ROTHWELL 7–30 pm — 8 pm

Girl Vocals ex. Guy Acoustic/ B/V ex.
Song 1. Velvet Heart vg. ” How about ” ” Falling in love ” ” You only know me ” ” Tell me ” ” A shoot in the dark ” ” You only now him a weekend ” ” If your heart would be ” Great songwriting see lots of perpetually there.
Song 2. Stop Calling ex. ” Fuck with me ” ” I know why your calling me ” That’s me like a lady ” Amazing vocals & brilliant acoustic work Duo from London. Been going about two years ” I want your love ” ” We are not going to work out ” ” I’m not your baby ” I know you want it ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 3. Diamonds On The Souls Of Her Shoes ex. Cover ” She a rich girl & don’t them to hate it ” ” They say she’s crazy having diamonds on the sole of her shoes ” She said honey ” Amazing music arrangement.
Song 4. Stairing ex. ” Stairing at the shadows ” ” It’s been a while now ” I  don’t miss you ” ” You took me to your favorite place ” ” Do I still care ” ” I don’t know you anymore ” ” I wonder if your happy ” Song about seeing a stranger on a train. Pure magic sounds.
Song 5. Left me at the party ex. ” We’ve been talking all night ” ” I throw my heart down ” I’ve been drinking all night I just want to cry ” ” You left your shadows ” ” Hope It all work’s out ” ” You left me at the party ” Brilliant songwriting.
Song 6. Follow When Your Dancing vg. ” You took a portrait of me ” ” I won’t let you pass me by ” ” We tried to navigate this ” Love her vocals ” Breath In ” 
Song 7. Darling ex. ” When It comes on my way ” ” I never saw your face ” ” Darling I think about It ” ” I have a place that reminds me ” ” I like to be by your side ” ” Judge your days are over ” ” Darling I think about you even now that your not around “
ex. Set ex. Duo vg./ ex.Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.
KIESZA  8–30 pm—9–30 PM

This girl had a massive hit in 2015 with Hideaway where the video was shot in one take on the streets of London. Love this video then she was nearly killed in a road accident in Canada. Which left her with brain damage. Which she still recovering from. Because of the accident she lost management & the record company. Now she got a wonderful girl manager with a Independent record label. Now she starting all over again.This is a special comeback tour for her. For me this turn out one  of the best shows at Gorilla this year. Love it with a small crowd very acoustic & strip back Kiesza Vocals/ Ukulele ex.ex. Adam Acoustic/ B/V ex.ex. These two were just magical to night. Just love them.
Song 1. Heart Shaped Box ex. ” I’ve been locked inside her ” Vocals from another planet. ” You turn back ” ” I’ve got a new complain ” ” Hadn’t needed It ” ” I call my self on angel wings ” ” What ever It takes ” Pure magic sounds & songwriting.
Song 2. Giant In My Heart ex. Amazing acoustic work from Adam & Fabulous vocals from Kiesza who is sitting down for most of the show ” I’m trying to get over you ” ” My tears will die ” ” Give me the magic we are making ” ” Giving It to my heartache ” ” We all fall to the ground ” ” I’ve got to get over you “
Song 3. Head’s Fucked Up ex. Song about her car crash. ” My doctor says my head’s fucked up ” Love the acoustic ukulele sounds.
Song 4. If I Knew ex. ” I want to sprint her ” ” Things I like to do ” ” Chasing little things ” ” Broken promise I should have never made ” ” I see I’m In your eyes ” ” Can’t explain the way things were. Pure magic sounds.
Song 5. Losing My Mind ex. ” You got me loosing my mind ” Brilliant songwriting ” I’m just a fool for your kind ” ” All the fishing & fairy tales ” Oh baby ” ” Come on come on ” Fabulous vocals & acoustic guitar ” Any sunshine when she gone ” Kiesza talking to crowd used to be a folk singer before coming a dancer.
Song 6. Goodbye ex. Song about saying goodbye to a person who dies. ” My heart is full of my tears ” ” Face the storm again ” ” I can hear my heart thundering ” ” Goodbye ” ” Love me & let me die ” Fabulous lyrics with so much feeling ” Just the way we live these lives. Outstanding music arrangement.
Song 7. Eleanor Rigby ex. Cover Beatles. One of the best covers of this song I have ever herd. Love It. Pure magic sounds & out of this world vocals. ” Night when no ones there ” ” All the lonely people where do they belong ” ” Eleanor Rigby died in a church ” Her vocals are so beautiful.
Song 8. Sweet Love ex. ” Met him on the sidewalk ” ” Put the light on ” ” We are breaking rules ” ” Turn the light off ” ” No cheating hearts ” ” Yea yea ” ” All I want & all you want ” ” It’s just sweet love ” Fantastic music arrangement.
Song 9. Dearly Beloved ex. ” I need to stay ” ” I’m fading away ” ” Any thing you want ” ” It’s got to be ” ” I need to escape ” ” I can hardly breath ” ” I drift in a sea of love ” Magic.
Song 10. Hideaway ex. Massive hit for her in 2015 Just love it. ” Your the chance I take ” ” Baby don’t stop me ” Amazing acoustic arrangement of this pop song Followed by a  short version of the song to the music of Free fall a Tom Petty cover a more lively cover. Just wonderful. There so much magic in this performance Crowd going wild.
Song 11. You’re The Best ex. ” A place you call home ” ” We’re all fucked up & living ” Amazing songs & songwriting.
Amazing Set Fantastic Duo Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

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