TEGAN & SARA 8–30 pm—10–20 pm

Tegan & Sara Twins Born Sep 19th 1980 now 39 years old. Canadian Indie/ Pop
Formed 1998 having released M.V.E. Studio Album’s Latest Just Like You There 9th Album released on Sep 27th Intro on screen Mean People Suck at the performance we strive to create a friendly atmosphere for all please be kind. Mean People Suck. Then Tegan & Sara on screen Talking No Pictures Or Video till end of show. Only leave seat when music is on. Not when were talking Crowd tonight was amazing.
Tegan Quin Vocal/ Guitar/ Acoustic & Keyboard ex.ex.ex. Sara Quin Vocal/ Guitar/ Acoustic & Keyboard ex.ex.ex. Both reading from there book about there high school time & being a teenager & fighting sexuality. Reading do they want a women or a man. Lots of teenagers fight with sexuality & there body changing into a women Sara was bulled at school for being gay Tegan joining in on the readings from there very funny book. They would read between songs. There was so many fabulous stories & Memories of there time at high school & at home. One story getting high on L.S.D. They didn’t talk a lot to each other but talk a lot. Then another story trouble in the class room with a bully & ended up at the heads office. Just loved all the funny stories & pinching dad’s guitar from under the stairs Sara taught her self first with out a plec then Tegan gave her a plec. First time Sara kissed a girl she was sick Tegan went out with a boy. So many stories what happened at home & how they get into music both sisters write. Early on Sara was the main writer just love there songs & heavenly vocals & harmonies Tonight was a special acoustic show very striped down & all seated. Amazing stories there mum put them down for the high school garage talent show & won It. Sara suffered from bad dreams as a child. Intro High to the Crowd & a short story.
Song 1. Hey, I’m Like You ex. Wrote when 15/16 years old song about memories of high school pure magic sounds.
Song 2. Don’t Believe ex. Lots of funny clips on screen when they were young ” This I told you ” ” Things I need to tell you ” ” I don’t know me at all ” Tegan/ Acoustic Sara/ Acoustic. Another funny story.
Song 3. Keep Them Close ex. Sara/ Piano Tegan/ semi Acoustic. Music help us stop drugs. ” I don’t understand ” ” I’ll miss you ” Pure magic. Another story.
Song 4. I’ll Be Back Someday ex. ” I can’t stay ” Fabulous music arrangement.
Song 5. Boyfriend ex. ” Tell you I love you ” Brilliant songwriting. Then another story
Song 6. Divided ex. ” Live your life as you want ” Vocal/ Acoustic Pure magic sounds.
Song 7. I Was A Fool ex. ” Didn’t we have someone nearly ” Brilliant musicians & vocalists. Another funny story.
Song 8. Call It Off ex. Another fabulous song with amazing arrangement back to another story which occasionally they mess up & just laugh & everyone laugh’s with them.
Song 9. Closer ex. ” Come a little closer ” ” I want you ” Pure magic 1990 School Project by now Sara had a steamy girlfriend & spend lots of time together.
Song 10. Back In Your Head ex. ” I want you back in my head ” Tegan & Sara/ Acoustic Another brilliant story everyone laughing . Pure magic sounds & songwriting.
Song 11. White Knuckles ex. ” Before It’s gone ” ” I made us free ” ” I made us feel ” ” Cry over you ” ” I don’t know what I’m going to loose ” Pure magic. Back to the book we have made It to the end of high school so many memories.
Song 12. Please Help Me ex. ” I need ” ” Wasted my life please help me ” Fabulous vocals. This has been so magical tonight.
Song 13. Good Go ex. ” Where did the good go ” ” Where did the good go ” Another Amazing night at the Albert Hall with amazing staff/ security & management.
Amazing Set Fantastic Duo Brilliant songs Lyrics & Music Scores Wicked story’s ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

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