This is a strip down show all seated with just Natashia Vocals & Girl Keyboards/ B/V Natashia Khan born 25th Oct 1979. She has released 5 Studio Albums Debut Euro Gold ( 2016) 2nd Two Suns ( 2017) 3rd The Haunted Man ( 2012) 4th The Bride ( 2015) 5th Album The Lost Girls ( 2019) Natashia Singer/ Songwriter/ Multi Instrumentalist Vocal/ Keyboards/ Piano/ Guitar/ Bass/ Harmonium/ Drums/ Auto-harp/ Synthesizer & Vibraphone. Natashia Vocals/ Guitar & Keyboard ex.ex.ex. Girl Keyboards/ Piano B/V ex.ex.ex. Brilliant musicians producing Magical sounds.
Song 1. Kids In The Dark ex. Tittle track of new L/P Lost Girls. ” Lying next to you ” ” I’m taking It down to the heart ” ” We are just kids in the dark ” ” Always on my mind ” ” Everything is fine ” ” Where the loving starts ” Outstanding vocals & Fabulous Keyboard work. Just love it.
Song 2. The Hunger ex. This gig tonight is so magical. It’s taking us on a mystic journey of vampires & folk myths. The stage is covered with old fashion hand held lanterns all lit up. Natashia in a long red dress very Gothic style just looks fabulous. Talking to crowd we went to the lost boys bridge where they did the filming for Lost Boys with Kiether Sunderland ” Take a trip to the sun ” ” Will it keep us alive ” Girl keys B/V . ” The hunger Inside ” ” Down through the fire ” ” Can’t take this road again ” ” You know how I feel ” ” The hunger Inside ” repeat ” No the enemy ” You can be me & I can be you ” Pure magic.
Song 3. Mountains ex. ” I could see which way to you ” ” I just want to hide ” ” In the dark ” Brilliant songwriting of the highest order.
Song 4. Desert Man ex. ” The distance between ” ” You & I ” Girl piano. Natashia vocals only. ” There a desert man ” ” Holding me closer with both hands ” ” I had to have a life with you ” Amazing music arrangement.
Song 5. Feel For You vg. ” When I look at you ” ” The things you do to me ” ” I love you ” Fabulous key work & vocals. This is going to be one of the best shows for 2019 Natashia & Girl Keyboards just weaving there magic ” Take me where your dreams go ” ” Take me where I feel alive ” 
Song 6. Jasmine ex. ” There a tear in my loves eye ” ” As a secret light shines on him ” I’m falling in love like a star from above ” Pure magic sounds ” What does the world mean ” ” Bad things in sight ” ” What does it mean ” 
Song 7. Joe’s Dream ex. ” I’m on the road ” ” I can see you ” ” I work today ” ” In side my head those days have gone ” Pure magic song arrangement.
Song 8. Boys Of Summer ex. Just love this song. Her song writing is just outstanding.
Song 9 Close Encounters ex ” My lover is a pin green light & in the night I go to the other side ” The sounds are so magical they take you into the stories.
Song 10. Lands End ex. ” Down this country lane ” ” Winter is coming ” Brilliant songwriting at the very best. Love it.
Song 11. Daniel ex. ” When I saw you ” I knew your hope & feel in your heart ” ” Sent right to my heart ” ” When I was in the park ” ” A day of hope ” ” I dream of you ” Pure magic sounds filling the air.
Song 12. Laura ex. ” You say the things ” ” With a broken heart ” ” Your the picture in the dark ” ” Your more than a superstar ” ” Your the train that crashes my heart ” ” Your the glitter in the dark ” Outstanding music arrangement. Then encore.
Song 13. This Woman’s Work ex. Kate Bush cover. ” Thunder you play with me ” ” I” be boy & you be girl ” ” Pole view ” ” Fill my song ”  Fabulous vocals & harmonies.
Song 14. Moon & Moon ex. ” How are you ” Pure magic arrangement ” All the things I should have done ” ” Make It go away darling  So much feeling in the lyrics pulling at your heart strings. With amazing shades & landscapes in the music arrangement. ” I had a dream ” Pure magic sounds from the two fabulous musicians. Love them.
Song 15. I Drove All Night ex. Cyndi Lauper cover ” To get to you ” ” I’ll make love to you ” ” I drove all night to get  to you ” This has been a wonderful night at the Albert Hall. A special night of outstanding music & Magical stories.
Amazing set Fantastic duo Brilliant songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex Lights ex. Mixing.


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