Guy/ Keyboards ex.ex. Girl Vocals/ Guitar/ Keyboards ex.ex. Duo from Bolton Blown away by them just fabulous.
Song 1. The Tide ex. ” I’m all over ” ” In the darkness ” ” From where we come ” ” Very Prog Rock/ Folk ” On the hillside ” ” In the shadows ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 2. Hypnotize ex. Both there vocals & harmonies are out of this world. Love them.
Song 3. Down Me Out ex. ” Lay me down ” ” Into the dark ” ” In my mind ” ” Take me with you ” Girl/ Sythi/ Keys Outstanding musicians.
Song 4. Sebastian vg. ” I have a heart beat ” ” You tire me out ” Guy bass & sythi pre sets ” You take me ” Great song arrangement 
Song 5. Wolves ex. Pure magic sounds & Songwriting No set list some tittles could be out of place.
Song 6. Dangerous Things ex. Fabulous music arrangement. 
Song 7. Hey Pluto ex. Girl/ acoustic. A wonderful production number.
Amazing Set Fantastic Duo Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.
HAWKWIND  8 : 30 pm—10 : 30 pm

The Band Formed In 1969. This is one of my favorite Prog/ Rock Bands Just love them.
Dave Brock Vocals/ Guitar/ Keyboards/ Synthesizer ex.ex.ex.   Richard Chadwick Drums/ Vocals. ex.ex.ex.  Niall Hone Bass/ Keyboards ex.ex.ex. Magnus Martin Keyboards/ Guitar ex.ex.ex. Outstanding Musicians.
Song 1. Motorway City ex. Outstanding Lazer Light show. On screen motorway city with motorway graphics Pure magic sounds.
Song 2. Flesh Fondue ex. Lead vocals ” On the line ” ” We like fondue ” Brilliant songwriting & music arrangement.
Song 3. Last Man On Earth ex. ” Everything Is crumbling into the sea ” ” On the earth I suppose things were simple in the early days. Pure magic sounds.
Song 4. The Song Of The Gremlin ex. ” We were part to go ” Brilliant sythi work with oscillators & white noise Key/ sythi vocals ” Hear the humans cry ” Fantastic laser lights ” We have a part to play ” 
Song 5. Born To Go/ You Shouldn’t Do That/ Born To Go ex. ” A million years a matrix hit the earth ” ” Mass extinction ” It;s getting out of hand ” ” 65 year old man ” Keys/ Lead vocal ” End of the world spiral boom ” Brilliant songwriting.
Song 6. 65 million years ago. Amazing music arrangement.
Song 7. In The Beginning ex. ” Where are the animals ” Keys/ rhythm/ Lead B/V. ” Everything to the beginning ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 8. Spirit Of The Age ex. Just outstanding song love It
Song 9. The Fantasy Of Ealdum ex. ” Everything grows old ” ” To the mountains & the caves ” Brilliant song arrangement 
Song 10. Silver Machine ex. ” A time of times ” ” I’ve got a silver machine ” Amazing sythi work. Just love It.
Song 11. Intro ex Just amazing instrumental with lots of shades in the music score.
Song 12. Assault & Battery ex. ” I loose my mind ” ” I’ve got a guardian over me ” Pure magic sounds & songwriting.
Song 13. Golden Void ex. ” A brand new life ” Keys/ rhythm Bass/ vocals excellent music arrangement Magic filling the air. 
Song 14. Right To Decide ex. Pure magic sounds. Encore
Song 15. Hurry On Sundown ex. A couple of song tittles could be out of order.
Song 16. Master Of The Universe ex. Pure magic sounds & songwriting.
Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.
Another great night at the Albert Hall check it out you’ll love It.

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