brilliant sounds.
Song 6. Fafner’s Golf ex. ” It’s such a fire trap ” ” It’s such a fire call ” Amazing songwriting. Just love It.
Song 7. Crack The Sky ex. Fabulous stage lighting. ” We better come ” ” We crack the sky ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 8. The Way Of The Vikings Two guys dressed as vikings fighting with swords & shields Brilliant fight sequence. Love it. ” Took we were men ” ” Angels looking down ” ” It only takes ” Fabulous music arrangement.
Song 9. Prediction’s of warfare ex. ” Your holding the strings ” ” Run for the ” Out of this world drumming & magical guitar & vocal work. ” To my soul “
Song 10. Shield Wall ex. Amazing music arrangement fabulous.
Song 11. Guardians Of Asgaard ex. Pure magic sounds & brilliant musicians.
Song 12. Raise Your Horn ex. Another amazing viking song & wonderful stories Encore.
Song 13. The Pursuit Of Vikings Song about how they plunder & conquer.
Song 14. Twilight Of The Thunder God ex. Tonight they been doing the Bersenker Album. Pure magic sounds & brilliant songwriting.
Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Pyrotechnics. ex Lights ex. Mixing. One Hell Of A Show At the 02 Apollo.

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