D/J  L.P.  6–30 pm 7–30 pm

Outstanding D/J Mix Right in front with crowd. Very electronic dance songs. Some of the best mixing for a long time.
Song Are You Ready To Go ex. Next We do this shit on the dance floor ex. Next You Get To Me ex. ” Your running on town ” Brilliant mixing  Next You Can Do It ex. ” Get out” Next Against The World ex. ” Take me away “
ex. Set  ex. D/J ex.Songs Mixing ex. Lights ex. Mixing.
NINA  LAS VEGAS  7–30  8–15 pm

2 nd  D/J  Not as good as first. Put played some great songs & mixes Didn’t have as much stage presence as D/J L.P. On the other side the crowd is dancing. All together we got nearly 2 hours of D/J music.
  SOFI  TUKKER  8–45 pm–9–50 pm

SOFI TUKKER is German/ American music duo based in New York back of stage Graphic  boxes with moving animals & birds & words. Taping them with a drum stick they move. 
Sophie Hanley Keld Vocals/ Guitar ex.ex. Her mike stand covered in flowers Tucker Halpern Mixing Desk D/J M/C/ Vocal / Bass/ Key/ Sythi also B/T add ones Drum beat/ Sythi Intro with D/J & Guitar.
Song 1. Fuck They ex. ” I don’t fuck about with girls ” ” Don’t ever push me ” ” Fuck they “
Song 2. Matadora/ Awoo ” I’ll be ” Flashing pictures at back. Two songs in one Awoo ex. ”  I know I did ” Pure magic electronic sounds.
Song 3. Mi Rumba ex. ” I want to rumba ” Quite Latin American beats.
Song 4. Playa Grande ex. Calypso & Latin/ American ” By by ”  Sophie vocals/ Flying V Guitar ” He loves her ” ” By by my love ” Pure magic sounds & songwriting.
Song 5. Baby I’m A Queen ex. / My Body Hurts ex. ” You want me baby ” ” Tell ,me how ” M/C D/J / bass using B/T for add ons with studio quality drumming ” I’m cool ” then into My body hurts ” I’m out of control ” ” I’m still in pain ” ” I feel a little down ” D/J M/C key/ sythi brilliant music arrangement on these two songs.
Song 6. Emergency ex. Song about Sofi breaking her leg. ” She broke her leg ” ” Call the Ambulance ” Sofi vocals only then got crowd singing. ” Simon says touch your foot ” ” Simon says touch your eyes ” ” Simon says touch the sky ” Amazing stage presence.
Song 7. Like This ( Rip Shame ) ex. ” I know you said ” ” Walk away ” ” Don’t you know ” ” I’m far to reckless ” ” Take me In ” Both vocals outstanding. M/C mixing & add ons B/T .
Song 8. Best Friend ” I’ll be loving you ” ” Take me to the sky ” ” Want to meet me at the bank ” ” Do you want to go to win ” ” Don’t be so complicated ” Sofi/ guitar ” What to meet me west ” ” What to meet me east ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 9. Swing ex. ” I swing my body ” ” I hear you ” ” My body ” Love this song.
Song 10. Bat Shit ex. ” Looking at you self unseen ” ” I want it ” ” Bat shit bat shit baby ” ” It can be ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 11. Purple Hat ex. I was writing this song. ” All the people seeing purple hats ” ” Come on down ” ” All the people dancing ” Crowd going wild ” Everybody in the room ” ” People on the right ” Outstanding Songwriting.
Song 12. Energia ex. ” See me you forget ” Outstanding D/J mix. Fabulous vocals from Sofi. add ons B/T. Electronic music at It’s very best.
Song 13. Fantasy ex. ” I claim no reason ” ” We are slowly dancing ” ” Take me into space ” ” I’m finding you so crazy ” ” I want you ” ” I close my eyes & dream ” Pure magic sounds & songwriting.
14. Drinkee ex. ” Take It & make It ” ” What about the music ” Sofi/ guitar D/J mix & M/C
vocals another amazing show at the gorilla. Love It.
Amazing Set Fantastic Duo Brilliant songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex Lights ex. Mixing.









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